100,000 views from over 100 countries, and more


By Max R. Weller

Since May, 2012 this blog is averaging almost 100 views per day. Not bad for a homeless guy who lives underneath a tarp in a field in north Boulder, CO for the past seven years.

Because the Daily Camera’s own website is screwing up Internet Explorer on the computer I’m using (the DC on Facebook is okay), I’ll post shelter info here for all of the pansies who aren’t prepared to endure a bit of rain and snow: Resources for the homeless in Boulder, CO.

More of why we can appreciate bums who flock to our fair city:


This is Boulder Colorado Facebook photo

Comment following photo by This is Boulder Colorado: This is at the west end of the Pearl Street mall, on the sidewalk between the Boulder Book Store and parking garage. Apparently the transients are living on the roof of the parking garage. When they’re done with their business they throw their condoms over on to the sidewalk. Boulder is weird for sure. Should we be happy they’re practicing safe sex?

Comment by me: I’ve found used condoms on the floor of the men’s shower area at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless; I suppose it’s a good thing that gay transients from Denver and elsewhere are practicing safe sex. 

Now we know what disaffected Fairview students are doing instead of taking mandatory tests. I wonder, will these spoiled brats be listing “bombmaking” on their résumés? See: Boulder police: Students tried to torch Fairview High School with Molotov cocktails to extend spring break from the Daily Camera.


Fairview High protesters: Future clients of Boulder’s homeless shelter/services industry. 

Although the ground is saturated after more than 24 hours of steady precipitation, I’m hoping my burrow will be comfortable enough to sleep in tonight. Regardless of that, it’s still much better the bedbug-infested shelter with its snoring, farting, hacking up phlegm, loud and stupid conversations at all hours during the night, etc.

Tonight at my campsite: Cap’n Crunch, perhaps?

A good day to remain in your burrow, and more


By Max R. Weller

I’m told that this ad from the A&P in my old hometown of Lexington, MO appeared in the newspaper there in 1981 (my guess was way off):


(Facebook photo by Todd A. Good)

File under Wishful Thinking:

What Boulder City Council needs to do is undertake an independent performance audit of our city’s homeless shelter/services industry — with an eye on actual results, not empty promises to either “end” or to “address” homelessness. I’m certain it would reveal that the nonprofits are scamming the public, spending millions of dollars from both public and private funding sources with little or nothing to show for it!

It would be the first step to real reform . . .

I’m wondering, how many ambulance and police calls have been made so far to Boulder CO’s Housing First facility at 1175 Lee Hill, since it opened last Fall? The HF advocates claim that this program cuts down on the use of emergency services by its clients, but it seems to me that there are more calls than ever — now that more chronically homeless substance abusers with a dual diagnosis of mental illness have become a part of Boulder Housing Partners’ Homeless Ghetto. Some of the 31 residents at 1175 Lee Hill are from outside of Boulder County, so neighbors were misled on that point (and many others).


It’s the local snake oil social services cure-all!

(Use at your own risk.)

I’d NEVER buy a used car from Betsey Martens, Greg Harms, or Isabel McDevitt. Would you?

BTW, I’m going to give up on maintaining a cache of canned goods at my campsite; some no-account transient stole about $20 worth of food yesterday, which makes several times this has happened. Any homeless person who steals from another homeless person is just about as low as a snake’s belly in a wagon rut. And Boulder Shelter for the Homeless wants the bums to stick around for another fifteen nights, through April 30th! Unbelievable . . .

If I were to move away from Boulder, CO it would be to Alaska:

Tonight at my campsite: Comfort food, as I wait for the rain/snow to end.

Fossil Free CU engages in hypocrisy, and more



By Max R. Weller

See the Feel Good story in the Daily Camera: CU-Boulder students camp out to draw attention to fossil-fuel divestment movement.

University of Colorado students and community members march during a sit-in at the Norlin Quad on Tuesday to encourage the Board of Regents to divest from

University of Colorado students and community members march during a sit-in at the Norlin Quad on Tuesday to encourage the Board of Regents to divest from fossil fuels. (Jeremy Papasso / Staff Photographer)

My online comment on the DC website (subject to review by their website administrator; who knows why?) is copied below:

As I passed by the protesters’ campsite this morning, on Norlin Quad right in front of the west entrance to Norlin Library, I yelled out to the three youngsters who were still there: “HEY, Fossil Free CU, your tents are made from petroleum products! But, as long as you Feel Good about yourselves, it’s okay.” I’ll be chuckling all day long . . .

Snow is in the forecast. However, the prediction of 5 inches accumulation makes no sense at all coupled with temps not expected to get below 30 degrees overnight, and be well above freezing in the daytime. Am I missing something here?

