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Tweets for 10/15/2019

The CBI sex offender registry map search is a great resource:

My old neighborhood, where I lived for a decade, was the area around Boulder Shelter for the Homeless at 4869 N. Broadway in north Boulder, CO. The CBI map search above currently shows nine (9) registered sex offenders, including convicted child molesters, at that address. BSH has also housed Sexually Violent Predators, who carry that designation after extensive evaluation which shows that they have a high likelihood to re-offend.

I’ve known many adult survivors of sexual abuse (men and women) who are homeless and residing at this facility, and they tell me in great distress that they continue to be preyed upon by the offenders living alongside them at Boulder Shelter.

These predators leave during the day, roaming all over the city, and don’t return until curfew at 7PM. There have been numerous arrests of offenders from BSH acting inappropriately outside of the facility over the years, despite what the apologists / enablers claim.

This is an ongoing issue year-round, not just at Halloween.


Yet another ‘homelessness strategy’ in Boulder, CO

There must be NEW leadership, with a dual focus on emergency shelter / services in wintertime for those who choose to live on the streets (don’t kid yourself, there are many footloose transients in Boulder and always have been) AND scattered site Tiny House Communities for single adult men and women (much more cost-effective).

For the humongous amount of money spent to little effect by the local homeless shelter / services industry in just the past few years, we could already have had both options — emergency shelter / services, tiny house communities — up and running!


Excellent commentary on homeless camps from Anchorage Daily News:

Remove the bad actors, and things would improve dramatically for everyone involved: Homeless campers, residents, business owners and workers, passersby, and law enforcement officers.

One of my pet peeves has been that self-styled homeless advocates want to paint all of us with the same broad brush: We’re all drunks and dope fiends, serial petty criminals, violent felons, psychotics incapable of conforming our behavior to ordinary standards of decency, etc. TRUTH is that these negative stereotypes apply to no more than 20% of the chronically homeless, and gutless elected officials already have the legal tools to deal effectively with them if they choose to do so. Let me be clear: The 80% of us who aren’t causing problems have zero interest in being shoved into a human warehouse with the vile and disgusting BUMS who prey on others they perceive as being weaker.

Any homeless person should be judged as an individual based on their actions. In my decade as a homeless camper in Boulder, CO and its environs I was fortunate that almost everybody I came into contact with did so, and I was always grateful for their support. (Yes, I’m including law enforcement officers from the city, county, and state among the folks who exercised discretion in how they responded to me as a homeless man. And yes, this also involved a wink-and-a-nod for my outdoor living arrangements, which were sometimes in a gray area of the law.)

It’s rare to find citizens, like the two authors of the opinion piece published in the Anchorage Daily News, who are willing to speak out. I wish that I could meet them in person to say Thank You!


Pointing fingers at society doesn’t help, and it’s time for homeless people to understand that

It’s entirely possible the lefty moderators of the r/Homeless site will delete my post, but I could be pleasantly surprised.