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Max’s Journal 6/30/2012

By Max R. Weller

Boulder has been very fortunate so far in the 2012 wildfire season, and a few Boulderites seem to have forgotten all about the Fourmile Fire from Labor Day of 2010, which was a firestorm of destruction just like the very recent Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado Springs. It can’t happen here, you say? It already has happened here — and only those who were under the influence of mind-altering chemicals (50% of Boulder residents) or in a yogic trance (another 25%) could have missed it.

I hope to have most of the material for a possible book finished by the end of July or maybe August, and it will be posted here on my blog in Page form. “How I learned to hate politics” and “Payback in 2005” are works in progress, and there might be a couple more. It’s rather tiring, emotionally, to revisit personal history; but, maybe I can put some of the negative stuff into better perspective from the distance of years. I have difficulty believing that a broader audience would want to read about me in a book — I’m not batshit crazy in an entertaining way like the other Winston Churchill (read the book Forty Demons by Mark Scott-Nash), nor do I have anything really profound to offer.

My physical condition continues to deteriorate in several respects. Just one example, so as not to belabor the point or feel too sorry for myself: I have given up trying to bend over and pull a sock onto my right foot or tie my right bootlace after my morning shower at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, because my right hip isn’t flexible enough to allow it and I can’t seem to stretch my back muscles to compensate. For several months, it had taken me about 5 minutes to do this simple chore, and I’m through with trying. I shall have to use a lot of foot powder every morning from now on, to avoid becoming a stinker myself. What happens this winter without a sock on my right foot is something I’d rather not think about.

I enjoyed Chester’s fried chicken at my campsite in north Boulder last night, and I didn’t forget to toss the bones out for the foxes and other critters to squabble over. These late dinners, between 7:30 and 8PM, have become my favorite time of the day. It’s just me and surrounding wonders of nature, and I’m able to block out the noise of traffic nearby. Whenever some knuckleheads ask if I know of a good place to camp, I always tell them to go downtown. Tonight: mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy, and fruit cocktail w/extra cherries. It’s remarkable what you can buy already prepared in supermarkets like King Soopers these days, and it only requires reheating, which I do by means of direct sunlight for a couple of hours. Environmentally-friendly posers should note that here in Boulder, CO only the Homeless Philosopher is truly green.

Max’s Journal 6/28/2012

By Max R. Weller

It’s hard for me to argue with the reasoning of the majority in this SCOTUS opinion. Maybe I’ll read the entire thing, if I’m ever stranded alone on a desert island. Clearly, it must be chalked up as a victory for the Obama administration — although its power to coerce any state by withholding Medicaid funding in its entirety was struck down, as it should have been. Other nations in the First World continue to be far more enlightened than the USA in re health care. The political squabbling has only begun, and no doubt the issue will be revisited in the next Congress, regardless of who is President next year.

A terrible tragedy for our neighbors in Colorado Springs. What did I see, however, in the letters-to-the-editor in today’s Daily Camera? One of the most ignorant and disgusting examples of Boulder hubris I’ve ever read! Jennifer Peters Johnson, fires can start anywhere, even at your home. Let’s hope that God, if there is a god, doesn’t send a lightning bolt in your direction to humble you. (Officially, the cause of the Waldo Canyon Fire remains undetermined). You do not understand your own good fortune, and arrogant yahoos like you make me want to puke! I’ll file your letter under ONLY IN BOULDER.

This story speaks for itself. Fossil fuels will continue to be the mainstay of the world’s energy supply for the forseeable future, and we should concentrate on making their use cleaner as well as reducing our extravagant Boulder lifestyle. “My third car is a hybrid!” — so what? You’re not environmentally friendly despite all of your posturing.

Here’s my idea, in response to Boulder’s request for feedback on the so-called civic center plan: get rid of the transients from Denver and elsewhere. And you might start with the guy below (info copied from City of Boulder Registered Sex Offenders online list, see Page 31 for photo) —


DOB 12/14/1957

Height 6 FT 00 IN

Weight 170 LBS


District 1







Who says camping is illegal in our city parks? In any case, Vennie and his scores of buddies must go before large numbers of decent people will want to return to the civic center area. Right now, it makes no sense at all to spend more $$$ to redesign anything there.

