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“I definitely like girls. No-brainer.”

By Max R. Weller

Read the commentary (it’s not reportage by any means) by Daily Camera sportswriter Kyle Ringo.

WTF? Where’s the story? What’s the point? Why is Kyle Ringo so defensive? Mr. Kasa is not gay nor was he offended when asked if he liked girls, so why is this piece of silliness published by the Daily Camera? The local newspaper desperately needs some real sportswriters. Mr. Ringo is apparently too lazy to find a football player who is actually gay and has been harassed by inappropriate questions. I have no doubt this occurs. It’s completely ridiculous, however, for a third party like Kyle Ringo to take umbrage on behalf of a straight football player who took it as a joke. Only in Boulder . . .

It seems that DC impostor Kyle Ringo never spoke directly to Mr. Kasa before running with a “story” that has no legs, in accordance with the prevailing political correctness of Boulder, CO. Fortunately for Mr. Kasa, he was invited to straighten out any gossipy misunderstanding on a nationwide forum hosted by Dan Patrick.

BTW, I share Nick’s sentiments as quoted. If Kyle Ringo has a different viewpoint, that’s okay, but it ought to be clearly labeled as opinion when it’s published.

Addendum 2/28/2013: ‘Can NFL teams ask Manti Te’o if he’s gay?’

Another publicity stunt a la Balloon Boy

By Max R. Weller

See the latest update on these bizarre parents in the Denver Post.

Lots of very young boys and girls will reverse the gender stereotypes. In my small town Missouri neighborhood, back when I was 6 years old ca. 1962, all of the other kids my age were girls; I succeeded in persuading a couple of ’em to become tomboys and my playtime companions. (My older brother was 13, and frequently with his own set of friends). We shared the bruises, scraped knees and elbows, and occasional bloody noses or black eyes common to boyish roughhousing. I can’t recall if the mothers of my tomboy pals were upset at their rejection of the Little Princess stereotype; in any case, by the time these girls had gone through puberty their gender identity had become female, unquestionably. For a while, since I hadn’t physically matured yet, I looked at them with disdain. Of course, that all changed by the time we reached middle school.

By age 13, after my brother enlisted in the U.S. Army, I had assumed the role of chief cook and bottle washer in our single-parent family, but I wasn’t at all girlish — domestic chores needed to be done and I was ready, willing, and able to help out.

I’ll repeat what I stated in an earlier post in re young Coy Mathis, who is being exploited by Froot Loop parents in the most ridiculous way: there is no such thing as a transgender 6-year-old. Nobody, and I mean nobody, can reliably predict that Coy will still identify as female after going through puberty. In Coy’s case, a reasonable accommodation has been offered by the school district — Coy (born with typical male genitalia) may use the staff restroom or a restroom in the school nurse’s office, but not the girls’ restroom.

Get off your soapbox, Mr. and Mrs. Mathis. You’re either nuts or you’re trolling for $$$ from a large cash settlement in a lawsuit and the sale of book/movie rights. (Maybe both, as the two aren’t mutually exclusive).

“Utopia Power & Light”

By Max R. Weller

See the article from the online Daily Camera. Comment by “yesiyam” follows, copied in its entirety:

A three hour session?

Any group of 9 reasonably sane individuals would have spent 5 minutes, max, to declare the idea of municipalization off-the-charts crazy.

Were you waking up every day thinking, “You know, the city of Boulder really needs to do a hostile takeover of the Xcel Energy Company,” before this madness was instigated by a very small collection of enviro-radicals and transplanted anti-capitalist zealots? Before favorable “analysis” was concocted by the “city’s consultants”- who, incidentally, are lined up on Canyon Blvd. halfway to Nederland for their chunk of the muni’s bottomless fee gold mine?

Nobody was.

Boulder’s move to seize Xcel’s business here has nothing to do with energy sources or environmental concerns. Those are just pretexts for the true objective: A HUGE EXPANSION OF BOULDER CITY GOVERNMENT! This means more power for government to exercise control over people’s lives. Greater control, of you and your money, is Boulder city government’s sole purpose in taking over Xcel.

Are you aware that this boondoggle will cost taxpayers at least $500,000,000? Notice how that tiny little detail now gets left out of all the meetings and articles about “analysis” and “models.” Certainly can’t let something so inconsequential as economic reality get in the way of a good “Boulder Saves Mankind” fairy tale.

If we wanted to go out and UNNECESSARILY spend half a billion dollars like this; we could do things that would transform this city and the lives of every resident and family in it for the better. Not give a half a billion away to Xcel, lawyers, consultants, and city bureaucrats for the remote possibility of dubious small improvements in a commodity WE ALREADY HAVE.

