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‘We can end homelessness,’ says Bridge House executive director


By Max R. Weller

I opened up the Daily Camera’s Sunday edition this morning to find a guest opinion by one of our local leaders in the homeless shelter/services industry, Isabel McDevitt: Solving homelessness within our reach. I was immediately reminded of President George W. Bush’s pronouncement, “Mission Accomplished,” after Iraq’s dictator Saddam Hussein was overthrown in early 2003.

Speaking as a homeless man who has lived here in Boulder, CO and its environs since early 2008, I consider Ms. McDevitt’s statement as ill-advised as President Bush’s. To carry the analogy a step further — as long as millions and millions of dollars (from both public and private sources) continue pouring into various overpriced schemes to solve homelessness, we can expect the same results as we’ve seen with “nation building” in Iraq, and some of the same motivation is at work to grab all of the money available and then ask for more. Halliburton should look into building Housing First projects; I think there will be a never-ending supply of alcoholic clients who will fill all space in housing, as long as sobriety is NOT a requirement.

As far as Housing First at 1175 Lee Hill goes, my own source within that facility reports to me that seven clients have passed away since it opened in late 2014, there have been more than thirty 9-1-1 calls to the police, and almost seventy 9-1-1 calls for paramedics. Maybe Ms. McDevitt considers this a positive outcome, but I doubt most others in Boulder will. It certainly isn’t saving money on emergency services!

In fact, it’s obvious to this firsthand observer that NONE of the approaches to homelessness being bankrolled here is effective.

I challenge our local leaders of the various nonprofits involved to produce a client who has been helped on a long-term basis, and to let that client speak in his/her own behalf by a commentary in the Daily Camera.

(This post will be submitted as a letter-to-the-editor of the DC.)

WTF? Does this new staff at Boulder Shelter know anything at all?


By Max R. Weller

It was last Friday morning, 10/21/2016, when the morning opening of Boulder Shelter for the Homeless was delayed by more than 45 minutes because one staff member failed to show up for work. So what, you ask? Well, it’s an idiotic rule that “x” number of staff have to be on duty before any more homeless people can be permitted to enter the facility at 6AM to shower, drink coffee, eat breakfast, etc.

Now, bear in mind that the halfwits they have working there this season allowed more than 30 of us who were waiting to get in to enter the courtyard area, where they served coffee to those who wanted it. That required the full attention of two staff members — so in effect BSH was three people short at that point, and almost all of the troublemakers who need watching are in the program or staying as guests in the emergency dorms.

Somebody — probably a hipster with a degree in sociology and no firsthand experience as a homeless person — has written a thick notebook of rules for BSH. These are remarkable for being devoid of common sense, as in this case.

To make matters worse last Friday morning, a guy with a history of seizures had another one while we were waiting; typically, he doesn’t want to go to the ER when this happens, but staff overreacted and called 9-1-1 anyway. Seizure Guy declined to be transported in the ambulance. Staff freaked out, and called the Boulder police.

By this time, we’d finally made it inside, so I observed the police interaction with Seizure Guy at close range. It was obvious they knew they had no authority whatsoever to force him to accept any medical treatment (in the absence of a court order), but SG became verbally aggressive with them and they physically restrained him as the paramedics returned. All of these authority figures managed to convince him to let himself be strapped onto the gurney and taken for another pointless and very costly ambulance ride.

It was all a farce, and I blame BSH staff who are as dumb as fence posts, along with Greg Harms, Michael Block, and other higher-ups who are ultimately responsible for unworkable “rules” and for hiring the yahoos who can’t keep their cool.

I promised these characters I’d write about them, and I also told them I hoped they would enjoy reading about themselves.

True, in the past I’ve been supportive of those folks who are doing the grunt work at Boulder Shelter because I know from my own employment history that it can be challenging as well as frustrating. The clowns there now deserve no such consideration, in my view.

BTW, it’s my understanding that former staff members from 4869 N. Broadway have moved over to fill positions at 1175 Lee Hill right next door, where their talents are being wasted as they babysit the end-stage alcoholics who are determined to finish drinking themselves to death in their new $250,000+ apartments.


Great weather continues for the Homeless Philosopher


W.C. Fields

By Max R. Weller

I was reminded of this pearl of wisdom quoted above the other morning, when I observed Greg Harms, the executive director of Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, as he sat in his car going over some paperwork in the Bustop Gentleman’s Club parking lot across from BSH. No doubt, it was something to do with fundraising . . . In Harms’ plain view were about ten bums who had just left the shelter, and trespassed onto the strip club’s property to smoke dope, as they do every morning since I’ve returned to the neighborhood. Harms neither said nor did anything to address the misbehavior of his clients.

