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Transients trashing Boulder County forests


Used toilet paper (in bags) left scattered about near Beaver Reservoir

By Max R. Weller

The photo above is just more convincing evidence to me that it’s the sociopathic travelers, who pass through the City of Boulder before heading up into the mountains, who are committing these acts. I’ve seen human feces on the doorstep of Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, and I’ve witnessed the bad actors relieving themselves on and near the sidewalk leading to the nearby Dakota Ridge subdivision.

There is now a (closed) Facebook group, Peak to Peak Forest Watch, which has 440 members and counting.

The folly of do-gooders in Boulder, CO — who apparently have never met a bum they didn’t like — has negative consequences that extend far outside of the city limits.

BTW, Boulder Rights Watch, the Facebook group which promotes the worst-behaved transients, has only 109 members.


How do nursing homes view the residents of their facilities?


Meet the Cash Cow!

By Max R. Weller

I’m used to sleeping outdoors with plenty of fresh air, and until last week here at Boulder Manor Progressive Care Center I had a bed right next to the window in my room. Then, they moved me to another wing, into a new room with some Froot Loop who wants to keep it shut up tight. He’s next to the window, and I’m stuck in a corner next to the door — which he wants to be closed at all times. To read a book (I have neither TV nor phone in this room), I have to sit out in the hallway in order to breathe comfortably. For the $7,000 per month they receive from taxpayers just for my care (their GREED being the most likely explanation for denying my transfer to Applewood in Longmont, and they still haven’t provided the written explanation with a staff member’s signature that I requested last Thursday), you might think I’d enjoy every amenity including a fine chocolate on my pillow at bedtime each night. I’m sorry to report that the corporate nursing home industry in Boulder, CO seems as focused on $$$ as the charitable homeless shelter / services industry here — “for profit” and “nonprofit” being mere legal distinctions without any practical difference for the vulnerable residents. Having said all this, I hasten to add that Boulder Manor staff on the front lines do a great job, in the same way that the grunts at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless are the only redeeming feature at that facility.

‘Donald Trump is a unique threat to American democracy’

Read the editorial in the Washington Post here, copied below in its entirety:

By Editorial Board

DONALD J. TRUMP, until now a Republican problem, this week became a challenge the nation must confront and overcome. The real estate tycoon is uniquely unqualified to serve as president, in experience and temperament. He is mounting a campaign of snarl and sneer, not substance. To the extent he has views, they are wrong in their diagnosis of America’s problems and dangerous in their proposed solutions. Mr. Trump’s politics of denigration and division could strain the bonds that have held a diverse nation together. His contempt for constitutional norms might reveal the nation’s two-century-old experiment in checks and balances to be more fragile than we knew.

Any one of these characteristics would be disqualifying; together, they make Mr. Trump a peril. We recognize that this is not the usual moment to make such a statement. In an ordinary election year, we would acknowledge the Republican nominee, move on to the Democratic convention and spend the following months, like other voters, evaluating the candidates’ performance in debates, on the stump and in position papers. This year we will follow the campaign as always, offering honest views on all the candidates. But we cannot salute the Republican nominee or pretend that we might endorse him this fall. A Trump presidency would be dangerous for the nation and the world. 

Why are we so sure? Start with experience. It has been 64 years since a major party nominated anyone for president who did not have electoral experience. That experiment turned out pretty well — but Mr. Trump, to put it mildly, is no Dwight David Eisenhower. Leading the Allied campaign to liberate Europe from the Nazis required strategic and political skills of the first order, and Eisenhower — though he liked to emphasize his common touch as he faced the intellectual Democrat Adlai Stevenson — was shrewd, diligent, humble and thoughtful.

[Read the transcript of Donald Trump’s interview with The Washington Post editorial board]

In contrast, there is nothing on Mr. Trump’s résumé to suggest he could function successfully in Washington. He was staked in the family business by a well-to-do father and has pursued a career marked by some real estate successes, some failures and repeated episodes of saving his own hide while harming people who trusted him. Given his continuing refusal to release his tax returns, breaking with a long bipartisan tradition, it is only reasonable to assume there are aspects of his record even more discreditable than what we know.

The lack of experience might be overcome if Mr. Trump saw it as a handicap worth overcoming. But he displays no curiosity, reads no books and appears to believe he needs no advice. In fact, what makes Mr. Trump so unusual is his combination of extreme neediness and unbridled arrogance. He is desperate for affirmation but contemptuous of other views. He also is contemptuous of fact. Throughout the campaign, he has unspooled one lie after another — that Muslims in New Jersey celebrated after 9/11, that his tax-cut plan would not worsen the deficit, that he opposed the Iraq War before it started — and when confronted with contrary evidence, he simply repeats the lie. It is impossible to know whether he convinces himself of his own untruths or knows that he is wrong and does not care. It is also difficult to know which trait would be more frightening in a commander in chief.

