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‘Colorado drivers now rank 6th worst in the country’


Homeless weather alert Boulder, CO 12/10/2019:

See Bridge House Severe Weather Shelter Info here.

Hotline: (303) 605-8919

Also see:

Homeless Solutions for Boulder County Program Info here.

Words to the wise:

Winters here in Colorado are no joke, and not many transients without any ties to Boulder County are prepared with the proper camping gear, winter clothing and boots, sober and respectful mindset, and common sense to seek campsites off the beaten path. The best thing for these folks is to move to a warmer clime for the duration of the cold season, which can last through April.


Comment copied from Facebook page of Boulder Rights Watch

BRW member Shawn Schwartz

Shawn Schwartz: I hope Darren O’Conner loses everything, and has to live homeless, because he is a pos. I hope someone slanders his name the way mine was slandered. I hope his family treats him like garbage and I hope people do to him all of the things that I have to endure. The man is a mouse. May he rest in pieces after a long painful life in the cold without his loved ones.” 


Homeless-on-homeless crime update:

And we can’t forget the creepy vagabonds who do their best to reinforce the negative stereotypes all homeless people have to overcome:

It can be hard to do, but we must try to remember that the bad actors are a small minority of all homeless people . . . Unfortunately, they are high-profile in the public eye and self-styled progressives in positions of authority are all too often unwilling to confront them.


‘Uptick in homeless camping illegally at Cherry Creek State Park’

The more clever BUMS will self-report as being in Colorado for a number of years, but they ought to be required to document this claim. (Driver’s licenses, photo IDs, library cards, receipts from stores, letters from homeless services providers, etc.)

Colorado progressives like to think they can “end homelessness” in America, but the truth is their efforts are a big FAIL within this state.


Boulder, CO progressives are complete hypocrites!

Progressive icons like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are awash in privilege of all kinds, but “woke” Boulderites would rather lecture the middle-class and working poor and make it impossible for them to live in the city where they work.

Their very limited interaction with other people who are NOT self-styled progressives makes them prone to mindless drama . . .