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For once, I agree with Sen. McCaskill

LOL! Claire would have been defeated in 2012 if the GOP hadn’t had a three-way primary race, which resulted in the weakest candidate being chosen to run against her.


No surprise here:

Months have passed by when Fox News was unavailable on the DIRECTV satellite feed here at Hungry Haven, and I only glance at it in passing now, but I can’t stomach the other channels at all. It makes me chuckle when liberals go ballistic about Hannity and the others, who are commentators after all.


Tweets from Happy Haven (including a name change):

On the latter: The pandering Dems don’t have a clue about how poor [Whodunit]Care truly is; it was NEVER intended to improve health care for patients, but rather to expand the power of government bureaucrats AND increase profits for private insurance companies. Physicians are also left out, as far as I can tell.


Boulder County (CO) Jail transient booking data 1/1/2010 thru 2/28/2018


By Max R. Weller

I just happened to stumble across this info online a few minutes ago, and it’s shocking to me; now I understand why the general public tends to believe that most homeless people in Boulder County, CO are career criminals. However, my educated guess remains that only about 20% of all homeless fall into the lowest common denominator of lawless miscreants. Unfortunately for the rest of us, the other 80%, that small minority is very high profile in the news media and they are also the focus of most resources provided by the homeless shelter / services industry. (Despite Boulder’s so-called Coordinated Entry system, transients simply self-report that they are Boulder residents. They LIE! Imagine that.)

Charges include Parole Violation, 3rd Degree Assault, Trespassing, Threat Bodily Injury, Obstructing Police Officer, Violation of Restraining Order, Theft Under $500, Larceny, Criminal Mischief, Burglary First Degree, Camp W/O Permission, Harassment, Use of Fighting Word, Brawling, Menacing, Reckless Endangerment, False Reporting, Possession of Controlled Substance, Littering, Public Indecency, Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest, Failure to Register as Sex Offender, Urinating in Public, Criminal Impersonation, Possession of Burglary Tools, Bond Revocation, Alcohol-Underage Possession, Fugitive from Justice, Marijuana Possession, Careless Driving, DWAI-Bike, Driving after Revocation, Identity Theft, Contempt of Court, Sex Assault, Inhaling Toxic Vapor, Indecent Exposure, Theft $500-$999, Theft $1,000-$19,999, Damaging Property, Carrying a Concealed Weapon, Child Abuse, Dog at Large, Curfew, Drug Paraphernalia, Conspiracy, Murder, Pawnbroker-False Information, Shoplifting, Smoking Prohibited, Felony MenacingSexual Contact-No Consent, False Imprisonment, and it goes on and on . . .

Failure to Appear (FTA) on a whole slew of charges is very common, as is Camping. What I also find interesting is that the addresses of Boulder Shelter for the Homeless at 4869 N. Broadway and Attention Homes at 3080 Broadway are given for a few offenders, while most are either “Homeless” or “Transient.” (Not sure what the difference is to the Boulder County Sheriff, but I use the term “transient” to refer to a homeless person who is from outside of Boulder County and NOT a resident for at least a year or two.)

This data gives an entirely different perspective on the number of more serious offenses committed by homeless offenders, putting the LIE to the do-gooders’ talking point that Boulder County Jail is filled with those caught for illegal camping or smoking violations only.

We can expect that the more asinine self-styled advocates will continue their attempts to hog the spotlight for the worst-behaved transients:

Conversation from the Facebook page of Boulder Rights Watch:

This post is by a guy I remember from Boulder Shelter for the Homeless circa 2009. I figured he was high on meth at the time, and his rantings on Facebook tend to confirm that in my mind.

The woman who responds to him is a stranger to me, but I greatly admire the fact that she accepts at least some degree of personal responsibility for her interactions with Boulder PD.

Names are withheld here (initials only), but if you click on the BRW link you can see them for yourself.

Comments are copied, unedited, below:


I keep hearing NASTY SHIT that people of Boulder and specifically the BOULDER POLICE keep doing to people without a home. This needs to STOP. They are ALLOWED to keep doing this shit; because the REST OF THE COUNTRY and the WORLD do not KNOW THAT IT IS HAPPENING.

