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We need a neighborhood rally in north Boulder

By Max R. Weller

I’m referring to the area around Boulder Shelter for the Homeless at 4869 N. Broadway, including both businesses and homes.

Here’s what prompts the idea: Yesterday afternoon, as I was sitting in my usual spot along the wall in front of the Mexican restaurant in the 4900 block, reading a book and eating my lunch, a couple of Boulder PD officers arrived. It didn’t concern me that they were in the jurisdiction of Boulder County this time, because I understand that the two law enforcement agencies — city police and county sheriff’s office — have a working agreement here. (Of course, only BCSO can issue citations or make arrests). Anyway, Shouting Joe from St. Louis and his redheaded girlfriend were both stewed to the gills, again, and the woman is making a habit of passing out drunk along the sidewalk. Police officers could have called the paramedics to transport both of ’em to detox, but they chose not to do so.

Apparently, someone had also complained about the trash once more being discarded in the roadside ditch. The main culprit is Richard Grant a.k.a. Denver King:

(Boulder County Sheriff’s Office)

I bring a large black trash bag and leave it there for the miscreant(s) to use, but King prefers to give everyone the finger by littering. BTW, to illustrate what a sterling character he is, there was a motor vehicle accident right at the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36 yesterday when Denver King was standing in the median panhandling; the two cars which collided narrowly avoided striking him. He immediately left the scene and came over to sit by me on the wall, uninvited and unwelcome. Two people in the accident were transported by ambulance to the hospital. Did the Hillbilly King express any concern for their injuries? Hell no. Instead, the inbred fool kept asking me if he’d get in trouble for causing the accident by “flying a sign” there — I know, doesn’t make sense at all, but this guy is the most self-centered individual I’ve ever met. After the cars were towed away and emergency responders left, King returned to the corner, where he remained during the time I was talking to police officers about the trash situation. No, I didn’t implicate the asshole, but only because it seemed to me that the officers could tell I wasn’t contributing to the littering.

The police left without further discussion.

BTW, King later remarked that the mere fact I write about what he says and does on my blog is   a crime, and he added, “I could have the cops arrest you for slander.” ROTFLMAO. At least he’s been banned permanently from the premises of BSH  . . .

Anyway, to the point of this post. I think it would be great if residents, business owners, and workers (along with me, the Homeless Philosopher) all banded together to stage a rally in support of improving the quality of life for everyone in this neighborhood. Keeping it positive, we could carry signs with slogans like these:




You get the idea. We might even have refreshments available. Most important of all would be getting the Daily Camera to send out a reporter and a photographer to cover the rally.

Just a thought for my many friends and acquaintances in the area to pick up on, if they choose.

Mapleton Elk drama continues, and more

By Max R. Weller

Read the report in the Daily Camera. My online comment is copied below:

As a Boulder police officer, Sam Carter abused his authority on numerous occasions in his dealings with citizens; one time, he actually left the city jurisdiction to contact me in the middle of the night. I filed a complaint with the Professional Standards Unit (“Internal Affairs”) of Boulder PD and received an e-mail apology, which admitted to no wrongdoing by Carter.

I’m bewildered that this guy lasted long enough on the job to get into serious trouble over an elk. Of course, it was an elk adopted as a pet by a wealthy white neighborhood. Poor people — even those who are law-abiding — count for little in Boulder, CO.

Nobody involved in this elk controversy has any reason to think they’re somehow morally superior to anybody else. The whole thing is a farce!

Only in Boulder

Michelle Obama is having a hissy! Read the article from the Kansas City Star.

The First Nanny

A notable drive-in restaurant in my old hometown of Lexington, MO; the menu would infuriate Michelle:

A “Maid-Rite” sandwich is loose ground beef on a hamburger bun (not to be confused with a Sloppy Joe), but I never learned how to eat one without spilling the meat into my lap. Beats hell out of carrot sticks and tofu, anyway.

Who made the pivot to Asia? Putin by Charles Krauthammer.

That’s all for now . . .

Where’s the Mapleton Elk Memorial? And more

By Max R. Weller

Money has been collected for over a year now, since Shotgun Sam Carter did the dirty deed and assassinated the wealthy white neighborhood’s pet, but to my knowledge there is nothing to show for it nor has there been any accounting for the funds made available to the public. What happened to it?

