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Interesting comment following this article in the Daily Camera — “From my vantage as an insider, the local non-profit community is, regrettably, often quite the converse of what many supporters and donors might wish, or imagine. Some are very well-funded, managed by entrenched, long-term executives ‘overseen’ by handpicked, rubber-stamp boards, accountable to nearly no one, chronically disinterested in making a real difference in people’s lives, unable to define the words integrity or honesty, maintaining well-developed skills of arrogance and hubris, who want nothing more than their target population to remain forever dependent on their self-professed good works.” Well put!

It seems to me that the cowardly, anonymous commentators online at the Daily Camera would lead much happier and more productive lives if they simply STOPPED reading this community blog, which obviously upsets them greatly. They might also consider some counseling to deal with their control issues, as exemplified by “Bleeth” complaining that public libraries are (gasp!) open to me. WTF? If some generous sponsor ever gives me a laptop for my very own, Bleeth and his ilk will get their panties all in a bunch about that, too. Get your own blog, and call it the Froot Loop Rant.

BTW, I’ve briefly looked at the comments following certain articles in the Denver Post online. It’s altogether a more intelligent and somewhat more civil forum than what prevails at the DC here in America’s Smartest City.

I’ve had stuff stolen from my campsite before, including all of my gear on two occasions this past winter. Yesterday was a first, however: some miscreant stole only one bag of groceries from King Soopers (I have several) which contained a partial box of Keebler Club Crackers and two cans of Campbell’s Vegetable Beef Soup, which I’d been looking forward to wolfing down for my 8PM dinner. Instead, I ate a can of beans. I can’t get too worked up by anyone stealing food, but I’d prefer that they ask for my help rather than steal. With all of the free food given away at various venues for the homeless in Boulder, CO it’s ridiculous to go hungry even if you’re flat broke. And quit selling your food stamp benefits for 50 cents on the dollar to get likker and dope money! Feed yourself instead.

It’s a dramatic difference at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless in the mornings now without over 100 transients’ body odor, noise enough for 500 ordinary people to make, and overcrowding everywhere in the facility. Quite pleasant, really, with none of the tension present during the winter season. I enjoyed my usual cup of hot instant coffee, made ramen noodles in my Thermos for lunch, and took along some leftover sausage pizza which I had for breakfast a while ago in front of Norlin Library.

Speaking of CU, it’s great that there is expected to be an influx of Iraq and Afghanistan vets using the GI Bill to attend this institution. It will add a much-needed level of maturity to the student body as a whole. I doubt any of these vets will be recklessly skateboarding all over or trashing the west entrance to Norlin Library with cigarette butts (ignoring the NO SMOKING IN THIS AREA signs). This year’s freshman class at CU must all be prodigies, because they behave as if they’re 14 years old. Parents, you ought to spy on them and see for yourself; you might then reconsider the financial burden you’ve assumed on their behalf. McDonald’s is always hiring.

I love sleeping outside during the summer, and last night there was a lightning display to the north to enjoy watching. Too far distant to hear thunder, however.

A view of homeless camping in Anchorage, AK here. Better to sleep outdoors there, too, rather than getting stabbed by a jealous woman in the Housing First project, Karluk Manor.

Foråret er den tid til at gøre mælkebøtte vin, som er fantastisk til at vaske ned syltet rensdyr tungen.


‘Denver’s proposed camping ban passes council on first reading’ from the Denver Post. And the vote was 9-4 in favor, so we can confidently predict that it will gain final approval on May 14th and become law.

Today marks the END of overnight emergency sheltering at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless until October 15th. This past season has been the worst in my experience since 2008, with more of the riff-raff from Denver and elsewhere coming here than ever before. All they do is grab resources from Boulder County’s own homeless people; hang out drinking and smoking dope and partying day and night on Pearl Street Mall, Boulder Creek Path, and University Hill; engage in all manner of petty crimes, with other homeless people frequently the victims; trash facilities which welcome them; destroy the peace and jeopardize the safety of citizens in neighborhoods like the one surrounding BSH; and in general show no respect for themselves, no respect for others, and no respect for our fair city. It’s long overdue for Boulder’s homeless shelter/services industry to begin giving priority to our own homeless people in need — by requiring a valid Colorado photo ID with a Boulder County address from prospective clients. All others to the end of the line for what’s left, if anything.

Bridge House ought to be helping transients with the $5 bus fare back to Denver, and perhaps giving them a couple of PB&J sandwiches and a small carton of organic milk to go. But go they must, and the sooner the better! Denver’s Road Home is paying the Salvation Army Crossroads Shelter $75,000 to keep that facility’s 200 beds open through October, and other arrangements are being made for more shelter space over the summer. There is no shelter in Boulder until October 15th, unless Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow opens an emergency warming center on a night meeting their criteria for temps and precipitation. And a reminder to Denver transients: camping on public property within Boulder city limits is illegal, and camping on private property requires the express consent of the owner. You’re better off leaving town, as I’m sure that Boulder PD will be beating the bushes looking for you. Do not follow me to find a campsite!

Even the birds sounded more joyful this morning, when I awakened before 5AM. Could they have known that the bums begin leaving here today?

It will be a pleasant change for me, standing on the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36 in the afternoon/evening hours, and NOT seeing the hordes of Denver transients waiting to get into BSH. Even better will be going inside that facility at 6AM for my morning shower and NOT being assaulted by the collective body odor of over 100 people (who must be allergic to soap and water). NOR will I have to listen to their loud and silly conversations, usually about where to find all sorts of Free Stuff here in Boulder.

[North Denver] Shelter for the Homeless

It’s a new day, thank goodness! At least until the hordes return on October 15th . . .


Update on Denver’s homeless crisis here. Since more shelter beds will be made available over the summer in Denver, and Boulder Shelter for the Homeless closes its emergency overnight dorms as of tomorrow, it behooves authorities here to encourage transients to leave Boulder ASAP. In response to my question about Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow also being closed for the season, I received this answer from them: “BOHO doesn’t have a firm cut off date. If the weather is dangerous, BOHO will arrange an emergency warming center but the location and times may differ from the schedule during the 2011-2012 season. This is the last day, however, of daily notifications about the warming center status. Until next fall, announcements will only be made if an emergency warming center will be open.”

I certainly don’t want to see a replay of the Summer of 2010 in north Boulder, when a score or more homeless people were drinking and partying all night, and one hillbilly calling himself “Tennessee” was setting fires. Round ‘em up and ship ‘em back to Denver, pronto! If they need an inducement to get on the bus, how about their favorite rotgut vodka in the big 1.75 liter jug? (About $10 at most liquor stores). Of course, you wouldn’t hand ‘em their booze until the bus has pulled into Market Street Station. Well worth the modest cost for Boulder authorities to get rid of these sociopathic transients! 

The weather is perfect outdoors overnight. Only brief showers this month of April, but even the occasional ripsnorting thunderstorm is always welcomed by this Homeless Philospher from the safety and comfort of his burrow. Lately, I’ve enjoyed watching meteors which seem much more frequent here in Colorado than back in Missouri; maybe it’s the higher altitude that makes more of them visible. And the High Plains mosquitoes are just sissies compared to their vicious kinfolk in the Show Me state. I can simply wave my hand at Colorado skeeters and they fly away to another county; Missouri skeeters would call for reinforcements, and commence a kamikaze attack.

I run a cold camp — no fire for cooking — so I eat mine raw, but for those of you with access to a kitchen here are some recipes good for this time of year, when the rattlers are coming out of hibernation.

I’m still pondering whether or not to start cowriting a book in re homelessness, with a solid citizen who lives in the area. Certainly, it would be a positive way for me to fill a lot of hours. Even if we undertake this project and are able to find a publisher, it’s unlikely there would be any great financial benefit — so the work would have to be its own reward.

Next time you hear or read any public pronouncement coming from the local homeless shelter/services industry, specifically by either Betsey Martens of Boulder Housing Partners or Greg Harms of Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, keep this image in mind:

Yes, folks, it’s nothing but fertilizer.


The cowardly anonymous poster from Daily Camera online, Bleeth, tried to come onto my blog and start ranting. I approved his comment so I could “capture” his e-mail and IP addresses. Then, he tried to pee on my turf with another comment; I deleted it, I deleted his original comment, and I blocked his IP. Who do these Boulder Blowhards think they are, anyway? Sheesh!

