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SVP from Boulder Shelter lurks near Dakota Ridge neighborhood in broad daylight!


By Max R. Weller

It was just a couple of days ago around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, when I was reading a book in front of the Mexican restaurant in the 4900 block of N. Broadway, that I observed Sexually Violent Predator Rodney Jobe come strolling from the direction of the RTD bus stop next to Boulder Shelter for the Homeless. He saw me sitting there giving him the stink eye, and he swaggered on down the sidewalk northbound toward the Dakota Ridge neighborhood. He stopped as soon as he got to some pine trees on the nicely landscaped property that belongs to the HOA, and lay down next to them, apparently taking care to conceal himself from the view of any residents using that sidewalk to leave their residential area:

Rodney Jobe

Sexually Violent Predator Rodney Jobe

I could still see Mr. Jobe plain as could be, having a favorable angle to do so, and I made certain the POS knew I was watching him. After an hour or so, he got up and passed by me again headed back toward BSH. This time, it was Mr. Jobe who gave me the stink eye — so I must have interfered with his plan to accost some innocent child.

This is NOT the first time I’ve witnessed suspicious behavior by one of the sex offenders living at BSH. Way back in 2010, it was a couple of convicted child molesters trolling for new victims on the SKIP bus filled with schoolkids and also lurking at the entrance to our Main Library (with cute little stuffed animals as props). Yes, I informed Boulder police and library staff so they could be on guard.

One wonders just where in blazes Boulder City Council and Boulder County DA Stan Garnett have been all this time . . . Mr. DA still doesn’t get it, when you’d expect him to be fully aware that SVP Kerry Whitfield’s two most recent victims are homeless women he met while all three were in residence at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless.

Sexually Violent Predator Kerry Whitfield

See the Daily Camera report of last night’s public hearing here: Meeting on Boulder’s sexual predators leaves some ‘more afraid’ — as well they should be. Excerpt copied below:

A public hearing Tuesday night on the monitoring, and lack thereof, of “sexually violent predators” in Boulder left many in the City Council chambers feeling more concerned than they were previously . . .

Council members appeared shocked during the hearing to learn that three of the four state-designated sexual predators in Boulder do not wear GPS monitors, and that three of them are housed at the homeless shelter on north Broadway without restrictions during the daytime.

There are currently 122 registered sex offenders in the city, according to police. Sex offenders are given the “predator” designation if they are convicted of sexual assault, unlawful sexual contact or sexual assault of a child from a position of trust, and if the victim was a stranger or someone the offender knew and planned to harm.

Based on risk assessment, sexually violent predators are considered more likely to reoffend.

How out of touch is BCC? Continuing:

The council was told that none of the four sexually violent predators in the city were referred to the halfway house at 23rd Street and Canyon Boulevard. Several members seemed disturbed to hear that — as did residents who offered public comments.

“I’m more afraid than I was three months ago,” Patricia DeAngelis Ratner told the council. “Shame on you. You didn’t know there was a halfway house in the community?”

Others on both the council and from the public also said their worry was elevated, not assuaged, by the meeting.

Of the fact that three of the predators are living at the shelter — an all-time high, according to shelter Director Greg Harms — DeAngelis Ratner added, “You know there are a majority of residents in north Boulder that are scared stiff that do not want this.”

Wrapping up:

The atmosphere on Tuesday was somber and at times tense, mainly because so many in the room were disturbed by how much they did not know about sexually violent predators in Boulder.

Again, where have they been?

As for BSH executive director Greg Harms, this is all that he cares about: Colorado paying $280 a week for ‘sexually violent predator’ to live at Boulder homeless shelter in the Daily Camera. 

BIG LIE that just won’t die: Utah has solved homelessness


By Max R. Weller

It’s been debunked time and again, but this morning I saw the same tired old talking points in a letter-to-the-editor of the Daily Camera by Isaac Furtney, who apparently lives here in Boulder, CO. He quotes someone in a group called the Homeless Task Force in Utah, and goes on to use the same phony math about cost savings — which ignores the HUGE upfront costs of building new housing or converting existing buildings for housing the “chronically homeless” (this is the deceptive tactic used by Housing First proponents in Boulder regarding 1175 Lee Hill, which cost $8M+).

You want to have a serious discussion? Use a better, more reliable source for info on homelessness than Comedy Central’s funny guy Jon Stewart. Here’s what the Homeless Philosopher wrote about this issue back in 2015:

For a long while now, we’ve been treated to propaganda about how Housing First is ending “chronic homelessness” in our neighboring state of Utah. Time and again, I’ve pointed out two relevant facts:

1) The chronically homeless are only a tiny percentage of overall homeless numbers; and

2) There are about as many homeless people in Utah now as ever.

See the data for yourself, in the 2014 Comprehensive Report on Homelessness; scroll down to page 9 and peruse “Figure 3.1 Utah Homeless Point-In-Time Count, 2005 — 2014” (I wish I could find data organized in this way for Colorado).

In 2005, there were 13,690 homeless persons counted in Utah, 5,565 of them in families and 1,932 chronically homeless. After some variation up and down in numbers over the years, 2014 showed 13,621 homeless persons counted, with 6,312 of them in families and 539 chronically homeless. Yes, indeed, chronically homeless numbers — relatively small to begin with — have declined. But, the number of homeless people in families has increased and the number of homeless overall has remained steady.