BTW, I think a bronze sculpture would be most appropriate. I’m aware that a life-sized elk would be way too expensive, but how about using this model instead, which could be done at much less cost:

Elk scat

Read this Guest Opinion by Robert Brakenridge in the Daily Camera. Quoting from it below:

Surprising but true: the Town of Lyons is now seeking federal disaster recovery funds to expand its population, by Boulder County Housing Authority construction of major new housing on undeveloped land. Open land that is presently parks and conservation easement-protected private properties.

Such development will be in addition to already ongoing housing expansion in the Lyons Valley Park subdivision. The plan runs counter to many years of community input and master planning; input that expressed what residents desire. They want the town to keep its rural character, and to not greatly expand in size. But residents are being advised that building housing on the park land is the only way to help low income displaced individuals affected by the flood of September, 2013.

The needs are compelling. Yet the open lands now being considered were put aside for all of the town: specifically to not be subdivided into housing or commercial use. The private property owners involved have received significant tax benefits for years because their land is, by law, closed to this purpose. The town agreed to conservation easements on the parks; that is how they were acquired. Should Lyons and Boulder County now give up these lands and easements: to provide space for housing authority projects, to house many more people than were displaced and are still in need?

My online comment is copied below:

YES! Break down the arbitrary barriers which have served only to prop up inflated real estate prices and removed thousands of acres of land from the tax rolls.

The concept of Open Space was probably sound in the beginning, but it has long since become a parody of itself as it continues to grow like a bureaucratic cancer.

How can any fair-minded and reasonable person put Open Space ahead of housing for folks who have suffered through the loss of their homes in the Great Colorado Flood of 2013, especially residents of Lyons?

Mr. Brakenridge, I suggest you adopt a diet of bran flakes and prune juice until you are “moved” to see things in a different light.

This morning, I overheard a Transition Program robot at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless trying to sell a volunteer on the new Housing First project being built right next door; it was obvious he had done no independent study on the issue. I referred the lady to this article in the Anchorage Daily News, as a preview of what we can expect here in Boulder, CO at 1175 Lee Hill.

[WhodunitCare] has dropped off the radar, or so it would seem. The Dems are in no hurry to be seen embracing it with November’s midterm elections getting closer . . . Read this piece from Investor’s Business Daily online.

Tonight at my campsite: beef corn dogs with mustard, one of the great treats known to gastronomes everywhere.

Max’s Journal 5/27/2014

By Max R. Weller

Moment of remembrance at Arlington National Cemetery (Washington Post)

A great three-day vacation for me over the Memorial Day weekend! The bums were almost all MIA in my north Boulder neighborhood around the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36 (the lone exception being Mississippi, who briefly panhandled there before getting discouraged and leaving), and several residents and business owners I hadn’t met before took the opportunity to introduce themselves. They understand from firsthand experience that the tales I relate here are true, and they’re smart enough to judge me on my own merits as Homeless Philosopher, unlike the cowardly anonymous commentators on the Daily Camera website who want to lump all who are homeless into the category of sociopathic substance abusers (no more than 20% of all who can be defined as “homeless” during the course of a year).

The ACLU is clueless, but I’m still bemused by this latest flap over panhandling; as I’ve stated many times, passersby should get to know the beggar(s) they see before offering them CASH. Me? I use it to purchase all of life’s necessities including food, clothing, toiletries, camping gear, bus fare, etc. I don’t smoke cigarettes nor am I a drunken/stoned idjit, plus I’m quiet and respectful of others. I’ve lived here continuously since early 2008. It’s absurd to punish someone like me for the sins of transients from Denver and elsewhere, who come to trash our fair city because of nonprofits like Bridge House and Boulder Shelter for the Homeless rolling out the Red Carpet for ’em and operating by the creed MORE HOMELESS PEOPLE = MORE MONEY. Let me be blunt: Anybody who supports these two scamming organizations is making the problem worse. The most low-down, corrupt beggars in Boulder, CO are those soliciting funding for Bridge House and BSH — and your donations to either one do no good whatsoever in terms of positive long-term benefits to their homeless clients.

Do you really want to do good? Help one person at a time, based on your carefully acquired knowledge of how they will respond to what you offer. Forget about Isabel McDevitt and Greg Harms, both of whom have an altogether different agenda.

If you want to support local worthy causes in addition to homeless individuals, I recommend these two:

Attention Homes

Emergency Family Assistance Association

I feel rather blah. Perhaps a dose of the old family recipe is in order:


A single bottle would last me a year . . .

