Boulder [Snowflake] Council update:

A previous council of cocktail weenies paid Seth Brigham $10,000 of Boulder taxpayers’ money to go away, when they might instead have had him committed to Fort Logan at the state’s expense.

If Zayd wants to experience real police brutality, he should pick a city back east like Kansas City, MO. With his mouth spouting off, those cops would have beat the crap out of him, and any black folks who witnessed it would have laughed at him.


Boulder, CO homeless dirtbag announces run for president in 2020

Michael Raposo a.k.a. Policing Boulder Police on Facebook.

Post copied from Facebook 3/17/2019:

I’m running for president of the United States of America in 2020 if I am eligible. I’m going to move to Wash. DC and announce my completely funded campaign to run for president. I am still homeless. I’ll make Wash. DC my home sleeping on the steps of Congress, courts, and WH.

If I am eligible, and can win my campaign, they’re gonna be forced to give me a home regardless.

As far as the Homeless Philosopher knows, consuming massive quantities of marijuana and suffering from untreated mental illness will NOT make him ineligible.


The Zayd Atkinson Show

See the article from the Daily Camera here.

It’s all a giant distraction, and people in Boulder are missing the fundamental issue:

I’m white, and have been contacted by law enforcement officers on many occasions while living outdoors as a homeless man in Boulder, CO and its environs. Only once did I consider it to be inappropriate, and I kept my cool nevertheless. The next day, I submitted a formal complaint to Boulder PD’s Professional Standards Unit. The matter was resolved in my favor, I received an apology, and I was assured that dispatching procedures would be addressed to ensure that any future calls would be properly treated as a citizen’s request to check on my welfare (NOT as a disturbance, which was what Officer Sam Carter thought it was before he strayed outside the city limits to contact me).

There’s a correct way to handle things, as I detailed above based on my own experience, and then there’s the Zayd Atkinson chip-on-his-shoulder way. Unfortunately, Boulder liberals suffering White Guilt are enabling Zayd’s ill-advised, unnecessary drama.

For a guy who initially said he didn’t want to become a symbol for anything, Zayd is sure striving to make a spectacle now.


Story Time child molester at public library in Houston

I’ll guess it happened because the people in charge were so anxious to show their acceptance of an alternative lifestyle that they forgot about the security of little kids.

Heads should roll at this library in Houston, and the promotion of drag queens should also stop.

ICYMI, this stuff and nonsense has also gone on at Boulder Public Library.

NOT a good look at a time when the public’s support is needed to establish an independent public library district in Boulder, to ensure adequate revenues for library operations in the future.

I’m sorry, liberals, but there are some forms of diversity that innocent little kids don’t need to be exposed to. And the drag queens are, in their own words, “grooming” kids to accept something way beyond Story Time. From the commentary above:

Drag Queen Storytime is a national movement that has swept across libraries from coast to coast, introducing children as young as two-years-old to drag queens. Organizers say its mission is to promote love and acceptance. But critics say it has nothing to do with tolerance and everything to do with indoctrination.

In 2018 a drag queen in Lafayette, Louisiana all but admitted to city council members that storytime was about pushing an agenda.

“This is going to be the grooming of the next generation,” Santana Pilar Andrews told council members. “We are trying to groom the next generation.”

Grooming for what, exactly? In the case of the Houston drag queen revealed to be a registered sex offender who raped an 8-year-old child and received only probation, we must shudder to think of that pervert’s intentions.

I can’t say how many of Boulder, CO’s convicted child molesters, if any, are drag queens, but it’s typical for sex offenders to get away with their criminal exploitation of vulnerable children for years before they’re caught and prosecuted. Why provide them an opportunity to gain the trust of kids and parents with any event as bizarre as Drag Queen Story Time?

I say it’s more than enough for them to be able to flaunt themselves on Pearl Street Mall with all of the other weirdos, and do whatever they please with other consenting adults in the privacy of their homes.


Registered sex offender in Drag Queen Story Time

It wasn’t that long ago that the concept of Drag Queens being placed in proximity to innocent children would have been met with anger and derision. To me, those were saner times. It’s now a widespread practice.

Thank goodness this pervert in Houston was discovered before any harm was done, no thanks to those in authority who FAILED their due diligence.