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Bridge House Severe Weather Shelter now open nightly through March 31st

See: Boulder Council unanimously approves opening severe weather shelter nightly through March. (No paywall.)

Bridge House Severe Weather Shelter info.


‘California Democrats can’t end homeless crisis’

From the commentary:

On a moral and spiritual level, the spectacle of a relatively wealthy city allowing fellow Americans to lie in their own waste and drug-induced stupors on public sidewalks represents a degradation of the social compact and the commitment we have in a civilized society to maintain order and take care of fellow citizens in dire straits.

Like the denizens of Third World cities, San Franciscans are becoming inured to tragedies at their feet. It’s easier to look away, than to confront the ugly reality that California’s liberal elected officials have only made the situation worse for our most needy neighbors.

“Harm reduction” and “Housing First” are two of the failed policies being pushed by the homeless shelter / services industry all across America, and we can see the result in more homeless people on the streets than ever before.


More lunacy from the Facebook page of Boulder Rights Watch:

Posted by someone named Tasha Haselton and copied below:

Great. So basically… law says stay back while our Nazi Gestapo tazes innocent people or elderly or beats some disabled person and dont you dare get close enough to video tape the city’s mandates to murder and terrorize the poor and unwanted. Eugenics in action aka thug gang policing.

And they say North Korea is evil, ha. So now is Boulder going to start hanging up swatsikas or does that come later?

And these people really expect the public to rally to their cause with rhetoric like this?

I’ve never figured out precisely what it is they want, nor can I understand why they choose to live in Third World-style encampments, trashing their surroundings and hating society.

BTW, Darren O’Connor (a founder of BRW) is now a licensed attorney and has begun running ads on this Facebook page . . . For the sake of his clients, I hope he’s more effective as a legal advocate than he ever was as a homeless advocate.


‘The Moral Crisis of Skid Row’

From the article:

For the past decade, political leaders have relied on two major policies to address the crisis—“harm reduction” and “housing first”—but despite $619 million in spending in 2018, more people are on the streets than ever. The reality is that Los Angeles has adopted a policy of containment: construct enough “supportive housing” to placate the appetites of the social-services bureaucracy, distribute enough needles to prevent an outbreak of plague, and herd enough men and women into places like Skid Row, where they will not disrupt the political fiction that everything is okay.

The Homeless Philosopher has told you so for years, and these are still the policies embraced by the homeless shelter / services industry in Denver and Boulder, CO.


(E-mailed to Boulder City Council.)

Boulder must clean up the Rat Pack encampments!

Since Boulder County Coordinated Entry began, one option given to transients has been bus tickets back to their home states. Local homeless people have other options designed to get them into housing long-term.

I camped outdoors year-round, on the outskirts of town and alone. I kept a low profile, never got a ticket for anything, and my neighbors were friendly. I also made many friends among workers, business owners, and passersby in north Boulder.

Treat others with respect, that’s what you’ll get in return.

BTW, I laugh every time I see that silly phrase people experiencing homelessness.


Tweets for 2/16/2020:

This has been my fear all along: Boulder’s elected officials and bureaucrats will seek to keep micro-managing the public library by subverting the real intent of forming an independent library district. Beyond a more stable source of funding, an independent district can act as a barrier to PC-meddling in library operations.

Example: The library has always contracted with a private security firm and still does, except that apparatchiks decided a few years ago that those private guards should be unarmed. WTF? This ridiculous policy change led directly to increased patrols by Boulder Police inside and outside the Main Library, which cost considerably more taxpayer dollars. BUT, to the PC crowd, it lessened the appearance of an oppressive policy against all sorts of bad behavior by those using the library facility and its grounds as a transient day shelter.

One long-time security guard chose to resign after being required to give up his sidearm, rather than put himself in danger from bad actors who are often armed with knives, clubs in the guise of canes, etc.

Any objective person has only to look candidly at how the City messes up in so many areas (Rainbows & Unicorns Power, anyone?) to want them to keep an arms-length relationship with an independent library district, should it ever be formed!