That’s all for now, folks.

War on Poverty: FAIL, and more

By Max R. Weller


Exchange on the Facebook page of Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow:

Max Weller: What I want is to be left alone by the do-gooders, who always have an agenda not compatible with anyone’s personal freedom . . .

BOHO: Max can you tell us how “do-gooders” have infringed on your personal freedom?

Max Weller: I’ve been in six different “programs” — an evangelical cult in the Missouri Ozarks, a Salvation Army men’s program in Springfield (MO), a Missouri DOC halfway house in Kansas City (MO), a privately-operated secular halfway house run under state contract in KC, a secular nonprofit in KC, and very briefly at Catholic Charities’ Samaritan House in Denver — during the period between December, 2003 and February, 2007. They all shared one thing in common: the goal of breaking down the individual’s ego and reshaping him into a permanent dependent on the system (with or without a religious element). I see the same thing here in Boulder, CO. Bear in mind, I was never cited for any kind of misbehavior at any of these, and in fact I wound up being employed by a couple of them. I feel sorry for all those homeless folks who fall into the clutches of do-gooders who are determined to micromanage their affairs, because this is NOT at all conducive to helping anyone to become an independent, fully-functioning member of society. Granted, I have great limitations in my chosen lifestyle, but I’m not contributing to the great injustice I see being perpetrated by nonprofits who operate by the creed MORE HOMELESS PEOPLE = MORE MONEY. I hope that, in a small way at least, I’m now the bane of the do-gooders’ existence . . .

BOHO: I can understand your feelings about breaking down one’s ego but, we at BOHO do emergency warming centers only. We take those who are turned away at the shelter and give them a warm, safe and a legal place to sleep. That’s all we do, we don’t have programs making people permanently dependent on the system. We do our best to keep people alive, period. Like we discussed previously, we would love nothing better than to be put ourself out of business. That would mean we wouldn’t have homelessness in Boulder. As we both know this unfortunately isn’t the case, reality dictates otherwise. We partner up with faiths of all denominations to provide space for those who need to get out of the cold. BOHO is a secular organization with no religious affiliations. Like you said, you have “chosen your lifestyle”. The issue I can’t understand is how BOHO has infringed on your personal freedom?

Max Weller:  I appreciate what you do, and I fully support providing a minimal level of emergency shelter/services for the homeless. BUT, other organizations within the local social services industry are making the problem worse, mostly due to greed, and I believe you ought to recognize this and challenge them as I do. Remaining silent is not an option. WTF? Spending over $6 million for a 31-unit Housing First project at 1175 Lee Hill, while hundreds of others remain homeless here in Boulder? It’s unconscionable!


I found a very entertaining novel yesterday morning at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, Bastard Out of Carolina by Dorothy Allison. I read half of it yesterday, sitting along the wall in front of the Mexican restaurant in my north Boulder neighborhood and later at my campsite. It’s very well-written, not an easy thing to pull off when an author is dealing with such a dark subject and a cast of degenerate characters. I hope to finish it today.

BTW, Shouting Joe put the scourge of our corner at N. Broadway & U.S. 36, Denver King (who could fit right in with plot of the novel cited above), into “time-out” yesterday and he didn’t so much as show his ugly face there the entire day. Nice and peaceful in the inbred’s absence. Perhaps he could fly a sign like this one to generate the sympathy he seeks from passersby:



Likely much closer to the truth than his claim of having fought in Operation Desert Storm at age 15, after undergoing Marine recruit training at Ft. Bragg (the U.S. army base in North Carolina). Or his claim of having lung cancer for the past 17 years (he’s now 38, according to Boulder County Jail records) . . .

I’m glad the forecast rain never came overnight. I slept very well in my warm and dry burrow.

Still waiting for the 2014 MDHI Point-in-Time Report to be released, based on a “census” of homeless people taken back in January.

That’s all for now.

Max’s Journal 5/22/2014

By Max R. Weller

Maybe the forecast thunderstorms for the next few days will miss my campsite, but I’m not going to bet on it. It only takes an hour or two to dry out my gear in direct sunlight — but what I really need is another 9′ x 12′ tarp to cover everything, and prevent water from coming in at the sides of my doubled-over tarp. I might as well wait to get that until I find a new spot, because my current area will become a construction site soon.

