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Could a quiet weekend be in store at N. Broadway & U.S. 36?


By Max R. Weller

There were five of the pickled idjits hanging out there yesterday, trespassing on posted private property in the 4900 block of N. Broadway. I’ll admit, I cussed ’em all out for their loutish behavior, and might even have done worse than that if they weren’t such wusses, sitting there in silence as I verbally ripped into them.

For the record, I did well and made $33 in the couple of hours I spent as humble beggar there.

Today, July 31st, the bums will be receiving their taxpayer-funded monthly disability checks (because August 1 falls on a Saturday). It’s a scam; although alcoholism/drug addiction per se is NOT a qualifying disability, there are so many physical and mental health complications from chronic substance abuse that the bums can qualify for SSI/SSDI on that basis.

These benefits are used by the bums to party in a cheap motel for a few days, buy booze and dope, and otherwise squander Uncle Sugar’s largesse. They’ll be broke again in a week or ten days.

I hope they’ll stay away from my neighborhood until they’re all partied out . . . In fact, I hope they stay away FOREVER.


Max’s Journal 7/30/2015


By Max R. Weller


One was used for hot water only, which I utilized for my own instant coffee every morning, but now it’s back to hot tap water instead.

ovose (1)

He’s disappointed because he’s not the center of attention every day. This is the sort of bum who ought to be given the $5 bus ticket on RTD bound for Denver.

See a Facebook photo of Samuel Forgy for yourself:


You know, I find it pretty easy to believe that Mr. Forgy attacked his neighbors with a knife and then approached police officers with a hammer. However, every time some doped-up lunatic with potentially deadly weapons goes on a rampage here in Boulder, his so-called friends talk about his stellar qualities while ignoring the harm he actually caused to innocent people. This is called D-E-N-I-A-L.

Give me a break! And kudos to Boulder PD, who handled the situation exactly as they should have.

I’ll be interested to see what happens to the drunken child molesters and their equally drunken girlfriends in my north Boulder neighborhood, now that notice has gone out that they’re lurking there in front of the Mexican restaurant in the 4900 block of N. Broadway. I know that many of the motorists passing by the corner of U.S. 36 read my blog, and I’m hoping they’ll STOP giving cash to these predators.

That’s all for now, folks. Time for a quick game of chess online . . .

Parents in the Dakota Ridge neighborhood please take note, and more


By Max R. Weller

These are the two white males I referred to in my previous post:



There are many other registered sex offenders (including child molesters) who either stay in the First Step/Transition Program at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, 4869 N. Broadway, or who use it as a mailing address and for morning services like showers, breakfast, locker access, etc. See the Boulder PD online sex offender registry.

I provide this info solely so that those citizens living in the neighborhood can be wary of the dangers present. I am firmly opposed to vigilantism in any case. However, feel free to join me in both spoken and written criticism of the apologists/enablers at BSH, who literally don’t give a damn about being good neighbors.

You kindhearted passersby on the corner of U.S. 36 who have been handing out cash to Messrs. Funk and Gibson might want to reconsider your generosity . . .

It’s time once again for Boulder PD to evict all of the RV squatters who have been illegally parking their broken-down vehicles — and living in them both day and night, also illegal within the city limits — on Front Range Dr. directly to the west of Boulder Shelter for the Homeless. This is an annual occurrence, but the police seem to be a bit behind schedule dealing with it in 2015.

I have an idea for another short story, which would be based on real events playing out over the course of the next few months. It would require the help of others directly involved, so we’ll see what happens.

Count the motor vehicles in this photo, then count the bicycles, then tell me what mind-altering substances the city’s transportation planners are ingesting:

Emily Ely rides toward downtown Boulder last week after the city completed its

Emily Ely rides toward downtown Boulder last week after the city completed its “right-sizing” lane changes on Folsom Street. (Paul Aiken / Staff Photographer)

I think they might be overdosing on ‘shrooms, even though they’ve decided to delay WRONG-SIZING at Iris & 63rd.

Tonight at my campsite: Sausage gravy on white bread (since the biscuits at King Soopers are terrible).

Drunken Neanderthals take over corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36


By Max R. Weller


Okay, the pickled idjits don’t carry spears, only jugs of rotgut vodka in their backpacks, but they look even rougher than this bunch. 

