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Max’s Journal 8/30/2013

By Max R. Weller

No report on court proceedings yesterday, if any, in the Jim Budd rape trial on the Daily Camera website this morning. Perhaps Budd’s apologists/enablers have complained to the DC about this negative publicity; either that, or the news editor doesn’t know news from his own rear end. Maybe both . . .

I understand that smoking “Spice” is a popular activity among some homeless people in Boulder, CO’s Central Park. See the report in the Denver Post. The predominant substance being abused, however, continues to be alcohol in the form of cheap beer and/or rotgut vodka. BTW, since September 1st falls on Sunday, SSI disability benefits will be available TODAY to all of the street drunks and dope fiends who use the taxpayers’ $$$ to party for a week or so until they’re once again destitute — and dependent on the homeless shelter/services industry. Dope dealers and liquor store owners, along with the operators of shady motels, will once again make a financial killing. It’s insanity!

WordPress software is acting up again, as it did yesterday. I’m unable to preview this post before publishing it, among other problems. If I knew how to fix it, I’d do so.

This week has been very different than last in terms of being able to get onto the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36 in my role as humble beggar. [Denver] King has been there looking stupid, as usual, and making no money himself; Shouting Joe from St. Louis has returned and looks like he’s had a stroke, but has also been panhandling at this spot. I’ve had to reach into my coffee jar savings, which I’d intended to use for shopping at Walmart. To make matters worse, Drunk Brian will soon be getting out of Boulder County Jail and can be expected to renew his panhandling there and will probably invite his alcoholic friends (Mississippi Billy, Drunk Cal, et al) to join in, too. I’ve never understood why they bother — none of the bums make more than $5 per hour, and that’s on their best days. Most of ’em are able-bodied and would make more cash doing temp jobs for Labor Ready.

Fried chicken or ham sandwiches tonight at my campsite? I’ll flip a coin.

Max’s Journal 8/29/2013

By Max R. Weller

No update about court proceedings yesterday, if any, in the Jim Budd rape trial on the Daily Camera website this morning. I fully realize that many self-styled homeless advocates in Boulder, CO’s shelter/services industry would like to pretend that it’s not happening, but the Homeless Philosopher isn’t about to let it be swept under the rug. The DC itself repeatedly made the error of using Mr. Budd as one of their go-to sources in re homelessness in the past, but at least they’re offering news coverage to a limited extent now. If anyone is attending the Budd trial and would like to share their observations with me, I’d appreciate it. You can comment here and remain anonymous, of course.

It’s a great relief for me to come onto the CU campus and not be overwhelmed by clouds of stinking cigarette smoke, which used to be the case as I’d enter the west entrance of Norlin Library. Kudos to the CU powers-that-be for doing something to curb both the menace of secondhand smoke and the rudeness of overgrown delinquents who showed no respect for others.

Little things can make life so much easier. Example — a SKIP bus driver who hands out transfers with a generous amount of time in which to make use of them, thereby saving the cost of another fare for an impoverished rider like me. I can enjoy working on my blog at Norlin, then use my transfer to get down to King Soopers on Table Mesa, and use it again to travel back on the SKIP to my north Boulder neighborhood.

One day next week I might visit the Main Library at 1001 Arapahoe just to see if anything has changed for the better, and I’ll report on it here. Central Park will be included in my inspection tour.

Tonight at my campsite: Froot Loops along with other edible odds and ends in my environmentally-friendly reusable grocery bags.

Jim Budd on trial and more

By Max R. Weller

I’d understood that it was to begin on Monday, but no matter — it’s now underway here in Boulder, CO. Here’s the link to the report in the Daily Camera, which thankfully is straightforward and also contains info that most people have not previously heard. I wonder, do Washington state authorities want a crack at prosecuting Mr. Budd? Indeed it was a nightmare for the victim, with whom I’m acquainted, and it’s too bad that surgical castration is not a sentencing option for predators convicted of these horrific crimes.

Kindhearted folks, especially women, who volunteer at Bridge House (formerly known as Carriage House) and other homeless shelter/services venues need to be on their guard, because this case clearly illustrates that those in charge of these nonprofits are lacking in good judgment when it comes to the homeless characters they support. Yes, Joy Eckstine Redstone, I mean YOU in particular.

I’ve neglected to mention the special treat I received from a lady passerby last Friday, as I was on the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36 in my role of humble beggar: two double cheeseburgers and an order of fries from McDonald’s. Thanks you!

BTW, although the [Denver] King squatted on the corner for four hours yesterday with little to show for it, I still managed to get out there for rush hour and make some $$$. I now have $75 in my coffee jar savings and plenty left over for daily living expenses, too.

How did James Patterson, and his co-authors, ever manage to sell millions and millions of novels? I’m currently reading one entitled “Private London” and it’s typical of his work — short chapters of no more than three paragraphs (or so it seems). Wait . . . I’ve answered my own question! This style is for all readers who have the attention span of fleas, and in this day and age of electronic gimmickry frying people’s brains that’s most of the population in the First World.