To the Boulder elites in re homelessness, I say this: You Feel Good-types have created this enabling strategy, and it brings in tons of money, employing a lot of social workers, case managers, mental health counselors, addiction counselors, etc. If it were up to me, I’d dismantle it in a heartbeat. Guess what? I’d still be living as I do now, except perhaps for finding somewhere else to shower every morning. And I’d still be refusing to bow down before Boulder Blowhards.

Yet another needless death of a homeless person here in Boulder, CO. To me, it would make no difference whatsoever if this death had occurred in the Wet House proposed for 1175 Lee Hill, instead of along Boulder Creek. Ultimately, each chronic inebriate is responsible for his own fate; they simply don’t look out for each other as they should. BTW, there may be more than one “Bear” among the homeless here, but the one I know fried his brain decades ago and can’t even tie his shoelaces; an example of why we need adequate levels of public funding for psychiatric facilities and group homes.

A few thoughts: 1) Boulder, CO needs to have a detox facility modeled after Denver CARES and its Emergency Service Patrol. 2) Public Intoxication per se needs to be made a municipal offense; currently it isn’t, and things tend to escalate before the police can intervene. 3) The homeless people’s day center should be moved FAR AWAY from downtown (how about to 4869 N. Broadway?) to reduce the numbers of transients hanging out both day and night along Boulder Creek Path, Pearl Street Mall, and University Hill. 4) For sober transients caught violating any minor city ordinance, they could be offered the option of getting on the bus to Denver rather than being ticketed. Their $5 fare paid by the city would be very cost-effective in the long run. And 5) I understand that Boulder Public Library has much stricter rules for “patrons” currently under review by the City Attorney, and this is long overdue.

I enjoyed the patter of raindrops on my tarp overnight, and I managed to stay warm and dry. My campsite is in a good spot where I can be alone; I hope there won’t be a bunch of homeless piggybackers start following me around on May 1st, when the emergency overnight dorms at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless close for the season. Back in Summer of 2010, there were a dozen of these wretches causing all sorts of problems and I couldn’t get away from them until that October of ’10.

I’m considering collaborating with someone (a solid citizen who lives in the area) on a book about homelessness. It’s an interesting idea, but requires a lot more thought before we undertake what could be a project lasting for many moons.

Tonight at my campsite: chicken wings from King Soopers.


Out of 30,000 students at CU, only a few hundred participated in anything with the potential to be disruptive on 4/20, and they were joined by an equal or greater number of trust-funders (posing in solidarity with the Common Man) and transients (looking for free marijuana). Along with Drunken Mall Crawlers and Nekkid Punkin Pervs, it looks now like 4/20 Cannabis Fiends are history here in Boulder, CO. According to police there were more onlookers than protesters, about 400 to 300. CU-Boulder’s “99%” were law-abiding.

As I walked across Norlin Quad a while ago about 9:30AM, from the SKIP stop at Broadway & Pleasant to Norlin Library, I didn’t notice any fishy odor at all from yesterday morning’s application of fertilizer. It was a pastoral scene, very good for one’s peace of mind. Almost nobody else around, either.

I did well in terms of cash donations received between 3:40 and 6:10PM yesterday at my corner in north Boulder; almost $35, which works out to $14/hour. In fact, this rates as excellent in my experience as a humble beggar there. As I usually do, I then rode the SKIP around its circuit once and retired to my campsite about 8PM. Dinner was Frito Pie (canned chili dumped into a bag of corn chips) and a bottle of a local beer called Hazed & Infused, given to me by a passerby. I sleep alone and outdoors, too, and the wild critters never complain about the gastrointestinal consequences of my diet.

Here’s a product which would be, I think, a huge success among the inebriates from Denver and elsewhere who vacation here — if it’s sold at bargain prices like the paint thinner they usually buy.

Only 10 more nights left at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless. Beginning May 1st, only program residents will be able to stay overnight. I’ve got news for you transients, who have been wandering around this north Boulder neighborhood since last October 15th to no good purpose: it’s time for you to leave our fair city. Never before in the years I’ve lived here have I seen such a bunch of drunks and thieves as this season’s crew. I’ve lost a lot of good camping gear to no-good bums. Nobody who resides here wants you hanging out all summer, not even other homeless people like me who live here year-round. Go back to Denver, a city which has far more resources for the homeless than we do in Boulder, CO.



“Nasty, dirty politics and the lust for gov’t funds. Remember this at the voting booth, a bureaucrat and her lap dogs are permitted to run this town. A victory for deceit and manipulation. Welcome to Martensville – Gateway of Boulder.” This comment following the Daily Camera’s article on last night’s betrayal, by Boulder City Council, of the north Boulder neighborhood where I’ve lived for over four years sums it up well.

Adding insult to injury, the Boulder Public Library Commission and BPL Director Valerie Maginnis are working together with Greg Harms of Boulder Shelter for the Homeless to develop a “pocket library” in this neighborhood. Won’t be any of the parents I know taking their kids to it.

The two examples above of the City of Boulder dumping all over this one part of our fair city make for a powerful argument in favor of REFORMING how city council members are elected. Currently, of course, all are elected at-large; and nobody is representing any particular district with its own legitimate needs and concerns. It’s a travesty of representative government, sponsored by the PLAN-Boulder cabal and other entrenched elites.

Only 13 more nights until BSH closes its emergency dorms on May 1st. It seems apparent to me that this season, since October 15th, has seen more transients than ever before here in Boulder. It’s Boulder County’s own homeless people who suffer for it, of course, with bums from Denver and elsewhere grabbing everything they can just because it’s made available by our homeless shelter/services industry. Remember their creed: More Homeless People = More Money!

I feel very fortunate to still be able to live outdoors year-round (with the exception of about 24 nights this past winter spent in a motel or at my friends’ home in Longmont). It would literally drive me crazy to attempt to stay overnight with the lowest common denominator of the homeless which, for the most part, fills up BSH and the overflow shelters operated by Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow. Loud, stinky, rude, under the influence of various mind-altering substances, thieving, snoring, farting, belching, coughing and hacking and spitting up, with no more common sense than a fence post — but nobody in authority seems to be helping these poor souls develop any of the life skills that would make their existence so much more bearable. And still the scores of social workers, case managers, mental health counselors, addiction counselors, etc. are all making their living on the backs of these homeless clients. Is it any wonder that the Homeless Philosopher hates the so-called system and rejects falling into its clutches? Far better for me to live as a humble beggar, sleeping under the stars.

Maybe the best thing about lengthening daylight hours until the Summer Solstice is the free concerts provided by the birds, both when I arise at my campsite before 5AM and when I crawl into my burrow around 8PM. And I’m a hermit by choice, so I’m not distracted by the inane chatter of others who seem to be afraid to be alone with their own thoughts.

As I’ve said before: I love Boulder, it’s the phoniness I can’t stand.


Comment of the day by sb104 — “Good on CU. Now all that’s left to do is bask in the lamentations of the self-entitled trustafarians and stoners.” I see lots of other visitors on the CU campus today 4/14/2012 — prospective students and their parents — and I’m making use of Norlin Library, which is almost deserted. What I don’t see today is any individual with the guts to stand out on Norlin Quad, all alone, and fire up a joint in an exercise of his/her First Amendment right to free speech. Bunch of online pansies, anonymously whining about the “bullies” who won’t allow you to party on Norlin Quad.

I awoke thoroughly chilled this morning at the typical early hour, when I’m usually toasty warm in my burrow. I’d stopped wearing thermal underwear back in March because the weather was balmy, but this morning I dug ‘em out of my tiny locker at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless and put both top and bottom thermals back on after my hot shower. With a chance of rain and snow overnight, I’m better prepared this way.

I may have a new Internet stalker: some critter calling itself Bleeth. We had this exchange online following my recent letter-to-the-editor in the Daily Camera –

Max_Weller_HPC: I enjoyed some positive feedback from passersby yesterday afternoon on my corner. Again, it was middle class and working poor folks. One lady gave me a $50 bill! They’re all on their way out of Boulder, going to homes in the Real World, so my letter-to-the-editor about Boulder’s idle rich struck a chord. Put that in your bong and smoke it, trust-funders.

Bleeth: Wow. Scamming $50 from the middle class. How honorable and proud you must be.

Max_Weller_HPC: No, I’m humbled and honored by their generosity. I guess I shouldn’t tell you about the several times I’ve gotten $100 cash donations . . . Take it up with my sponsors, who will likely tell you to MYOB.