It’s become a daily occurrence over the past few weeks; the arrival sometime during the course of the day of two Native American women — one of whom was recently evicted from Housing First at 1175 Lee Hill for inviting her street friends to stay overnight in her apartment — and two Caucasian men — one of whom looks like he’s been beaten in the face (or fallen face-first onto a sidewalk). One inebriate will take a turn panhandling on the corner for a half hour or so (being unable to stand upright for longer periods), then another, and so on, while the others party and sleep underneath the only shade tree in front of the nearby Mexican restaurant in the 4900 block of N. Broadway. NOTE: Both of the white guys can be seen on Boulder PD’s online sex offender registry, convicted for sex crimes involving children.

BTW, they’re no more than 10′ away from large NO TRESPASSING sign placed there by the owner(s) of this private property.

There’s hardly a spot for me there any longer, and it’s certain that none of the business owners or workers or residents of the Dakota Ridge neighborhood will want to stop and chat with me with this bunch of troglodytes present. I have to wait for any chance to “fly a sign” myself for an hour or so, and passing motorists who don’t know me may think I’m part of that rat pack. Hence, I’ve made up a new sign, which seems to work well:






On Saturday, with a special guest guitarist (he can’t play worth a lick, drunk or sober) to accompany the foursome’s caterwauling, they sang the first lines to about 50 different songs because they were too hooched up to remember the rest. Not at all like the musical stylings of the late alcoholic D.H., who sang and played the guitar for years on the corner of U.S. 36, and butchered the lyrics to complete songs in a very funny way (I still wonder if he did so on purpose).

Sunday morning, only one of the women was present as I played the role of humble beggar. However, some stranger with a dog showed up and wanted a turn, which he took when my self-imposed hour had expired. You guessed it; he tied his dog to the signpost at the end of the median in an attempt to gain the sympathy of passersby. I read the Sunday edition of the Daily Camera and a novel for the rest of the time I sat on the wall, until leaving for my campsite around 2:30PM when the rest of the scurvy crew arrived.

Also, as I had a good view of that small commercial district while standing on the median, I was thrilled when I observed a Boulder County deputy cruising through it, looking for loitering bums. Apparently, he didn’t spot Pickled Pocahontas under the tree, but he did run off a transient couple who was lounging around behind the restaurant. He made two passes, and I have no doubt this is due to complaints from people who live and work in the area, as well as the property owner(s). It should become a daily patrol — until the bums get the message that they aren’t welcome in this area.

I understand that their previous hangout had been underneath the bridge at Broadway & Rosewood a few blocks to the south. This suits them better for two reasons:

1) It somewhat resembles a cave; and

2) Their bad behavior isn’t so disruptive to decent people — including the majority of the homeless — who want to live in peace.

It’s TOO MUCH to hope for that the nonprofits in north Boulder would ever choose to do right, and give these bums the $5 bus tickets on RTD to Denver.

This is what I’d hoped to see here in Colorado, and more


By Max R. Weller 


Dan and Terzah Becker Facebook photo at Bowen Lake

Things didn’t work out that way, due to my increasing physical disabilities, but I do enjoy scenic views in every direction from my north Boulder neighborhood. And the visits overnight from the wild critters are almost always enjoyable (rodents became too much, however). What this pic by my friends really offers is a peaceful solitude, apart from all of the drama that intrudes on our daily lives.

The Mayor of Boulder, CO doesn’t know that Vatican City is an independent country: “[Pope Francis] doesn’t control a country, but the moral authority is extremely valuable and not to be ignored or dismissed,” Matt Appelbaum says in the Daily Camera.


“I’m smart enough to run your electric utility!”

Read Macon Cowles won’t seek re-election to the Boulder City Council in the DC. George K. has also decided not to run again, but that still leaves seven BCC members who need to be booted out by voters in the next couple of election cycles:

Three Stooges X 3

On the lighter side:


Owl (Boulder County Sheriff’s Office)

See the story here. Many nights, I hear the owls HOOTING around my campsite, and they’re quite loud. I don’t mind it a bit, because it has an entirely different quality to it compared to the yelling and cursing of either drunken transients around Boulder Shelter for the Homeless or rowdy patrons of the nearby Bustop Gentleman’s Club.

Tonight at my campsite: Campbell’s chicken noodle soup and Ritz crackers.

License panhandlers in Boulder, CO and more


By Max R. Weller

I think this is long overdue, because panhandling is in fact a business. I certainly regard it as such, and I depend on that income from generous passersby to buy all of life’s necessities; I’ve never applied for any of the social services benefits I’m eligible for here in Colorado because I wish to avoid becoming a slave to the system, nor do I patronize any of the private nonprofits other than Boulder Shelter for the Homeless (for my morning shower and to maintain a small locker with a change of clothes and sundry items).