Here’s an ad from A&P in my old hometown newspaper, and I’m guessing it’s forty years old:


(Facebook photo by Todd A. Good)

The latest news from Karluk Manor, the Housing First facility in Anchorage, AK, from the Alaska Dispatch News: Walker calls potential Karluk Manor closure . . . My online comment to the ADN website (using a Facebook login, of course) follows here:

Didn’t Alaska Dispatch News recently run an in-depth report on street alcoholics, which contained a reference to eleven (11) Karluk Manor residents having died (both on and off the premises) since this Housing First facility opened in December, 2011? How in the world can anyone consider this a successful outcome? And the Housing First advocates EVERYWHERE are big on using “funny math” — they’re trying the same thing here in Boulder, CO by ignoring the upfront costs of the new facility (well over $6 million for just 31 units at 1175 Lee Hill) and the ongoing operating costs (probably in excess of $500,000 per year). Savings are an illusion. More to the point, HF clients are dying!

Tonight at my campsite: Chester’s fried chicken from King Soopers.

This blog does NOT print anyone’s personal info, and more


By Max R. Weller

The first part of today’s post is responding to an anonymous comment left here, which I’ve chosen not to publish, in which an individual requested that I remove so-called personal info from a previous post.

In fact, I’ve NEVER published anyone’s personal info — such as their Social Security number, credit history, residential address (except for the City of Boulder Sex Offender Registry), phone number, etc.

Anything which appears on Facebook is in the public domain; likewise, anything which has been published by the news media. If this embarrasses you, don’t post it to Facebook and don’t commit crimes which will likely be reported to the public. Certainly, I don’t need your permission to write about your wrongdoing which I see firsthand.

And STOP trying to worm your way into accessing my blog by leaving anonymous comments here.

In short: GROW UP.


Sure I can: Take a shower, you filthy bum! Soap, shampoo, and deodorant are all FREE at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless.

Read Boulder judge orders attorney Emily Cohen arrested . . . from the Daily Camera. Ms. Cohen has a bright future as a “jailhouse lawyer” helping other prison inmates file frivolous motions in state and federal courts. Of course, her “clients” will be paying her in Little Debbie cakes. And if Martha Stewart can be sent to prison, why not Emily Cohen?

I’m looking forward to a NEW pair of Crocs, thanks to a kindhearted friend of mine; I’ll pick them up today. With a hole worn through the left one, because of my awkward gait, I’ve been stepping on pea-sized pieces of gravel with my bare heel and cussing every time I walk to or from my campsite.

It was rather peaceful in my neighborhood around N. Broadway & U.S. 36 yesterday. I enjoyed the fresh air and solitude, due to the absence of creepy transients. I’m hoping for another day like it today, as well as tomorrow, and the day after that . . .

Tonight at my campsite:

Weird people I’ve encountered here in Boulder, and more


By Max R. Weller

One of the cyberstalkers on the Daily Camera website has actually used “Max_Weller” as his screen name (in addition to more than a dozen others)! Of course, I felt I had to report that and point out to the DC’s website administrator that this obsessed fan of mine is making the newspaper itself look foolish and impotent. The best way for the DC to deal with this childish nonsense is to switch to a Facebook login for anybody wanting to comment on a news story or an opinion piece. If it’s good enough for The New York Times, it should be good enough for the Boulder Fishwrap.

The past few days, an uninvited male transient I’d never seen before has been coming to my spot in the 4900 block of N. Broadway. He sits near me, reading a book as I usually do, BUT he’s smoking up a storm and ruining my ability to enjoy the fresh air. He also trashes the area, leaving it to me to pick up after him. The one time he went out to the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36 to “fly a sign” he stood at the same place in the median I do, held his sign in the same way I do, and was quiet and respectful to passersby as I am; because he’s a stranger there, he didn’t make any money and gave it up quickly. Even so, this Monkey See Monkey Do behavior is slightly unsettling for me, given the other weirdo(s) I have to deal with almost daily.

It’s more evidence that a certain segment of the homeless population is simply unable to figure things out for themselves, and the do-gooders do NOTHING to help them learn necessary coping skills so they can become more independent.

I’m not interested in being a de facto role model. This guy (and others like him) needs to start relying more on himself. Most of all, he needs to get the Hell away from me . . .

A photo of the remodeled Main Branch Library at 1001 Arapahoe, from an interesting perspective:


(Boulder Public Library Facebook photo)

I hope that the biggest problem at this facility will continue to be addressed by the presence of Boulder PD officers, which needs to be ongoing, until such time as the City of Boulder gets a handle on the worst-behaved transients from Denver and elsewhere.

My humble suggestion: Cut the crime rate: close Bridge House.

Data from the 2015 MDHI Point-in-Time Survey, which took place back in January, remains unavailable at this point, but I’ll keep an eye out for it and report here.

Tonight at my campsite: barbecued pulled pork sandwiches. Not Arthur Bryant’s, but okay in the culinary wasteland of Boulder. Let me be blunt — tofu sucks.

