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Cowboy Mounted Shooting

Looks like a lot of fun, and since blanks only are fired it could be used to clear out BUM campsites!

I’d be interested to learn how horses nowadays are being trained to ignore gunfire; it was surely a part of equine handling in the Old West.


Self-entitled BUMS in Colorado

Years ago, there was a seasonal gathering of broken-down RVs, trucks, and cars parked behind Boulder Shelter for the Homeless. It took umpteen complaints from citizens living and working in the neighborhood to get the police to move them along, and put up NO PARKING signage. One abandoned, malodorous RV was home to dozens of cats. RTD buses on the SKIP route had difficulty navigating through Front Range Drive to get to the bus stop next to BSH. Of course, denizens of this gypsy camp were partying and roaming the area on foot 24/7.

Nobody in authority at BSH gave a damn; I guess they were too busy pampering the registered sex offenders living in their facility.


FAKE ‘reality television’ star update:

I’m pretty sure this clown’s condition was both diagnosed and treated at the hospital, and his TV appearance is just more media whoring.


You don’t have to be a cheerleader:

And if Hickenlooper is the alternative offered by the Dems for U.S. Senate, I support the incumbent Republican, Cory Gardner, too.


The news story Gov. Polis tried to censor

Read it below:

The governor’s toady press should stick up for smaller media outlets. Otherwise, Polis and his goons will be trying to censor them, too, sooner or later.