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They’re coming for you, haydukelives1 (and 2, and 3)


By Max R. Weller

Meet the boys from Earp, Earp, Holliday, and Earp — cybersecurity specialists hired by me to track down the pesky varmints leaving unwanted comments on my blog.

True, I delete these silly remarks and nobody else ever sees them, but I’m tired of the Bridge House bums’ bull****, anyway.

A few days away from the Internet


By Max R. Weller

Because my friends in Longmont have packed up their computer in their preparations to move to a new home, I’ll be reading a lot and working on ideas for a short story rather than blogging for the next few days. I’m told that I’m a good houseguest, so I no longer feel like I’m imposing in accepting their kind invitation to come indoors out of the winter weather.

The advantage of REAL writing involves more than money, of course; it also provides the protection of a copyright which could be enforced by whoever publishes my work (NO self-publishing for me). It’s regrettable, but not surprising, that WordPress chooses NOT to enforce their own Terms of Service in re one of the deranged cyberstalkers who is also a plagiarist, but if it gives me the impetus to write seriously then the Froot Loop has done me a favor — just as he has done everyone on the streets a favor by posting Resources for the homeless in Boulder, CO as his own work.

So, not to worry about my absence from here for a while . . .

Lots more snow on the way, and more


By Max R. Weller

See Boulder County could see up to 16 inches of snow this weekend during ‘extended event’ from the Daily Camera.

Resources for the homeless in Boulder, CO may be of assistance, along with the advice I always post on the DC’s website: STAY SOBER, seek shelter, and survive!

I’ve been outside overnight when 23″ of snow fell on top of me, back in March of 2009. I’d actually prefer the temps to be in the teens rather than around the freezing mark, which produces all of that miserable, wet slush.

I’ll have to stock up on snacks to eat in my burrow, and no doubt I’ll be sharing with the pesky mice. I’ve had to start zipping up all of the compartments in my backpack overnight, because the rodents have been taking lint from my “homeless survival blankets” and making nests in my personal storage space. My campsite is home to at least half-a-dozen mice, currently.

There isn’t a library in Boulder, CO opening until 10AM on Saturdays and Sundays, so I’ll probably have to hang out drinking coffee at the Starbucks inside King Soopers until that time. Under the circumstances, George Reynolds Branch of Boulder Public Library on Table Mesa would be most convenient for me.

Here’s a foolproof recipe for snow ice cream.

On a serious note:

It will be interesting to see what action, if any, WordPress takes to protect the integrity of my blog called “homelessphilosopher” from one of the cyberstalkers who has started his own blog called “homelyphilosopher”. NOT any innocent coincidence, because I’m the one and only topic of his posts . . . Here’s the complaint I submitted to WordPress:

< This obsessed individual has been using the name “homelyphilosopher” for a few months now — no doubt to confuse followers of my blog “homelessphilosopher” — and all of his posts are defamatory, containing rumor, innuendo, outright lies, etc. What prompts my complaint this morning is that he’s started to copy and paste posts from my blog, and claim them as his own. SPAM! At the very least, WordPress should require this individual to use a different name for his blog; perhaps “I hate Max Weller” would be appropriate given his persistent, hateful attacks which serve only his own twisted psychiatric disorder. Thanks for your consideration. >

I think there’s a more than reasonable suspicion that this Froot Loop is either an employee or a volunteer at Bridge House. Remember that, folks, the next time that Isabel McDevitt starts trolling for donations courtesy of free coverage in the Daily Camera.

That’s all for now.

‘Boulder’s expanded outdoor smoking ban gets final approval’ and more


By Max R. Weller

Here’s the link to this story from the Daily Camera. It was also featured on the DC’s Facebook page, and the comments below are copied from there:

Max Weller: Inconsiderate smoking addicts have brought this on themselves, because the more than 80 percent of us who don’t smoke are sick and tired of their BS. NOBODY has the right to pollute my airspace with tobacco smoke, nor with marijuana smoke. BTW, it’s absurd to claim that this ban is targeting the homeless — I’m homeless myself, I haven’t smoked since high school over 40 years ago, and I respect others who appreciate fresh air in our public spaces.

Jake Stimmel: As a homeless person I presume you smell bad sometimes. But I respect your right to “pollute” MY fresh air with any body odor you please. You can’t afford me the same respect? Please

Max Weller: You’re mistaken, and ignorant for believing one of the negative stereotypes because the worst-behaved 20 percent of the homeless have poor hygiene. The other 80 percent of us shower daily and use deodorant and do laundry when necessary, too. Crawl back under your arrogant, presumptuous rock with Isabel McDevitt, Greg Harms, and Betsey Martens.