My guess is that many of the chronically homeless simply moved on from Utah during this time, some of them probably coming here to the Denver/Boulder metro area in Colorado.

To tout this as a success for Housing First is to twist logic into a pretzel. Look at the entire picture, people. Don’t ALL homeless people count, not just the “chronically homeless”?

Boulder’s problem is that the do-gooders in our nonprofits, and up until lately city staff, have been attempting to deal with a Transient Migration, giving shelter / services to literally anybody coming from anywhere. IT DOESN’T WORK! We are shortchanging Boulder County’s own homeless men, women, and children by forcing them to compete for limited resources with drifters who have no ties to our city and county.

Far better and more cost-efficient to give these Travelers bus tickets on RTD to Denver, along with sack lunches to-go:

(These poor dogs should go to the Humane Society for adoption by caring owners.)

How to end the Transient Migration to Boulder, CO


By Max R. Weller

STOP DONATING TO LOCAL NONPROFITS! Their creed is More Homeless People = More Money, and they do everything in their power to make Boulder, CO the destination city for drunks, druggies, sex offenders, and other riffraff from all across America. Then they can appeal to the gullible citizens for more $$$: “Just another few million smackers, folks, and we’ll end homelessness!” Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, Bridge House, and the rest are NOT interested in putting themselves out of business.

As for panhandlers, unless you know them personally and are certain they’re clean and sober, do NOT give them cash. Granola bars and bottles of water will suffice to keep anybody from starving or dying of thirst.

MOST IMPORTANT: Contact Boulder City Council and demand that they require valid photo ID with a Boulder County address from anyone seeking shelter / services at any local nonprofit. If the nonprofits refuse to take this step, cut off their taxpayer funding (which is significant for both BSH and BH). 

Homeless news roundup:

See the reports and commentary at these links:

1) Homeless man charged with second-degree murder bound over to Boulder County District Court in the Daily Camera.

James Craig Dobson appears in court at the Boulder County Jail in July.

James Craig Dobson appears in court at the Boulder County Jail in July. (Paul Aiken / Staff Photographer)

2) Boulder puts permanent bathrooms along creek path on hold in the DC.

3) Boulder police: Death of 31-year-old man found floating in pond is ‘unusual’ in the DC. Excerpt copied below:

The Boulder County Coroner’s Office on Thursday identified the man as Jesse Quimby, 31, of Boulder, one day after police put out a description of Quimby and some photos of a cap he was wearing in the hopes of identifying him.

Police still have not released any information about a possible cause of death or if foul play was involved. Boulder police spokeswoman Shannon Aulabaugh said Thursday that the death “is considered unusual” and said police are still investigating.

Construction workers found Quimby’s body about noon Tuesday near a small body of water in the area of Iris Avenue and Chisholm Trail.

Aulabaugh said Quimby is not a transient, and police are not sure yet what he was doing in the area. (Emphasis is mine — MRW.)

Anyone who might know what Quimby was doing in the area between Monday evening and Tuesday afternoon is asked to call Boulder police Detective Kurt Foster at 303-441-4329.

4) Woman found dead at Boulder County Fairgrounds overnight in the Times-Call. (Unknown at this point if she was a transient.)

5) Letter-to-the-editor in the Daily Camera. (Read it and weep, Boulder Rights Watch.)



City shoots down advocates’ proposal to house transients in former hospital site

Read the GOOD NEWS in the Daily Camera here. Excerpt copied below:

Following the City Council’s approval of a series of guiding principles for the 8.8-acre site along Broadway at Alpine and Balsam avenues, the former longtime home of Boulder Community Health, city planning staff say they now intend to head to constituents for advice on how the property should be revamped.

The city’s stated goal, at [this] point, is for the physical redevelopment to get underway in 2019.

“With the vision plan under our belt,” planner Caitlin Zacharias told the City Council during an update on Tuesday, “we’re now in the area planning process, which will then lead to the next step of architectural design, construction and things happening on the site.”


At least one sector of the community — those closely involved in advocating for the homeless — has already weighed in strongly on how the site might be used, if only in the short term.

Many of these advocates have recently petitioned the city to use part of the site as housing for the homeless. They have argued that the current dormancy of some of the facilities on-site is waste of space.

“We believe it is the best use of a resource that now sits largely empty while well over 1,000 homeless community members must search for a place to sleep each night, roughly half families with children,” their petition read.

But city staff has presented a memo to the council advising against that use, stating that there are still some medical patients at the site and that they need “privacy.” Also, staff wrote, the city should focus efforts on its new Homelessness Strategy instead of on housing the homeless at the ex-hospital parcel.

Five or more council members would have to speak up in opposition to this recommendation for the advocates’ proposal to be seriously considered. No council member has said anything in a public forum about it, though, since the staff memo was published one week ago.


Former BCH site on Broadway between Alpine and Balsam.

BRAVO! The last thing we need is for still more temporary housing for the worst-behaved transients from all across America (including Alabama arsonists, Florida sex offenders, and similar trashy characters).

As far as Darren O’Connor, Mike Homner, and the rest of the Boulder Rights Watch enablers now pretending to “advocate” for homeless families with children, that’s just about the most phony thing they’ve ever done, in years spent as FAKE ADVOCATES.

It’s time for BRW to just go away — every single time they try to push their agenda on the people of Boulder, the pushback gets stronger!