I was profoundly embarrassed this morning in front of Boulder Shelter for the Homeless by a deranged woman who started yelling at a group of yuppies who had met over in the parking lot of the Bustop Gentleman’s Club. Apparently, these folks were going on a bicycling trek somewhere; they often park their vehicles there very early in the morning. Ms. Looney Tune, who was accompanied by a fake service dog (you can always tell by the animal’s behavior that it’s had no training), was upset at the presence of people of means going about their recreational pursuits. To be sure, I often poke fun at the local bicyclists, but envy is not part of my makeup. Her loud criticism of their presumably expensive bicycles degenerated to foul-mouthed comments about the size of the yuppie men’s penises (how would she know?) and finally, when she had reached the door to BSH where several of us were waiting, she went off on a tangent about JonBenet Ramsey being pimped out as a child prostitute to a ring of wealthy Boulderites. Here’s the kicker: Ms. Looney Tune walked away and went on down the street before BSH opened at 6AM. Why did she stop by in the first place? Who the hell knows . . .

Sometimes, like last night, I suffer the darkest moods imaginable; I call these my “Willie Loman” moments:

“A small man can be just as exhausted as a great man.” — Arthur Miller, Death of a Salesman, Act I.

Fortunately, these always pass within a few hours. I was a fool to think that coming to the Rockies would somehow give my spirits a permanent boost; now that I know better, I’m too tired in both body and mind to move on. BTW, Lee J. Cobb (above) is the definitive Willie Loman.

Tonight at my campsite: unhealthy food to make me happy.

Too much drama on the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36

By Max R. Weller

Things started going downhill, again, when Richard Grant a.k.a. Denver King was released from Boulder County Jail recently, after being charged with Felony Menacing. The way I heard the story, he pulled a knife on someone working outside at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless in the course of a verbal altercation; he was arrested in early April. Apparently, he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge and was sentenced to time served. Mr. Grant has been banned permanently from BSH property, and he has no friends in the neighborhood, not even other homeless people.

(Boulder County Sheriff’s Office)

I got into a nonviolent confrontation with him yesterday afternoon. It unfolded this way: I was sitting underneath the shade trees along the sidewalk in front of The Amazing Garage Sale and reading a crime novel translated from the Swedish, The Fifth Woman by Henning Mankell. I’d moved away from my usual spot on the wall farther north, because Denver King has trashed that area with cigarette butts and empty juice bottles; in addition, a homeless woman has been passing out there and others are simply too damn noisy for me to be able to concentrate. Denver King and Mississippi were sitting there, presumably waiting to step out and fail to make any money panhandling. (After being skunked several times, you’d think they’d get the message that passersby don’t like them, but this isn’t the case; last Saturday, King was out there for seven straight hours, and Sunday morning he was trying to bum cigarettes from other homeless folks). A little after 1PM yesterday, Shouting Joe was finished “flying a sign” on the corner, and he yelled at me to come and take his place. At first, I ignored him, being absorbed in my book. Denver King went out instead, but Shouting Joe yelled for me again. I walked out there, thinking that I might put in an hour or so and pick up a few bucks. The [Hillbilly] King went apeshit, and started arguing with Joe, telling him I was a liar and a no-good POS because I blogged about his being a fake veteran.

See SCAM ALERT . . . from the July, 2013 archives.

King became so upset that he threw his empty Amante paper coffee cup and hit me in the back; I laughed at his childishness, and pointed out that he never makes any money at this corner, anyway. Joe left, and King went back to sit with Mississippi on the wall in front of the nearby Mexican restaurant. Five minutes later, he came back out to the corner, and started to “front” me, meaning that he stood on the median nearer to the flow of traffic. I walked away at that point, but as I was leaving King said to me, “Don’t go back to your campsite tonight — I’m going to call the cops and report where it is.”

Actually, the owners of the private property where I’ve camped alone since last August are fully aware of my presence, and have said that they won’t complain about it because I never cause any problems. King, on the other hand, is definitely unwelcome wherever he sleeps.

Nobody bothered me overnight. I’ll admit, however, that this Froot Loop is crazy enough to be a potential danger for anybody he might sneak up on. I’m a light sleeper, fortunately.

Will there come a day when the bums are gone for good from the neighborhood where I’ve lived for over six years now? I have my doubts, but I’ve just about reached the end of my patience with the knuckleheads.