You know, there are a lot of ignorant Jake Stimmel-types here in Boulder, CO — and what little they think they know about homelessness comes from encounters with that small minority of the worst-behaved bums, and from the LIES they’ve been told by the nonprofits. We’re all substance abusers, mentally ill, sex offenders, helpless and needy, etc. Wake up, Jake! The nonprofits don’t make millions of dollars off the majority of homeless folks like me . . .

When I arrived at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless this morning around 5:20AM, I observed two police vehicles parked on the north side where the SKIP buses pick up passengers. The second officer responding was just entering the facility, and when I got to the door where I stand and meditate until BSH opens at 6, I thought I heard a woman’s screams coming from the day room, far down the hallway. A few minutes later, however, it was a scruffy-looking MAN who was escorted out of the door by two of Boulder’s finest. They made certain that the screaming yahoo got onto the SKIP that was leaving, southbound on Broadway.

Seems to me that if you don’t want to abide by a few simple rules — which boil down to respecting others — and BSH staff tells you to leave, you should do so without all of the silly drama that isn’t going to change anything in your favor. No doubt, this character was another transient from Denver or elsewhere, probably under the influence of alcohol and/or other drugs. He was taking an overnight bunk away from a homeless resident of Boulder County, too.

Great news from King Soopers: Hot fish sandwiches are once again available in the deli, as they are every Lenten season. These are a tasty treat to me, not a sacrifice at all. $1.99 each with your store card.

That’s it for now, as we should be preparing for another bout with snow turning to ice, mostly due to Boulder’s policy of “solar-powered” snow removal.

Latest news from Three Stooges x 3 (Boulder City Council), and more


By Max R. Weller

See Boulder to submit Xcel separation plan to PUC rather than appeal ruling from the Daily Camera. My comment online following the story is copied here:

City of Boulder, while bent over and being spanked: “Please, Judge LaBuda and PUC and FERC, may we have another?”

I enjoyed the most restful sleep I’ve had in a long time last night. Peace and quiet outdoors is likely the reason for it. Such quality sleep would NOT have been possible in either Boulder Shelter for the Homeless or BOHO, crammed together with noisy, filthy transients from Denver and elsewhere, who reek of body/foot odor and flatulence and who also tend to roam around at all hours of the night. My best guess is that only 1/3 of them are homeless residents of Boulder County, so why are they allowed to consume local resources month after month? Give ’em each the $5 bus ticket on RTD back to Denver, along with a couple of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a bottle of water to-go.

Have a good trip, and don’t come back!

BTW, fares on RTD will soon be going up, again. If Boulder wants to be seen as a “progressive” city, why not adopt the FARE-FREE policy of the Cache Valley Transit District in and around Logan, UT? This could apply to bus trips within Boulder itself, at least. Eliminate the farce of riders, a lot of them transients, pretending to be disabled in some way that entitles them to a half-price fare; even mental illness qualifies, no matter if you’re able-bodied. As the link to CVTD explains, FARE-FREE has many advantages which would dovetail with Boulder’s progressive aspirations.

King Soopers used to be a lot better, when their deli offered BIG ham or turkey subs, Nathan’s hot dogs, and discounted chef-prepared individual meals from the previous day. That all went away many moons ago. Now, they’ve rearranged the merchandise on their aisles so that even longtime shoppers like me are LOST. The manager must be an idiot; folks who patronize King Soopers aren’t looking for Whole Foods!

Another round of snow coming this weekend. Would it do any good to inform those in charge of snow removal here in Boulder ahead of time?

Elizabeth Stiles removes snow from her car near Hawthorn and 9th Street in Boulder this morning.

(Cliff Grassmick / Daily Camera 2013)

Solar-powered snow removal in Boulder, CO is a flop, and more


By Max R. Weller

Read Boulder weather: Mostly sunny with a high of 37 in the Daily Camera. The fallacy inherent in Boulder, CO’s “solar-powered” snow removal strategy is quite obvious this morning — slushy snow from yesterday afternoon has frozen overnight and it is very ICY and very DANGEROUS out there! These conditions may linger for a couple of days.

This is a City of Boulder snowplow, in case you’ve never seen one in your neighborhood:

 A snow plow heads north on Ninth Street in Boulder on Thursday.

 (Cliff Grassmick / Daily Camera 2014)

Sidewalks are just as treacherous as streets, further proof that a city ordinance requiring snow removal there for the safety of pedestrians like me is a farce as well.

Before I moved here to America’s Smartest City in early 2008, I had lived in cities back in Missouri which took snow removal seriously; by comparison, Boulder is incompetent and not enough taxpayers are calling for the scalps of Boulder City Council members.

