‘America’s Cities Are Unlivable. Blame Wealthy Liberals.’

In Boulder, CO the working poor and middle class have been leaving, for more reasonably-priced rents and mortgages in neighboring towns, for decades. This leaves wealthy white elites, college students, and the homeless (at least half of whom are transients with no ties to Boulder, city or county). Boulder has been ruled by one party all along, Democratic / Socialist / Progressive, and they must like the FUBAR way things are run because they refuse to do anything to change it.

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Boulder Rights Watch member with another hateful, paranoid rant

See Colorado Mental Health Institute by clicking here.


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Another defeat for race-baiting Boulderites

I’m sure the (former) officer is happy to move on from Boulder with the financial settlement he received. I wish him good luck; remember, he was a 14-year veteran of Boulder PD with a squeaky-clean record, and deserved better than this.



It’s a pain in the butt . . . Wi-Fi was acting up this morning, I finally reconnected to the Internet, but my old e-mail account is impossible to log back into because I don’t have a phone. I’m lucky to get this new account.


A Denver cop helped this man, after do-gooders ignored him for years

He was just a statistic to the homeless shelter / services industry, but Officer Harris saw him as a human being who ought to go home to his family . . .