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The 2015 Baltimore riots, inspired by liberals’ race-baiting

This happened on President Obama’s watch, naturally, and the insufferably smug Elijah Cummings was there at the time, too.

It doesn’t make any sense to me, this crazed protest against oppression by white society that consists of burning, looting, and lashing out against your mostly black neighborhoods and black people.


What would my liberal friends who work at a public library think about turning it into an overnight shelter?

Well, if you admit you “don’t see how it would harm anyone” then you’re too inexperienced in the Real World to be offering an opinion. Better to hold your peace.


Tweets for 7/30/2019:


Trazodone Man flips out

Of course, the only response they make to him is to say that they’ll pass his complaint along . . . I had hopes that Hungry Asylum would discharge him, since he’s a couple of thousand dollars behind on bills, but since making that threat a week ago the business office people haven’t returned.

He needs to get up out of bed and at least sit in his recliner for two or three hours every day, but the physical therapists haven’t followed up on that, either.

Now he’s grunting and groaning; probably crapping in his diaper. Have I mentioned lately how much I love this place?



Tweets for 7/28/2019

Dorothy, he’d probably take it out and play with it.