Read that again: A HALF A BILLION DOLLARS. Now call the city and ask why the snow isn’t plowed on the side streets, or why the shattered sidewalk on your block hasn’t been replaced, or why weeds have taken over the medians. Ask them why streets that have fallen apart aren’t repaired, or why there is virtually no public art in this town, no beautification programs, why this or that basic service is being reduced, or why amenities found in cities everywhere are missing here.

They will tell you: “There’s no money.” Think about that.

If Utopia Power and Light opens shop in Boulder your electricity and gas rates will SKYROCKET. Have you ever seen the price for anything controlled by the government go in any direction but up? Way up?

If you believe that UP&L’s rates will be equivalent or lower than Xcel’s for longer than the blink of an eye than you need to look at the rate history around here for government run bus service, recreation centers, water service, sewer service, new higher fees constantly tacked on to everything, etc., etc.

You might also compare Utopia Power and Light’s pricing promises with the guarantees you received that your medical insurance premiums were going to go down by at least $2500 under Obamacare. Lies like these are ALWAYS part of the playbook used to sell large government takeovers and expansions.

This insanity, “municipalization,” was almost stopped dead in its tracks by the outcome of the 2011 election on ballot issues 2B (13,137 For vs. 12,996 Against) and 2C (13,555 vs 12,662). Just a few hundred votes the other way and it would’ve been lights out for UP&L. That close.

The plug needs to be pulled on this bad pipe dream NOW, once and for all.

The only thing I’ll add to this powerful commentary is that Boulder, CO has no chance whatsoever of reducing its huge carbon footprint so long as 50,000+ commuters are driving to and from their jobs every workday. City of Boulder housing policy makes it impossible for these workers to live here, and this is by design; the design of a corrupt political machine, PLAN-Boulder, to inflate real estate values to the grossest extent, carried out over the course of decades and intended to make Boulder a wealthy white enclave within the state of Colorado. The members of Boulder City Council and city bureaucrats are players in this scheme, following the script they’ve been handed.

Addendum 2/27/2013: Xcel open records request to City of Boulder.

What is wrong with the minds of these parents?

By Max R. Weller

See this disturbing story in the Denver Post.

I daresay there is no such thing as a transgender 6-year-old.

Nobody cares if Coy Mathis (born with typical male genitalia) wants to wear dresses, play with dolls, and otherwise be sugar and spice . . . But using the girls’ restroom at school, when options like the staff restroom or a restroom in the school nurse’s office are being offered? No. Nobody is forcing this 6-year-old to use the boys’ restroom.

The issue here, it seems to me, is the insanity of Coy’s parents. Why are they labeling this very young child? It’s okay for Coy to wait a few more years until puberty or beyond before deciding if “transgender” fits. (It may or may not at that point). Assuming it does, physically mature female schoolmates may object to Coy using the girls’ restroom, and why shouldn’t they be able to enjoy their privacy? A reasonable accommodation will be in order, one that doesn’t involve offending the modesty of young ladies.

In a homeless shelter where I was employed, reStart in Kansas City, MO, adult transgender clients slept in the dayroom instead of either the mens’ or womens’ dorms and they used the staff restroom located in another part of the building. They could shower in the morning when all of the other homeless people had left. At Boulder Shelter for the Homeless similar accommodations are made; there is a room intended for medical respite which is now used by the transgender clients for sleeping, and I believe it has its own toilet and shower. (Those who have actually had the surgery to bring their anatomy in line with their gender identity are assigned to the appropriate dorm on that basis).

In this litigious society we live in, it’s possible that the parents of Coy Mathis are going to pursue a lawsuit in hopes of gaining a large cash settlement. Who knows? I see no grounds for it, but I’m just an ignorant layman observing a 6-year-old child caught up in political correctness run amok.

Addendum 2/27/2013: ‘An interview with Kathryn Mathis’

Quoting from it: Coy, Max, and Lily are 3 1/2 year old triplets. Coy is our special little neuro-typical child.

Apparently, the term “neuro-typical” is most often applied to kids who are not autistic and fall within the so-called normal range of behavior. In any case, this interview mentions nothing at all about the younger Coy identifying as a girl.

Gimme my Obama phone!

By Max R. Weller

Really, I haven’t been living in a cave; I’ve known for years that many homeless people have cell phones. A few of ’em I know use this technology to keep in touch with employers; one example being my friend who labors during the wintertime shovelling snow for a private contractor, and also works in landscaping the rest of the year. He pays for that cell phone and the necessary minutes himself. Most of the homeless people I’ve observed use their cell phones and many hours each month in idle gossip with each other, sometimes when the lazy bums are both inside Boulder Shelter for the Homeless — no more than 50′ apart in different rooms. No doubt, a cell phone is also the most convenient way to stay in touch with one’s dope connection.

For some time now, BSH has been offering to assist its clients in obtaining so-called Obama phones despite a landline available there for free. To me, a luddite-at-heart, this is ridiculous if not crazy.

