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Tom Brady’s Revenge, and a Super Bowl for the Ages

I wasn’t able to watch the game live, but I’ve reviewed the highlights this morning online. Nothing that the Bill Belichick- and Brady-led Patriots do should surprise anybody . . .

See: Complete Super Bowl LI highlights from NFL Videos.

Also read: In a comeback for the ages, Patriots beat Falcons in heart-pounding Super Bowl from the Boston Globe


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (L) hands the Lombardi trophy to Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft, as he contemplates his own deflated balls . . .



A Cowboy’s Christmas Prayer

By S. Omar Barker

I ain’t much good at prayin’,
and You may not know me, Lord —
For I ain’t much seen in churches,
where they preach Thy Holy Word.
But you may have observed me
out here on the lonely plains,
A-lookin’ after cattle,
feelin’ thankful when it rains.

Admirin’ Thy great handiwork.
the miracle of the grass,
Aware of Thy kind Spirit,
in the way it comes to pass
That hired men on horseback
and the livestock that we tend
Can look up at the stars at night,
and know we’ve got a Friend.

So here’s ol’ Christmas comin’ on,
remindin’ us again
Of Him whose coming brought good will
into the hearts of men.
A cowboy ain’t a preacher, Lord,
but if You’ll hear my prayer,
I’ll ask as good as we have got
for all men everywhere.

Don’t let no hearts be bitter, Lord.
   Don’t let no child be cold.
Make easy the beds for them that’s sick
   and them that’s weak and old.
Let kindness bless the trail we ride,
   no matter what we’re after,
And sorter keep us on Your side,
   in tears as well as laughter.

I’ve seen ol’ cows a-starvin’ –
and it ain’t no happy sight;
Please don’t leave no one hungry, Lord,
on Thy Good Christmas Night —
No man, no child, no woman,
and no critter on four feet
I’ll do my doggone best
to help you find ’em chuck to eat.

I’m just a sinful cowpoke, Lord —
ain’t got no business prayin’
But still I hope you’ll ketch a word
or two, of what I’m sayin’:
We speak of Merry Christmas, Lord–
I reckon You’ll agree —

There ain’t no Merry Christmas
for nobody that ain’t free!
So one thing more I ask You,
Lord: just help us what You can
To save some seeds of freedom
for the future Sons of Man! 


License panhandlers in Boulder, CO and more

From one year ago:



By Max R. Weller

I think this is long overdue, because panhandling is in fact a business. I certainly regard it as such, and I depend on that income from generous passersby to buy all of life’s necessities; I’ve never applied for any of the social services benefits I’m eligible for here in Colorado because I wish to avoid becoming a slave to the system, nor do I patronize any of the private nonprofits other than Boulder Shelter for the Homeless (for my morning shower and to maintain a small locker with a change of clothes and sundry items).

True, my spot at the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36 is outside the city limits, but I still see a pressing need to regulate the conduct of anyone who “flies a sign” in the City of Boulder itself. Too many of these characters are obviously…

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Everything Boulder, CO embraces becomes a travesty

From four years ago, but could have been written this morning:


By Max R. Weller

Sooner or later . . .

Consider the following:

1) Dog ownership; here in Boulder it’s an affectation for most, who really don’t have any clue how to care for Man’s Best Friend. Proper control over their pet in public is, of course, out of the question. Even homeless people have gotten into the act, with their numerous phony service dogs, which can always be identified as such when they board an RTD bus and begin sniffing everybody’s crotch. I owned a Springer Spaniel from the time I was about 8 years old until after I graduated from high school in 1974, and it made for great companionship — of a kind I find lacking in yuppies showing off their canines at the Farmers’ Market and elsewhere. A couple of years ago, there was a brouhaha here when some woman reported seeing her precious little Jack Russell Terrier (a…

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