True, my spot at the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36 is outside the city limits, but I still see a pressing need to regulate the conduct of anyone who “flies a sign” in the City of Boulder itself. Too many of these characters are obviously under the influence (a danger to both themselves and motorists), or loud and aggressive toward passersby, or yelling and fighting each other for a turn, or otherwise behaving badly.

An annual license should cost at least $25, and the city needs to adopt a reasonable code of conduct for panhandling, and punish those who misbehave by revoking their Panhandling License — unlicensed panhandling anywhere inside the city limits should be a municipal offense carrying at least a $100 fine.

Here’s an example of what needs to be stopped:


This is Boulder Colorado Facebook photo: “One of our corner lobbyists at 28th and Baseline having a screaming fight with a motorist behind me.”

Another problem that ought to be addressed are the FAKE VETERANS who falsely claim to have served our country in the military service, in order to gain your sympathy. This guy is the classic case here in Boulder:

Richard Grant (Boulder County Sheriff’s Office)

Fortunately, he’s been gone for about a year now, since getting a bench warrant for Failure to Appear on a charge of Harassment involving a female panhandler at N. Broadway & U.S. 36. There are many others like him, however . . .

Here’s another review of “Go Set a Watchman” by Harper Lee. It’s appropriately entitled “Atticus Was Always a Racist: Why Go Set a Watchman Is No Surprise” and I applaud Catherine Nichols for writing it.

As I posted on my Facebook page: Editing is one thing; what happened to “Go Set a Watchman” some 60 years ago is called CENSORSHIP. Those involved at that publisher back then deserve to be raked over the coals now.

Tonight at my campsite: Biscuits and sausage gravy.

The truth about homelessness in Utah, and more


By Max R. Weller

For a long while now, we’ve been treated to propaganda about how Housing First is ending “chronic homelessness” in our neighboring state of Utah. Time and again, I’ve pointed out two relevant facts:

1) The chronically homeless are only a tiny percentage of overall homeless numbers; and

2) There are about as many homeless people in Utah now as ever.

See the data for yourself, in the 2014 Comprehensive Report on Homelessness; scroll down to page 9 and peruse “Figure 3.1 Utah Homeless Point-In-Time Count, 2005 — 2014” (I wish I could find data organized in this way for Colorado).

In 2005, there were 13,690 homeless persons counted in Utah, 5,565 of them in families and 1,932 chronically homeless. After some variation up and down in numbers over the years, 2014 showed 13,621 homeless persons counted, with 6,312 of them in families and 539 chronically homeless. Yes, indeed, chronically homeless numbers — relatively small to begin with — have declined. But, the number of homeless people in families has increased and the number of homeless overall has remained steady.

My guess is that many of the chronically homeless simply moved on from Utah during this time, some of them probably coming here to the Denver/Boulder metro area in Colorado.

To tout this as a success for Housing First is to twist logic into a pretzel. Look at the entire picture, people. Don’t ALL homeless people count, not just the “chronically homeless”?

Subway serves a free lunch to nearly 1,100 needy people at Pioneer Park in Salt Lake City on Wednesday, June 5, 2013.

I’m delighted to see that sales of Harper Lee’s “Go Set a Watchman” are booming, with people wanting to read it and decide for themselves if it’s an accurate reflection of the white mainstream’s racist attitudes in 1950s Alabama.

This summer in Boulder, CO has been very disappointing to me. I’d grown accustomed to this time of year being a break from the transients flocking here in search of Hippie Paradise, but thanks to our local shelter/services providers doing even more to welcome the bums it’s been a mess, instead. Not a morning goes by that I don’t see new faces at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless — and they candidly admit that they’re here for “legal” marijuana, which they think they can smoke anywhere in public or resell on the street for a profit.

Time for NEW LEADERSHIP among the nonprofits: BSH, Bridge House, Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow, and others. Their current boards of directors and staff must go!

BTW, there was a lot of blood on the sidewalk at my spot in front of the Mexican restaurant in the 4900 block of N. Broadway yesterday. The bums who were present denied any knowledge of how it came to be there, but I made it clear that their stupid violence needs to go elsewhere. Back to Denver sounds like the best option to me.

That’s all for now, folks.