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Why is this man raising his trash-picker toward a police officer?

Screenshot from YouTube video. (Click on image to enlarge.)

There is also a lot of angry verbal resistance from both the black man and the man filming this incident from concealment. And who knows what the man might have had in the bag slung over his shoulders? Had this man behaved the same way in many other cities — including Kansas City, MO where I lived for two years in the roughest part of town — he would certainly have been arrested and perhaps even shot.

In Boulder, CO — as I’ve come to expect over the course of a decade — the man is neither arrested nor physically harmed in any way, despite his aggressive actions which continued for many minutes.

And Boulder snowflakes call this laid back police engagement with an uncooperative citizen “harassment” and “brutality.” This man’s actions are a textbook example of what NOT to do when approached by police officers wanting to know who you are and what you’re doing where you’re at. All are legitimate questions in the circumstances, regardless of any prejudicial feelings you may have against authority.

Equally silly is the guy with the camera yelling at the first responding officer, “Go home!” What is that? He seemed to me to be egging on the black man, presumably his friend, to further resist a lawful inquiry. It’s ridiculous, and after watching the video several times I can’t work up any sympathy for these Naropa students.

The officer may face some disciplinary action, possibly termination. Frankly, if I were him and aware of all of the faux outrage being expressed in hateful social media posts (and no doubt to be echoed in a public demonstration today), I’d find a job in another city populated by reasonable people who don’t all carry around chips on their shoulders.

I, for one, wish all Boulder PD officers the best.


From the Facebook page of Boulder Rights Watch

Comment copied below (name withheld by me):

Tonight I went to the severe weather shelter through Path To Home. I was refused entrance due to my service animal. As I was leaving a man who leaves his dog in his car unattended overnight let his dog out off leash. His dog attacked mine. I was told I was kicked off the property and the police were being called on me. There were many witnesses. It’s going to be 8°F out tonight and I have no where safe and warm to be. I also have a blind man with me who was also refused entry to the severe weather shelter. Obviously Boulder wants 3 more deaths because of their policies.

Thank God I have family that has offered me a spot to crash tonight.

WTF? I had to read the last sentence twice, to make sure I wasn’t unfairly thinking this person is a nut . . .

Thank God I have family that has offered me a spot to crash tonight.

Sort of negates all that came before it, don’t you think? Of course, there is bound to be much more to the story that isn’t revealed. Always a victim, pointing the finger of blame at others.

I’ve read other posts from this individual on the BRW page. Someone invited her to attend last night’s Boulder City Council meeting, but this was her reply:

I would be willing to but I can’t bring my service animal around too many people. He’s already dealt with another dog attacking him resulting in a broken leg. He is really jumpy and I’m not comfortable stressing him out more. I’d be willing to do a video or phone appearance.

Service Dog Training 101 — Everything You Need to Know.

Quoting from the American Kennel Club website:

Service dogs must be handler-focused, desensitized to distractions, and highly trained to do specific tasks. They should not be distracted by the public, as they should focus solely on their owner when working. For service dogs, training can last up to two years before they are placed with a client. Service dogs typically wear a vest that identifies them as a service dog and asks the public not to pet them.

A lot of scammers try to claim that their dog is an “emotional support animal” but this is NOT recognized by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Nor should it be confused with a “therapy dog” meant to interact with lots of people in a variety of settings:

Therapy dogs should be friendly and outgoing, yet calm and obedient, and socialized to a variety of people, places, and things. Therapy dogs need to be trained in basic manners and obedience, and are required to take continuing education workshops. Therapy dogs and their owners provide opportunities for petting and affection in a variety of settings on a volunteer basis.

Let me be clear — I don’t blame the poor, dumb animals. It’s the stupid, self-centered dog owners who should be called to account. And anyone who is unable to train and/or care for a dog properly should voluntarily give it up to Animal Control, and hopefully adoption by a caring owner.


TV in 2019 is an even vaster wasteland!

With the exception of Turner Classic Movies, live sports like football and hockey, and small doses of Fox News Channel — I would prefer to go online and play chess with opponents from around the globe or work on my “homelessphilosopher” blog.


Cleaning up the Democrats’ mess in Broward County, FL

Remember Brenda Snipes, the election supervisor who made a shambles of the recent general election ballot counting in Broward County? She resigned, was also suspended after doing so by outgoing Gov. Scott, and is now suing to be reinstated. WTF? This clown Israel, who seemed to me most interested in gaining face time in the media after the Parkland shooting, will also sue for reinstatement to office.

Image result for brenda snipes images

Brenda Snipes

Just goes to show you how self-entitled some crooked, incompetent Democrats feel.


After saying Broncos are a playoff team, Phillip Lindsay will miss rest of season

He must know what he’s talking about, because CU beat Alabama to win the College Football Playoff National Championship last January.