Max’s Journal 5/20/2014

By Max R. Weller

I’m not sure what point the author of this letter-to-the-editor of the Daily Camera is attempting to make. My online comment is copied below:

I feel like going for 100 thumbs down today! Here goes:

The only difference between a humble beggar like me and the folks soliciting donations to Bridge House and Boulder Shelter for the Homeless is the amount of money taken in; I manage to barely scrape by and they rake in millions of $$$. The “nonprofits” are NOT morally superior in any way . . .

How about the City of Boulder doing a performance audit of the nonprofits to determine what positive long-term benefits are obtained by spending these millions of $$$? Has any homeless person’s life been changed for the better through so-called transitional living or permanent supportive care programs, and are they still up to society’s standards after 5 years or 10 years? How much money was spent to obtain such a result in individual cases?

The nonprofits are touted by many who post highly critical remarks here about panhandlers, lumping them all into the category of alcoholics/drug addicts. This is, of course, nothing but ignorant prejudice.

I’m from Missouri originally, but have resided in Boulder, CO and its environs continuously since early 2008. You’ll have to SHOW ME evidence that Bridge House and Boulder Shelter for the Homeless are worthy of any financial support from public sources (private donations are a different matter altogether, and that includes the donations I receive from private sources).

Have a good day, everyone.

Some Boulder bumpkin using the screen name “GPPCI” quickly chimed in with this remark:

just curious, to (sic) you contribute to public sources of funding i.e. pay taxes?

My reply:

Yes, of course, and on a daily basis.


I’m glad to see the New York Rangers besting the Montreal Canadiens in their Stanley Cup playoff series; I’ve always despised Montreal, from the time I first started following the NHL in the late ’60s. BTW, here’s a YouTube video of the greatest hockey player (and perhaps the greatest pro athlete, period) who ever played the game, Bobby Orr.

Thunderstorms with hail in the forecast for Boulder today. I sure wish I had that tiny house to crawl into for shelter . . . I’m not sure lying under a tarp is the best option for anyone as old and decrepit as me.

Screenshot from 2013-12-21 09:03:47

Screenshot from YouTube video

That’s all for now, folks.

Homeless deaths are not any mystery, and more

By Max R. Weller

Here’s the biggest factor in the early demise of homeless people in Boulder, CO recently:

1.75 liter jug of rotgut vodka (many other brands available, $10 to $15 at any liquor store)

I’m not going to write about specific individuals who have already been featured in the Daily Camera. However, it’s absurd that the reportage hasn’t dealt with the serious medical consequences of being drunk almost daily over the course of years, if not decades. Consider Organic Brain Syndrome; note that both traumatic brain injury and alcoholism are listed as causes, among others. When an individual suffers the former, then chooses to pursue a lifestyle involving excessive drinking, it’s no surprise that they are dysfunctional in everyday life and likely to die before their time.

Frankly, the most that can be done for them is to offer a minimal level of emergency sheltering and services — but you can’t force anybody to take advantage of what is available. So-called transitional living or permanent supportive care programs are worthless, and the highly-touted Housing First is a cruel joke. Wait until the 31-unit HF project at 1175 Lee Hill (a collaboration between Boulder Housing Partners and Boulder Shelter for the Homeless) is open, probably later on this year; clients will drink themselves to death in their expensive new apartments, and we can expect violent criminal behavior and ongoing emergency medical interventions as well.

Read Boulder a ‘good place’ for the homeless in the Daily Camera. Quoting from it below:

Ryan Scheevel, a Boulder police officer assigned to the area encompassing Pearl Street, the municipal campus and Central Park, said, “A lot of the people who are coming into Boulder from out of state, the first time I contact them, I’ll ask them where they came from and why they chose to come up to Boulder.

“And a lot of them will tell me that in the transient community throughout the U.S., Boulder is known as a good place for homeless or transient people to come to.”

All the more reason to adopt one of the best practices from more progressive cities and require valid photo ID with a Boulder County address from anyone seeking emergency shelter/services here. Example: San Antonio, TX. I’m acquainted with a few folks living there, and according to them San Antonio has long struggled with an influx of transient “snowbirds” in the wintertime — thus the new policy designed to focus on providing resources to local homeless people there.

Transients who show up in Boulder, CO could be provided the $5 bus tickets on RTD to Denver, along with a couple of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a bottle of water to-go.