BTW, if the lack of timely and effective snow removal doesn’t piss you off enough, there is a whole range of other issues for which BCC is escaping accountability . . . Municipalization, transients from Denver and elsewhere consuming resources which could be going to Boulder County’s own homeless people, city policy dictated by the PLAN-Boulder cabal to the detriment of the middle class and working poor, etc.

Interesting column by Bob Greenlee (who has been kind enough to mention my blog in re homelessness) from the DC: Caution! Off-ramps ahead? Quoting from it below:

The entire electric utility industry is undergoing a tremendous reformation of its century-old business model in electric generation as well as its delivery systems and networks. Today both investor-owned as well as community-based electric providers face consumers who want to be more efficient in their use of electricity as well as more empowered in how they access and employ this vital commodity. There’s little doubt that today’s electric utility providers are seeking ways to fundamentally change their business model and practices even though such changes are difficult to achieve due to the highly-regulated environment they face.

Of particular interest was the staff’s review of what has occurred in Minneapolis, the home base of Xcel Energy, Boulder’s current electric utility provider and the target of misplaced local ire. Minneapolis was considering forming its own muni at about the same time Boulder was. Instead, a short-term franchise agreement was entered into by Xcel and Minneapolis largely because the two entities identified similar goals related to employing more renewable energy as well as the promise of more consumer- and environmentally-friendly operating practices. This is an alternative that Boulder should consider to achieve its energy future goals without the excessively expensive, unpredictable, and risky course it now finds itself pursuing.

Three Stooges x 3: Boulder City Council

All of you ignorant people who think that police officers should NOT take fools who point what might be a pellet gun at them as a deadly threat should read this story from the Denver Post: Erie man dies after accidentally shooting himself with pellet rifle. Yes, it’s true that a protective vest typically worn by cops will stop a pellet, but what if that projectile were to strike the officer in the eye? Do you think it might have sufficient energy to penetrate into the brain, in addition to causing permanent blindness? Time to stop making excuses for stupid drunks who get themselves shot after threatening police officers with deadly force — and it’s not even necessary to concern ourselves with pellet guns that are designed as lookalikes of more powerful weapons. Anything firing a projectile can kill or seriously injure another person; a lesson most of us are taught at a very young age by responsible parents.

As long as my toes are bright red when I step into the shower room at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, shortly after 6AM, I know that I don’t need to worry about frostbite turning them black and causing autoamputation, which happened to a homeless friend of mine a few years ago. If I recall correctly, two of his toes fell off after quite a while. I wonder if he saved them, as a reminder NOT to get drunk and pass out in snowy, subfreezing weather . . .

That’s all for today, since I need to get to King Soopers earlier than noon if I hope to find hot & spicy chicken breast sandwiches still available.

Max’s Journal 2/16/2015


By Max R. Weller

The weather today has driven me to seek refuge in CU’s Norlin Library, so here I am after more than a week of enjoying sunshine and warm temps outside in my north Boulder neighborhood. I’ve enjoyed reading several novels, and also kept up with local news by skimming through the Daily Camera, which serves the dual purpose of emergency toilet paper at my campsite.

The very first day I was back outdoors, on Friday 2/6, I was sitting on the wall in front of the Mexican restaurant in the 4900 block of N. Broadway, reading, snacking on unhealthy foods, and watching the world go by; generally having an enjoyable time, until Nadine the Scream (who used to be the girlfriend of accused rapist Shouting Joe from St. Louis — although it was another woman who was apparently assaulted by Joe) showed up with her latest boyfriend, both of ’em drunk. They got into a loud verbal altercation, and also started throwing stuff at each other, including some green chili from Wapos, a bit of which landed on me. The man didn’t want to leave when Nadine yelled out at him to do so, so she threatened to call 9-1-1. Understand, I didn’t invite these knuckleheads to sit right by me, but they did so anyway. To make the boring story shorter, he eventually left and Nadine did call the police at that point. The female officer who responded remembered me, because I was the same poor sap caught up in another incident of harassment last summer, involving Denver King and my friend “Sally” (not her real name). The officer spent the better part of an hour listening and talking with Nadine, who had sobered up in a hurry, and this policewoman also asked me what I witnessed; I told her it was a loud verbal altercation, but I left out the flying green chili.

I knew what would happen: By the next day, Saturday 2/7, Nadine and her verbal abuser were back together. The police officer stopped by the corner on U.S. 36 when I was playing the role of humble beggar a couple of days ago, and wanted to know if I could ID the man in question, because she’s going to pursue obtaining a warrant for his arrest on a charge of Domestic Violence, regardless of Nadine’s silly change of heart. I’ll be glad to assist if I can, but to be honest all of these pickled idjits look pretty much alike to me. The officer said she would bring a photo of him for my viewing pleasure (which indicates he has a criminal record), but it began snowing yesterday and she hasn’t caught up to me yet.

