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Restoring wolves to western Colorado?

Wolves would certainly do a number on their smaller cousins, the coyotes. People who support this restoration grew up watching too many Disney cartoons / movies featuring talking animals that are warm and fuzzy. I’d bet most of ’em are vegetarians, too, and would love to see ranchers suffer losses to their herds that would drive them out of business.

I’ve got nothing against wolves per se but their presence in 21st Century Colorado is ill-advised.


‘Colorado drivers now rank 6th worst in the country’


Homeless weather alert Boulder, CO 12/10/2019:

See Bridge House Severe Weather Shelter Info here.

Hotline: (303) 605-8919

Also see:

Homeless Solutions for Boulder County Program Info here.

Words to the wise:

Winters here in Colorado are no joke, and not many transients without any ties to Boulder County are prepared with the proper camping gear, winter clothing and boots, sober and respectful mindset, and common sense to seek campsites off the beaten path. The best thing for these folks is to move to a warmer clime for the duration of the cold season, which can last through April.


Even an agnostic like me thinks it’s wrong to LIE about scripture

Matthew’s account has them returning to Nazareth as soon as it was safe, upon King Herod’s death.

It’s shocking to me that a Christian church would promote a false narrative to further Far Left politics. (I’ve also seen the bogus claims that the Holy Family was in fact “homeless,” simply because Roman law required that they travel to Bethlehem for the census of Judea.)