‘Boulder weather: Up to 6 inches of snow overnight as cold front moves in’


Read the story in the Daily Camera here. Copied below in its entirety:

Boulder could see up to 6 inches of snow and freezing temperatures over the next 24 hours as a cold front moves into the Front Range area, according to the National Weather Service.

“A cold front will move down the Front Range from Cheyenne to Colorado Springs and temperatures will fall and not likely reach above freezing again until late in the week,” said local meteorologist Matt Kelsch.

Today’s forecast calls for cloudy skies with a high of 27 and an overnight low of 6 with a windchill of -3. The snow is expected to start falling sometime after 5 p.m., with 2 to 4 inches expected tonight.

Wednesday’s forecast calls for a high of 14 with another 1 to 2 inches of snow falling before 11 a.m. The overnight low is expected to be near -3 with wind chill as low as -14.

“The snow should be the fluffy, low-moisture kind,” Kelsch said. “Snow is likely to begin in the late afternoon or early evening today. Although we might get through the evening commute without much problem, you should be prepared for a snowy drive Wednesday morning.”

Things should start to warm up a bit on Thursday, with the forecast calling for mostly sunny skies with a high of 19 and an overnight low of 9.

“Temperatures should climb above freezing on Friday,” Kelsch added.

Thanks to a friend, I’m getting more camping gear to help stay warm at my campsite tonight; and in my experience, a layer of snow over the top of my tarp is very effective insulation, although the frosty condensation which forms inside from my breath does provide a rude awakening when it drops off in chunks during the nighttime hours.

If you can’t stay sober — go to Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow (BOHO) and try to behave well enough that you won’t get kicked out of there. It’s your own damn fault if you die of hypothermia here in Boulder . . . There is more warm gear, clothing, footwear including wool-blend socks, and food to fuel your internal furnace for FREE in this city than anywhere else in America. Those too stupid to prepare themselves properly, and who are lucky enough to survive outside anyway, ought to be offered FREE vasectomies or tubal ligations, because we surely don’t need any more like ’em being born here.


An igloo would beat sleeping underneath a tarp bundled up in sleeping bags and blankets, but the Homeless Philosopher has no place to put one. You make do as best you can . . . 


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