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Romney and Trump


Comment posted to The Boulder Beat, an online news source

See: Second police confrontation with unarmed black man in Boulder may get independent review.

My two cents copied below:

Copied from the Boulder Police blotter for April 5, 2019:

“An officer was contacting three individuals with trash around them at the Mapleton Ballfields when he was approached by a man carrying a long walking stick. The officer asked the man to move back as he was not involved. The man indicated he was going to record the officer’s contact. The officer acknowledged that the man was video recording and asked him to either move back or place his walking stick on the ground so that the officer could finish his contact with the three individuals. The officer told the man that he would be arrested if he did not move back. He refused multiple requests from the officer. While being taken into custody the man fought with officers. The man was medically cleared at Boulder Community Health and then taken to jail. The man was arrested for obstructing a peace officer and resisting arrest. Case# 19-3603”

I have used a cane to get around since 2011, due to a severely arthritic hip. On several occasions, I have been contacted by law enforcement officers from different agencies; a couple of times, I was asked to put aside my cane and also to keep my hands out of my pockets while we talked. I was happy to comply, because I fully realize there is an issue of officer safety that has nothing whatsoever to do with civil rights. BTW, in a decade spent as a homeless camper year-round in Boulder and its environs, I never received a ticket for anything nor was I arrested. The many contacts I had with law enforcement were of the “check welfare” variety in severe weather conditions, except for one incident which led to me filing a formal complaint against then-Officer Sam Carter for leaving the jurisdiction to contact me in the middle of the night; the matter was resolved in my favor, I received an apology, along with assurances that dispatchers in the future would be more careful to communicate the nature of a citizen’s call — check welfare and not a report of a disturbance. I handled my complaint as anyone should, and was satisfied with the outcome.

On my blog, I published a screenshot of a page from the City of Boulder newsletter for December 2016 / January 2017. It shows Sammie Lawrence in apparent earnest conversation with Officer Abel Ramos of the Boulder PD Homeless Outreach Team. (No walking stick can be seen in the photo. In addition, a Daily Camera article from 2016 states that Sammie Lawrence had arrived in Boulder just 20 days earlier, and wanted to become a Boulder firefighter. When did he become disabled by a seizure disorder? Something treated with skepticism, according to Sammie’s own account on Reddit r/Boulder, by police officers, hospital staff, and Boulder County jailers.)

Bottom line: Many of us in the broader community who have been around a long while believe that Sammie Lawrence is role-playing the victim of racist cops and of a society which treats the homeless badly (according to some homeless people).

Sadly, there are many apologists and enablers for bad behavior among homeless people. All it does is make the vast majority of us peaceful and law-abiding homeless folks look bad in the public’s eyes, because anyone who displays a belligerent attitude and then fights the police can play the victim card and gain a ton of support from a gullible populace.

Max R. Weller

What percentage of child molesters are homosexual?

It has always seemed to me, lacking a statistical breakdown from any credible source, that at least half of sexual assaults against children are same-sex. And yet, nobody in their right mind has ever claimed that homosexual men and lesbian women comprise half the total population. Over the decades, I’ve read figures ranging from about 3% of everyone being gay to a high of 10%; why then is there such a disproportionately high number of same-sex assaults involving children?

I’m asking this in a serious way, although it would be easy to jump to the conclusion that homosexuality in many cases involves sociopathic tendencies, in particular the lack of conscience, regarding the sexual impulses.

Yes, I know, I’ll be condemned by Boulderites simply for posing the question . . . But it’s NOT the Homeless Philosopher’s way to sweep something under the rug because it makes others (especially liberals) uncomfortable.

Food for thought . . .


The latest PC outrage

Both the New York Yankees (MLB) and the Philadelphia Flyers (NHL) have banned the Kate Smith recording of God Bless America. The reason? Back in the 1930s, she sang a different song with allegedly racist lyrics; however, that same song was sung by Paul Robeson, the African-American singer, actor, and political activist. See the WaPo story here.

Here’s a comment from a reader posted on the WaPo website:

I’m not a Flyers fan. I’m certainly not a Yankee fan. I’m not even much of a Kate Smith fan. But, boy, she could belt out “God Bless America.” And I am a fan of her rendition of that song. To call her a racist and insult her memory for a couple things she did almost 90 years ago, in a time way before everything everyone did was checked by the self appointed PC nobility, is totally ridiculous. The Yankees, Flyers, and anyone else who buys into this racism claim should, themselves, be branded as unjust defamers and cowards for their despicable actions. 

The irony of condemning Kate Smith now is that the same crazy injustice was directed at Paul Robeson during the Red Scare that blacklisted many very talented people. I thought we had evolved beyond that kind of thinking . . .

(BTW, you may notice a future American president in the clip above.)

Perhaps the Yankees and Flyers will reconsider . . .


‘Create a district for Boulder Public Library’

Long overdue, as is the addition of a full-size branch library in north Boulder. And just as important as securing a revenue stream dedicated to BPL services, in my view, is ensuring that policy will be made by an independent board NOT connected to Boulder city politicians and bureaucrats.