April, 2014: Transients in Boulder, CO

The photos and captions below are from the Facebook page of This is Boulder Colorado.


Passed out in front of the Chief Niwot statue.


Clothes and gear drying out on the Chief Niwot statue.


Who wouldn’t want to come to Boulder? New camping gear courtesy of donors. Of course none of the donors are inviting these people to hang out near their homes and camp.


The Boulder Public library. 

10010214_304792516342254_3536541499293270704_o (1)

Scenes at the Peace Garden. Would you feel welcome sitting in this cloud of dope smoke with your kids? 


The park in front of the Boulder Museum and Dushanbe.

1957668_304792723008900_5741302698310888939_o (1)

The scene just behind Boulder High School. The guy in the black sweat shirt was running drugs back and forth between this area and the park in front of Dushanbe. Watched him make a couple of deals. 

3 thoughts on “April, 2014: Transients in Boulder, CO

    1. apeiron1

      The majority of people on Boulder’s registered sex offender list are homeless and nearly all the offenses involve children. The do-gooders don’t want you to see that either. Someone very close to me was raped as a teen three different times during her days on pearl street.

  1. JM Seiler

    The roll of toilet paper next to the table speaks volumes. Over the past 30 years, I make a habit of cleaning up the north side of the creek from 6th to Eben G. Fine park once a month. Before the bike path was built, this area was a real hobo jungle, with camp fires at night, and frequent drunken fights we referred to as dinner theater. I really don’t want
    kids exploring the “wild” to come across needles, trash, and feces to soil their experience.


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