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Am I supposed to celebrate or cry instead?

I’m wondering how I might do as a panhandler on a corner of nearby 120th Ave. here in Thornton, CO. There’s a McDonald’s and a King Soopers within walking distance, and maybe a little extra cash would make life more pleasant.

I’ll have to think about it . . .


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My comment on this Fox News report follows:

NOT a long-term solution. The homeless shelter / services industry, comprised of both government agencies and private nonprofits, operates by the creed of More Homeless People = More Money. They’re not at all interested in putting themselves out of business by “ending homelessness.”

If they were, we’d see the Tiny House Community model, a cost-effective approach that could be adapted for permanent housing, gaining more support. Instead, the big players in the faux-compassion complex are mostly opposed to Tiny Houses, which can be built for $5,000 or less per unit and make use of land donated for the community site, and require sweat equity from residents, a modest monthly program fee, and a strict agreement to abide by standards of good behavior.

The worst-behaved transients would never be acceptable in this setting, but that’s why we need more secure psychiatric facilities and mandatory substance abuse rehab centers, with jail a certainty for violent homeless offenders.


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Looney Tune update:

I wonder what that stupid social services director, who believed Floyd’s false accusation that I stole his breakfast tray, has to say now . . . I’ll be alone at my meeting with staff next Wednesday afternoon, because the state ombudsman will be unavailable then, but I’m no longer apprehensive about it. I’m going to demand an apology from this [rhymes with “witch”], after I ask her point-blank if she’s a black racist who hates old white guys like me.