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Transient Migration exhausts Boulder Shelter’s supply of Red Cross disaster blankets

Blankets are a 30/70 blend of recycled wool and man-made fibers

A notice was posted on the north door of Boulder Shelter for the Homeless when I arrived there before 6AM this morning, to the effect that no more disaster blankets would be available for those sleeping outside for the rest of the summer. No mention was made as to whether these cheap but warm blankets (which wear out quickly and can’t be washed) would again be distributed this coming winter season at BSH (October through April).

It’s unfortunate that so many transients will obtain one or more blankets, then throw them away after a single night’s use; you can find them in ditches, on sidewalks, underneath bushes and trees, and littering open fields. The blankets, I mean . . .


Grocery shopping on the cheap: A useful life skill for the homeless


By Max R. Weller

This morning I decided to focus on purchasing the cheapest foodstuffs I could find at King Soopers on Table Mesa. Here’s what I came up with for slightly less than $10:

Kroger strawberry ice cream (pint) — $1

Cheetos crunchy bag (8 1/2 oz.) — $2

Kroger cole slaw (1 lb.) — $1.29

Kroger orange juice (1 pt.) — $0.99

Bar S bologna (1 lb.) — $1

Kroger colby cheese brick (8 oz.) — $1.67

White enriched bread loaf (24 oz.) $1

With sales tax added, I paid $9.36; savings from using my King Soopers card were $3.04, and so far this year my cash savings total $474.73 with this very easy-to-use tool at the checkout counter. NO FOOD STAMPS FOR ME, and I typically donate the change I get back to whatever charity the store is collecting for; this probably adds up to about $180 in the course of an entire year.

NOBODY on staff at any of Boulder’s homeless shelter / services providers is teaching clients how to manage grocery shopping to get the most bang for their bucks. That’s hardly a surprise, when you realize that they don’t teach homeless adults anything at all, and the Program Director at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless once told me — in front of many other folks in the dayroom there — that the homeless can’t learn anything so it’s pointless to try to teach them.

WTF? If I live to be 100 years of age, I’ll NEVER forget what he said.

This is what your donations are supporting in our worthless local nonprofits. I say it’s much better to give help, financial and otherwise, DIRECTLY to homeless people in need you’ve become acquainted with.

BTW, I’m feeling much more upbeat after deciding NOT to apply for food stamps or the Colorado Old Age Pension. It’s just not worth it to me, when I can do on my own as I’ve outlined above.

Random stuff 6/12/2017


By Max R. Weller

1) Commentaries in yesterday’s Daily Camera from both Darren O’Connor (self-styled homeless advocate) and three board members at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless were entirely predictable, regurgitating the same tired old talking points and ignoring the reality of homelessness in Boulder, CO as I present it. I won’t bother to post the links to their drivel here, but I have to wonder if BSH’s executive director has fallen into disfavor, since he wasn’t one of the trio of authors.

If the board wants to do something useful, they should fire Greg Harms first and then resign as a body.

BTW, I’m still waiting for Boulder Shelter to admit that one of their staff members did steal $350+ from my locker there last March, and compensate me for that loss — $350 is a HUGE amount of cash for any homeless person to lose, especially through no fault of their own.

2) I was enjoying sitting on the wall along the sidewalk in the 4900 block of N. Broadway yesterday afternoon, when one of the drunks came along with an overstuffed plastic grocery bag from Safeway full of various condiments. That bag ripped open, spilling everything, so he went somewhere and got another plastic bag. That, too, ripped open and all of the stuff again hit the sidewalk. He then tied up the hole in bag #2, and tried to pick it up again; this time when the contents fell out, a large glass bottle of hot sauce broke, leaving a big red puddle.

That’s why this spot in front of the Mexican restaurant looks like it was the scene of BLOODY MURDER.

I just left, briefly flying a sign on the corner of U.S. 36 before continuing on to my campsite.

3) I had been considering applying for food stamps in order to donate canned goods to a local food pantry for poor and homeless families, and also applying for the Colorado Old Age Pension (available at age 60 for those not receiving Social Security or SSI) which could be up to $700 per month. However, it remains true that there is an abundance of food available to those in need, so my donations would be superfluous, and the bureaucrats are not above trying to use cash benefits as leverage to force one into a transitional living program and then a homeless ghetto project. I know more than one hardy outdoor-type homeless man whose money was in fact cut off because he refused the substandard housing which is typically available.

OAP is NOT for me under these circumstances — and it’s EXTORTION to use it as the do-gooders apparently are. They ought to be prosecuted and jailed upon conviction.

4) Boulder City Council seems to have lost sight of what the majority of citizens want them to do about homelessness: Focus on helping Boulder County’s own homeless men, women, and children.

Everything that city staff and nonprofits are striving to accomplish only INCREASES the number of transients here.

Here’s the question we need to address:

Random stuff 5/23/2017


By Max R. Weller

1) “Joe” left another comment here (deleted, of course, because I don’t allow anonymous statements without a compelling reason) in which he claims that my blog misses the big picture about homelessness. Then he goes completely off base by stating that for every druggie at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless there are ten program residents who succeed in “getting back on their feet” as the trite saying goes. TEN? I haven’t found ONE in any local program, although Bridge House’s Ready to Work tried to fool us with this ridiculous piece by “Jay Young” in the Daily CameraJoe, I want you to know that I always loved your commercials. How did you end up “on the streets” in our city?

2) As I rode past Alfalfa’s at the corner of Broadway & Arapahoe this morning I saw an example of the vandalism reported by the DC. It consisted of the words F*** Trump and the international symbol for A**hole:

Don’t be misled again by the polls, as most of us were last Fall. If this is what the Left is offering America, get ready for a second Trump term in the White House.

BTW, why would you pick on Alfalfa’s along with Wells Fargo? I don’t believe the vandals have any coherent message . . . The miscreants are most likely wayward trustafarian youths with too much time on their hands. If arrested and then convicted, I hope the judge sentences them to 30 days of scrubbing toilets at Boulder Shelter — because the lazy program residents there NEVER do!

3) I observed Sexually Violent Predator Christopher Lawyer at the Shelter this morning; he was seated near the front desk recharging his ankle monitor, until he noticed people looking at him. He moved as far away from view as he could, back into a corner near the west entrance. Apparently, he’s no longer the grinning sociopath we saw in the media . . . Here is the only effective “treatment” for rapists, giving them a taste of what it’s like to be victimized:

4) The rain yesterday afternoon and evening was something I enjoyed, as I huddled in my burrow and listened to the patter of raindrops, eating Ritz crackers dabbed with peanut butter. The mice enjoyed a couple of stale hot dog buns. The prairie dogs got NOTHING.

Meet ‘Joe’ — a guy who hates this blog:

There are probably hundreds of others like Joe here already, but local do-gooders want to keep them helpless and needy year-round, as they appeal for increased funding for various worthless programs. 

It’s a challenge for me with a severely arthritic right hip, but at least I stand up when I play the role of Humble Beggar at N. Broadway & U.S. 36 . . . And the only “services” I use are the showers and a small locker at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, a nonprofit I’ve donated hundreds of $$$ to in the past (before I understood what crooks they really are), and which covered up the theft of $350+ from my locker by a staff member back in March.

Joe, this entitles me to criticize them all I want. Now, go smoke some more weed! That’s why you came to Colorado, isn’t it?

— MRW 

Official word that BOHO is finished forever:

See their website here.

You know, one of BOHO’s employees this past winter was a Marijuana Traveler I know from Indiana who only arrived here last Fall, and his entire focus in life is smoking dope. He only took the BOHO job because they paid him $14 per hour (he claimed) and he could smoke weed at work (of that, I’m certain).

There continue to be rumors about embezzlement of BOHO funds among the homeless folks at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless. I think it’s more likely that the churches were just fed up with drinking, drugging, fornicating, and vandalism at their facilities — and the various insurance carriers involved threatened to cancel their policies.

— MRW 

Another former Boulder Shelter sex offender is back again:

Just out of jail a couple of days ago for Failure to Register as Sex Offender, the second time he’s been jailed for this offense, and now back on the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36 panhandling for cash to buy rotgut vodka. Maybe he’ll be back in the Transition Program at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless soon . . .