Denver do-gooders jump down a rabbit hole, again

Sadly, it’s the miscreants of every type (a small minority of all the homeless) who are the recipients of most of the resources; they benefit the least from it!


More BS from the Far Left, and I say this as a nursing home resident!

COVID-19 may be the least dangerous aspect of being incarcerated, but common sense is in short supply when it comes to anything to do with this particular virus. (Look at the president-elect’s decision to retain Dr. Fauci in the new administration; Fauci changes his mind as often as most folks change their underwear.)


Hungry Asylum update 12/2/2020

Link Appleyard might be returning to the room tonight, after his quarantine elsewhere in the facility. I wonder how long it will be before he goes back to the hospital again, a month at most? (Worthless social workers do a poor job matching roommates here.)


Boulder’s Sammie Lawrence still seeking a payday!

On the few occasions I had contact with a law enforcement officer, during my decade as a homeless camper in Boulder, I set down my “walking aid” and also kept my hands in plain sight. I remained calm and respectful in my remarks. It’s just common sense, rather than seeking confrontation with the authorities like Sammie and many other BUMS want to do.


Addendum: The two-bit shyster representing Sammie Lawrence also craves attention, and has spent years exploiting homeless people (both the living and the dead) to that end; so, I refuse to mention his name on this post.

(E-mailed to Boulder City Council.)

BRAVO!! Take out the trash . . .

BTW, I kept my contacts with the homeless shelter / services industry to a bare minimum, never staying overnight in a shelter nor applying for social services benefits.

If I could do it, anybody can.