If it were left up to the apologists/enablers, this info would NEVER be released! (Remember that the next time they ask for a donation)

They just recycle through the worthless program at BSH again and again . . . Screenshot below from CBI Sex Offender Map Search for 4869 N. Broadway in Boulder:

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People nowadays are so weak, it’s pitiful

‘Sonic booms create panic among D.C. area snowflakes’ is a better headline . . . I grew up in rural Missouri (born in 1956) within 50 miles of two active Air Force bases, at a time when there were NO rules about supersonic flights over populated areas. Sonic booms were a regular occurrence and we got accustomed to windows rattling and the ground shaking; it was the price of maintaining a strong air defense during the Cold War. It remains so today in the post–9/11 era.

BTW, a similar thing happened to well-known pro golfer Payne Stewart’s private jet in 1999: It underwent cabin decompression, the pilots and passengers passed out, it ran out of fuel, and then crashed killing all aboard. Jet interceptors tracked it as Stewart’s craft flew on autopilot for many hundreds of miles before the end.


Quick update:

There has been a parade of severely mentally-disturbed roommates — the last two have pissed in the sink and crapped on the toilet seat, but none have been of sound mind. I understand that the long-term care over in Longmont caters to a better clientele!


Boulder’s shelter/services industry wants to spend $10M for a day center with just 50 apartments for the homeless! F***ing ridiculous . . .

Read the article from Boulder Reporting Lab by clicking here.

My comment is copied below:

During my decade as a homeless camper in Boulder (2008-2017), I was always mindful of staying far away from the worst-behaved transients and those nonprofits who enabled them; the only exception for me was Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, where I went every morning for a shower and to keep clean clothes in a small locker. I NEVER considered joining any so-called program or seeking living quarters there! I kept to myself, and never was ticketed/arrested for any of the offenses so common among the small percentage of homeless who are bad actors.

BOTTOM LINE: There are hundreds more homeless people living outdoors than housing units available, and this will continue to be the case for the foreseeable future. There is NO net benefit to the majority of homeless by building a new day center, and the negative impacts are many . . . This is why I NEVER patronized the former Carriage House/Bridge House after I grew disgusted by what went on there (way back in 2009).

I loved living outdoors year-round! What I hated was dealing with the homeless shelter/services industry.