“Sexually Violent Predator” returns to Boulder Shelter for the Homeless

By Max R. Weller

Kerry Whitfield, after an absence of many moons, is apparently back in the First Step/Transitional Living Program at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless.

Don’t be fooled by the sex offenders’ apologists/enablers who downplay the label of Sexually Violent Predator. It is attached to certain offenders after screening and evaluation of their risk to the community. Mr. Whitfield is an ongoing threat to the families with kids who live in the north Boulder neighborhood for which BSH has such little concern. In fact, he’s an ongoing threat to families with kids who live anywhere in Boulder, CO.

One BSH staff member has occasionally blogged about issues related to her employment there. Copied below is her commentary about the 31-unit, $6 million+ Housing First project at 1175 Lee Hill (a collaboration between BSH and Boulder Housing Partners) which is intended for chronically homeless, single adult alcoholics/drug addicts with a dual diagnosis of mental illness, who will not be required to get clean and sober to be accepted as Housing First clients:

Boulder Housing Partners is building 31 apartment units to house the Chronically Homeless in North Boulder. Ahhh, controversy. A meeting was held to offer information and discussion about the building and the general response from the crowd that attended? NOT IN MY BACKYARD. The biggest issue that I see is a complete misunderstanding of the purpose of the housing and how it can positively effect our community. The property will follow the Housing First approach to ending homelessness, by giving each of these apartments away. The occupants will be screened by case managers and the hands-on approach doesn’t end there. Housing First case managers are a stable and steady part of their clients lives, to try to minimize program drop-outs and maximize success. Even when rent and case managers are paid for, this saves the community tens of thousands of dollars a year. Per client. Boo-YAH. In short… This won’t change the number of people or the ‘type’ of person that will be in our short little block of Broadway. It will just give 31 of them a place to be during the day and much needed support to improve their quality of life. And it saves our community money. An excerpt from an article written in the Daily Camera: “My main concern is the concentration of the homeless,” said Renee Beshures, who lives in the Dakota Ridge neighborhood. “We already have had some concerns seeing people on the trails and making people uncomfortable, and now we might have the chronic homeless. That’s something we don’t want to have in our community.” Wow, Renee. You live near a homeless shelter, how do you not realize that the chronically homeless are already in your community? This project will not be shipping in chronically homeless people from around the country or state, they will be taking individuals who have been homeless for over a year, or at least three times in four years in Boulder, and giving them a place to stay. You don’t want to see them on the trails “making people uncomfortable” and it seems to me that giving them a place to live would lessen the exposure that causes you such discomfort. If only you were the only one voicing such ignorant comments…
I copied that post here in its entirety because it may be deleted by the author, as soon as she notices it’s gained a much wider audience. It illustrates very well the arrogant mindset of do-gooders in general, who also like to ignore the truth when it suits their purpose. I’ve dealt with the issue of Housing First proponents lying about cost savings before, but it’s still a tactic they employ.
True, because HUD funds are involved in the 1175 Lee Hill boondoggle, a registered sex offender like Kerry Whitfield won’t be eligible for housing there — but he’ll be right next door at 4869 N. Broadway (BSH) with as many as a dozen others. It’s all a part of the Homeless Ghetto being created in north Boulder.
Who in the homeless shelter/services industry, which includes both government agencies and private nonprofits, has any credibility whatsoever? They make their living off of homelessness, and their unspoken and unwritten creed is More Homeless People = More Money. As to BSH in particular, it is one of the few remaining homeless shelters in America which continues to accept registered sex offenders, and legitimate concerns of the neighbors with children be damned.
See the City of Boulder Registered Sex Offenders online list by clicking on the link above, and note for yourself how many are using the 4869 N. Broadway street address or who are listed as homeless without an address.

Harassment under the color of law, perjury

By Max R. Weller

The truth begins to come out in re the Boulder City Council’s Temporary Restraining Order against Seth Brigham. “I do not feel like I am afraid of Seth . . .”  Well then, Ms. Morzel, why did you tell the judge that you were afraid of Mr. Brigham, thereby persuading the court to issue a temporary restraining order on your behalf? Wanting to be in “solidarity” with other BCC members is NOT an excuse for either perjury or false swearing. See below:

Colorado Revised Statutes

18-8-503. Perjury in the second degree

(1) A person commits perjury in the second degree if, other than in an official proceeding, with an intent to mislead a public servant in the performance of his duty, he makes a materially false statement, which he does not believe to be true, under an oath required or authorized by law.