It was peaceful last night at my campsite, which made it easier to tolerate the pair of loud and obnoxious hillbillies who showed up at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless before it opened at 6AM. One of the pickled idjits was talking about grabbing a raccoon by its tail and swinging it around. Must have been a baby raccoon, because an adult would have used its sharp teeth and claws to severely maul the guy. More likely, the inebriate was lying. BTW, he also mentioned that he’s applied for the Ready to Work program at Bridge House. Figures . . .

Max’s Journal 8/27/2013

By Max R. Weller

I did very well as humble beggar on the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36 Monday through Friday of last week: over $150 in about 13 hours. In addition, someone from my neighborhood stopped by my shady spot on Sunday to say hello and hand me a $20 bill. I now have a total of $60 in my coffee jar savings in the locker I keep at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, and if donations continue to come in this way I’ll be making a shopping trip to Walmart sooner than I expected. However, after taking a break by choice over the weekend I couldn’t get out on the corner yesterday due to the return of [Denver] King, who loitered there for hours without making any money. When that phony Homeless Vet Dying of Lung Cancer wasn’t there, the spot was taken by a guy we call Hat Man (because he typically wears a fedora as he scams passersby for $$$ to get a weekend motel room for his kids). Hat Man is the guy who was quoted in my friend Terzah Becker’s guest post as saying, “I hate this fucking fascist country.” The other day this clown, who is apparently divorced from the Kuwaiti mother of his kids, told me he was going to have local authorities seize her passport whenever she shows up at DIA to return with her children to Kuwait. WTF? The locals wouldn’t consider dealing with a custody dispute in this way, not for a moment, and even the U.S. Department of State has no legal authority to do such a thing as seizing a foreign national’s passport. BTW, Hat Man is an chronic alcoholic and may suffer from “wet brain” — that would explain a lot.

Bums will steal anything. Example: one of ’em took the big trash bag I left in my shady spot for everyone’s use, after dumping out the trash it held. Hey, MORON! Want a trash bag for your very own? Go ask staff at BSH between 6 and 8AM any morning and they’ll gladly give you one.

I took along scrambled eggs, link sausages, and hash browns from the breakfast volunteers at BSH, and will eat it all for lunch today.

I looked on the Daily Camera website but found no news about the trial of accused rapist Jim Budd (scheduled to start yesterday). I hope the Boulder County DA doesn’t wimp out and go for a plea bargain with this arrogant scumbag, who has been the darling of many of the incompetent fools in our local homeless shelter/services industry.

To Oreo or not to Oreo? That is the question as I visit King Soopers this morning, after dropping off a library book at George Reynolds Branch across the street . . .

Max’s Journal 8/26/2013

By Max R. Weller

It was a relaxing weekend for me in my north Boulder neighborhood along the 4900 block of N. Broadway. After riding on the SKIP bus down to King Soopers on Table Mesa around 7:30AM both Saturday and Sunday for supplies, I’d return to my shady spot and read the rest of the day until retiring to my new (old) casmpsite. There were a couple of strange characters wandering around, sometimes straying into the Dakota Ridge subdivision but quickly leaving (were they told to get the hell out?). One looked like he’d been wrestling with hogs and wore a vacant expression on his face, as if he was on a heavy dose of Thorazine; the other was a filthy Rainbow kid carrying a plastic jug of water and a plastic bag full of organic produce from Safeway. Neither has shown up at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless in the morning to take a hot shower with lots of free soap and free shampoo and to do a load of laundry for just $1 using free detergent and free dryers. Who tells these poor souls to come here to Boulder, CO? During the summer, there’s less for ’em here than in almost any other city of comparable or larger size.

Who is Maureen Rait, anyway? I understand that she will be serving as interim director of Boulder Public Library, but it seems an ODD choice to me. Check out her credentials.

Boulder schools are back in session, and once again the kids are crammed like sardines onto RTD’s SKIP buses both morning and afternoon. Meanwhile, one can observe empty BVSD school buses traveling on Broadway all the way from BSH to Fairview High School in south Boulder. WTF?

I’m not going to recite the lengthy list of my physical ailments to gain anyone’s sympathy, but this merits a mention. As soon as I got to Norlin Library and headed to the men’s restroom (as I typically do) this morning, I passed a kidney stone the size of a grain of rice. I wasn’t really shocked, since the physical discomfort I’d been feeling recently gave me a clue in advance; I’m thankful there was no pain involved. The first time this happened to me, back in 2006, I was in Kansas City, MO and wound up in the ER at Truman Medical Center — it was that excruciating, the stone getting stuck right before passing into the bladder (as soon as it reaches the bladder it’s certain that it will pass on through and be eliminated, the nurses informed me). Once the ER staff at TMC figured out that I wasn’t another homeless dope fiend trying to scam for painkillers, which took them almost an hour and a CT scan as proof, I was given a shot of fentanyl and then another a while after that. The second shot seemed to work; either that, or the stone had passed on its way to the bladder. It was a couple of weeks later at the Kansas City Public Library downtown that I eliminated that one. Strange that my stones seem to like the restrooms in libraries . . . NO, I haven’t been interested in reaching into the urinal to retrieve any such specimen as a souvenir.