My dad once said that a bully; and to be sure… the police are acting like BULLIES in Boulder, Colorado – that they can always and TEND to act with IMPUNITY; whenever they can ACT WITH IMPUNITY.

HOW can they do this? Simple… because nobody holds them PERSONALLY accountable; because we don’t KNOW PERSONALLY WHO THEY ARE. We need to start asking for their information. We need to start keeping a RECORD… video or otherwise. We need to report this to POLICE ABUSE HERE:

> DLM: I just learned that B’s efforts to help the homeless were thwarted by the police.
What the FUCK is wrong with Boulder, Colorado, people!?!

If you are as pissed as I am SHARE THE FUCK OUT OF THIS and BRING ATTENTION TO THE EVIL SHIT that the police keep doing to the homeless and to those who truly try to help them out

> JL: It is unfortunate to hear about this, but I was not there and cannot really speak about it. I do, however, feel that whatever happened could be viewed as a set back instead of the instance that shuts down the efforts of all involved to provide for the people it was intended to serve.

> DLM:  I’m just super frustrated at the moment. I’ve spent over a decade facing this kind of bullshit. Not just me. My friends.

Kids being taken away from their parents for no good reason. People losing their homes for no good reason. People freezing to death for no good reason. People being ticketed and getting a record for no good reason.

The theme is For NO GOOD Reason. EVIL. Whether through ignorance, or through a lack of compassion, or through hate, or through fear… people continue to suffer horribly and continue to die.

Yet, what consequences are there for those who DELIBERATELY HARM or choose to be a PART OF AN ORGANIZATION that deliberately harms another human being; another living man?!?

I understand learning to see the bright side; but there’s a time when someone comes into your life and DELIBERATELY SEEKS TO HARM, to CONFINE, TO TAKE FROM YOU, TO KILL YOU. TO MURDER YOU. Passing laws and enforcing them… AMOUNTS TO ALLOWING THIS TO HAPPEN.


When will we all fucking wake up and realize this and cause it to CEASE?

(MRW: I lived as a homeless man in Boulder, CO and its environs for a decade, and I had only one problem with a police officer, and that was promptly resolved in my favor by the Professional Standards Unit of Boulder PD. Not surprisingly, the officer was Sam Carter, later terminated for shooting the Mapleton Elk without authorization)

> JL: D, you are certainly entitled to your opinions, but to say the police are murdering homeless people is a really strong statement. I have extensive history as a homeless person in Boulder and with the police, most of my instances were brought on by my own decisions. Like my decision to drink all the time and always have something on me for them find… my decision to not go to court and get an FTA and to always come up hot when they ran me. That shit right there was not their fault, it was mine. (Emphasis is mine — MRW) With that said, there were instances I was ticketed for decisions I made to survive out there, like sleeping under a covered area in front of a business. In that instance, I still feel like the police have better things to do with their time………..and for all the time they spent seeking out the drinkers out there with FTA’s and for sleeping in covered areas they are paying the price now for time they should have spent on all the meth we had pouring into our town.

(FTA is Failure to Appear.)

> DLM: Yes… it is a strong statement. You know what is stronger? Being put in jail for trying to rest. Allowing a person to freeze to death. TAZING people several times. Taking away a person’s property for no good reason. THREATENING THEM WITH BODILY HARM, LYING ON THE STAND.

Does EVERY police officer do this? Honestly, I don’t know; but I have known those who do, right here in Boulder.

Strong words and more are needed. What that more is… I honestly don’t know. Just because you decided to go AGAINST SOMETHING THAT WAS INHERENTLY EVIL; DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU WERE IN THE WRONG.

We assume that they even have the right to do the things and to pass this legal stuff that ALLOWS them to do what they please; no matter the people they hurt. It is little assurance that they still have to obey their OWN laws; but the day will come when even THAT will fall away.

Open up your eyes woman. See what is really going on.

> DLM: I’m no longer looking to be politically correct or to give people the ‘benefit of the doubt’ – which is another legal set of terms that have been put into our everyday language. I am looking to STOP the violence perpetrated towards those who do not have the financial means to fight it.

I’m not vanilla. I never was. I am a person who cares deeply and feels compelled to right wrongs. I’m all for love and forgiveness. I’m all for being righteous; but the POLICE and CITY COUNCIL; and many people of BOULDER are NOT BEING RIGHTEOUS. They are committing acts of harm. Intending harm, resulting in harm.

It’s got to stop.

> JL: DLM My eyes are open. Wide.

> DLM: JL Sure you are responsible for your own actions; but that does NOT EXCUSE THE ACTIONS OF OTHER PEOPLE AGAINST YOU. It is a TWO-WAY street. Taking all the blame is just as bad as giving all the blame. Yet there IS blame. If a person is doing their best to be good; and then some organization of people comes into their life and does evil to them; that is not right. The police and those who have made the laws and the legal system, want us to believe that we are the ones in the wrong; but we simply want the freedom to be our joyous selves, to live life to the fullest; to GIVE to other people without being punished for doing so.

(I have no idea what DLM is talking about, since I never received a ticket nor was I ever arrested in Boulder — MRW)

> DLM: JL Whatever. I’m done talking with you. I hear the same old crap about allowing evil shit to happen; because we deserve it. That’s not having your eyes open. All our choices and opinions and ALL of it affects not just ourselves but others, as well. Our decisions to ignore evil, is JUST AS BAD AS COMMITTING IT OURSELVES. 

Honestly, I’m scared. But I’m tired of not having stuff get any better.

I’m tired of having organizations come in and destroy other organizations that seek to help, to LOVE. If you are a part of that, Jennifer; then I want nothing to do with you.

> JL: DLM last time I checked, I was as entitled to my opinion as you are yours. I am not on here personally attacking anyone, like you seem to be making my opinions to represent and in support of evil. I am a realist. You are throwing out multiple issues and generalizing, which, in my opinion, is completely ineffective. But, no offense here, if you opt to not speak to me. I am pretty squaded up as it is.

> DLM: JL I am mightily struggling with 2 belief systems that seem to war with one another. One is the belief system of a warrior; the other is the belief system of a creator. I see evidence for both. I am frustrated with people’s APPARENT lack of compassion. When people voice that which truly hurts them or truly makes them feel fear; the response seems to be OH WELL, you deserve it. You don’t have the right to FEEL that way. You don’t have the right to say what is on your mind. There seems to be no validation for their personal experience.

This confusion is brought on by what I see around me… because I see BOTH… the good and the bad; but I continue to see a TREND of people who SAY they care; yet their actions year in and year out for over a decade has SHOWN that they do NOT care; or at least that they don’t care enough to change their own actions to ones that benefit those who are weak and struggling, or who are currently in a disadvantaged position.

When I write… I write from my heart most of the time. I write with passion; because pure logic is dry to me.

You are welcome to your opinion; and perhaps I came on pretty strong with you; however, I seem to be triggered by people who seem to make light of those things that feel very heavy and dark and evil. The facts are, that many people die on the streets. The fact is that the laws COULD be changed. The fact is that homelessness could reconsidered NOT to be a crime. The fact is that we ALL could do more to HELP one another; yet we pass laws that seem to hinder expressing and acting upon the love we feel for one another. The fact is that the greed for money and power and security and safety seem to over ride in many instances, the love which I AM SURE we feel for one another.

> JL: DLM speaking of loss, my brother froze to death last Christmas morning here in Boulder. I just lost another L. Between the elements, homelessness, and addiction……my list here in Boulder is long. So,for anyone to ever think I don’t care or lack compassion does not know me and as far as I am concerned, I am cool with it staying that way unless there is some form of collaboration with the intent of creating solutions. To use FB as a forum to rant about shit people already know is going on or services that are not working…………to me, is a waste of time. If more people put their thoughts and efforts into creating viable solutions such as raising more awareness, looking into the proper channels to have incidents documented, creating groups that share a common vision, and, even furthering educations to have those credentials to move vertically into positions of some decision-making. All of those things…….this back and forth shit is mute. I have a grant proposal to review… I am outta here.

It continues on, but DLM shows all the signs of still being a methhead: completely self-centered, paranoid about the authorities, and grandiose. I can still see him seated on the bench in the intake area at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless staring down staff members, eyes about to pop out of his noggin.

I do find it encouraging that Boulder Rights Watch has a member who seems fairly reasonable in JL.


(I have shaved off the beard and cut my hair short.)

(E-mailed to Boulder City Council.)