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Choose to change your outlook, even in bad circumstances!

Yes, I know, the Homeless Philosopher does more than his fair share of complaining. I move on from it after using my bully pulpit to challenge the corrupt status quo. And in fact, if you look closely, you’ll see that things are slowly changing in how people perceive homelessness. They are now much more apt to use critical thinking skills when presented with the homeless shelter / services industry’s spiel about spending many millions of dollars on housing for relatively few being sound public policy.

I never allow the fools who call themselves “homeless advocates” to make me bitter against society, or envious of those who have more of everything, or to otherwise sap my mental energy in self-destructive emotions brought out in an online pity party.

What they’re doing is a travesty of compassion, and in my view they’re only exploiting the poor and homeless to make themselves into heroic figures in the eyes of those who are most vulnerable.

We must put aside self-pity just as we do alcohol and other mind-altering drugs.

I concluded years ago that I would adapt to my homeless camping lifestyle, rather than whine and moan about it. It worked for me, and for a few others I’ve known, and I consider it a great achievement that the do-gooders hate my message.


I bet dollars to donuts that Sammie pleads guilty

You never know, however. Sammie loves the spotlight and plenty of Boulder liberals are egging him on . . . BUT, his attorney has an ethical duty to give him sound legal advice, and I can’t imagine she’d want to put him on the witness stand in his own defense.


Is Aaron Brockett the worst Boulder City Council member?

Hard to say if he’s the worst, because there are so many unworthy yahoos on that befuddled panel of pseudo-progressives . . .


Hungry Asylum update 6/29/2019

Grandpa Simpson (Angry) - This place is a dump!

This morning at 4AM, the crazy woman across the hall started yelling nonstop because a CNA displeased her in some way. Of course, she felt compelled to wake everyone on this hall with her Big Mouth; my door was closed, but her bitching was so loud I heard her anyway. The other woman in that room is also a nut, who stays up all night listening to TV and gradually increasing the volume until it also disturbs me. Both of ’em belong in Fort Logan, on heavy doses of Xanax.

My so-called Care Conference on Wednesday was a waste of time, but I’m happy that nothing was said about booting me out. I frankly told them that if I felt I’d be able to survive living as a homeless camper again, I’d have already walked out the door. They were unaware that I don’t receive monthly benefits from any source, from which I’d get $84 after they take the rest. I figure they make enough off of this Cash Cow as is, with Health First Colorado a.k.a. Medicaid paying 100% of the costs of my imprisonment. At least the black racist social services director kept her stupid mouth shut, and will apparently leave me be in the future.

One good thing is that I’m able to get BACON for breakfast most mornings. I just wish they’d learn what a hard-fried egg is; mine usually have runny yolks. I’m so starved because of the skimpy portions served that I eat everything on my plate, whether it’s what I ordered or not. (I ate better living outdoors, using donations from friendly passersby to buy food at King Soopers.)

My roommate continues to be a worthless lump. One of the staff physicians tried to discuss his wound, an incision from back surgery two months ago which stubbornly refuses to heal, and Trazodone Man launched into an irrelevant tale from childhood about his bouts with ear infections back in the ’50s. I can’t see any indication that he actually wants to get better, at least to the point where he could get out of bed and into his wheelchair to go to the toilet and elsewhere in the facility. (I’d rather be dead than as helpless as some of these lazy louts, who choose to wallow in their misery.)

I will say it would be nice to receive a “care package” with various snacks like vienna sausages, dry roasted peanuts, Milky Way candy bars, and crunchy Cheetos. Folks are too busy these days to ship anything to me, and UN relief workers haven’t returned to Hungry Asylum since I cursed ’em out as a bunch of queers and commies . . .

TCM is running Tarzan the Ape Man from 1932 now, with Johnny Weissmuller and Maureen O’Sullivan in the lead roles, so I’ll wrap up this post.


The Denver Post lies constantly

Did you see Vampira-Cortez, in a photo from a year ago, shedding fake tears as she gazed upon a parking lot at a detention facility somewhere near the border? When called out on it, her defenders said something to this effect: “But, there are children locked up inside those buildings in this concentration camp!”

It’s no surprise that Uncle Joe Biden leads the polls of Democratic candidates; he’s not any more electable now than in the past when he ran, but the rest of ’em are just off-the-rails crazy.

Example: Some clown named Castro, whom I’d never heard of, advocated for the right of transgender women (biological MALES) to have unrestricted access to abortions (even though it’s impossible for anyone lacking ovaries and a uterus to become pregnant).

WTF? Time is growing short for the Donkey Party to get serious about winning in 2020.


Tweets 6/28/2019


Here’s something Lexington, MO needs to fix right now:

In the recent past, the city had a very useful website with city ordinances, city council agendas & minutes of meetings, reports from the mayor (whoever it may be) and city administrator (whoever it may be), news and info from various city departments, etc.

Then, for reasons unknown to the general public, it disappeared . . . What you see now is this:

Click on image to enlarge.

Maybe folks back in the old hometown will become more motivated to attend city council meetings, study the issues for themselves, and most of all VOTE. It’s only a small fraction of those eligible to vote who are giving us the elected officials we’ve had since the ’80s.

(Btw, I was a terrible city council member, completely shocked by what I found going on at City Hall in April, 1992 and at a loss as to how it might be corrected.)

Perhaps the younger generation will finally be able to put aside the delusional thinking that life in the 1850s is something to be celebrated (after you sanitize it to remove the stink of slavery, of course).

What Lexington, MO needs in the 21st Century is economic growth and  good-paying jobs employing local workers; accomplish this, and all sorts of benefits will flow from it!

Joe Aull could still be a part of moving the town forward, but after the way he was mistreated by other city officials nobody has any right to demand this of him.

Food for thought . . .