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‘LA residents fed up with officials; demand change after homeless crisis spirals in city’

I must admit I NEVER wanted to live in the midst of all of this chaos, and I have very little sympathy for those who choose to do so.

Live on the beach. Live up in the hills. There are other options than turning downtown LA into a Third World disease-ridden slum.

If they could, the self-styled homeless advocates in the Denver / Boulder area would trash public spaces in these cities, too. It’s unconscionable! Denver Homeless Out Loud and Boulder Rights Watch are worse than useless in terms of promoting positive alternatives to more of the same old ENABLING.


Portland has become the anus of America


Drama at Hungry Asylum this morning

Lying there shitting in a diaper, while he keeps the curtain on his side pulled all the way down so air doesn’t circulate as it otherwise could, when he could have rehabbed (with the help of physical and occupational therapists here) to the point he could get up to go the restroom, use a walker, and return to his apartment. F*** him, and although the staff doesn’t say so I’m sure several of them feel the same way as I do.

We’ll see if he requests a room change — but I’m NOT moving on this BUM’S account.


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Tlaib’s granny comes from Central Casting, paid for by the DNC

Hey, I can push conspiracy theories, too!