Transient pervert update, and more


By Max R. Weller

Read the latest from the Daily Camera: Boulder DA: Man charged in CU sex assault could be suspect in other attacks. Quoting from the report:

The Boulder County District Attorney’s Office formally filed five charges Thursday against Andrew Souser, 27, the suspect in the CU assault.

According to court documents, the five charges include sexual assault, a Class 3 felony, and attempting to influence a public servant, a Class 4 felony.

Souser also is charged with two counts of misdemeanor harassment and one count of attempted unlawful sexual contact. One of the harassment charges and the unlawful sexual contact charges name a different woman than the victim in the sexual assault count.

Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett said that in addition to the two women named in the complaint, officials are worried there may be others.

“The investigation has law enforcement concerned that there could be other victims,” Garnett said. “There was information in the course of the investigation that could indicate it is possible.

“If anybody in the community has information about cases where they think Mr. Souser may have been involved, please bring that information to my office or to Boulder police. We want to make sure we are aware of any possible victims and of any other cases.”

My online comment to the DC website is copied below:

This is probably the guy on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/people/Andrew-Bryant-Sou…

He could be a suspect in sexual assaults all over the country, but it’s no surprise he wound up here in Boulder, CO.

My question to supporters of Boulder, CO’s homeless/shelter services industry — the apologists/enablers for violent characters like Mr. Souser — is this:  When are you going to wake up and stop helping the lowest common denominator of the homeless who have no ties to our fair city?


The scumbag suspect from Facebook


One of Mr. Souser’s enablers


Joy Eckstine Redstone and convicted rapist Jim Budd


Can you see the pattern here?

Check it out for yourself by noting the address of BSH at 4869 N. Broadway or the lack of any address here: City of Boulder Registered Sex Offenders.

Folks, other cities do NOT coddle homeless perverts the way that Boulder, CO does. It’s sickening!

I was greeted by a fan of my blog while riding the SKIP bus down to King Soopers yesterday morning, and I’m always grateful for those who support my humble efforts to educate the public in re homelessness as it really is. You won’t hear the truth from those who continue to profit by the corrupt status quo, that’s for certain.

A pleasant and profitable afternoon on the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36 this past day, but I wish I had better authors to read when returning to my campsite in the evening; James Patterson and Danielle Steel leave a lot to be desired, but that’s what I picked up at the grocery store most recently.

Tonight at my campsite: cream cheese on black bread, with canned pears for dessert.

Transients in Boulder scamming for drugs, on the taxpayers’ dime


(Originally published on 10/26/2012, but it’s still the same today — 2 1/2 years later).

By Max R. Weller

It’s all too common at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless every winter season, when the overnight emergency dorms are open for bums from Denver and elsewhere. Almost daily from October 15th through April 30th, some homeless client will ask staff to call 9-1-1 for a FREE ride in the ambulance down to the ER at Boulder Community Hospital, in order to score some FREE drugs. It’s just one way people are abusing the system, according to this Denver Post article. Granted, there are legitimate medical emergencies at BSH, too; these occur far less frequently.

I’m not a physician, but I know from years of observing homeless dope fiends and listening to their conversations (in different cities over time) that over half of these calls to paramedics are bogus — the intention of the “patient” is to scam prescription painkillers from ER doctors. Frequently, pills not taken to get high are sold to others on the streets. Because I walk with a limp due to my bad right hip, dope fiends occasionally ask me to sell ’em a few painkillers. I explain that my “dope” is ibuprofen, which can be purchased over the counter for little cost at numerous retail outlets, like King Soopers here in Boulder, CO. The only time I did take a narcotic drug for pain relief was after vascular surgery on my left leg back in 2004; it didn’t make me high, either, but did make my pain bearable.

I recall one notorious dope fiend back in Kansas City, MO named Mary. She abused the ambulance service and ER so shamelessly that one day the paramedics took her into the back of the ambulance, checked her vital signs, consulted by radio with Truman Medical Center, and then put her phony ass back out on the street. “No painkillers for you!” I watched this happen, and I flashed the thumbs up sign to one of the paramedics, who grinned broadly.

There are a lot of scammers like Mary here in Boulder. It’s hard to calculate the amount of $$$ wasted on FREE rides for FREE drugs, but it has to be approaching $1 million on an annual basis in this city alone. And it’s not just Boulder Community Hospital’s ER; People’s Clinic is targeted by dope fiends who get there under their own power. Some of these clowns used to offer to sell me tablets of various painkillers for $10 apiece, which they had obtained for FREE or at greatly reduced cost, but I’ve long since stopped going to areas where they hang out — Bridge House, Pearl Street Mall, Boulder Creek Path, University Hill, etc.

Frankly, Boulderites from all walks of life are the most doped-up bunch of people I’ve ever seen anywhere. If they’re not drunk or stoned on MMJ, it’s crack cocaine or methamphetamine or heroin or prescription drugs being abused.

What a waste!