Many of the folks who live and work here have taken the opportunity say hello to me, and have donated cash, camping gear, and even a very interesting book: The Motorcycle Diaries by Ernesto “Che” Guevara. I had no idea he was so talented as a writer, having never been interested in any of his communist propaganda, which came later on in his life.

Magpies, cottontail rabbits, and a bald eagle have entertained me during the days, and the owls, coyotes, and mule deer at night. I could live without the two or three bums who have camped nearby, at least fifty feet away but I still can hear their snoring and smell their cigarette smoke. When the first significant snowfall arrives, I’m confident they’ll leave.

If you happen to be driving by the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36, feel free to wave as I’m holding my sign:



It seems to have brought smiles to many passersby, a great contrast to the irritation they must certainly feel when spotting the young and able-bodied “travelers” who have been using an unlicensed dog as a prop for their panhandling there. Poor dog! If I had a FREE OBAMA PHONE like so many other homeless people do, I’d call Animal Control — right after phoning the White House to tell our current POTUS he’s a worthless so-and-so.

Back again when the mood strikes me . . .

Bad weather today; the only reason I’m posting anything


By Max R. Weller

I’ve enjoyed being back outdoors since last Friday, but then it turned cold and rainy overnight, so here I am at NoBo Corner Library — where you get only 30 minutes computer time.

Apparently, there had been a lot of stupid young transients in this neighborhood around N. Broadway & U.S. 36 while I was stuck in the hospital and then in the world’s worst worst nursing home since the latter part of April. Only two dumb asses are left now, but the evidence of the others remains in my camping area which was trashed, and a trail was blazed leading to it that a blind man could follow, never mind law enforcement officers. IDIOTS! I don’t care that they made use of the camping gear I had to abandon last Spring, but they’ve added a lot of additional stuff that’s just lying around — making ME look bad.

I’ve met a few of my acquaintances from the area as I’m once again sitting on the wall in front of the Mexican restaurant in the 4900 block of N. Broadway, and also briefly playing the role of humble beggar on the corner of U.S. 36 for about an hour each day. It’s been profitable, so the crazy youngsters haven’t ruined it for me . . .

Unfortunately, I suffered a couple of slip-and-fall incidents this morning; one in the shower at Boulder Shelter for [Transients] (on a dirty towel some slob left on the floor) and the other outside of King Soopers on Table Mesa (where I managed to find an icy patch). No broken bones, but I always seem to land on my bad hip and I’m feeling it for sure. Think I’ll crawl back into my warm and dry burrow and eat ibuprofen until tomorrow.

Before leaving, I offer this comment on politics:


It’s in the bag for Clinton, who will enjoy an electoral vote landslide. You might as well VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE by supporting Libertarian Gary Johnson and his running mate Bill Weld.

My personal Independence Day is tomorrow, 10/7/2016!


By Max R. Weller

An entire summer — over five months, in fact — wasted; most of it while I’ve been getting a close-up view of Hell in Boulder Manor Progressive Care Center. If you still retain most of your wits and wind up here you’ll find yourself anxious and depressed by turns, and starting to envy those residents completely in the grip of dementia, and living in their own little worlds far away from this dump.

As I’ve said before, the RNs, CNAs, Housekeepers, and Kitchen Workers all do an excellent job in coping with being chronically overworked and underpaid. It’s the greedy corporate owners raking in $7,000+ per month per patient — and in some cases $11,000+ per month per patient — who deliberately hire too few staffers to offer the level of service you might expect for the cost. As to the Social Workers and assorted other paper-pushers here, they’re just as worthless as those to be found anywhere else. No shortage of them, because they’re the ones who bring in the Big Bucks . . .

One of these social work cretins wanted to refer me to Boulder Shelter for the Homeless as a “safe place to be discharged to” as she put it. This is the same arrogant idjit who used my so-called care conference back on 9/1 to offer her own negative reactions to what I’ve blogged about [Dickens] Manor, and is most likely the person who made the decision to take away residents’ one and only computer for Internet access in retaliation. I expect that computer will reappear the day after I leave; obviously, its absence didn’t shut me up at all because Meadows Branch Library is within walking distance, and that exercise every day has done me good.

This song by Little Jimmy Dickens is for her.

I’m ready to sleep soundly at night again, hearing only the owls and coyotes and the soft hum of traffic nearby (but not too near). Far more restful than being jolted out of slumber by mentally ill residents with bad attitudes yelling and crying in the hallways at all hours.


Bubo virginianus

My friends are helping me move back to my campsite tomorrow morning, so it may be a while before I return to this blog.

Wish me luck!

What hath the apologists and enablers wrought?