Tonight at my campsite: cheese sandwiches and potato salad from my favorite grocery store.

The revolving door at Boulder Public Library and more

By Max R. Weller

We have news that controversial BPL Director Valerie Maginnis, after a little more than two years on the job, will be retiring effective September 20th. There’s no need to rehash her misadventures in Boulder, CO at this point. But for those who are unaware of it, Ms. Maginnis has been a double-dipper throughout her brief tenure here. After leaving a similar position in Mission Viejo, CA she was able to retain every penny of her California Public Employees’ Retirement System pension by taking another job out of state; although it’s true that her base salary as BPL Director was slightly less than what she made in Mission Viejo, overall she’s been pulling in over $200,000 per year in combined income from her CalPERS pension and her salary as BPL Director. “Looking out for number one” you might say . . . We can hope that the powers-that-be within the City of Boulder will not repeat the past mistakes (remember Tony Tallent?) of hiring outsiders to run our public library, which is facing challenges that require the most capable long-term leadership. I firmly believe the new director must come from the ranks of current BPL staff.

It was another peaceful time in my north Boulder neighborhood in the 4900 block of N. Broadway yesterday, sans any of the usual homeless suspects. I was able to add another $20 to my coffee jar in the locker I keep at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, out of the $35 I made on the corner of U.S. 36 between 1 and 3PM. And I had the pleasure of meeting a young lady and her mother, who brought over a sack lunch as I rested in my shady spot in front of the Mexican restaurant around 4PM. I especially enjoyed the cashews and almonds, the sort of treat I almost never buy for myself. Thanks!

I dislike having vagrants wandering by my campsite at 4:45AM, as happened this morning. If you don’t understand why so many bums are asleep in our city parks all day, it’s because they roam the streets and neighborhoods all night.

A reminder: the trial of accused rapist Jim Budd begins on Monday. I hope that many concerned citizens will attend in support of the victim, who is a very nice and soft-spoken woman of my acquaintance. The sociopathic bums here in Boulder, CO always have someone in their corner, including those benighted souls running the local homeless shelter/services industry. In this case, and all others like it, let’s instead show compassion to the one who deserves it.

Max’s Journal 8/22/2013

By Max R. Weller

Nobody else was “flying a sign” on the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36 yesterday, so I took a break from reading in the shade and spent a total of three hours (the noon hour and later on from 3-5PM) in my role of humble beggar. I was able to put $15 into my coffee jar savings in the locker I keep at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, after receiving $43 in cash plus a $10 Subway gift card. This bears out one of my theories of begging: the absence of knuckleheads, drunks, and fakers with their aggressive style of panhandling leads directly to increased goodwill by passersby toward the quiet and respectful beggar. Another theory I have is that it’s more advantageous to the humble beggar in the long run to have twenty people give $1 each than for one person to give $20, because most who decide to donate will continue to do so and often in increasing amounts. I’m very grateful to everyone who exercises discretion in their charitable giving.

I was almost tempted to post the link to a recent Daily Camera article about a possible crackdown on the sociopathic bums’ bad behavior at Central Park. After scanning through it, however, it was obviously just another chance for those running the local homeless shelter/services industry to make yet another pitch for increased funding. WTF? More Homeless People = More Money is their unwritten and unspoken creed! Of course, a corollary to that is this: Less Money = Fewer Homeless People. I support the latter as a matter of policy. Three things must happen to restore order and common sense here: 1) bums who misbehave should be put on the RTD buses heading back to Denver with a couple of PB&J sandwiches to go, instead of the more expensive step of putting ’em into the local criminal justice system by ticketing or arrest; 2) the downtown transient magnet Bridge House should be defunded and closed down as the public nuisance it has always been; and 3) BSH and other nonprofits in the shelter/services industry should give first priority to homeless people who can show valid photo ID with a Boulder County address, with transients from Denver and elsewhere sent to the end of the line for what’s left over (if anything). Believe me, word spreads quickly among homeless people nationwide and we could expect the influx of unwashed parasites to slow to a trickle following the implementation of Less Money = Fewer Homeless People.

BTW, I would gladly accept appointment as Boulder, CO Homeless Czar for the nominal salary of $1 per year, if I were also given the authority to enact this new policy in re homelessness.

A strange incident outside BSH this morning right before it opened at 6AM: some guy who had been sleeping on the concrete sidewalk in front of the double doors next to the SKIP bus stop began moaning loudly and claiming he suffered lower back pain, so that he was unable to either sit or stand up. He’d said nothing at all to the three bus drivers who had already stopped there, just a few feet away from him; then a transitional living program resident left the building and walked by. The poor suffering (?) man asked that program resident to get a staff member to call an ambulance for him — and that’s just what happened. Call me cynical, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this was another attempted scam to get painkillers from the ER at Boulder Community Hospital, with a $1,000 plus ambulance ride at taxpayer expense thrown in for good measure. We’ll never know if this guy was treated with powerful narcotics or denied treatment because his name showed up on the “frequent flyer” list maintained by ERs across America, due to confidentiality rules which shield the guilty as well as the innocent.

Tonight at my campsite: Chester’s fried chicken from King Soopers.