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‘A few suggestions for Boulder leaders’

Read the letter-to-the-editor of the Daily Camera here.

Copied below in its entirety:

Boulder and her leadership have always had an irritating and condescending superior “attitude.” City leaders and council members lead the big-thinking elitists who have cultivated a well-earned reputation for “progressive” ideas and actions. Included in the “braintrust” are some of the left-leaning and intellectual elites from the university community.

Being so bright and forward-leaning, you would expect these “big” thinkers to easily glimpse solutions to local problems.

So how about Boulder’s homeless problem that seems to defy solution?

Visited any of our public libraries or parks lately? The solution seems obvious. Our parks and libraries have already been allowed to become havens and gathering sanctuaries for Boulder’s ever-growing homeless population. Why not add rooms, meals, activities? Free needles would make them more accommodating and cost effective.

Ever wondered if City Council members ever invite a homeless vagrant to their home for a shower, clothes washing and a hot meal? Dream on. They are quick, however, to make our taxpayers’ public resources and facilities ever-expanding homeless sanctuaries.

How about them prairie dogs that are so protected and adored? You can bet if a prairie rat started a family in the city manager’s or City Council member’s yard, the chemical eradication teams would be out and applying toxic controls in a New York minute.

A challenge to you city leaders — show leadership and take a vagrant homeless person to your home for conversation, clean up and nice meal or maybe adopt a prairie dog family to start a colony in your yard.

For the intellectuals up there in the towers of learning at CU, why not start a unique university program for the homeless offering free tuition and living assistance (room and board) for those who apply? That seems a Bernie Sanders idea of university caliber.

Charles Robinson



Well, I’ve long advocated for those who are able to do so (on a short-term basis in wintertime, at least) to adopt a bum.

And I also believe that the Sociology Department at CU would benefit greatly by inviting the Homeless Philosopher to appear as a guest lecturer on homelessness. Under no circumstances, however, should CU offer a platform for the self-styled homeless advocates in Boulder, CO — men and women who are shameless shills for the corrupt homeless shelter / services industry. They haven’t a clue about the subject.



My heart attack on Wednesday

By Max R. Weller

When I woke up around 5 on Wednesday morning, I had a sharp pain in the middle of my back and I mistakenly thought it was another kidney stone starting its journey to my bladder. No such luck . . . I went on to Norlin Library on the CU campus, and by early afternoon the pain was in my left arm and both jaws, I was dizzy, couldn’t catch my breath, and had no energy at all. ALL of the classic heart attack indicators except for sweating. I asked the security office to call the paramedics. They quickly arrived and hooked up the EKG, which showed a coronary artery blockage on the right side. I was transported to Boulder Community Hospital with lights and siren activated around 2PM.

I was rolled into an ER suite and it seemed that there were a dozen people there; my cardiologist was Dr. R., who told me that I was having a heart attack and they were taking me upstairs to do a Balloon Angioplasty and Stent procedure.

It was unsuccessful, because the blockage was on the bottom of my heart in a very narrow artery and the catheter couldn’t get in to open things up. That’s the BAD news.

The GOOD news is that the small area damaged is NOT crucial to my heart’s functioning, and I can be treated with high blood pressure meds and blood thinners. (I got a month’s supply for free from Boulder Community Health.)

I was discharged yesterday afternoon, having remained stable for 48 hours. My only pain now is in my right groin where the catheter was inserted. I’m also dizzy, but was told to expect that from the medication. Dr. R. says that he doesn’t expect any further trouble.

Again, I’d like to thank everyone at BCH!