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License panhandlers in Boulder, CO (redux)



By Max R. Weller

An excerpt from a post that originally appeared here on 7/22/2015:

I think this is long overdue, because panhandling is in fact a business. I certainly regard it as such, and I depend on that income from generous passersby to buy all of life’s necessities; I’ve never applied for any of the social services benefits I’m eligible for here in Colorado because I wish to avoid becoming a slave to the system, nor do I patronize any of the private nonprofits other than Boulder Shelter for the Homeless (for my morning shower and to maintain a small locker with a change of clothes and sundry items).

True, my spot at the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36 is outside the city limits, but I still see a pressing need to regulate the conduct of anyone who “flies a sign” in the…

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Bus ’em out of town!

From a year ago — but still relevant today.



By Max R. Weller

Read the latest news about yet another impotent effort in Boulder County, CO to mitigate lawlessness: Boulder prosecutor to work on issues with homeless community in the Daily Camera. 

Great! The small minority of homeless people who are violent sociopaths now have a DA dedicated to them . . . And the City of Boulder already has two police officers whose jobs are centered on the worst-behaved transients, Officers Ramos and Paddock.

So why won’t things get better? HELL, by all accounts it’s less safe now than ever before, and I for one refuse to go anywhere that is a popular bum hangout. Remember, the worst-behaved transients are generally preying on other homeless people they perceive as weaker; robbing, raping, stabbing, etc.

There’s a simpler, time-honored solution for dealing with transients caught committing petty offenses: Give the scofflaws a choice…

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It’s not about socioeconomic status, homeless people, it’s ALL about behavior

Originally published on 7/18/2014:


By Max R. Weller

It’s worth repeating — we’re not here to judge others’ souls, but we’re certainly obliged to judge their actions.

In my experience here in Boulder, CO since early 2008, 20% of all those who can be defined as “homeless” in the course of a year are just bums with no respect for themselves, no respect for their fellow man, and no respect for the community. Sadly, these are the ones who get almost all of the media attention, as well as the bulk of support provided by the social services industry (comprised of both government agencies and private nonprofits).

Yes, I’m proud to belong to the 80% who try to behave decently, even while being poor and without a roof over our heads.

Make no mistake, the 20% (cited above) want to drag as many others as possible down with them, into their degrading lifestyle of drinking/drugging, petty crime…

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If you had $1.5 million to give away, what would you do?

Originally published on 7/15/2014 — but still relevant today.

(E-mailed to Boulder City Council.)


By Max R. Weller

Read the story about one donor’s generosity to Bridge House in the Daily Camera: Boulder Bridge House capital campaign gets anonymous boost. Quoting from the article below:

An anonymous donor who had already pledged $500,000 toward Bridge House’s new transitional housing project will donate another $1 million if the social service agency and day shelter for the homeless can raise half that much before it closes on a former office building in south Boulder.

Bridge House hopes to turn 4747 Table Mesa Drive into dormitory-style living for 48 people in its Ready-to-Work program, which provides homeless people with market-rate jobs, job training and other support to change their situation.

The 14,000-square-foot building is already zoned residential but would require significant renovation to turn it into living quarters with a dining area, common space, computer lab and garden.

Some participants in the Ready-to-Work program live in…

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More drama at Boulder Shelter for the [Mentally Ill]

From 7/5/2013:


By Max R. Weller

Some of you may think I’m kidding when I say that I want to live in a cave or an old barn way out in the country. I’m not. Consider this morning at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless.

I arrived at 5AM as I usually do, so I can enjoy watching the sunrise, breathing the fresh air, and listening to the few birds singing in that neighborhood (I’m used to many more feathered vocalists back in Missouri). I was alone until about 5:50, when the SKIP bus unloaded its first bunch of bums for the day. The fake Chinese guy (actually Native American) who used to impersonate a CU student at Norlin Library was wearing a tuxedo, complete with top hat. Dirty, worn-out tennis shoes, however. A CU coed had once asked me for advice about dealing with this Froot Loop; I told her to…

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Boulder’s do-gooders manipulate the news media

Originally published on 3/28/2017, and I’m reblogging it because of Gail Promboin’s disingenuous commentary in the Daily Camera.



By Max R. Weller

Read the latest puff piece in the Daily Camera: Once a flashpoint, Boulder housing for chronically homeless marks 1st year with few problems. Quoting from it below:

The 31-unit, $8 million facility opened its doors in November 2014 after overcoming intense neighborhood opposition. Many north Boulder residents believed the facility would become a magnet for the kind of unsavory behavior they said already afflicted the area due to the presence of the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless just to the north.

Many opponents were skeptical about the Housing First model, which does not require participants to be sober or address mental health or other issues in order to receive housing, and others worried that by locating housing right next to the existing homeless shelter, participants would be less likely to leave behind old friends with problematic…

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Another great comment from the Daily Camera website, and more

Originally published on 4/28/2015:



By Max R. Weller

This comment by “InsideBBubble” is also copied from Worried about local control, Boulder to oppose homeless ‘right to rest’ act:

I think if we really thought about it, we’d all admit that the shelter was just a scam on Boulder by the county. They needed a shelter. They knew every community would object. They knew Boulder is too sanctimonious and could never say no. Now they’re all laughing at us. Schadenfreude. As in “You want these problems Boulder? You think you’re so much better than we are? Here you go.” And they ship a few more dozen.

Besides them being shipped here from other states when they get out of jail or become too much of a nuisance in places like San Francisco (which is giving them bus tickets to Boulder) since the 1960’s Boulder has been…

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