Bleeth is especially angered by my use of computers at libraries open to the general public –

Bleeth: Our generosity is the precise reason he gets to sit in the library and bloviate about the very environment that offers him that courtesy.

Max_Weller_HPC: Courtesy? My, my, aren’t you full of yourself! I’m here because I freely choose to be — and I don’t require your permission or approval. Get over yourself.

Bleeth: Of course you’re here. What other place offers a library with computers in it, paid for with my tax money that you can use free of charge, even though you contribute absolutely nothing but contempt for the very people that provide this service to you. You shower at the homeless shelter, another service you certainly don’t pay for. What do you do with all the rest of your free time? Oh yeah, b1tch, moan, gripe and complain about the very people that have given you this lifestyle. We’re overflowing with generosity here in Boulderia. You might remember that every once in a while.

Max_Weller_HPC: Uh, Kansas City, MO and Springfield, MO and Denver, CO and Salt Lake City, UT and Logan, UT and Long Beach, CA and the list goes on . . . Boulder, CO is not special in any way; again, get over yourself. I’ve donated to Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, Boulder County Cares (street outreach to the homeless), Attention Homes (for at-risk youth), and other worthy causes and I have the receipts in my wallet to prove it. The amounts were $100, $150, and $100 respectively in the first three instances. You don’t know me, and you’re too prejudiced to learn anything.

Bleeth was really upset by my comments following the article linked at the top of this post in re 4/20 at Norlin Quad, but you get the idea. He/she is one of the idle rich, and I’ll wager dollars to donuts on it, who sits around all day feeling smug about his/her Boulderness for lack of a better term. As the Hillbilly Sage Jed Clampett would say, “Pitiful, just pitiful.”

Here’s a guy from Longmont who has allowed himself to be used over and over again as a mouthpiece for Boulder’s homeless shelter/services industry, Tom deMers. Here’s the truth: Bridge House is a magnet for transients from Denver and elsewhere, and its downtown location enables the bums to continue hanging out to no good purpose on Pearl Street Mall, Boulder Creek Path, and University Hill. I haven’t gone there in 3 years, because it’s a place catering to the lowest common denominator and ignoring that other 80% of homeless who behave decently. Boulder Housing Partners’ proposed 31-unit Housing First project at 1175 Lee Hill is intended as PERMANENT SUPPORTIVE HOUSING — not transitional housing — for chronically homeless, single adult alcoholics/drug addicts with a dual diagnosis of mental illness. There will be NO requirement for clients to make any attempt to get clean and sober, and in fact they will be allowed to drink in their $200,000 apartments. Here’s the model of a Wet House:…. Tom deMers, please take off the blinders provided to you by Boulder’s homeless shelter/services industry, and stop helping them to deceive the public.

And now it’s time for lunch. Today, chicken salad sandwiches.


“Scrambling” sans proper training and equipment is stupid and reckless, no matter who is doing it, and it ought to be outlawed. Many apologists/enablers of this so-called sport think it’s a natural right to behave like a fool, but I continue to believe that society has a duty to protect the simpleminded from hurting themselves (or at least make an attempt to do so). When anyone is seriously injured or killed in this completely gratuitous manner, there is a negative ripple effect among many others — rescuers, friends, family members, et al. It should be noted that ALL skydivers, in sharp contrast to most scramblers and some climbers, are dedicated to training properly so as to minimize their risk — and those skydivers I’ve known don’t think it detracts from the thrill of the sport one little bit. It’s a mindset that all scramblers and climbers would do well to emulate. And training is available!

Boulder Housing Partners just held their lottery for Section 8 housing vouchers. The numbers are very discouraging. And yet, BHP wants to spend over $6 million to build a 31-unit Wet House at 1175 Lee Hill for chronically homeless, single adult alcoholics/drug addicts with a dual diagnosis of mental illness. Getting clean and sober will not be a requirement for remaining as a client in Housing First BHP-style, and this project will be located next door to the existing Boulder Shelter for the Homeless. It’s just crazy!

I’m glad that the Daily Camera finally got around to reporting this story, three days after I posted Occupiers vandalize sidewalks on CU’s Norlin Quad on this blog. Yes, all five students should be expelled. Attempts at power-washing the graffiti were not completely successful, and you can still see the pseudo-Marxist slogans and symbols.

What Boulder, CO really needs is a survey to determine how many thousands of the idle rich are hanging out all day, to no good purpose. We already know that there are around 1,000 homeless people here, at least 50% of them transients from Denver and elsewhere by my estimate. I think it likely that there are 10,000+ slackers w/trust funds (not all of whom are dressed in Spandex costumes, riding $4,000 bicycles, and sipping lattes) from ages 22 to 62 engaged in conspicuous displays of overbearing materialism, all the while pretending to be of liberal mind. The idle rich of Boulder, CO are everywhere you go, all day long, apparently not lifting a finger in support of themselves. Yes, they spend a lot of money earned by their parents and/or grandparents and contribute to the economy in that way; sort of like the homeless who receive government benefits of many different types, which they also spend here in support of the economy. Expensive vintage wine or rotgut vodka: the difference is one of degree and not of kind.

Still bothered by what I thought at first was a seasonal allergy (tree pollen?) which I’d never had before, but the past few days it’s involved a lot of sinus drainage first thing in the morning. Some chest congestion, too. No, I’m not hacking and coughing and spitting up in a sink at BSH; I deal with this issue outside. Perhaps I did pick up a virus during my brief morning visits there. If it doesn’t clear up in a couple more days, I may resort to a bit of the old family recipe (with honey and lemon juice in hot water) for relief.

Tonight at my campsite, Chef Boyardee canned ravioli. A foodstuff that has sustained many a poor hermit, and which is just $1 per 15 oz. can at King Soopers on Table Mesa.

21 more nights . . .


This morning I had the opportunity to meet “George” outside of Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, as I waited for it to open at 6AM. George, who naturally came here to Boulder this winter from Denver, is the embodiment of the chronically homeless, single adult alcoholic/drug addict with a dual diagnosis of mental illness. He looks to be in his 60s, but might be much younger than that; he’s bowlegged and walks with a strange shuffling-sideways gait; he has long gray hair and a beard, both unkempt; and when you listen to him speak it’s obvious that he suffers from a significant degree of Organic Brain Syndrome, no doubt alcohol-related. George cannot be expected to benefit from any transitional living program because his ability to function independently is non-existent at this point. He might be a perfect candidate for Boulder Housing Partners’ proposed Wet House at 1175 Lee Hill (a.k.a. Housing First BHP-style), except that George wouldn’t be able to appreciate any $200,000+ apartment, nor would he accept any appropriate counseling from staff at such a facility. He’ll simply drink himself to death there, in probably the same length of time it will take for him to die on the street. The only viable and compassionate approach to George, and others like him, is to continue providing emergency sheltering and detox care as needed.

The CWA is a perfect fit for Boulder, CO. Why, just this morning on the SKIP I heard a group of senior citizens on their way to CU discussing it. One lady breathlessly declared, “I’ve been attending the Conference [on World Affairs] for 24 years. The whole world is watching us!” Ahem . . . I’ll bet that very few outside of the Boulder Bubble, and perhaps nobody at all outside of Colorado, gives two hoots about a bunch of pretentious pseudo-intellectuals jabbering away and never coming up with workable solutions that might actually be implemented anywhere on our planet. CWA is sort of the academic version of Boulder City Council’s ongoing posturing without visible benefit.

From left, Jim Palmer, Alice Rivlin, Phil DiStefano and Todd Gleeson lead the opening procession of the 64th annual Conference on World Affairs at the University of Colorado in Boulder on Monday, April 9, 2012. 

OMG! What has happened to the former Baltimore Orioles ace pitcher and underwear model, Jim Palmer?

Sweet potatoes were being served this morning at BSH along with the everyday offerings of scrambled eggs and pancakes. I don’t eat breakfast there, but sometimes I’ll take along leftovers for my lunch; so, I’ve got a GladWare container filled with sliced sweet potatoes. Excellent fare! And there were lots of ‘em left over, because most chronically homeless people have no idea what really tastes good and is good for you.