(2) Perjury in the second degree is a class 1 misdemeanor.

The more serious felony offense of Perjury in the first degree does not apply in this case, because Lisa Morzel did not appear in an actual court proceeding; instead, she apparently misled the judge by means of affidavit filed by City Attorney Tom Carr, thereby persuading the court to grant a temporary restraining order against Mr. Brigham on her behalf.

Alternatively, Lisa Morzel may have committed one of the offenses cited below:

18-8-504. False swearing

(1) A person commits false swearing if he knowingly makes a materially false statement, other than those prohibited by sections 18-8-502 and 18-8-503, which he does not believe to be true, under an oath required or authorized by law.

(2) False swearing is a class 1 petty offense.

18-8-505. Perjury or false swearing – inconsistent statements

(1) Where a person charged with perjury or false swearing has made inconsistent material statements under oath, both having been made within the period of the statute of limitations, the prosecution may proceed by setting forth the inconsistent statements in a single count alleging in the alternative that one or the other was false and not believed by the defendant. In such case it shall not be necessary for the prosecution to prove which statement was false but only that one or the other statement was false and not believed by the defendant to be true.

(2) The highest offense of which a person may be convicted in such an instance shall be determined by hypothetically assuming each statement to be false. If the assumption establishes perjury of different degrees, the person may be convicted of the lesser degree at most. If perjury or false swearing is established by the making of the two statements, the person may be convicted of false swearing at the most.

In addition, see the federal statute quoted, in part, below:

 18 U.S.C. Section 242 Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law

Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States . . . shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both . . .

It seems to me that Boulder City Council members, through their own hubris, have stepped in it with both feet in re Seth Brigham. I don’t believe the claim of any one of them about being afraid of Mr. Brigham; to be blunt, I think that our current Boulder City Council is a pack of liars.

Is Boulder Creek safe in this drought year of 2012?

By Max R. Weller

Back in the drought year of 2002 it wasn’t, due to high levels of fecal coliform bacteria at that time. See the info here.

Although I wasn’t here in Boulder, CO in 2002, I would tend to believe that there are more sociopathic transients now who use Boulder Creek as their toilet, including the Occupy posers earlier this year who dumped their “slop buckets” directly into the water near the Municipal Building, the location of their illegal campsite. The Occupiers are long gone, thank goodness, but I continue to see more transients I don’t recognize almost every day. Most of them look like the sort of crude individuals who will urinate and defecate anywhere it’s convenient, and since they hang around in Central Park every day . . . Why risk it? Waiting for an official notice to be posted might be too late to preserve your good health, and that of your kids.

Please, stay out of Boulder Creek!

Max’s Journal 6/25/2012

By Max R. Weller

On Saturday afternoon, I had a strange encounter with a raven. About 3PM, I sat down under my shade trees in north Boulder, right along the sidewalk by the small commercial district along the west side of N. Broadway. I glanced into the ditch in front of me, and there was a raven, obviously in distress from the heat. Its beak was wide open, wings held away from its body, and not very alert considering it showed no concern about my presence only a few feet away. I sat there reading a book until just after 6PM, when I left to go and ride the SKIP bus around its circuit (something I enjoy doing every evening before I retire to my campsite). During this time, the raven had occasionally hopped around a bit, and it didn’t seem to have any broken bones from a possible collision with a passing car, so I’m thinking it was the extreme heat that affected this poor critter. When I came walking back on my way to camp about 7:30PM, it had moved a little farther away from where I’d been sitting and appeared to be more alert. Sunday morning, it was still there when I walked by on my way over to Boulder Shelter for the Homeless. Later on that morning, it had disappeared from the area. There were no feathers or other signs that the raven had become a meal for Br’er Fox or a stray cat, so it must have recovered from whatever was ailing it and flown away.

