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Best practices for farming Boulder County-owned land

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This is the Boulder County Commissioners’ area of expertise, and we can hope the youth pictured here are consuming organic marijuana.


Capitalism for dummies (we all know who they are)

I hope that these animated short features won’t go over the heads of progressives who support AOC and Bernie . . .


Dissatisfied member of Boulder Rights Watch, in his own words:

Copied (unedited) from the BRW Facebook page:

Shawn Schwartz a great many people have lost faith in darren o’conner for turning a blind eye to the issues affecting the homeless, and playing them out to be race issues, including helping those in houses, ignoring those without houses going through it, and still playing like he cares about homeless rights. i recorded at least 5 conversations with darren, they are on my youtube channel. he admits to these things, so its not slander.

Shawn Schwartz

(Meme by Homeless Philosopher)


Margret Sanger, eugenics, and the origin of Planned Parenthood

See Eugenics and Birth Control from American Experience on PBS by clicking here.

Excerpt copied below:

Margaret Sanger’s birth control movement and quest for the Pill intersected the rise of the eugenics movement in America. At a time when birth control was still not publicly accepted in American society, some eugenicists believed birth control was a useful tool for curbing procreation among the “weak.” In the 1920s and 30s, Sanger calculated that the success of the eugenics idea gave her own movement legitimacy, and tried to ally her cause with the movement. Eugenics was a dominant theme at her birth control conferences, and Sanger spoke publicly of the need to put an end to breeding by the unfit. In 1920 Sanger publicly stated that “birth control is nothing more or less than the facilitation of the process of weeding out the unfit [and] of preventing the birth of defectives.”

Continuing excerpt:

Some African Americans believed that Sanger’s motive was not to aid black women but to eliminate future black generations. In promoting the development of the birth control pill in the 1950s, Sanger had heralded it as the panacea to world overpopulation, starvation and hunger. Sanger wrote: “I consider that the world, and almost our civilization for the next 25 years, is going to depend on a simple, cheap, safe, contraceptive to be used in poverty stricken slums, jungles and among the most ignorant people.” Although African American women appreciated the effectiveness and reliability of oral contraceptives, and used the method in large numbers, they resented the way white-dominated organizations seemed to push the Pill in black communities.

Which brings me to one of the most shocking things I’ve read in a very long time:

Ordinarily, I dislike “gotcha” tactics in obtaining the truth, but there are times like this one when it’s the best way . . . We’ll never see abortion rights activists marching with signs in favor of “preventing the birth of defectives” or touting birth control in “slums, jungles, and among the most ignorant.”

Shades of the Master Race:

Safe, legal, and rare — the phrase coined by President Bill Clinton — seems to be giving way among more extreme abortion rights activists to borderline infanticide. TRUTH: Not even Roe v. Wade gives complete license to terminate pregnancy up to the moment of birth. A few fanatics even oppose medical intervention for babies who somehow survive the abortion procedure in the third trimester, claiming that they should be left to die outside the womb.

Is this something that progressives really want to advocate? Only the power of the state matters, not the rights of the most vulnerable among us . . .


My roommate is a strange little man . . .

I believe I mentioned how, just a day or two after he moved in with me, he accused me of stealing a tray of his food. WTF? I spend the entire day sitting in the hall in front of my room, but I still couldn’t intercept his meal because the CNAs pass trays out and they know very well who gets what — the ticket with your name and order is right there on the damn tray! I asked him if he was kidding, and he said no; I told him right then to keep his paranoia and whatever else is wrong with his mental processes to himself.

This morning, right before I was ready to take my semi-weekly shower, the clean clothes I was waiting for were delivered by someone from the laundry, but they mistakenly put them in Floyd the Barber’s closet. I discovered this because they weren’t in my closet, and I went over to get them. Strange Little Man was upset, and even though my items had my name tags on them , he thought he should be able to keep them. I quickly and firmly corrected his thinking, using verbal means only.

Apparently, the RN on duty thought we were going to come to blows, and reported this to one of the overly abundant good-for-nothing social workers here at Hungry Asylum. A couple of hours later, some huge black Amazon, looking like a slightly feminized version of Mean Joe Greene from the Steelers glory days, came and asked me this ridiculous question about a would-be-fight. I quickly and firmly set her straight, too, but I must confess she scared me a lot more than Floyd the Barber.

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I’ve thought about this for a few hours now, and have concluded that all of the staff (except the CNAs doing the grunt work) have way too much time on their hands, along with an overinflated sense of their own importance. F*** ’em. I’m done trying to be civil to a bunch of idiots.

Btw, I ordered hot dogs for dinner instead of their rubber chicken, and strawberry ice cream for dessert. I got the rubber chicken, anyway, and no ice cream.

(I’m about to eat the Cheerios I’ve been saving for an emergency.)


BUMS love to play with knives in Boulder, CO