It’s good to hear the birds singing in the morning as Spring is upon us. It will be even better as the sun rises earlier each day until the Summer Solstice, so I’ll be able to listen to their songs alone — without the silly conversations about nothing from the motor mouths of transients arriving at BSH from 5:30AM on until 6AM. (The filthy cusses are smoking up a storm, too, just a few feet away from the door where I’m standing). I’m there by 5 every morning after sleeping outdoors, so I’ll soon have these delightful melodies to begin my day; that will make it easier to tolerate all of the bull**** from the sociopathic bums during the rest of the time.

22 more nights of emergency overnight sheltering for the unwashed and ungrateful transients from Denver and elsewhere. Yippee!


Great pic of Mr. Loffredo, who comes to Boulder from Denver every October 15th when Boulder Shelter for the Homeless opens to use his allotted 90 nights of emergency sheltering, and spend his days hanging out at the usual places transients frequent. At least 90% of chronically homeless people smoke tobacco, and they are so addicted they don’t hesitate to pick up cigarette butts from ashtrays and even gutters. Former alcoholics and drug addicts, who have gotten clean and sober and stayed in recovery for years, are unable to kick the nicotine habit. It’s insidious, too, killing its users by degrees over many years. Make no mistake, however, smoking tobacco kills far more people every year than drinking alcohol and abusing all other other drugs combined — and it ain’t even close in terms of body count. Plus, most smokers are absolutely inconsiderate SLOBS.
Who needs PLAN-Boulder? Certainly not the middle class and working poor who continue to be driven to neighboring cities to find truly affordable housing — and then are forced to commute to their jobs in Boulder, substantially increasing our fair city’s already huge carbon footprint. “Look at me! I belong to PLAN-Boulder and my third car is a hybrid; aren’t I just wonderful?” Get a grip, Kevin . . .
“Dude looks like a lady” 
I swear, RTD must be putting the worst bus drivers it has behind the wheels of the SKIPs. Only three of them in my daily experience have any finesse in handling their buses; the others mash down on the accelerator, slam on the brakes, chew gum with their mouths open, and one redneck even munches on sunflower seeds and spits the hulls out the driver’s window. The SKIP route here in Boulder, CO has to be the worst in America when it comes to staying on schedule, too. Almost every weekday afternoon after 3PM at Broadway & Pleasant, as I’m waiting for a SKIP to return to my neighborhood in north Boulder, there will be one packed with kids from Fairview High followed in 5 minutes by another almost as crowded with zit-faces followed by a third bus in 5 minutes which is empty — then there won’t be another SKIP at all for 20 to 30 minutes. It’s simply FUBAR, yet there are some benighted citizens who actually believe that RTD could competently manage a commuter rail line through Boulder.
Only 23 more nights of pandering to the worst-behaved transients from all across America, then emergency dorms will be closed at BSH until next October. Yippee!
What could be done to help homeless people: A first step would be to stop making excuses for wrongful behavior. Nobody is making me a criminal because I’m homeless! The next step would be to prioritize shelter/services here in Boulder, CO for the homeless people of Boulder County (valid Colorado photo ID with Boulder County address required). Transients to the end of the line for what’s left, if anything, and given the $5 bus ticket on RTD to Denver. Prioritize housing resources further by putting homeless families first, clean and sober homeless single adults next, and keep emergency shelters and overflow centers for the chronic street alcoholics/drug addicts. The mentally ill belong in psychiatric facilities, not shelters; the developmentally disabled belong in group homes, not shelters; parolees belong in DOC-operated halfway houses, not shelters; and registered sex offenders can go straight to blazes, not shelters. BTW, the excellent facility located at 4869 N. Broadway here in Boulder should be kept open from about 9AM until 4PM seven days a week as the homeless people’s day center, with space utilized for all kinds of services currently scattered all over town. Just a few thoughts.
What is the most beautiful natural setting in Boulder County? I have an important reason for wanting to know, but since I can’t get around myself to discover it, I’m depending on others to tell me. Post a pic of it on my Facebook Wall, please. Thanks! 

This morning in the locker room at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, I observed a mouse come scurrying along the floor until it arrived at the locker right beneath mine. To my surprise, it squeezed right on through one of the tiny holes for ventilation in the locker door and entered what must be its new home. I reported this to one of the newer staff members working in the back office, and I pointed out to her that there must be perishable food in that locker – against the rules — to have attracted the rodent in the first place. Unopened canned goods and uncooked ramen noodles in the package aren’t a problem, but these transients are not good housekeepers; the slobs have spoiled sandwiches, sour milk, filthy clothes all wadded up (nesting material for vermin), etc. in their lockers as well as taking up most of the space in the oversized backpacks they carry everywhere (including Boulder Public Library, one of the few in America which still permits this bull****). Frankly, I was hoping that staff would get out the master key they have for all of the issued combination locks and open up locker #53, and see what’s really going on with this mouse. The young lady on staff told me they already knew about the rodent infestation of the locker room. I gave up at that point. What’s the use? Bedbugs, rodents, probably cockroaches will be next to appear — and nobody in authority at BSH wants to deal with it effectively.

I also saw a notice posted on the bulletin board in the day room. It said something like this:



FYI, Mike and Janet are BSH employees, not licensed attorneys who specialize in SSDI/SSI disability claims. Since almost everyone who applies gets turned down at first, the wisest course when this happens is to retain such an attorney (they’re listed by the dozens in any big city phone book) and follow his/her counsel. If all that Mike and Janet are doing is helping with the initial paperwork for homeless people who are disabled, that may be nice but it’s a needless duplication of the services provided by workers at the local Social Security office. If they’re trying to assist anyone whose disability claim has been denied, that help should be strictly limited to saying, “You need to talk to an attorney who handles SSDI/SSI claims.”

Any parents who find out that their precious little darling attended the unauthorized 4/20 Stoopidfest at CU should immediately withdraw all financial support. There’s no reason to take on tons of debt to pay for the college education of a stoner.

I’ve never heard of this nonprofit nor of Greg Mortenson, but it makes you wonder how widespread this sort of thievery might be among nonprofits in general.

It seems that part of getting old and decrepit for me is suffering from seasonal allergies, which had never really bothered me until this year. It’s only sniffles and a dry cough, I’ll presume from tree pollen, but it’s hung on now for about a week. I won’t complain too much; the poor homeless people crammed like sardines into BSH are sick a lot more often and more seriously, too. Thank goodness for the Great Outdoors!


It’s always good to sleep in a real bed for three (or sometimes four) consecutive nights, as I’ve just finished doing on my mini-vacation; my legs and right hip aren’t nearly as painful today, although still impaired. Plus, I’m much more relaxed now having been away from the knuckleheads since Sunday afternoon. It was worth every penny I spent!

There are now two more weeks in which Boulder City Council might grow some cojones and do what’s right for my neighborhood, by putting the bloated and unaccountable Boulder Housing Partners in its proper place. It’s outrageous the way BHP lies about their proposed Wet House at 1175 Lee Hill, by claiming that it’s “transitional housing” for clients who will be able to live independently at some point. In fact, Housing First BHP-style is “permanent supportive housing” for chronically homeless, single adult alcoholics/drug addicts with a dual diagnosis of mental illness — who can be expected to pass away in this facility from medical complications related to substance abuse. Of course, a fully-paid staff of social workers and others will be watching as these Housing First clients drink and drug themselves into an early exit from this life.

Another transient scumbag in the news here. I’m sure that Boulder PD is watching Bridge House, the Main Library at 1001 Arapahoe, Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, BOHO’s emergency warming center when it’s open, and everywhere else these transients can be found. If it were up to me they’d only be here in Boulder long enough to get the $5 bus ticket back to Denver — before they assaulted anyone. Unfortunately, the apologists/enablers who make their living in the homeless shelter/services industry depend on drawing more homeless people to Boulder, CO in order to get more money.

I don’t think any good purpose is served by keeping emergency overnight sheltering available at BSH through April 30th. That Denver Bum Magnet ought to be closed no later than the 15th of this month, except for program residents (a few of whom have been in that “9-month” transitional living farce for years now) and morning services like showers for us hardy outdoor-types from 6AM t0 8AM. Likewise, Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow and Boulder County Cares should also end their season at the same time. Everyone needs to start working together to change the focus of our local shelter/services industry, away from the corrupt creed of More Homeless People = More Money and instead giving priority to Boulder County’s own homeless, who are being shortchanged due to the influx of transients from all across America. To that end, every Boulder shelter/services provider should start requiring prospective clients to show valid Colorado photo ID with a Boulder County address — and also providing the $5 bus ticket on RTD back to Denver for those who are unable to meet this requirement.

