The next step for the Biden administration:

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Why else would FAKE Progressives be sabotaging our supply chain so store shelves will be empty? It’s to starve us all into submission to Far Left lunacy.

(If we vote out the Democrat majority in Congress next year, we might restore American prosperity.)


Hungry Asylum update 10/26/2021

I received a great little device — a White Noise machine — from Walmart today, and it was paid for by my friend in Longmont, CO. No more constant interruptions to my sleep because of the deranged roommate talking to himself, yelling in his sleep, banging the wall next to his bed, etc. This moron actually had the nerve to become ANGRY when I answered his question about the purpose of my brand new Snooz Go . . . He was offended that I enjoy peace and quiet in the room where I’ve been for almost 4 years, putting up with one lunatic after another. No more! (I was hoping he’d try to get up out of the wheelchair he doesn’t really need and take a swing at me, after I laughed at his silly reaction to my right to be left in restful bliss.) I have little doubt he rolled down the hall to complain to the RN on duty, but nothing was said to me by that individual when I got my afternoon meds. How batshit crazy must one be to feel entitled to disturb another’s contemplative mood? His brain has long since been permanently damaged by rotgut booze and dope, but I feel NO sympathy for his self-inflicted problems.

Winter is just around the corner, and the sooner we get to turn the clocks back to Standard Time (thus affording daylight when I arise around 6AM) the happier I’ll be.

My early supper was Thomas’ plain bagels with Oscar Mayer white turkey lunchmeat and Miracle Whip. Very tasty and filling, too.


Addendum 10/27/2021: First night of sound sleep I’ve had in months!

Things went south in a hurry, since Uncle Joe took over . . .

Read the online comment from the Fox News website.

I watched a bit of Biden’s live speech from Scranton, PA yesterday. It was embarrassing! The poor old guy can’t put together a single coherent sentence that stays on point, instead veering off onto random topics. NOT the least bit funny at this point — it’s scary, when you realize our adversaries around the globe are licking their chops.


Duane Chapman should crawl back under a rock!

And he can take that silly [rhymes with witch] Nancy Grace with him . . .

It was entirely predictable that Brian Laundrie would commit suicide in the remote area he was familiar with, the weeks-long torrent of hysterical conspiracies notwithstanding. Sadly, abusive relationships ending in murder / suicide are all too common.

FFS, leave his parents in peace — they surely did NOT raise Brian to be a murderer nor did they aid in any coverup of his whereabouts!