D.C. statehood?

The Donkey Party — which in the past brought us slavery, the Civil War, and 100 years of Jim Crow (ALL of which the GOP cleaned up) — should shut up about states added in the 19th Century that chose to elect Republican senators.

Read Is DC statehood about fair representation or Democratic power grab? from KSL.com. Excerpt copied below:

Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, does not favor D.C. statehood but suggested a compromise that would make the District part of a contiguous state and able to vote with that state.

“My own view is that we should maintain the system we have and not try and pack the Senate, like the Democrats are trying to pack the Supreme Court,” he told reporters Tuesday. “But if there were a desire to provide greater representation for the people of D.C., combining D.C. with Maryland, from which the land was originally taken, would make more sense.”

Amen to that!


Guilty verdict on all counts belies claims of ‘systemic racism’

Last night was relatively peaceful on the streets of our major cities, but #BurningLootingMayhem will continue trying to gin up violence against both law enforcement and capitalism . . .


Good to see Black history being respected in the old hometown of Lexington, MO

I lived there for the first 47 years of my life and knew many Black residents, but the town’s focus was always on romanticizing Antebellum life; the EVIL of slavery was scarcely mentioned. However, ALL of the fine old homes celebrated today were built with wealth created by the toil of African slaves, and the most prominent families there now can trace their ancestry to slaveholders. Lexington and Lafayette County in Missouri were very wealthy before the Union Army finally trounced the Confederacy, and I’ve always delighted in pointing out their ignominious defeat.

I’ve decided to support the Forest Grove Cemetery Project with a small portion of my Economic Impact Payment, although I don’t really want folks in Lexington to know about it. Anything that stirs discussion about issues long ignored is good, and I think a mystery donation can help . . .

(So far as I know, this blog is not being followed by anyone back home.)


City Journal: ‘A Recipe for More Tragedy’

Excerpt copied below:

Was it really so unreasonable for [Officer] Stillman to have genuinely perceived a risk to his own life when he decided to pull the trigger? I don’t think so, but I’m certain of one thing: that’s not a question you can answer based on a single, out-of-context freeze-frame. Those who attempt to do so show their extreme ignorance of the realities of dynamic situations like these. Such hasty conclusions also reinforce cops’ perception, which I suspect is becoming even more widespread, that they should not expect fair treatment if they have the misfortune of being involved in a use-of-force incident. As that perception deepens among cops, we run the risk of more and more officers prioritizing risk-minimization over being proactive. As the past year of escalating crime has shown us, that’s a recipe for more tragedy.

It’s one thing for race-baiting advocates to condemn police officers in split-second life-or-death circumstances, but the news media should be more objective.

Who raised this 13-year-old to be so stupid, anyway?


#BurningLootingMayhem is full of crap!

If the police officer who tried to stop this wanted felon from fleeing in a vehicle (a very dangerous weapon in and of itself) by drawing her handgun deliberately she would have been entirely justified in shooting him as she did. Her confusion is likely a violation of departmental policy, but in my view it’s NOT criminal!

Where, pray tell, are all of these innocent Black suspects the activists claim are being murdered by police?