It would also be good if BSH operated as Boulder, CO’s homeless people’s day center, rather than that poor excuse of a firetrap at 1120 1/2 Pine. And since there are 160 beds available at 4869 N. Broadway, it seems logical to me that there should be 160 program residents during the summer season (currently May 1st to October 15th). All sorts of services could be provided on-site at BSH, just like is being done at 24/7 homeless shelters in Santa Barbara, CA and San Antonio, TX and other truly progressive cities. By comparison, the City of Boulder and nonprofits here are stumbling around in the dark despite spending tons of money on homelessness.

I took the opportunity yesterday in my comfortable motel room to get out my hair clippers and transform my appearance. I no longer look like either a Sasquatch or one of my savage Viking forebears. I hope the wild critters will be able to recognize me when I return to my campsite tonight.


Most of the homeless people who stay overnight at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless have already used their allotted 90 nights during the winter season (Oct. 15th through April 30th), and many have left town by now. BSH closes its emergency dorms on May 1st, in any case.
I’ve been living here in Boulder and its environs continuously since February of 2008. I’m now “from here” as can be demonstrated by valid CO photo ID showing a Boulder address. Most of the 90-day wonders at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless have drifted up here from Denver or elsewhere, and do so every season in order to grab up all the free stuff they can. (I understand from a source I won’t disclose that many more out-of-state transients than usual have been getting TB tests, required by BSH, this season). These folks can neither truthfully claim to have been here continuously for over a year nor can they document Boulder residency. Self-appointed homeless advocate David Harrison, Esq. has put forth a lot of silly claims on their behalf which have been rejected. Just because an individual transient or some homeless advocate claims that all 1,000 of the homeless on Boulder’s streets are “from here” doesn’t make it so. Based on my years of experience, including daily conversations with other homeless people, I’d estimate that at least 50% are NOT “from here” by any reasonable definition of that phrase.
Why does Occupy Boulder keep getting all of this free press? They’ve never had the cojones to go after Boulder’s very own “1%” by pitching their tents on Open Space, which is the mechanism by which the wealthy white establishment here maintains its grip on economic power.
This Daily Camera article is too good not to share on my blog; the bald guy sleeping in the park is one of the newer employees of Bridge House’s “Ready to Work” program. I know him personally. Maybe they didn’t have any work for him this particular day. Still, I’d advise you to keep his image in mind the next time that BH tries to hit you up for a donation . . . BTW, before coming to Boulder in 2008 I spent about three years in Kansas City, MO — a city of over 400,000 inhabitants. I was both a volunteer and an employee in the homeless shelter/services industry there. I can state from firsthand knowledge that KC has nowhere near as much to offer the homeless as Boulder, CO does. Draw your own conclusions.
Transients, feel free to go ahead and leave our fair city; nobody with outstanding warrants for misdemeanors such as illegal camping or failure to appear is going to be extradited by Boulder from another jurisdiction. Nor would any other jurisdiction, such as Denver, extradite anybody with outstanding misdemeanor warrants there from Boulder. As a practical matter, this is how it goes. It sounds to me like you all could use competent legal advice, from an attorney who isn’t interested in grandstanding like David Harrison, Esq. And how come I’ve been here for over 4 years now and never gotten a ticket for anything? It’s because I use my head and don’t disrespect the laws. It’s really not a problem to do it my way, I believe any other homeless person could do likewise, and I’m frankly tired of the “poor, poor, pitiful me” we hear from a small percentage of homeless in Boulder.
Take your pick of Housing First models — My choice, because it can make a positive difference for everyone’s benefit:… 
Or Boulder Housing Partners’ choice, which is neither positive nor of benefit to anyone:…. Imagine the good that could be done for homeless families here in Boulder County with the $6 million BHP wants to spend at 1175 Lee Hill!
I’m a Homeless Philosopher by CHOICE. I don’t accept any bureaucrat’s label, such as “chronically homeless” which would make my status seem the result of circumstances beyond my control. I simply reject the mainstream of society at this point in my life. The worst-behaved of the homeless people I know (I say 20% based on my years of experience) have no respect for themselves, no respect for others, and no respect for our fair city of Boulder. I simply tell it like it is. Sorry, but I don’t find the sociopathic transients who prey on other homeless people to be warm and fuzzy. Nor do I like drunks passed out in their own filth on the private property of my friends and neighbors in north Boulder. Apologizing for and enabling these characters only worsens their behavior; I’ll never do it. I speak for myself as a Homeless Philosopher, and NEVER have I pretended to represent the homeless in general just because I write about homelessness. In fact, most homeless people are “on the streets” no more than a month and are able to use the support of family and friends to “get back on their feet” quickly — which is their choice and good for them! I enjoy the life outdoors now, and on the few nights I spend at my friends’ home in Longmont I find it almost too confining. Besides — I do NOT qualify for Housing First BHP-style because I’ve been sober for almost 10 years and my clinical depression was resolved several years ago. I do have physical disabilities, but I’d also have to be drunk or crazy in order to qualify. l could have gotten into BHP’s Walnut Place downtown a couple of years ago, but that apartment complex suffers from an ONGOING infestation of bedbugs (as Boulder PD found when they responded to an unattended death of a resident there a short while back).
Most homeless shelters around America today refuse to accept registered sex offenders. When Salvation Army Crossroads Shelter in Denver stopped doing so in August of 2009, parole authorities started sending them here to Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, which does accept them as a matter of policy (which is subject to change at any time). What gets me is Boulder Housing Partners pointing out that their 1175 Lee Hill project won’t accept sex offenders per HUD rules, as if that were a great benefit to the neighborhood; the pervs are already being housed right next door at BSH! BHP thinks we’re all a bunch of dummies.
Fire Ban per order of Boulder County Sheriff Pelle? I live outdoors year-round, including during wintertime, and I’ve NEVER had a campfire nor any type of open flame nor do I even smoke. BTW, I’ve never found it necessary to go more than a stone’s throw outside of Boulder city limits to camp legally. Homeless firebugs exist, to be sure. I knew one in the Summer of 2010 who called himself “Tennessee” but we used peer pressure (interpret that as you will) to make him cease and desist, and he moved on to another state. It’s likely we’d employ the same methods again if the need arises.
Tonight at my campsite: popcorn chicken smothered in KC-style bbq sauce (sweetened with molasses).

All I want is to be able to enjoy the Main Library at 1001 Arapahoe without any distraction from obnoxious stinkers.

I’m very happy that CU has now posted NO SMOKING signs in that area just outside the west entrance to Norlin Library. This year’s freshmen nicotine fiends had made it look like the sidewalk in front of Denver Rescue Mission, with cigarette butts everywhere. A few of them apparently can’t read and are smoking there, anyway, but it’s much better overall than it was before. These freshmen have been sprawled all over the grass on Norlin Quad during the warmest days, too, like the transients down in Central Park and the Bandshell in particular; I call this new trend “CU Bum Chic” for lack of a better term.

Donate your Tebow jersey to Deacons’ Closet, for the benefit of the poor and homeless. I’m sure that Tim would approve.

Real NFL QBs like Peyton Manning (and Tom Brady, Drew Brees, brother Eli Manning, et al) have what is known as “pocket presence” — meaning that they are very skilled at sidestepping pressure and finding open receivers downfield. They absorb far less punishment than a running QB like Tim Tebow, who apparently fancies himself another Larry Csonka. (Snickering). Tebow, if he becomes a starter for another NFL team, will be out of football for good after only a few seasons and probably suffering some degree of permanent disability.

Worthy causes and what you might do? There are several I heartily endorse which can always use donations of your time as a volunteer, or camping gear and blankets, or canned foods, besides cash. You’ll find links on the righthand side here to Emergency Family Assistance Association, Attention Homes, Boulder County Cares, and Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow. None of these garner as much attention and support as they deserve, considering the great work they do in our community for the poor and homeless.

