The mainstream media calls it a ‘scoop’

Ordinary common sense will tell you that it’s fertilizer.



‘Not enough housing available’


By Max R. Weller

See my letter-to-the-editor of the Daily Camera published last December, shortly before my heart attack, by clicking here.

Copied below in its entirety:

I’m bemused by the whole Boulder County coordinated entry for access to homeless shelter/services, and it’s not just the highly questionable self-reporting of transients regarding how long they’ve been here making me scratch my head.

Karen Rahn, Boulder director of Human Services, is claiming that 500-plus homeless people have been through the coordinated entry intake process to this point. Okay, let’s take her at her word, which leads us to this question: Where are all of those unaccounted for? 500-plus minus 260 available beds at the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless and Path to Home equals 240-plus (not even counting the non-participants in coordinated entry, as many as 1,000-plus). They’re still on the streets, of course.

Bottom line: Boulder County does not have the housing units available in order to accommodate the hundreds of homeless people in need. Adding 30 or 40 more apartments each year will accomplish little, perhaps nothing at all as the transient migration to Colorado continues apace. Once you accept this truth, the whole coordinated entry business is exposed as a sham.

Max R. Weller



When I got back onto my blog a couple of months or so ago, I found a comment waiting for me in the moderation basket; it was obviously written by someone with close ties to the corrupt homeless shelter / services industry as an employee, a volunteer, or as a permanent dependent of inappropriate compassion. Of course, they took umbrage at my points regarding Coordinated Entry being a sham, and I deleted their silly remarks.

I don’t know if anyone replied with their own letter-to-the-editor of the DC. No matter. Seven months have passed since my letter was printed, and it’s painfully obvious to any objective observer that local do-gooders (those in government agencies and private nonprofits alike) will say anything in order to keep the dollars rolling in (from both public and private sources) and homelessness is more widespread now than ever.

They ought to be ashamed of themselves!

Homeless-on-homeless crime report


By Max R. Weller

See the deceptively-titled story from the Associated Press via a Denver TV station here: Man convicted of beating, stabbing homeless Boulder man.

(The defendant himself is a chronically homeless man, well-known in Boulder.)

Copied below in its brevity:

BOULDER, Colo. (AP) – A jury has convicted a man of beating and stabbing a homeless man to death in Colorado.

Jurors in Boulder found 57-year-old James Craig Dobson guilty Friday of criminally negligent homicide.

Dobson was spared a second-degree murder conviction in the death of Roland “Donnie” Dequina, who died less than a week after the attack in July 2017.

The Boulder Daily Camera reports Dobson still faces second- and third-degree assault charges in an alleged attack the same day on another man, Jeffery Cross.

Prosecutors allege Dobson assaulted the other two while the three were drinking. Dobson’s attorneys say he was defending himself after Dequina threatened him with a stick.

Image result for james craig dobson boulder, co images

James Craig Dobson (Photo from Daily Camera)


Well, Mr. Dobson got off lightly in view of the brutal nature of the attack. What so-called mitigating circumstances did jurors find in this case? Did they feel sorry for the homeless defendant and/or devalue the humanity of the homeless victim? Both are commonly-held, and utterly disgusting, views among elites inside the Boulder Bubble.

Because Mr. Dobson’s second victim, Mr. Cross, is a convicted sex offender from out-of-state, maybe Dobson should appropriately receive a pass in that case. Perverts deserve to be beaten on a regular basis, in my humble opinion.

I’m so happy to have left Boulder . . . Even if I continue to feel an obligation to set the record straight regarding homelessness as misreported in the mainstream media.

MDHI Point-in-Time Report for Boulder County 2018


By Max R. Weller

Read it here.

You can also access the other counties’ info at this link and compare it to the 2017 results.

To be blunt, I consider the Point-in-Time reports to be WORTHLESS for the simple fact that a majority of the homeless are not being counted. There has always been an undercount for a variety of reasons, but it has become more pronounced with each passing year. Personally, I have refused to participate because I don’t wish to contribute to fundraising for the corrupt homeless shelter / services industry, and that’s what any homeless “census” is all about: More Homeless People = More $$$. I know many others who feel the same way.

On another news item which only came to my attention a couple of days ago: Boulder homeless man found outside on Christmas morning died of hypothermia.

Copied below in its entirety:

The Boulder County Coroner’s Office has ruled that the homeless man whose body was found outside early Christmas morning died of hypothermia as a result of exposure to the cold.

Benjamin Harvey, 44, was discovered outside the Boulder History Museum, 1206 Euclid Ave., at 2:05 a.m. Dec. 25.

According to an autopsy report released today, the manner of Harvey’s death was ruled accidental, with the cause of death being hypothermia.

“The decedent was a known transient discovered unresponsive outdoors on a snow-covered ground, in freezing temperatures,” forensic pathologist Daniel Lingamfelter wrote in his report.

Temperatures in Boulder dipped down to about 10 degrees on Christmas Eve into Christmas morning, according to the National Weather Service.

Lingamfelter also noted that acute alcohol intoxication was a contributing factor to Harvey’s death, as he had a “severely elevated” blood alcohol level at the time of his death and police found evidence of alcohol use at the scene.

Harvey’s death reportedly came after he was banned from the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless and has sparked a discussion about homeless policy in Boulder.


When will these homeless drunkards learn to take care of themselves? It’s SO unnecessary, and SO ridiculous to blame society for such a death!

Here’s my take:

I’ve stayed SOBER, and have been able to survive comfortably in snow and sub-zero temps on many occasions during my 10 years as a homeless camper in Boulder and its environs. Suitable camping gear, boots, and winter clothing are all available for FREE.

I also visited the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless almost every morning for a shower and locker access, and NEVER came close to getting banned from it for bad behavior.

TRUTH: This individual is entirely responsible for his own death . . .