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An agnostic like me agrees with Franklin Graham, not Facebook

I no longer have a Facebook account, and don’t miss it at all. Who are these arrogant clowns working at Facebook, anyway? And if Bruce Springsteen wants to be able to stroll into a public restroom intended for women and children, he’s a PERVERT. (I think he’s probably too stoned to understand what he’s supporting in its broader implications.)


What are Heisman voters smoking, anyway?

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If you have a pulse, and a firm command of sports clichés, you too can be a hackneyed, alcoholic sportswriter!

Seriously, it’s really NOT young Murray’s fault. But the facts are that the entire Oklahoma football team along with the Big 12 Conference is overrated, and Georgia would have been a tougher opponent in a College Football Playoff rematch with Alabama.

As for Notre Dame, they were just as pathetic as any objective observer would have expected, and got into the CFP based on sentimental hogwash: Win one for the Gipper! There was a more deserving team which should have been chosen instead of the Irish:


It’s like scrounging for food scraps in a refugee camp

Everything, including the weak coffee, was COLD.

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I’m NOT kidding when I say that jails and prisons, homeless shelter / services providers, and other facilities which purport to feed people do a much better job of it, and those places aren’t raking in $2M per month from Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurers combined. WTF?

At least Crusty Dave finally left our room, apparently bound for some outside appointment having to do with his gout, which must be the worst case on record, and probably should be detailed in photos and written reports as part of future medical textbooks. The guy is like a human black hole, sucking all the energy out of the area he’s in, but still maintains a Charles Manson-like ability to manipulate others. I’m sure all of the medical professionals Crusty sees would be lost without his guidance on how to treat his self-inflicted condition, and his friends who visit frequently continue to lap up his LIES about how hard he works in physical therapy. He was in bed for 3 1/2 days, only going to the toilet a few times to bleed on the floor and leave a puddle of urine in front of the BIG oval target.

He’s just allowed to do nothing for himself, although he might regain necessary life skills if required to do so.

Well, enough of this rant . . . I’m going to see if there are any stray bowls of corn flakes I can seize for my early breakfast tomorrow.


Crusty Dave is going downhill

The guy eats lots of yogurt, which doesn’t agree with everyone, and he swallows the juice from his smokeless tobacco addiction (no trace of a “spit cup” anywhere in his area).

If I ever get to the point he’s at now, I hope someone will just shoot me right between the eyes. As it is, however, Crusty is a cash cow for Hungry Asylum, as ALL residents are.

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Thank goodness the impostors Notre Dame and Oklahoma were eliminated!

Cream rises to the top, including the nation’s best QB, Tua Tagovailoa . . . And we should remember all of the BS choices as Heisman Trophy winners in the past. Tim Tebow? Sheesh!


One reason the Blue Wave became something much less last November

And I understand that CNN is critical of the Commander-in-Chief visiting troops in Iraq; WTF? Trump Derangement Syndrome is apparently real, and it will likely continue to diminish Democrats’ chances in 2020.


Crusty Dave news 12/29/2018:

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From time to time, I remark to staff that they may as well move him to Hospice Care, because it’s obvious he’s going to die in his bed if left to himself.