I’ve said repeatedly that only about 20% of the homeless I’ve met fall into the category of living down to the most negative stereotypes, by their drunken loutish behavior and worse. They’re also the ones responsible for most of the homeless-on-homeless crime, most of which is NOT reported to law enforcement. (The bums recently stole all of my camping gear, and that’s not the first time I’ve been a “victim” of the sociopathic transients sneaking around to take whatever isn’t nailed down). This means that 80% of us are NOT bums — but that lowest common denominator is very high profile and gets most of the public’s attention. Obviously, I think more emphasis should be put on providing needed services to the 80%. The social workers mostly ignore us, unless we’re willing to become permanent dependents on the system. A pox on them! Did you realize that the majority of people who can be called homeless, at some point in the course of a year, never get involved with the homeless shelter/services industry at all? It seems to me they’re better off for it in a lot of cases. Most of the homeless are “on the streets” less than a month, and are able to utilize the help of family and friends to “get back on their feet” quickly. Good for them!

We’ll have to wait until April 3rd for it to be official, but I predict that Boulder City Council will support the Wet House proposed by Boulder Housing Partners at 1175 Lee Hill. “Abandon hope all ye who enter here.” No affordable grocery store and no branch library, but north Boulder is expected to be the site of a 31-unit $6 million plus boondoggle right next door to the current shelter for transients and pedophiles.

Conversation on Facebook Wall of Boulder Shelter for the Homeless –   

Max Weller:  I received an e-mail from BHP, in which they refer to “previously homeless individuals” — what is their status, exactly? Chronically homeless or previously homeless?

BSH: Once they have a home, they will be previously homeless.

Max Weller: OK; like my late friend D.H. who was “previously homeless” several times with his Section 8 voucher — and kept getting evicted for partying with his homeless friends. Gotcha.

It’s hard to let go of a dream, but my physical problems have gotten worse and I doubt it will be possible for me to ride a Greyhound bus around the American West as I’d hoped to do this May. A most generous friend has offered to buy my Discovery Pass, good for unlimited travel during a specified period. I thank her again, but I’m finding that just riding the SKIP around its circuit here in Boulder, CO leaves my legs in a lot of pain. There’s also some swelling overnight, lately. All of this I was told to expect, in the prognosis given by my vascular surgeon in Springfield, MO back in 2004. Then there’s my bum hip . . . But, you get the picture. In other First World nations these medical problems could be dealt with, but here in America anyone without expensive private health insurance — or the excellent government plan which covers all members of Congress, Republicans and Democrats — is simply screwed. Hell, it’s only a dream to see these places I’ve pictured in my mind; not anything of substance like loved ones, the family farm, and the family home which I’ve already lost due to catastrophic illnesses.  

I still love America.

With the return of HOT water in the dining room at BSH, I can once again enjoy hot instant coffee in the morning and ramen noodles in my Thermos for lunch. I’m grateful for these small blessings . . .


Same ol’, same ol’. Yesterday, while I was on my corner from 4PM until sundown, both of the usual pickled idjits were passed out in the ditch nearby. I doubt they appreciate the fact that the Dakota Ridge HOA pays for their nicely-landscaped accommodations. When they finally woke up and staggered away at about 6:30PM, I’d made a typical amount of cash there ($22) and was ready to ride around the SKIP’s circuit until darkness fell. I save every bill larger than a $1, and now have $205 in my coffee jar.

For those who don’t already know and might be wondering: I don’t qualify for Housing First. I’ve been sober for almost 10 years, my clinical depression was resolved several years ago, and in any case I’m not interested in helping a troop of social workers make a living off of my homelessness.

After doing laundry at the Wash-O-Mat this morning, I carried my bag of clean clothes out to the nearby SKIP stop at Broadway & North St. I got on the bus when it arrived, and quickly saw that one of the regular weirdos (he always seems to be under the influence of drugs to me) was really spaced out this time; the only other passenger was a young lady, who wore the most distressed look on her face. I always sit in front, and I could overhear the bus driver’s side of a conversation with the RTD dispatcher as we sat there — Weird Guy had apparently taken off his shirt and started to take off his pants, too, before the driver told him to put his clothes back on. The driver finished with dispatch, and told me we’d be there for a few minutes. I replied, “I understand.” Of course, I understood that Boulder PD was on the way. The driver, a really nice older guy, then asked the young lady if she was OK and she said she was. (Considering that she was on a bus with a would-be flasher). I watched Weird Guy, seated just behind and across the aisle from me. He reached underneath his seat and grabbed the wheelchair securement strap located there, then tried to pull it up and over his lap like it was a seatbelt. When this failed, he sat there with a dazed look on his face. He got up and walked back a few rows to get his laptop, which he always carries every time I’ve seen him riding the SKIP to north Boulder. BTW, he’s not a transient and appears to be a man of modest means, at least. The driver stepped off the bus and kept watch for the police SUV to arrive, which it soon did. The police officer spoke briefly to the driver, then came onto the bus and told Weird Guy, “Get off the bus now.” He sat WG down on the bus stop bench and began taking his information, and also wanted more info from the driver. By this time, the next SKIP had pulled up, so the young lady and I got off and walked back to it. As I passed both bus driver and police officer I remarked, “They should pay you more.” Got a chuckle from both of ‘em. After taking my clean stuff up north to my cache, and getting on a southbound SKIP headed to King Soopers on Table Mesa, I saw that Weird Guy was still sitting on the same bench at Broadway & North St. — now surrounded by three police officers. Apparently, they’d been grilling him for the better part of an hour; probably trying to decide if he should be taken to jail or to the psych ward.

I’ll reiterate, and I don’t give a damn who it offends, Boulder has a greater proportion of nut cases among its populace than any other city I’ve ever lived in for an extended period. And they come from all walks of life.

When I got to King Soopers, I noticed that those tempting fresh-baked and creme-filled long johns with chocolate icing (alas, no caramel) were discounted to $0.59. I bought two of ‘em, and wished I could have given one to that young lady from the SKIP.

It will be interesting to see how Boulder City Council will try to weasel out of exercising any necessary oversight of Boulder Housing Partners, which at this point is a bloated and unaccountable bureaucracy committed to turning my north Boulder neighborhood into a homeless ghetto. With a special emphasis on the worst-behaved homeless people, I must add. On their Facebook Wall, Boulder Shelter for the Homeless is beating the drums for BHP’s proposed [Wet House] at 1175 Lee Hill. Isn’t it enough that BSH never told the neighborhood up front of their intention to shelter registered sex offenders, most of whom are pedophiles? They ought to be ashamed to continue their deceitful ways in re the 31-unit Housing First project right next door, which will in fact be the end of the line for chronically homeless, single adult alcoholics/drug addicts with a dual diagnosis of mental illness. “Abandon hope all ye who enter here.”

Never forget the Boulder homeless shelter/services industry creed: More Homeless People = More Money. This at a time when the number of homeless nationwide is actually declining!

Tonight at my new campsite, Nathan’s Famous Beef Franks. Usually priced out of my reach, but today I decided to treat myself despite the $5.99 cost per one pound package. With kosher dill slices and mustard on plain white buns, I’ll be satisfied in my gluttony.


I enjoyed the best night’s sleep outdoors in a long time last night.

Because so many men  are turned away from Boulder Shelter for the Homeless (capacity 160), and BOHO hasn’t had an overflow shelter these past few warm nights, there are lots of transients just prowling around my north Boulder neighborhood overnight to no good purpose; one of them had gotten into the habit of walking right through my spot and disturbing my sleep. So, I moved elsewhere last night. I picked a new campsite with a soft cushion of last year’s prairie grass, and well away from any place I know to be attractive to the miscreants (who tend to follow you around, if you seem to know what you’re doing). It was great! I’m looking forward to more pleasant, restful slumber tonight.

Drunk Steve was passed out in a ditch belonging to the Dakota Ridge HOA, again, when I arrived at the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36 yesterday about 4PM. His fellow inebriate was panhandling, but complained to me that he was having no luck and was ready to move on. I checked on my cache nearby, and then took my place as a humble beggar there. I watched as dos borrachos slowly made their down the sidewalk southward; when Drunk Steve stopped to sit down on the wall right in front of the Mexican restaurant, no more than 3′ from a NO TRESPASSING sign, one of the businessman I know who happened to be driving out of that small commercial district yelled at them to keep on walking, away from the posted private property. With some difficulty, given his state of intoxication and his frostbitten toes being ready to fall off, Steve got up and went on his way along with his partner. BTW, between about 4PM and sundown at 6:30PM I did very well thanks to my generous sponsors — $39 cash and a cold can of PBR, which I never got around to drinking.

