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Former Boulder Community Hospital site on Broadway

The BUM-sniffing homeless advocates have long lusted after this complex, seeing it as another something-for-nothing panacea for homelessness in Boulder, CO.


Crusty Dave is going downhill

The guy eats lots of yogurt, which doesn’t agree with everyone, and he swallows the juice from his smokeless tobacco addiction (no trace of a “spit cup” anywhere in his area).

If I ever get to the point he’s at now, I hope someone will just shoot me right between the eyes. As it is, however, Crusty is a cash cow for Hungry Asylum, as ALL residents are.

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Crusty Dave reaches a milestone!

Unfortunately, the highly-publicized government shutdown will NOT stop Medicare / Medicaid from paying umpteen thousands of $$$ monthly to Hungry Asylum for this appalling level of therapeutic care.

Crusty’s biological father was the infamous Charles Manson, and perhaps this explains his ability to manipulate friends, family members, and staff here to wait on him hand and foot:

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The bounty of Hungry Asylum:

The last Christmas I spent at my homeless campsite in north Boulder was in 2016, when high winds and snow forced me to retreat into my burrow by 9AM. (Being a holiday, nothing was open and it was too blustery to sit on the wall in front of the Mexican restaurant in the 4900 block of N. Broadway.)

Christmas 2017 I arrived here at Hungry Asylum, transferring from Boulder Community Hospital after my heart attack and some other chronic medical issues.

All things considered, I’d rather spend this Christmas of 2018 back in my burrow. Alas, those carefree days and nights are over for me . . .


Latest Crusty Dave news

It’s getting DEEP in the room I share with Crusty Dave a.k.a. World’s Laziest Man. He’s telling friends and family members over the phone that therapists make him exercise “four hours every day.” He hasn’t done that much TOTAL in the six weeks he’s been here at Hungry Asylum!

Crusty Dave, who can barely use a walker when a therapist is urging him on, still tells people he’s moving to an assisted living facility in January. The staff here has informed him that NO such facility will accept anyone in his pathetic shape, so he’d better start working . . .

He also says he’s going to sell the three-bedroom home in south Boulder he trashed out, over the course of years spent in a drunken stupor, to We Buy Ugly Houses.

I wonder what his HOA thinks about the whole deal . . . BTW, one online source values his property at $580,933. (Yeah, right.)

I can tell you this much, if I had a home to live in I wouldn’t be here at Hungry Asylum surrounded by Froot Loops like Crusty Dave, who talks just like the late comedian Foster Brooks.


Please, Chief Justice Roberts, help kill this horrible law!

NEVER has it been about doctors and patients and health care per se. Example: the relatively poor quality of care in the facility where I reside, despite the exorbitant amount of dollars paid by Medicaid to the corporate owner.

Drive a stake through the heart of this corrupt, blood-sucking law . . .

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One viable alternative:


Another event for Ripley:

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A physical therapist here at Hungry Haven actually took Crusty Dave, my most recent mentally ill roommate, to the gym this morning. IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME!

He should be getting out of bed on his own and walking over to the toilet during the night, instead of making a Big Deal out of calling the CNA on duty to change his diaper (and last night his bedding, too). Remember, he was originally to be here only 20 days for rehab per Medicare. Apparently, his stay has been extended . . .

He’s so proud of himself for doing a bit of exercise that he promptly started calling friends and family to announce his gym visit, as well as his bowel movement earlier, which required the assistance of staff to put his crusty butt on the throne.

This is Crusty Dave’s 30th day in this facility, and he’s showered a total of 3 times. I don’t know if he’s going to dodge hot water and soap again today, but the smart money will bet on it.

Right now, lunch is arriving for those of us who prefer to eat in our rooms (I’m right outside in the hall) and the wet brain fool is sitting in his wheelchair, as the therapist insisted he do rather than crawl back into bed. (Another sign of progress which could have occurred weeks ago.)

BTW, seedless grapes are on the menu, and I’m certain Crusty Dave will ask someone to peel them for him.