Make no mistake about it: Bridge House and Boulder Shelter for the Homeless operate by the creed MORE HOMELESS PEOPLE = MORE MONEY. Just this morning, at the front desk at BSH, I overheard a staff member’s half of a phone conversation with someone who was asking about getting into the First Step/Transition Program; it was obvious that this homeless person was not from Boulder, because staff provided directions on how to get here, and the caller also asked about Denver Rescue Mission (for which no info could be given by BSH staff).

Nothing is going to change so long as current leadership at Boulder’s nonprofits remains in place, and local homeless people (especially single adults) will continue to be shortchanged as limited resources are shared with transients from Denver and elsewhere. To me, it’s unconscionable. Time for Greg Harms, Isabel McDevitt, et al to find other jobs where greed is a good thing.

Finally, the only difference between a humble beggar like me and the folks soliciting donations
to Bridge House and Boulder Shelter for the Homeless is the amount of money taken in; I barely
manage to scrape by and they rake in millions of $$$. The “nonprofits” are NOT morally superior in any way . . .

‘Boulder police: Central Park drug ring sold to teens’

By Max R. Weller

Read the updated report on last week’s drug bust in Boulder’s Central Park in the Daily Camera. Quoting from it below:

Boulder police observed more than a dozen alleged drug transactions — nine of which involved minors — during the narcotics sting that led to the arrest of nine people last week in Central Park on suspicion of selling marijuana and mushrooms.

From March 19 to April 25, plainclothes officers witnessed 13 alleged drug buys involving what police say was a network of dealers selling marijuana and psychedelic mushrooms, according to an arrest affidavit.

Jannene Parrish Barrett, 57; Derrick Jordan Marshall Parrish, 21; David John Sanderson, 30; Jayson Anthony Seuferer, 32; Jeffrey Daniel Ferriss Sr., 35; Gerald Emery Newman, 29, Michael James Morton, 57, and two juvenile females were arrested last week on various drug charges.

Barrett, Parish, Sanderson, Newman and Seuferer are facing charges of distributing drugs as part of an organized group and distributing drugs within 1,000 feet of a school, both of which are Class 1 felonies, punishable by eight to 32 years in prison and fines between $5,000 and $1 million.

Bryan Antonie Townsend, 29, is the only suspect still at large, and is wanted on an arrest warrant for a Class 1 felony drug charge.

Continuing excerpt:

During the investigation, officers say they witnessed 16 teens ranging in age from 14 to 18 make alleged drug buys from either Barrett, Parish, Sanderson, Newman, Townsend, Seuferer or the juvenile females.

When contacted, several of the teens said it was known that the ring sold drugs to Boulder High School students and that they had bought drugs from them in the past, according to the affidavit.

The alleged buyers said they made purchases ranging from $5 to $20, and officers found amounts of up to 3.6 grams of marijuana and, in one case, 1.62 grams of psychedelic mushrooms on the alleged buyers.

On April 18, police also observed Morton enter MMJ America — a marijuana dispensary on 1909 Broadway — for 40 minutes before coming out with a brown paper bag, according to the affidavit.

Officers said Morton then went back to Central Park and gave the bag to Barrett, who passed it on to Parrish, who removed marijuana from the bag and placed it into baggies, according to the affidavit.

When police contacted an employee with MMJ America, the employee said Morton had a valid ID and medical marijuana card.

A manager at MMJ America did not return requests for comment Thursday.

Of course, this was entirely predictable with the “legalization” of marijuana. In some parts of the country, bootleg cigarettes (sans tax stamps) are very popular and so is moonshine. Making marijuana “legal” for consumption at the state level doesn’t mean that the numerous laws regulating it will be obeyed by anybody. Indeed, these accused homeless entrepreneurs are only taking advantage of a business opportunity, just like the Colombians involved in Colorado’s “legal” marijuana industry. So much for the promised benefits to society . . .

BTW, I recognize Mr. Morton as a former First Step/Transition Program resident at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless. A few years ago, he falsely reported to staff that I had entered the kitchen area during breakfast and stolen food from a refrigerator there; none of the volunteers working in the kitchen nor any other homeless clients saw this alleged theft, however. Mr. Morton also had a habit of getting into verbal confrontations — he was screaming — with SKIP bus drivers parked at the bus stop alongside BSH. He’s a nut!

Good work, Boulder PD! Keep the pressure on the bums until they get out of our fair city.