The book I was reading Saturday afternoon, and which I finished on Sunday morning, is Forty Demons by Boulder author Mark Scott-Nash. It’s about the other Winston Churchill (not the legendary British statesman) who disappeared along the Colorado Trail a few years ago. (Ahem, I’m briefly mentioned in the chapter “American Ascetic”). His body was found much later, and an autopsy revealed that he had starved to death. Winston was a prolific writer about his strange spiritual journey, and also kept a photographic record of his final physical journey. Mark has pieced together a convincing explanation of what Winston was up to and how he came to die as he did — deliberately, as a form of grandiose political statement. I highly recommend Forty Demons, and even though I think that Winston was crazy as a bedbug, this makes the tale all the more interesting.

SCOTUS has rendered this opinion, which seems reasonable to me. As I understand it, Sheriff Joe and other xenophobic law officers in Arizona can legally demand, “Show me your papers!” — but they won’t be able to do anything with the info in the case of an undocumented individual, other than turn it over to the feds. This is what was happening before the new AZ law was passed, and that law’s tougher provisions have now been struck down. BTW, AZ Governor Jan Brewer might be the only woman in American politics who is as dumb as Sarah Palin. I anxiously await the SCOTUS opinion in re “Obamacare” which will be released this Thursday, at the latest.

RIP, Officer Hollis.

“June 21: News at 1175 Lee Hill‏”

Copied from an e-mail sent by Boulder Housing Partners —

BHP Seeks Input from Stakeholders on Building Design and Operations

Boulder Housing Partners (BHP) is developing a Community Engagement Process to solicit public participation in the building design and operational guidelines for 1175 Lee Hill.  The goals of the Community Engagement Process will be to:

  • Engage the community in the design of the building and the community’s long-term operations by soliciting ideas that are practical, resourceful, creative and meaningful to the community
  • Evaluate those ideas with the broadest community support and, to the maximum extent feasible, integrate them into the building’s design and operations

The primary outcome of this effort will be a Statement of Operations for the building, staff and residents. The Statement of Operations will provide rules and guidelines that will provide a description of the resident eligibility and selection process, the role of case managers and supportive services, and how the property will be managed – among others.  Due to various funding, legal, and zoning requirements, some operational details are regulatory and, therefore, required. BHP will disclose these details and answer any questions once the Community Engagement Process is underway.

BHP will host its first series of Community Engagement meetings in August and anticipates finalizing the building design and Statement of Operations by the end of the year.

“Housing First saves taxpayers’ money!”

Homeless advocate Joe Isuzu


By Max R. Weller

Here’s the truth that Joe Isuzu and other proponents of Housing First won’t tell you about their claims of saving taxpayers’ money: it’s funny math that no ethical accountant would ever use. HF proponents do NOT factor in the total costs of any HF project; NOT the $$$ for buying the properties and renovating existing housing or building new housing, NOT the $$$ for staffing the facilities with case managers and others, NOT the $$$ for all of the government benefits HF clients will receive for as long as they live, NOT the $$$ for ongoing medical treatment and hospitalizations for HF clients’ alcoholism/drug addiction, NOT the $$$ for ongoing mental health and addiction counseling for HF clients, NOT the $$$ for incarcerations which will continue in some cases, NOT the $$$ in lost productivity from HF clients turned into permanent dependents on the system, NOT the $$$ in lost property tax revenues because the HF properties are taken off of the tax rolls, NOT the $$$ in ongoing utility costs at HF facilities, and the list goes on of costs ignored by funny math. Instead, HF proponents like to cherry-pick and point to cost-savings from fewer ambulance rides to the hospital emergency room and fewer incarcerations for some HF clients — a drop in the bucket compared to total costs as outlined above. 

Worst of all, Housing First clients continue to die in these facilities from medical conditions related to their alcoholism/drug addiction, because getting clean and sober is NOT a requirement to be accepted into the HF program. Remarkably, most of these facilities allow clients to drink alcohol on the premises. This is the ultimate in enabling the self-destructive behavior of alcoholics/drug addicts, and it’s mostly being supported by the taxpayers. 

This U.S. Attorney General served 19 months in federal prison

File:John Mitchell.jpg

Watergate figure John N. Mitchell

And he wasn’t involved in gun running to Mexican drug gangs, which has already resulted in numerous murders. What should happen to current U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder? And what should happen to the current president who is trying desperately to cover up? This certainly isn’t what I expected or hoped for from President Barack Obama.