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Yelp review of Boulder Shelter for the Homeless

Copied in its brevity from the Yelp website:

Operates by the creed: More Homeless People = More Money, and this is generally true of every private nonprofit and government agency which belongs to the homeless shelter / services industry. Sources of funding are both public and private, and I refused to participate in the Point-in-Time Survey years ago after a BSH staff member asked me to do so “so we can get more money.” They have no incentive to end homelessness and thereby put themselves out of business.

The facility has been infested with bedbugs since 2010. It’s filthy, chores assigned to residents are often skipped, as of 8/29/2019 there are seven registered sex offenders living next to adult survivors of sexual abuse, and worst of all at least one staff member is a thief taking money and other items from residents’ lockers (they keep a log with all combinations) — I lost $350 I’d saved over several months, and the higher-ups refused to investigate or cooperate with police.

I chose to camp outdoors year-round, and only visited for a shower every morning. Beginning in May, 2018 BSH no longer allows walk-up homeless people to shower, eat breakfast, or gain access to their lockers. Everyone is in the so-called Transition Program now, which is really a revolving door from the streets to the shelter and back to the streets.

It’s a travesty of compassion.


Rep. Joe Neguse has one thing going for him:

He’s not as obnoxious and stupid as that buck-toothed, bug-eyed ex-bartender AOC! Even so, I think voters should hold elected officials to a higher standard, and I don’t think Joe could find his own butt using both hands.


Grinning idiot rapist has parole hearing on Monday; could return to homeless shelter


RTD bus driver allows runaway bus to crash in vicinity of Boulder Shelter for the Homeless

Too bad this SKIP didn’t run over the child molesters who live at BSH alongside adult survivors of sex crimes.


Leftovers from school lunches turned into takeout meals for kids

It occurs to me that the same thing might be done with leftovers from Boulder Shelter for the Homeless and other venues that serve hot meals to the homeless in need; pass out packaged leftovers to-go as clients leave the facility in the morning, so they will have a lunch to eat later and there will be much less waste overall.

Although I rarely ate anything at BSH when I went there for a shower every morning, I couldn’t help but notice how much food was ending up in the trash barrel as breakfast trays were turned in to the dishwashers. Same thing, no doubt, with dinner trays the night before (although I stayed outdoors at night and didn’t actually see it myself).

Spread that amount of food out over the course of the day, by providing packaged leftovers, and it would be better for everyone.

I daresay the current leadership at BSH couldn’t care less about any minor point like this, but dozens of minor points being mishandled adds up to a major FUBAR mess.


Don’t be so fast to donate to nonprofits like Bridge House

Bridge House remains committed to the FAILED policy of multi-million dollar projects to benefit a small percentage of homeless people on the streets, and hundreds are left out in the cold. Worse still, many of those who enter their Ready to Work program simply return to the streets and don’t gain stable housing for any appreciable length of time.

Boulder Shelter for the Homeless runs the same sort of a scam, with the added twist that some chronic alcoholics in the 1175 Lee Hill Housing First program die of alcohol-related causes in their $250,000+ apartments, because sobriety is NOT required and they are allowed to drink in their rooms.

It’s a travesty of compassion . . . And Joe ain’t smart enough to realize it.