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How are the homeless faring, so far?

(Only a FOOL will sleep on concrete in cold weather, as shown in the photo above.)

Quoting from article:

But some people who [are] on the streets still plan to stay out in the arctic conditions. At a tent city on the southwest side of Chicago, George Arroyo told Fox News on Tuesday it was better to stay in his tent than go off to a shelter.

“A shelter is going to be crowded,” he told Fox News. “Most of the shelters, they got bed bugs and we have heaters and plenty of gas. Ain’t no sense to go to a shelter.”

Arroyo told Fox News’ Mike Tobin he had extra heaters in case the main heating supply in his tent goes out.

This guy sounds like he has his act together.

I googled about “homeless deaths in polar vortex” and found no mention of any rise in deaths due to hypothermia, just news about preparations for sheltering more folks (along with the usual fatal heart attacks shoveling snow stories):

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‘McClintock’ is showing on TCM right now

I mention this because it’s one of my favorite western movies, directed by Andrew McLaglen, with a great cast in tender scenes of domestic bliss, like this one:

Image result for john wayne spanking maureen o'hara

John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara

And there’s also this one:

Image result for patrick wayne spanking stefanie powers

Stefanie Powers and Patrick Wayne

The highlight of this film is a scene called The Mud Bath Brawl. It concludes with a most politically incorrect shot in which the Indian chief declares, “Ho Maclin, Ho Maclin, good party, but no whiskey — we go home!”

Seems like nobody has any sense of humor these days, and we’re all poorer for it.