Here’s an idea: sue the enablers

The nonprofits in Boulder, CO have run roughshod over the neighborhood around N. Broadway & Lee Hill, turning it into a homeless ghetto focused on “compassion” for chronic alcoholics and registered sex offenders.


By Max R. Weller

From the Anchorage Daily News comes this report, which I find very interesting as it relates to Boulder, CO’s current homeless shelter at 4869 N. Broadway and the proposed 1175 Lee Hill Wet House project right next door. Quoting from the article —

Alleva’s nuisance abatement suit, filed July 6 in Anchorage District Court, claims that clients of the shelter and cafe are engaging in activities such as “assault and battery, the use and sale of drugs and alcohol, littering, the discharge of urine, fecal material, snot and vomit, public copulation, camping, misconduct with firearms and other weapons, and gang related activities” in the area on and adjacent to his property, where he runs an auction business. He claims that the organizations that serve them haven’t done enough to stop illegal or unsanitary activity and trespassing.

The suit names Bean’s Cafe and Catholic Social Services, the parent organization…

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