By Max R. Weller

Read the latest on the 16-year-old predator from Arvada, CO who viciously attacked a Boulder County woman, and is set to be tried as an adult here: Affadavit: Boy, 16, admits to attacking elderly Lefthand Canyon woman, from the Daily Camera. Excerpt copied below:

Jeffrey Collins, left, and defense attorney Zachary Malkinson appear in Boulder District Court last week. Collins, 16, is charged with attempted murder in

Jeffrey Collins, left, and defense attorney Zachary Malkinson appear in Boulder District Court last week. Collins, 16, is charged with attempted murder in an attack on a 71-year-old Lefthand Canyon woman last month. (Paul Aiken / Staff Photographer)

The 16-year-old boy accused of severely beating an elderly Lefthand Canyon woman last month admitted to Boulder County sheriff’s investigators that he assaulted her and “wanted to knock her out,” according to court records that a judge initially had prohibited the Daily Camera from publishing.

Jeffrey Collins told detectives the attack on the 71-year-old woman was a friend’s idea, and that he was drunk and “stoned as hell” at the time, according to an arrest-warrant affidavit made public Monday.

Collins, who lives in Arvada, reportedly made those statements to investigators shortly after he was arrested in Broomfield on Sept. 22 on suspicion of attempted murder and assault on an at-risk adult.

The interview with Collins was part of a 10-page affidavit the Daily Camera obtained from Boulder prosecutors shortly after the teen’s arrest, but was then prohibited from publishing by order of Boulder’s chief judge while she considered a motion to seal the case entirely.

Boulder District Judge Maria Berkenkotter on Wednesday reversed that decision, yet put a week-long hold on her ruling to give Collins’ defense attorney time to decide whether to appeal.

On Monday, Berkenkotter issued an order allowing the Camera to publish information from the warrant, saying the defense had opted not to appeal.

Obviously, there is an overriding public right to know the details in this case, given the ongoing efforts of local do-gooders in Boulder, CO to coddle dangerous delinquents. Continuing excerpt:

In the affidavit, sheriff’s investigators say Katie Kulpa picked up Collins, Dakota Montgomery, 19, and an unnamed 17-year-old girl while they were hitchhiking in the Ward area on Sept. 19.

She took the three to her home in Lefthand Canyon as they tried to figure out how to get back down to Boulder, investigators wrote.

Montgomery, who told investigators he used heroin while the three were camping in the area the night before, said Collins asked him “to help him assault Kulpa so they could steal her car,” but that he declined.

While they were outside the house near a fire pit, Montgomery said, Kulpa came outside and said she had room for the three to stay. As she turned away, Montgomery said, Collins hit Kulpa in the back of the head with a metal-tipped stick used as a “fire poker,” according to the affidavit.

Montgomery told detectives that he saw Collins “take a full swing, one where Jeffrey put a lot of force and effort into the swing,” according to the affidavit.

Montgomery and the juvenile girl ran to a neighbor’s house to find someone who could call 911, and he reported seeing Collins get picked up by someone driving a white hatchback.

In the affadavit, this teenage POS goes on to make absurd excuses and even blames the victim, but I won’t reprint his lies here. This young man is a waste of good oxygen, period. Ending the article:

Collins could face eight to 24 years in prison on the attempted-murder charge and 16 to 32 years in prison on the at-risk assault charge, Garnett said.

The teen remains in custody on $1 million bond and is scheduled for a preliminary hearing in February.

I for one hope that young Jeffrey is repeatedly assaulted in Boulder County Jail, but it’s almost certain he will be held in administrative segregation away from the general population, for his own safety.

Think about Jeffrey Collins and others like him who have come to Bleeding Heart Boulder, and do NOT donate so much as a penny to Attention Homes — the nonprofit which wants to house 40 sketchy youth ages 18-24 in our downtown area, each in a $300,000+ apartment:


We don’t offer housing as good as this to veterans of military service who are homeless.

Max’s Journal 10/3/2016


By Max R. Weller

As I walked into the Meadows Branch Library at 9AM, I noticed the Campsite Crapper, a former candidate for Boulder City Council in 2011 sponsored by Carriage House / Bridge House and its clueless do-gooder leadership at that time, walking right behind me. You may recall that he dropped out of that race, claiming that one of his legs was going to be amputated. Guess what? He STILL has both legs and gets along much better than me, bless his heart . . . I’ve already deleted a couple of asinine anonymous comments to my blog in the past half-hour (just put two and two together) but I can always use a chuckle as long as I’m stuck in Boulder Manor.


“I live in a tree in south Boulder,” the candidate claimed in 2011.

