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For once, I agree with Sen. McCaskill

LOL! Claire would have been defeated in 2012 if the GOP hadn’t had a three-way primary race, which resulted in the weakest candidate being chosen to run against her.


No surprise here:

Months have passed by when Fox News was unavailable on the DIRECTV satellite feed here at Hungry Haven, and I only glance at it in passing now, but I can’t stomach the other channels at all. It makes me chuckle when liberals go ballistic about Hannity and the others, who are commentators after all.


Tweets from Happy Haven (including a name change):

On the latter: The pandering Dems don’t have a clue about how poor [Whodunit]Care truly is; it was NEVER intended to improve health care for patients, but rather to expand the power of government bureaucrats AND increase profits for private insurance companies. Physicians are also left out, as far as I can tell.