A most disappointing letter-to-the-editor from someone who is apparently too lazy to do any fact-checking in re Boulder Housing Partners’ proposed 1175 Lee Hill complex. My comment in response follows: I sincerely hope that the League of Women Voters of Boulder County is not in the habit of issuing knee-jerk support for every harebrained scheme put forth by a bloated, unaccountable bureaucratic entity. BTW, Lynne, what BHP is proposing for 1175 Lee Hill is in fact a Wet House —…. 
It’s a travesty of compassion, with apartments here in Boulder costing $200,000+ each. Cost of the 31-unit complex is projected by BHP itself to exceed $6 million just to build it, not including the ongoing expenses in perpetuity for staff to sit around and watch their clients drink themselves to death. Any claim that a few thousand $$$ saved per client each year from fewer emergency room visits and incarcerations will result in a net savings to taxpayers is BOGUS, once you have factored in all of the total costs. Bottom line: Housing First BHP-style is the end of the line for chronically homeless, single adult alcoholics/drug addicts with a dual diagnosis of mental illness. “Abandon hope all ye who enter here.”

My blanket response to ALL cowardly anonymous posters at Daily Camera online: The first post on my Daily Camera blog, from almost 2 1/2 years ago: tp://…
I have a bully pulpit, in a manner of speaking, and the fact that I have a “checkered past” is what enables me to deal with the subject matter I do in a more insightful way. It’s interesting that anonymous posters like you are quick to condemn my one-time wrongdoing in extraordinary circumstances, which has long since been resolved in the eyes of the law, because a few of you might be career criminals for all we know, who continue to prey on society. Perhaps YOU and others of your ilk should stand up like men and reveal your true identities, before preaching to me or anyone else.

It’s warm enough now for ice cream, and I just might indulge myself this afternoon. Dealing with knuckleheads every day deserves an occasional sweet treat.


Addendum: I may be slow, but the irony of this letter-to-the-editor (see above) from the “President, League of Women Voters of Boulder County” just hit me — VOTERS HAVE NO SAY ON THIS BHP PROPOSAL FOR 1175 LEE HILL. Shouldn’t Lynne Wegley be demanding that a more democratic process involving a public vote be used in this case?


No Emergency Warming Center tonight, for the fourth night in a row now. Get a clue, transients — and take a bus back to Denver instead of prowling around all night here in Boulder, please! This morning at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, as I was waiting for it to open at 6AM, some wild-looking and smelly Rainbow guy carrying a pair of bongo drums came stumbling over from behind the Bustop Gentleman’s Club. When he asked me what time it was I answered, “It’s only 5:30.” He went back to his spot, but somehow I forgot to warn Bongo Boy that Boulder PD would likely arrest him for trespassing if they caught him on the private property of that fine establishment. Lucky for him, no patrol car came by before BSH let us all in.

After doing laundry at the Wash-O-Mat this morning and returning my bag of clean clothes to my cache for safekeeping in north Boulder, I took the SKIP down to King Soopers on Table Mesa. My thought was to lay waste to one (or more) of the scrumptious-looking and fresh-baked filled long johns w/caramel icing I saw yesterday, for just $0.79 (each). Instead, I saw a dozen of my favorite white chocolate chunk & macadamia nut cookies discounted to $2.29 and snatched those up; these may last me for three nights of snacking in my burrow — and Mouse ain’t getting so much as a crumb, either. Granola bars are good enough for rodents.

Not only has there been a wave of violent crime in our fair city during the past year or more, but impaired drivers (alcohol, marijuana, lots of other drugs both legal and illegal) are turning Boulder streets into a war zone. Because of my physical problems, I’m not nearly agile enough to dodge any of these fools; once a month or so, one of ‘em will drive over the concrete median where I stand at the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36 — so far, I haven’t been there when this has happened, but other panhandlers have narrowly missed serious injury or worse. I think a lot of this has to do with the utter DENIAL by some pigheaded marijuana proponents of the negative impact acute THC intoxication has on one’s motor skills, just like alcohol intoxication. I declare, Boulder has a higher proportion of its population under the influence of something-or-other at any given time than any city I’ve previously lived in. It’s all too frequently that I note the pungent aroma of marijuana coming from a passing car, and sometimes they want to share it with me (I always give it away to friends who enjoy weed in moderation).

When is someone in authority going to do something about the neglected/abused dogs belonging to so many homeless people? And no, homeless dog owners, your mangy and ill-mannered mutt is NOT a service animal just because you tell that lie repeatedly to get onto the bus and into the library with your p-e-t. Personally, I draw the line at seeing any canine in the dining room at BSH and I’ve made that clear to staff there; a reasonable accommodation per law would be to allow the individual with a service animal to eat in the day room, so there’s no good reason whatsoever to have dog hair in people’s scrambled eggs and pancakes served in the dining room itself. Sheesh!

America’s Smartest City indeed . . .


It’s very refreshing both mentally and physically to get away from my usual routine of sleeping outdoors in my north Boulder neighborhood. It’s unsettling to have one’s camping gear stolen, as happened to me last Monday during my daytime absence, but it prompted me to take a break from trying to coexist with homeless knuckleheads.

It’s hard to protect your property with transients from Denver and elsewhere stealing everything that isn’t nailed down. Most homeless-on-homeless crimes are never reported to law enforcement, and to make it more confusing we have apologists/enablers of the worst-behaved homeless people telling us that their poor clients are being harassed by the police. Frankly, I wish Boulder PD would just put the bums on a bus back to Denver pronto. The $5 fare per head seems very reasonable, and even if the City of Boulder spent $2,000 to $3,000 it would be far cheaper in the long run to remove the sociopathic element before they commit more wrongdoing, both criminal and merely obnoxious. It would surely put my mind at ease.

I had the chance to read a couple of very entertaining historical novels during my 4-night stay with friends over in Longmont, CO (a city in the Real World, with a lower crime rate than Boulder). Master and Commander and Post Captain by Patrick O’Brian feature great characters and lots of action based on actual reports filed from Royal Navy ships during the Napoleonic Wars. I understand there are other novels in this series, and I certainly intend to read every one as time allows during the next few months. Granted, the British dialect and naval terminology of that bygone era takes some getting used to, but it’s worth the puzzlement at first.

I’m hoping that the worst of the cold weather is past for this winter season, although I certainly expect more snowfall on into May like it’s done every year I’ve been here.

I’m not at all a fan of peanut butter, but I ate an entire jar of the stuff these past four days. I’d received three jars of it recently from generous sponsors in north Boulder, gave one away to a friend, and still have another remaining. About the best thing I can say about it is that it’s very convenient. I’d much rather have homemade chicken soup like my Longmont friend makes, or a couple of hot fish sandwiches from King Soopers (2 for $3 every Friday). But, beggars can’t be choosers all the time; one has to learn to adapt, eating bugs and roots if need be. Tonight, I’ll be enjoying Double Stuf Oreos and might even share some crumbs with Mouse, if he returns to my campsite.

I’m always humbled by gifts which are unexpected, and so it was this morning when I was handed $100 to help replace my stolen gear. Thanks so much! I can continue to save money for my Greyhound Discovery Pass trip in May now, rather than taking a big hit to my coffee jar savings.


WHY do transients from Denver and elsewhere keep coming here to Boulder, CO?

A couple of examples from the past two days, which have prompted my question:

1) A walking stereotype of all that is negative about homeless people in the eyes of most observers, just wandering around my north Boulder neighborhood on Sunday to no good purpose (and quite possibly the thief who stole all of my camping gear during my absence yesterday); and

2) A lady at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless yesterday evening who was told that she couldn’t come back overnight for 3 days because she had been late in leaving by the morning deadline of 8AM (probably more than once), and who was suffering some severe physical symptoms which required her to be on oxygen at times.

The first transient I’d like to strangle if I had evidence of his guilt, such as finding my gear in his possession. The second I gave the $5 bus fare back to Denver because there was no place for her to stay (no overflow shelter last night), and I had $15 in my wallet at the time, anyway. Neither of them has any business here in Boulder. In the case of the lady, Denver has several transitional living programs geared for women which are not to be found in our fair city (unless one is a victim of domestic violence).

I don’t know why word keeps spreading that Boulder, CO is a great destination for the homeless. Hell, it’s wintertime with a forecast of freezing rain and snow tomorrow! If a likely vacation spot is what they’re looking for, cities like Santa Barbara, CA or Miami, FL would make sense. Ain’t nobody there passing out drunk and losing their toes due to frostbite . . .