Speaking of this co-called nursing home, understaffing continues to cause NEGLECT of patients, and I’ll offer my roommate as an example. He was recovering from a stroke which paralyzed his right side and left him with a significant speech deficit, but he’s now going downhill, and seems content to do nothing but consume morphine and lie in bed looking at his Kindle. There’s a chart on the wall for CNAs and Physical Therapists to use in recording their interaction with Roommate, and at the top it has words to this effect:



Well, the fact is that nobody has gotten him up since Friday evening, when they finally gave him a long-overdue (assisted) shower, after his wife / girlfriend had told him for several days, “_____, you smell!”

Roommate, despite his lack of vocabulary, is very skilled at lying to his woman and leads her to believe that he is getting up during the day when she’s at work. What’s really sad is that he could make great strides in regaining both mobility and speech if only he’d WORK WITH STAFF EVERY DAY. Boulder Manor Progressive Care Center is likely receiving $11,000 per month for his “care” such as it is, so there is no good reason not to have enough RNs, CNAs, and Physical Therapists to meet the patient caseload.

I feel as though I should have a frank discussion with Roommate’s woman before I leave this coming Friday.

[WhodunitCare] in Colorado is a travesty of health care.

I’m set to get all of the camping gear I’ll need for my return to outdoor life, courtesy of my friends. It’s good that my GoFundMe effort for a laptop computer gained only $10, because at the time I started it I thought I’d be in [Dickens] Manor permanently, more or less. I’m glad to be leaving, and even gladder that I’ve helped to expose the greedy corporate owners of this grossly overpriced dumping ground.

BTW, I understand that a homeless woman sneaked into this facility on Friday night . . . Apparently, someone taking a doctor-approved night away from [Dickens] Manor let her in, and the trespasser slept until morning before being discovered by staff. This could just as easily have been a violent transient, and vulnerable patients might have been robbed, raped, or stabbed. There is no security guard on duty, NOT EVER.

Country-fried steak with cream gravy for lunch today — and the food is good at this otherwise sketchy nursing home . . . Please remember that the overworked and underpaid staff is NOT to be blamed for the problems here; these FAILURES are entirely on the corporate owners, who in my opinion should be investigated and then indicted by a Grand Jury.


Patients are Cash Cows. 

Darren O’Connor of Boulder Rights Watch is full of crap


By Max R. Weller

Read the non-story in the Daily Camera, Black man to Boulder police: ‘That’s like racial profiling’, and feel free to scratch your head like I did. Excerpt copied below:

Boulder police say a black man videotaped by a bystander during an interaction with a sergeant at a bar on Sept. 11 was satisfied with an explanation provided to him, but the man doesn’t like the way the situation was handled.

Nalimaakono Lomujalamoi said he was playing darts with friends at the Outback Saloon when he was asked to step outside by Sgt. Brannon Winn, who was looking for a suspect who reportedly groped an employee at the bar the day before.

In the video, which has been posted on Youtube, Winn walks outside with Lomujalamoi and asks someone off camera, “yes or no,” then tells Lomujalamoi, “You are good to go. Go back inside. We’ve got the wrong guy. Thank you. That’s it.”

Lomujalamoi and Winn have a brief verbal exchange, during which Winn tells Lomujalamoi that police had been “looking for a black guy in a gray shirt” and tells him that he is free to go. Lomujalamoi eventually says, “that’s like racial profiling.”

Winn hands Lomujalamoi a business card upon request after he says that he wants to file a complaint.

Boulder police spokeswoman Shannon Cordingly said that Lomujalamoi came and spoke with the department’s internal affairs sergeant and was happy with the explanation given to him.

“He was happy with the resolution after he came in and spoke to us,” Cordingly said. “I’m not sure what has changed. But that was our last contact with him.”

She said police had received a report of a sexual assault along with a description of a suspect that “completely matched” that of Lomujalamoi . . .

Darren O’Connor, of Boulder Rights Watch, shot the video and said that Lomujalamoi’s experience is why Boulder needs an independent citizen’s review panel, because only officers accused of more serious infractions will be subject to the professional standards review panel.

What would have been the point of questioning a white guy wearing an orange shirt? I think Mr. O’Connor — who is a White Guy — must have been three sheets to the wind to find anything whatsoever inappropriate here. Not only that, but it’s obvious that Mr. Lomujalamoi, the black man who was briefly inconvenienced because he unfortunately matched a suspect description, is well able to address his own concerns without the condescending VIDEO DRAMA added by O’Connor.

I had occasion a few years ago to make a formal complaint to the Professional Standards Unit of Boulder PD, in regard to what I considered wrongdoing by Officer Sam Carter — who later left the department because of the Mapleton Elk Scandal. In my case, I received an apology and an explanation of how things would be changed from the Sergeant in charge, and I was completely satisfied.

Sober up, Darren! You’re perpetuating the negative stereotype of drunken Irishmen: