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More Feel Good nonsense:


Every FREE meal served to the worst-behaved transients — and I specifically mean those who have no ties to Boulder County — is another couple of dollars that can go to buy cigarettes, alcohol, and dope. Still, I’m NOT without compassion; they should be handed a sack lunch along with the $5 bus ticket on RTD back to Denver,


The homeless should STOP criminalizing themselves!


By Max R. Weller

One thing I’ve learned in my 13+ years of being homeless in all kinds of settings and different cities is that ninety-nine percent of us are capable of conforming our behavior to ordinary standards of decency, in accordance with the law, when required to do so. Only the very few mentally ill in the midst of a psychotic breakdown are unable to do so; BUT, even these folks will generally be okay if they choose to stay on their prescribed meds and avoid alcohol or street drugs.

We are NOT helpless NOR are we hopeless. It seems to me that the self-styled homeless advocates here in Boulder, CO want us to believe we can do nothing for ourselves — and we all belong in some “program” with hugely expensive budgets (from both public and private sources) and unrealistic expectations — but I’m here to tell you that living outside of the mainstream can be done in a way that hurts neither society nor ourselves.

Of course, the fundamental principle is SOBRIETY. Everyone has total control over the choice of whether or not to take that very first drink, or that very first toke, or that very first dose of dope in a vein. Granted, once you have weakened and the mind-altering chemical is in your system, as an addict you no longer have control — so don’t do it in the first damn place! ALL of the misbehaviors (criminal and otherwise) I see from the worst-behaved transients are associated either directly or indirectly with substance abuse and its self-destructive lifestyle.

I’m sorry, but nobody is criminalizing you. You’re doing it to yourself!

And don’t tell me that there is no alternative to being cited over and over again for various petty offenses, such as Illegal Camping. Anybody can avoid this, and I’m living proof, never having been cited in over eight years during my time living as a homeless camper in Boulder, CO. Exercise a bit of discretion by being quiet and out-of-sight, and I can promise you that nobody will care, least of all those in authority who have better things to do. Respect yourself, respect others, and respect the community in which you live.


Have you had enough?

‘Volunteer Opportunities’ that should be jobs for the homeless

Most other homeless shelters do this, and it’s about time it were done here.



By Max R. Weller

Copied from the Boulder Shelter for the Homelesswebsite:

Volunteer Assignment Opportunities
Please explore the volunteer assignments available at the Shelter by clicking on the assignment names below. The Shelter has two seasons of service – winter & summer – and volunteer assignments change according to the season.

The winter season (October – April) is when we have the greatest need for volunteers:

The summer season (April- October) offers fewer volunteer opportunities, but we still need your help:


I understand the reason why BSH seeks to involve SO MANY VOLUNTEERS from the community — goodhearted people’s time and effort will…

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Here’s an idea: sue the enablers

The nonprofits in Boulder, CO have run roughshod over the neighborhood around N. Broadway & Lee Hill, turning it into a homeless ghetto focused on “compassion” for chronic alcoholics and registered sex offenders.


By Max R. Weller

From the Anchorage Daily News comes this report, which I find very interesting as it relates to Boulder, CO’s current homeless shelter at 4869 N. Broadway and the proposed 1175 Lee Hill Wet House project right next door. Quoting from the article —

Alleva’s nuisance abatement suit, filed July 6 in Anchorage District Court, claims that clients of the shelter and cafe are engaging in activities such as “assault and battery, the use and sale of drugs and alcohol, littering, the discharge of urine, fecal material, snot and vomit, public copulation, camping, misconduct with firearms and other weapons, and gang related activities” in the area on and adjacent to his property, where he runs an auction business. He claims that the organizations that serve them haven’t done enough to stop illegal or unsanitary activity and trespassing.

The suit names Bean’s Cafe and Catholic Social Services, the parent organization…

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‘Police alert public to 2 sexually violent predators in Boulder’


By Max R. Weller

Read the report in the Daily Camera. Excerpt copied below:

Boulder County law enforcement today notified the community of two court-designated sexually violent predators — both with a history of sex crimes against children — who will be released into or residing in Boulder.

Joseph Jay Halliday, 22, is serving his work-release sentence out of the Boulder County Jail in Boulder after pleading guilty to attempted sex assault on a child and sexual exploitation of a child in a 2012 case in Boulder County, for which he also served a prison sentence.

Joseph Jay Halliday

Joseph Jay Halliday (Boulder County Sheriff’s Office)

And guess who is back, for the umpteenth time? Continuing excerpt:

Police also announced that Kerry Fitzgerald Whitfield, 51, who works in Aurora, will be in the Boulder area because he “parks his van, and motorhome, in various parking lots throughout the city of Boulder.” 

Whitfield pleaded guilty to attempted sexual assault on a child in Denver in 2004. He also was arrested in Boulder in 2011 for failing to register as a sex offender, to which he pleaded guilty.

Kerry Whitfield

Kerry Whitfield (Boulder Police Department)

You can check Boulder PD’s online sex offender registry to see their addresses, which might very well be that of Boulder Shelter for the Homeless at 4869 N. Broadway.

BTW, the term Sexually Violent Predator is applied to those offenders who have shown no remorse for their crimes and who are at high risk to re-offend.

I don’t expect we’ll be hearing from the do-gooders — Isabel McDevitt, Joy Eckstine Redstone, Greg Harms, Mike Homner, Darren O’Connor, et al — about these two perverts because they cater to them just as they do to all other bums who come to our fair city.

Colorado pioneers


One year ago, Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow posted this photo of Colorado pioneers on their Facebook page with the caption: “Colorado’s original homeless . . .” I shared it to my own FB page, adding this comment:

Nope! The only thing pioneers got for FREE was a struggle to survive; there weren’t a bunch of do-gooders handing out Free Food, Free Clothing, Free Medical Care, Free Cash Benefits, Free Shelter, etc. Put today’s homeless folks in a Time Machine and send ’em back 150 years, they’d all be dead within a week.


I just don’t get it . . .

Moving to Frisco 052

I have never understood why anyone would choose to lie down and rest or try to sleep on concrete. Always, somewhere within walking distance, a soft grassy area can be found, and it’s much more likely to be out of sight. I admit that I have NO empathy for folks who are either too pickled to use any common sense or who want to give the finger to society; and yet, the worst-behaved bums are the focus of Housing First at the same time they’re the least likely to benefit from having a roof over their heads.