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One BUM shelter in Boulder, CO is closing after today; it’s a good start!

The people running the local homeless shelter / services industry know this, of course, but it’s a business that brings in many millions of $$$ from both public and private sources every year. So, they have no incentive to end homelessness as they claim is their goal — quite the contrary!

Calling it a nonprofit is simply twisting logic into a pretzel . . .


This do-gooder, like most others, is too stupid for mere words to describe

I stayed as far away as I possibly could from the worst-behaved transients who tend to form Rat Packs and gather in filthy encampments, throughout the decade I spent as a homeless camper myself.

Do-gooders, believe it or not, have always been critical of me for NOT embracing these scumbags they enable . . .


‘COVID-19 Response’ by Boulder Shelter for the Homeless

I’ll say it again, if I were still a homeless camper in Boulder and its environs I’d avoid being with scores of others in any enclosed space for many hours at a stretch.

Even ancient people knew that fresh air and sunshine are healthy for you!

As for me, I’m fortunate enough to be in a nursing home which apparently has had no cases of the Wuhan Virus (or at least none that I’ve heard about) among either residents or staff. Contrast this with several other senior facilities in Colorado which have had many deaths.

To Boulder, CO nonprofits’ credit they haven’t sunk as low as San Francisco (not yet, anyway):


(E-mailed to Boulder City Council.)

‘Boulder Library Foundation launches fund to aid furloughed librarians’

And as soon as my economic stimulus check arrives, I’ll send this worthy cause $100.


New homeless shelters in Denver

With the proper equipment and a sober mindset, I survived outdoors in Boulder and its environs for a decade, with only short breaks indoors. I never got a ticket, either!


‘Volunteers sought in Boulder County to serve homeless . . .’

I blogged about this in 2016, but nothing has changed for the better in the years since.

Frankly, I don’t give a damn if so many Boulderites want to Feel Good about themselves by waiting on the homeless hand-and-foot! It robs those in need of self-respect and dignity . . .


The unemployment ‘safety net’ is working

I must also admit I was wrong to think that homeless encampments per se would be the epicenter of contagious disease outbreaks. Clearly, this hasn’t happened with COVID-19, although a relatively small percentage of the homeless have been diagnosed with the illness.

On the other hand, being stuck in a nursing home (as I am now) carries notable risk:

Just one more reason I wish I could still be a solitary homeless camper . . .


Boulder should drop the Muni Scam now, and save the jobs of many city workers!

City departments including Parks and Recreation, Library, Open Space and Mountain Parks, Housing and Human Services, Transportation, etc. are all taking a backseat to the Rainbows & Unicorns Boulder Electric Utility which has been a pipe dream since 2011.

It’s ridiculous . . .


(E-mailed to Boulder City Council.)

‘During Coronavirus Crisis People Retreat To Their Familiar Corners’

Certainly true for the Homeless Philosopher, stuck in a nursing home for more than two years now . . . It would also be true if I were still a homeless camper in Boulder County, CO.

I still don’t know anyone who has died of COVID-19, so it has a very long way to go to catch up to alcoholism and drug overdose as causes of death among the homeless population. In Boulder County, even stabbing or blunt force trauma with various makeshift weapons is far ahead of the Wuhan Virus.


ChiCom Virus has NOT spread very far in the homeless population

Of course, the various players in the homeless shelter / services industry are exploring all possible ways to cash in on the hysteria with increased funding from both public and private sources . . .