BTW, I hadn’t been soliciting donations since Christmas Day, having spent about six weeks indoors with friends in Longmont, but passersby were happy to see me again. I made $85 in folding green (not counting change) in 3 1/2 hours total on Friday and Saturday, which rates as excellent in my experience. The other clowns I’ve observed there recently, Including Mississippi Billy (of the flesh-eating bacteria, which took part of his lower leg) and Brokeback Bill (always visiting the ER to try and scam more narcotics, but he’s now on their NO PAIN MEDS list) don’t make enough money panhandling to justify the hours they spend at it.

As to Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, which I’ve resumed visiting every morning for my hot shower and a cup of my own instant coffee (made with hot tap water, since they don’t have any really hot water available in a big coffee urn in the dining room this winter), I can only say that never before in the years since 2008 have I seen so many pathetic homeless people from Denver and elsewhere. The ambulance is making more than one response every day to BSH and the Housing First project next door at 1175 Lee Hill, picking up people who belong in group homes or psychiatric facilities. And, for the first time here in Boulder, CO I witnessed paramedics REFUSE to transport one woman to the ER; I’d seen this several times in Kansas City, where they kept better track of who was a dope fiend — hoping for a FREE RIDE to obtain FREE NARCOTICS.

This guy looks like a lot of the hillbilly meth addicts currently at BSH:

“I smoke crystal Drano!”

See: Boulder receives 7.9 inches of snow overnight, up to 5 more inches expected today in the Daily Camera/Asswipe. Resources for the homeless in Boulder, CO is the most comprehensive list of help I know about, and I offer it along with this counsel: STAY SOBER, seek shelter, and survive!

I hope there will be a couple of hot & spicy chicken breast sandwiches left, when I get down to King Soopers on Table Mesa around noon. A can of ice cold Chef Boyardee ravioli is not what I’d prefer, from my food cache, but I might eat that sometime overnight.

I prefer women who are more subtle, but the 2015 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover does raise this question — razor, hot wax, or cream depilatory?

“I’m only 15, but these guys think I’m of legal age. Men are so stupid!”

Not this man.

That’s all for now, folks.

Have you seen this character?


By Max R. Weller


Impersonating a poor and homeless person to solicit donations of any kind ought to be a misdemeanor. This 20-something guy has a home, if only he would obey his parents’ house rules: no drinking and drugging, go to school or get a job, etc.

Don’t give him a dime. And don’t give a dime to Bridge House, which supports these bums.

Facebook status 2/4/2015


By Max R. Weller

Copied here in its entirety:

After living in Boulder, CO since early 2008, I’ve concluded that the typical do-gooder here possesses the IQ of a fence post. There are still some of these self-righteous clowns who jump to the conclusion that I’m a wealthy white elite living in a McMansion up in the Foothills, just because I comment on homelessness in a way that is NOT supportive of the approach taken by the private nonprofits and government agencies. Their approach is, of course, a FAILURE. As many, or more, homeless people can be found on our streets in 2015 as when I arrived seven years ago.

What’s hilarious is when these unwitting do-gooders want to lecture me on what it’s like being homeless, based almost solely on what they’ve read in some left-wing rag like The Huffington Post, with a dash of BS from Bridge House added.

In the end, they wind up being guided by characters like these:


Max’s Journal 2/4/2015


By Max R. Weller


Another guy from SoCal?

A new Lance Armstrong scandal! This time, he threw his girlfriend under the bus: Armstrong given two tickets after car crash from the Aspen Daily News online. It’s news worldwide because of Armstrong’s celebrity status, but the Boulder Daily Camera has buried the story so deep that 99 percent of readers won’t see it at all; can’t risk offending the spandex-clad ninnies here who still believe Lance is a hero. Like I said elsewhere, steroid abuse over a period of years will shrink your manhood, apparently in more ways than one. Letting his girlfriend take the rap! What a loser . . .

I’m hoping the temps will either drop significantly or get up into the 50s by Friday; nothing worse than sleeping outdoors with slushy snow around the freezing mark. In any case, I’ve benefited greatly by a lengthy vacation indoors with friends in Longmont.

And speaking of indoors, here’s an interesting report from the Rochester (NY) Democrat & Chronicle: Homeless find sanctuary at heated warehouse. If this works out well, it will be an exception to what usually occurs, when the lowest common denominator of homeless people begin behaving badly. If and when that happens, of course, EVERYBODY will get the heave-ho . . .


Boulder approves expanded outdoor smoking ban . . .

That’s all, folks. Time for a nap.