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The Denver Pest (sic) sez:

I bet the Pest’s editorial board really had a cow to see Gov. Polis meeting with President Trump yesterday and then appearing in front of the cameras with him. LOL!


Offline for an indefinite period

The laptop I’ve been using here at Hungry Asylum was needed by another resident studying for the GED test, which was certainly a good purpose. Now. it’s needed for all residents to make contact with their families during the lockdown due to (what I can only call) Wuhan Virus Hysteria.

It remains a fact that hundreds of times as many Americans have died from the ordinary strains of influenza this 2019-2020 season as from COVID-19, and they do so every season. In the tens-of-thousands, in fact, as opposed to about three dozen from Wuhan Virus Hysteria.

Go figure . . .

I shall return on a regular basis when I’m able to do so.



More from LA and San Francisco:


Severe Weather Shelter – Boulder Bridge House

A night in the deep freeze is coming, and those living outdoors need to prepare themselves to survive:

One of the most important tips I can offer is to STAY SOBER.