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Emergency wintertime shelter in Boulder, CO

The picture is from one of the so-called programs locally intended to reform the lives of homeless people, a notion which has failed over and over again since Jane Addams’ Hull House finally bit the dust after many decades.

I’ve always believed in two approaches: 1) Providing a minimal level of emergency shelter / services in wintertime for those who are willing to behave decently; and 2) Building Tiny House Communities with the full participation of prospective residents and utmost reliance on using donated building materials, skilled labor, and land dedicated to the purpose. (As generous as Boulder is, all three items should be available in abundance once the greedy, arrogant “nonprofits” are pushed aside. The last thing homeless people on the streets need is yet another Big Money project that will benefit only a small percentage of all those in desperate straits.)

I’m happy to see the new Boulder City Council showing some independence in its thinking about how to deal with the issue of homelessness.


(E-mailed to Boulder City Council.)

Homeless weather alert and shelter info for Boulder, CO:

See Bridge House Severe Weather Shelter Info here.

Hotline: (303) 605-8919

Also see:

Homeless Solutions for Boulder County Program Info here.

Words to the wise:

Winters here in Colorado are no joke, and not many transients without any ties to Boulder County are prepared with the proper camping gear, winter clothing and boots, sober and respectful mindset, and common sense to seek campsites off the beaten path. The best thing for these folks is to move to a warmer clime for the duration of the cold season, which can last through April.


Homeless Philosopher’s dual endorsements for POTUS in 2020

I decided to go ahead and do this after the New York Times endorsed both Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Amy Klobuchar for the Democratic nomination, despite the notable differences in their political views.

I hereby endorse both President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence for the Republican nomination.

Although I’ve supported Democrats in the past — Carter in ’76 and Obama in ’08 — the current bunch is clueless and ought to be an embarrassment to any thinking member of the Donkey Party.

I don’t like Trump’s style, but I’m making my pick(s) on the basis of policy I agree with both at home and abroad. And it’s obvious that Pence would carry on in the same way, if Trump should suffer a fatal heart attack from too much fast food. (I discount any chance at all that the Senate will remove him from office with the required 2/3 majority vote.)

You know, the Times may be onto something here . . . It’s like betting on both the 49ers and Chiefs to win the upcoming Super Bowl, or betting on both sides of the over/under point total. A complete imbecile can do it, and all too many Dems fit that description.

Now, watch Uncle Joe Biden win his party’s nomination by a comfortable margin.


Point-in-Time Survey of homeless people set for January 27, 2020

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The annual “census” of the homeless population in the 7-county region covered by Metro Denver Homeless Initiative is almost here. As always, this is an important fundraising tool for the homeless shelter / services industry, consisting of government agencies and private nonprofits receiving money from both public and private sources.

How does the Point-in-Time Survey help? It’s simple: More Homeless People = More Money.

Years ago, when I was still a homeless camper in Boulder, CO I made the choice to boycott this process altogether. I can remember a staff member at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless urging all of us who showed up at 6AM to shower and gain access to our lockers (most also ate the free hot breakfast, but I didn’t care for it and even made my own instant coffee) to answer a few survey questions. He was very candid in saying, “Counting all of the homeless people helps us get more money!” I politely but firmly declined to participate.

It’s ironic, BSH no longer offers morning services to walk-up clients. This is bound to hurt their own efforts to maximize homeless numbers and increase funding, but the truth is that there are many hundreds (or maybe thousands) of homeless men, women, and children on the streets in MDHI’s 7-county region who are NOT being served (or who are underserved) by the faux compassion industry.

Example in Boulder: Spending $24.5M in recent years to house just 115 homeless individuals in three Big Projects — Housing First at 1175 Lee Hill (31), Ready to Work at 4747 Table Mesa (44), and Attention Homes 1440 Pine project (40). That’s on average well over $200K per lucky person, while hundreds more are ignored and left out in the cold! Unconscionable, in my view.

If the available money had been spent wisely, EVERYONE in need in Boulder, CO could have been housed with dignity and in safety.

See the informative Washington Post article: Tiny houses multiply amid big issues as communities tackle homelessness.

I urge everyone who is homeless to BOYCOTT the corrupt Point-in-Time Survey on January 27th, and I urge anyone who might consider volunteering in the counting process to reconsider doing so.

The reason is clear: Before positive changes can be made in the fight against homelessness, the old rotten ways must be done away with forever and new leadership must be put into place!


(E-mailed to Boulder City Council.)

As Barney Fife would say, ‘I think he’s a nut!’

I’ve been skeptical all along of the story he tells about how he came to be paralyzed by falling in a hospital room almost two years ago. His neck wasn’t broken and the spinal cord wasn’t severed, and no treatment like a cervical collar or other support device is being used. And he has no difficulty at all moving his head, which seems unlikely if he really has “a bone spur between two vertebrae which was shoved into my spinal cord when I fell against a shower stall.” Get this part: He claims that the nursing staff put him in IPCDs as he was sitting up in a chair, but he didn’t know it, and they also tethered him to the chair in some way. He says that he got up to go to the toilet, unexpectedly hit the end of his tether, and fell striking his neck the blow which has made him a quadriplegic. He claims he lay helpless on the floor for two hours until someone found him there. Appleyard also says he has a medical malpractice attorney working on the case, but apparently no progress toward either a civil trial or out-of-court settlement has occurred.

Yeah, right . . .

This may be where the possible diagnosis of Schizoaffective Disorder comes into play.

I’m wondering if there’s any real episode of traumatic injury in his case. And also if his quadriplegia has any real physical basis from it.

I just hope staff here at Hungry Asylum replaces his catheter and fixes the defective urine collection bag, which leaked all over the floor during the night and stinks terribly (even after the CNAs wiped it up). The Housekeeper needs to mop the floor with bleach to stop the odor.

Link’s brother is coming to visit today, and between the two of ’em they might have an IQ of 75.


Third World socialist paradise in Denver, CO

This is what the public gets for electing Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca, but then protesting an attempt to put her live-in girlfriend on the city payroll at a $50K per year salary. She’s angry enough now to look the other way while BUMS from elsewhere trash public spaces!

Virtue signalling (I call her AOC Lite).