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‘Independent tests’ confirm what we already knew to be true

Even during the period when the City of Boulder provided several portable toilets along Boulder Creek Path, this disgusting behavior continued because it’s one more way the BUMS can give the finger to society.

See City struggles to manage human waste along Boulder Creek.


‘Sexually Violent Predator’ kicked out of Boulder Shelter; who knows where he’ll go?

Homeless adult survivors of sexual abuse, both men and women, deserve better than being forced to share space with perverts. As a matter of policy, almost all homeless shelters / services providers across the country refuse to permit them on premises.

Boulder Shelter for the Homeless has received payments from the state of Colorado in the past for providing beds to convicted sex offenders on parole, but this doesn’t explain why they would accept registered offenders who are no longer under direct state supervision.

I call it inappropriate compassion, and a blatant disregard of public safety. When I was a homeless camper in the area, I often saw the BSH perverts hanging out in the 4900 block of N. Broadway, sometimes interacting with kids walking to and from the Dakota Ridge neighborhood. They knew that I knew what they were, so no harm came to the innocent in my presence, and I did my best to warn parents of their presence. Of course, Greg Harms and the board members of Boulder Shelter for the Homeless deny there is any danger from their pervert clients.

Why then did they ban this character, David Bland, from residence in their facility at 4869 N. Broadway? (Use that street address to see for yourself how many other registered sex offenders are currently living at BSH.)

(Click on image to enlarge.)

Most of ’em have been at BSH off-and-on for many years, and they’re the worst self-entitled and obnoxious individuals you’d ever have the misfortune to meet. I know a few personally, and have even blogged about their drunken escapades out in the neighborhood and elsewhere in the city. Here’s one account I wrote back in 2015.

The progressive do-gooders really have turned my old neighborhood into a ghetto for the worst-behaved transients . . . Never thought I’d say this, but I’m really happier stuck in a nursing home in nearby Thornton, CO.


Some people still wonder why I cast a ‘jaundiced eye’ on all kinds of institutions

Thanksgiving’s bounty won’t be found here . . .