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Baby-faced killer is getting off lightly

I didn’t think prosecutors could make a charge of 1st Degree Murder stick, so this character will only face a few years of prison time upon conviction.

R.I.P. Terry Shipman.

It’s beyond silly for the local newspaper to fail to identify Farrar’s residence as Attention Homes 1440 Pine project, but many citizens are not at all surprised at this tragic turn of events.


(E-mailed to Boulder City Council.)

Boulder, CO churches have suffered BUM problems, too . . .

Read the Daily Camera report from 2009 and note the archived comments by Doc_Brinkley which follow by clicking here.


Who are the enablers? See the Attention Homes website:

See names and photos of Attention Homes staff and board of directors by clicking here.

(Note: It’s very slow to load.)

About a decade ago, when I was a homeless camper recently arrived in Boulder, I donated $100 in cash to this nonprofit, at a time when their focus was on helping kids ages 12 to 17.

Since then, I’m sad to report, the folks running this nonprofit have discovered where the real bonanza of $$$ can be found, housing so-called at-risk youth ages 18 to 24. This is an entirely different group, as seen below:

It’s sad, but perfectly illustrates the corrupting influence of Big Money from both public and private sources. And it’s not only Attention Homes but Boulder Shelter for the Homeless and Bridge House as well . . .

In my view, based on many years of experience and close observation, Boulder’s homeless shelter / services industry needs to be dismantled and then rebuilt from the ground up!

It would also be helpful if Boulder’s elected officials and city staff would exercise much more oversight of the nonprofits which are now a direct threat to public safety. Cutting off city taxpayer support, no matter how much or how little it is, would gain the enablers’ attention as nothing else could possibly do.

R.I.P. Terry Shipland.


Attention Homes thug arrested for murder by Boulder Police

Copied from the Boulder Police blotter for July 23, 2020:

Police responded to Circle K, 1480 Canyon on a disturbance where two men were fighting and one was on the ground unresponsive.  They learned the victim, an employee of the store, was the owner of a bicycle the suspect had allegedly stolen and they began fighting when the victim confronted the suspect.  Witnesses reported seeing the suspect repeatedly kick the victim in the face and stomach.  Officers administered CPR until medical personnel arrived.  He was transported to Boulder Community Health where he was later pronounced deceased.  The 21-year-old suspect was located at Attention Homes, 1440 Pine, where he was arrested for Murder in the First Degree.  20-6845

Many residents expressed their concerns that this facility would become a magnet for the worst-behaved youth, and it’s now apparent that they were correct:

Excerpt copied below:

. . . a Boulder police officer who was on scene viewed Circle K surveillance footage and believed he recognized Farrar, according to the document, and knew that he was a resident of transitional housing for homeless young adults in the 1400 block of Pine Street.

The officer went to the residence around 6:47 p.m., where staff members confirmed the person shown in video footage from the gas station was Farrar. Officers made three separate attempts to get Farrar to exit his apartment before he came out of his room and was arrested without incident at 7:29 p.m.


All those Attention Homes staff members involved in placing this killer into a brand new $300K apartment should be fired immediately for gross incompetence, and steps must be taken to ensure that all other violent thugs are evicted.


‘But, my third car is a Prius!’

Excerpt from the article:

The zip codes that produced the most gas are scattered across Colorado, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Louisiana, Wyoming, Maryland, West Virginia, Minnesota, Missouri, Georgia, Arkansas, Indiana and Utah.

The zip code that produced the most greenhouse gas per person was in the mountains of western Boulder County, where the 23,811 pounds per person is 18 times higher than in the San Francisco zip code.

I think it’s very likely that the City of Boulder, spanning several zip codes, spews more greenhouse gases than comparably-sized cities in Colorado or the rest of the nation. (And a few years ago, then-Boulder Councilman Matt Applebaum flew to Paris and Rome to attend so-called climate change conferences, leaving of trail of pollution both ways.)

As a homeless camper for about a decade, I was without any trace of doubt the greenest resident in Colorado, never even having a campfire or gas stove to warm my canned chili and chicken noodle soup.

And I didn’t have a Prius, either.


Homeless man nearly drowns in Boulder Creek; rescued by sober passerby

NOTHING the local homeless shelter / services industry does will prevent such self-destructive tragedies from occurring. You simply can’t save some people from themselves, and it’s likely the transient who was rescued here will quickly return to his lifestyle.

Why spend umpteen millions of $$$ to no good purpose?


Proof that Dr. Fauci is a doddering idiot:

Excerpt copied below:

New York state has seen more than 400,000 cases of coronavirus and nearly 28,000 deaths, according to data from Johns Hopkins University; it has the most COVID-19 cases of any state in the U.S.


However, many have criticized New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for forcing nursing homes to accept patients who tested positive for the coronavirus — thus, placing them among the most vulnerable.

Scientists, health care professionals and elected officials assailed a report released this month that purported to show Cuomo’s order was not a significant factor in nursing home deaths. That was criticized for flawed methodology and selective stats that sidestepped the actual impact of the March 25 order, which by the state’s own count ushered more than 6,300 recovering virus patients into nursing homes at the height of the pandemic.

Cuomo reversed the order under pressure on May 10, long after New York’s death toll in care homes had climbed to among the highest in the nation. To date, nearly 6,500 deaths have been linked to the coronavirus in the state’s nursing home and long-term care facilities.

The senile old coot has become a media whore intent on remaining in the spotlight, and he’ll apparently adopt any position that gains more attention:

It’s also reported that Dr. Fauci and Gov. Cuomo are close personal friends, which indicates to me he’s lacking in objectivity and integrity.