BTW, until I can get over to Wal-Mart and spend most of my coffee jar savings to replace  stolen camping gear, I’m staying in relative luxury in Longmont at my friends’ home. Much less crime of all sorts compared to Boulder.


Last night I had a companion in my burrow. (It’s not what you think, I’m sorry to say). My bedmate was a field mouse, which I saw as it scurried across my pillow just inches from my face. Night before last, I’d heard some rustling noises for quite a while, but I figured it was the wind blowing my frozen tarp up against the windbreak I enjoy from the north; then, yesterday morning, I noticed that a small hole had been chewed through a bag of Sun Chips I was keeping in a recyclable grocery bag. When I heard the same rustling last night, I figured it was a mouse. Unfortunately for Mouse, all I had was an empty box of Girl Scout Cookies and some canned goods — the Sun Chips I threw away out of concern over a nasty disease. I figured Mouse would look around in vain, then go on its way. Indeed, the rustling stopped after a short time and I went to sleep in peace. Better a rodent poking its nose around than Br’er Skunk.

I had a great dream last night, about transients from Denver going around to various free giveaway venues here in Boulder, CO. In my dream, I was an observer to what was happening to them. Every time they reached out their greedy hands to grab some food or clothing or other stuff, their fingers withered and fell off in a second before they could grasp whatever it was they wanted. (See my previous blog entry about Drunk Steve suffering “dry” gangrene and his prognosis of auto amputation). Dreams, of course, are seldom logically consistent with reality. The bums in my dream grew new fingers as they went on to the next homeless shelter/services provider, only to have those appendages also wither and fall off before their selfish impulses could be sated. The people serving them said nothing, and showed no expression on their faces. I was laughing, but nobody noticed my presence. I don’t remember any conclusion to my dream, but what I do recall certainly has a moral to it: Try to grab more than you need, and you could wind up with nothing.

Boulder City Council to the world in re climate change — “Do as we say, NOT as we do.” The wealthy white enclave of Boulder, CO is composed of the biggest energy hogs to be found anywhere. Remember their rallying cry of environmental awareness, My third car is a hybrid!

How pathetic that so many voters allowed themselves to be duped into supporting this RTD insanity! Even more pathetic that they’re repeatedly being duped in re other taxes, but remain seemingly unaware of the lies they’ve been spoon-fed. Wake up and smell the coffee, people.

What a revelation! Stoners are lousy businessmen. And a reminder to everyone — 2011 MMJ sales taxes amounted to a little over $700,000 – enough to cover the City of Boulder’s administrative costs only. The promises by MMJ proponents of millions of $$$ flowing into city coffers were nothing but a smokescreen . . .

Cash donations from my generous sponsors in north Boulder keep rolling in. Yesterday between 3PM and 5PM, I took in another $32 plus two tacos and some marijuana (which I’ll give away to a friend who occasionally indulges in the weed). I’ve been able to add $95 to my coffee jar savings in the past week or so, and now have $155 total.

Tonight at my campsite – raised donuts with chocolate icing, leftovers from my early lunch.


Tripe (potted meat) sandwiches this morning for breakfast, right before I came inside here at Norlin Library around 8AM. I was hungry for a change, and always have something handy in my backpack. Almost as good as deviled ham!

Maybe it’s an encouraging sign that so few CU students are participating in the sophomoric Occupy Movement. Also, although I’ve never been to the University Memorial Center (UMC) myself, I understand that homeless people now outnumber students there.

Benson is a crook. Nothing else needs to be said, except FIRE HIM!

The so-called affordable housing fiasco in Boulder, CO ought to be a major scandal. A rare bit of candor quoted from the Daily Camera article: “There is also disagreement about whom, exactly, the city’s affordable housing programs should serve. Bill Holicky, a member of the task force, said the group never defined what ‘affordable’ actually means.” You don’t know whether to laugh or to cry at the geniuses running America’s Smartest City. Certainly, it would be most interesting to learn of any financial conflicts-of-interest among the various players. Hmmm, DC?

Yesterday’s winter weather advisory had me prepared to head for shelter with friends in Longmont, then I stepped outside and saw patches of blue sky rather than snow falling as predicted, so I reconsidered. I spent a pleasant night in my burrow, after dining on Progresso brand New England Clam Chowder straight from the can (tastes good cold, too) and an entire box of Girl Scout Thin Mints Cookies. I had the $$$ to spare when I visited King Soopers, so I gave the young ladies at their table inside the entrance my business.

I’ve received word that Drunk Steve, one of the notorious panhandlers at N. Broadway & U.S. 36, is in Boulder Community Hospital being treated for frostbite and possible pneumonia. No doubt, he also has several medical complications from chronic alcoholism. I wrote in a previous post about warning him that he might lose his feet, but he foolishly continued doing what he was doing by getting drunk and sleeping outdoors overnight. You can’t save people from their own folly these days, since it’s almost impossible to get someone committed to inpatient psychiatric care as non compos mentis. (Thanks for nothing, again, ACLU). True, putting someone such as Drunk Steve into a $200,000+ Housing First apartment like that proposed for 1175 Lee Hill would have prevented his frostbite and pneumonia; but it wouldn’t save him from any of the other serious conditions which will wind up killing him sooner or later. UNLESS HE GETS SOBER, he’ll die long before he should.

In the hour between 5:15PM and 6:15PM yesterday, my generous sponsors in north Boulder gave me another $15. Then, this morning about 5AM, the newspaper delivery lady (I hadn’t seen her since last December) spotted me walking across the highway and stopped to hand me a $20 bill. If it keeps going like this, I’ll have plenty of traveling money for my Greyhound Discovery Pass journey this coming May. Thanks to everyone!


More great food from the Thursday morning breakfast volunteers at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless! I let ‘em fill up my GladWare container with their special Western omelette and fried potatoes, which I’ll eat around 10AM for an early lunch. I also took some of their peach cobbler in my large coffee mug, covered with aluminum foil and carefully placed into my backpack. This crew always cooks more than folks can eat, and there’s plenty left over for anyone to take along for a meal during the day. My only breakfast per se is my instant coffee, and it’s been that way for many moons now. I dislike the smelly, noisy pigs in the dining room; I especially hate how they fill up a tray, eat maybe half the food and throw the rest away, then go get another tray to repeat the selfish and wasteful process.

When I was back at Salvation Army Harbor House in Springfield, MO during most of 2004, I spent the biggest part of my monthly allotment of food stamps (about $149 if memory serves) on hamburger for everyone — both the 30 residents and all those homeless folks who came there for lunch each day. (Nobody wasted anything, either). I was inspired to do this after we had meatless chili and meatless spaghetti on back-to-back nights. I got a big kick out of it, too, mostly because I was the Mystery Donor and never allowed staff to tell anyone where this bounty of hamburger (and many times 5-quart pails of ice cream, also) came from. In seven months at Harbor House, I probably spent well over $700 of my food stamps this way. Interestingly, a few other residents openly started to do the same and we ate very well! BBQ chicken breasts or pork chops every Sunday, etc. I haven’t received food stamps since leaving Missouri in 2006 — and I wouldn’t donate one red cent to help feed the loutish homeless people I find at BSH if I did!

I’m counting on Spring Cleaning around my campsite to be over. Snow predicted for today and tonight, and I’d not enjoy sleeping on gear I pulled out of the dumpster. It’s nice and neat where I’ve left it, out of the way, and otherwise I’m a good “tenant” at this property.

I haven’t seen the pickled idjits panhandling on the corner at N. Broadway & U.S. 36 for the last three evenings in a row. You can tell their absence by the smiling faces of passersby, who wave at me in their obvious delight to see a sober person who’s showered and washed his clothes. In about 2 hours yesterday between 4PM and 6PM, I made $40 in cash donations. It probably takes dos borrachos 12 hours or longer over the course of 2 days to make that amount, which they promptly give away to the liquor store and the backdoor MMJ dispensary. Maybe law enforcement has finally heeded the neighborhood residents’ complaints, and put these clowns on the RTD bus back to Denver.

The clueless marching in protest, of what? Not even the Occupy Boulder Facebook Wall explained the motive for this demonstration. Maybe this is their new strategy, to make us guess what it’s all about . . . Wait, that was their old strategy. (Sighing).

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