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My comment on this Fox News report follows:

NOT a long-term solution. The homeless shelter / services industry, comprised of both government agencies and private nonprofits, operates by the creed of More Homeless People = More Money. They’re not at all interested in putting themselves out of business by “ending homelessness.”

If they were, we’d see the Tiny House Community model, a cost-effective approach that could be adapted for permanent housing, gaining more support. Instead, the big players in the faux-compassion complex are mostly opposed to Tiny Houses, which can be built for $5,000 or less per unit and make use of land donated for the community site, and require sweat equity from residents, a modest monthly program fee, and a strict agreement to abide by standards of good behavior.

The worst-behaved transients would never be acceptable in this setting, but that’s why we need more secure psychiatric facilities and mandatory substance abuse rehab centers, with jail a certainty for violent homeless offenders.


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Every morning at Hungry Asylum, soon after I arise about 6AM, I go online looking for interesting stories and commentaries. Seems I hit the jackpot this morning! (One of the best ideas I’ve ever had was suggesting to the Activities Dept. here that they should purchase a laptop for the use of residents; turns out I’m about the only one who wants it.)



We see a lot of phony posturing about race going on in Boulder, CO too. I’m not inclined to continue mentioning the names of either of the fakers here, involved recently in contrived racial incidents, because it’s pretty obvious to me they’re both media whores lacking anything that merits our attention.


‘Your Reporting Options For Victims of Unwanted Sexual Experiences’

See the PDF by clicking here.

Also see Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners available 24/7 at Boulder Community Health. I believe this should be any victim’s first stop; they will be able to contact other resources as needed.

This blog post is prompted by the misinformation currently being promoted on the Facebook page of Boulder Rights Watch.

This group purports to advocate for homeless people, and the issue of sexual assault is one that must be front and center. Instead, and this is certainly not meant as any criticism of the traumatized young woman presenting her story there, I see a lot of irrelevancies and gratuitous bashing of law enforcement. Does Darren O’Connor or Evan Ravitz or anyone else at BRW actually want to steer this victim in the right direction? Help is available now, and it will be available in the future to other victims.

When you don’t understand the difference between Boulder Police Department serving the city and Boulder County Sheriff’s Office serving the unincorporated areas, and don’t realize that doing a “rape kit” is a task for medical professionals (whose help you could seek first), and nobody you turn to at Boulder Rights Watch offers useful info, it’s no wonder you’re at wit’s end.

For more long-term counseling, see Moving to End Sexual Assault (MESA) on Facebook.


Man sentenced to life in prison without parole in marijuana-related triple murder case

At last, a news media report mentions the illegal marijuana grow (and presumably lots of cash) that motivated the robber / murderer in this case. It wasn’t a random crime at all.

BTW, any informed writer would refer to the murder weapon as “a revolver in .22 Long Rifle caliber.”