Disclosure: I’ve never owned a cell phone, but I frequently offer to fix the intrusive and annoying ring tones I hear at inappropriate times with a hammer. Honestly, does anyone need to answer the phone while using the toilet or taking a shower? Or engage in loud conversation about nothing of importance on a crowded bus? Silliest of all are these characters walking around with hands-free devices, speaking and gesturing like lunatics of a bygone era into the thin air: “Hello, Harvey? It’s your friend, Elwood. Say, Harvey, let’s get together and share a jug of rotgut vodka. Liquor Mart is having a sale. Meet you about noon at the library, okay? Okay . . .”

Because I regarded the 2012 presidential election seriously, I missed out on this YouTube video from last September. Now that I’ve finally watched it, I must agree it’s a classic.

Best practices from homeless shelter/services providers

By Max R. Weller

Do you think these are to be found in Boulder, CO? No, hell no . . . Three examples of truly progressive thinking in re homelessness below:

Casa Esperanza Homeless Center in Santa Barbara, CA.

Front Steps-ARCH in Austin, TX.

Haven for Hope in San Antonio, TX (link to City of San Antonio, Department of Human Services).

Bringing homeless shelter/services to a single location is the common denominator for these organizations. It’s not only better for the homeless people seeking help, it makes it much easier for the authorities to monitor the situation. Here in Boulder, by pitiful contrast, homeless sheltering and services are scattered all over the city’s 25 square miles — and the influx of scores (or maybe even hundreds) of transients from Denver and elsewhere exacerbates the negative impacts of this very poor planning. Have you visited Central Park in downtown Boulder, lately?

See progressive defined (1b). Then consider backward (2c). Judge for yourself which word most accurately describes Boulder’s approach to homelessness. Clue: a synonym is FUBAR.

Boulder, CO needs a homeless people’s day center open all week

By Max R. Weller

And there is only one viable option —


Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, 4869 N. Broadway

Don’t even remind me of Bridge House at 1120 1/2 Pine; it’s a tiny firetrap which routinely violates the 25 person occupancy limit per order of the Boulder Fire Marshal. Because this so-called day center is so cramped, many transients who patronize it are forced to loiter outside, before they summon the courage to elbow their way inside for a plate of beans and rice or a cup of the worst coffee I’ve ever tasted. (Disclosure: I haven’t been to this dump in almost four years, but by all accounts it hasn’t improved). And its downtown location enables Denver bums to wander over to Pearl Street Mall, Boulder Creek Path/Central Park, and University Hill to no good purpose. Worst of all: it’s only open Monday through Friday from 9AM to 3PM and is closed on weekends, and a Saturday or Sunday snowstorm causes real problems for the homeless during the day. Boulder Public Library is NOT a homeless people’s day center, NOR are businesses hoping to attract paying customers.

By great contrast, Boulder Shelter for the Homeless is a multimillion dollar facility of recent construction. It has a spacious day room, a TV room, washing machines ($1 per load) and dryers (free) available, showers, a few dozen small storage lockers, and a large kitchen/dining room. From October 15th through April 30th, BSH’s emergency dorms are open overnight to single adult men and women. Intake is from 5 to 7PM, and everyone must leave by 8AM. It has a 160 person occupancy limit, and the nightly “overflow” is accommodated by a network of local churches and a synagogue managed by Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow.

Why not keep BSH open 7 days a week from 9AM to 4PM? This would solve a lot of problems for everyone, and I’m confident that Boulder PD and Boulder County SO would step up to the task of protecting that neighborhood if asked to do so by Greg Harms, executive director of BSH. With the facility open during the day, I believe that most bums would stay indoors rather than loitering outside and getting into trouble. After all, it is a so-called wet shelter — meaning that you can come in if you’re under the influence, so long as you behave decently and leave your alcoholic beverages outside. If you can’t do that, law enforcement officers should transport you to the detox center or to jail. Drunks passing out in ditches should never be tolerated anywhere in the city and its environs.

Also, there should be a new policy adopted giving first priority to homeless people who can show valid photo ID with a Boulder County address; transients from Denver and elsewhere going to the end of the line. If the occupancy limit of 160 is reached during the day, transients might be given the $5 bus ticket on RTD back to Denver, unless BOHO is able to open daytime overflow shelters.

As far as I’m concerned, Bridge House ought to be closed as a public nuisance.

Lies, damned lies, and statistics

By Max R. Weller

See the report — I use the word loosely — in the Daily Camera. Quoting from it below:

Boulder Mayor Matt Appelbaum said the city’s modeling represents an impressive and thorough analysis of the available data, and that critics should bring specific suggestions for improving the modeling.

I think that “Mayor” Appelbaum, chosen by his city council cronies in a backroom deal and not elected by the voters, sees and hears only what favors this boondoggle. For the pro-muni crowd, it’s “Alice’s Adventures in [Boulderland]” and down the rabbit hole we go.