Given his ignorance, it is perhaps not surprising that Mr. Trump offers no coherence when it comes to policy. In years past, he supported immigration reform, gun control and legal abortion; as candidate, he became a hard-line opponent of all three. Even in the course of the campaign, he has flip-flopped on issues such as whether Muslims should be banned from entering the United States and whether women who have abortions should be punished . Worse than the flip-flops is the absence of any substance in his agenda. Existing trade deals are “stupid,” but Mr. Trump does not say how they could be improved. The Islamic State must be destroyed, but the candidate offers no strategy for doing so. Eleven million undocumented immigrants must be deported, but Mr. Trump does not tell us how he would accomplish this legally or practically.

What the candidate does offer is a series of prejudices and gut feelings, most of them erroneous. Allies are taking advantage of the United States. Immigrants are committing crimes and stealing jobs. Muslims hate America. In fact, Japan and South Korea are major contributors to an alliance that has preserved a peace of enormous benefit to Americans. Immigrants commit fewer crimes than native-born Americans and take jobs that no one else will. Muslims are the primary victims of Islamist terrorism, and Muslim Americans, including thousands who have served in the military, are as patriotic as anyone else.

The Trump litany of victimization has resonated with many Americans whose economic prospects have stagnated. They deserve a serious champion, and the challenges of inequality and slow wage growth deserve a serious response. But Mr. Trump has nothing positive to offer, only scapegoats and dark conspiracy theories. He launched his campaign by accusing Mexico of sending rapists across the border, and similar hatefulness has surfaced numerous times in the year since.

In a dangerous world, Mr. Trump speaks blithely of abandoning NATO, encouraging more nations to obtain nuclear weapons and cozying up to dictators who in fact wish the United States nothing but harm. For eight years, Republicans have criticized President Obama for “apologizing” for America and for weakening alliances. Now they put forward a candidate who mimics the vilest propaganda of authoritarian adversaries about how terrible the United States is and how unfit it is to lecture others. He has made clear that he would drop allies without a second thought. The consequences to global security could be disastrous.

Most alarming is Mr. Trump’s contempt for the Constitution and the unwritten democratic norms upon which our system depends. He doesn’t know what is in the nation’s founding document. When asked by a member of Congress about Article I, which enumerates congressional powers, the candidate responded, “I am going to abide by the Constitution whether it’s number 1, number 2, number 12, number 9.” The charter has seven articles.

Worse, he doesn’t seem to care about its limitations on executive power. He has threatened that those who criticize him will suffer when he is president. He has vowed to torture suspected terrorists and bomb their innocent relatives, no matter the illegality of either act. He has vowed to constrict the independent press. He went after a judge whose rulings angered him, exacerbating his contempt for the independence of the judiciary by insisting that the judge should be disqualified because of his Mexican heritage. Mr. Trump has encouraged and celebrated violence at his rallies. The U.S. democratic system is strong and has proved resilient when it has been tested before. We have faith in it. But to elect Mr. Trump would be to knowingly subject it to threat.

Mr. Trump campaigns by insult and denigration, insinuation and wild accusation: Ted Cruz’s father was involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy; Hillary Clinton may be guilty of murder; Mr. Obama is a traitor who wants Muslims to attack. The Republican Party has moved the lunatic fringe onto center stage, with discourse that renders impossible the kind of substantive debate upon which any civil democracy depends.

Most responsible Republican leaders know all this to be true; that is why Mr. Trump had to rely so heavily on testimonials by relatives and employees during this week’s Republican convention. With one exception (Bob Dole), the living Republican presidents and presidential nominees of the past three decades all stayed away. But most current officeholders, even those who declared Mr. Trump to be an unthinkable choice only months ago, have lost the courage to speak out.

The party’s failure of judgment leaves the nation’s future where it belongs, in the hands of voters. Many Americans do not like either candidate this year. We have criticized the presumptive Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, in the past and will do so again when warranted. But we do not believe that she (or the Libertarian and Green party candidates, for that matter) represents a threat to the Constitution. Mr. Trump is a unique and present danger. 

License panhandlers in Boulder, CO and more

From one year ago:



By Max R. Weller

I think this is long overdue, because panhandling is in fact a business. I certainly regard it as such, and I depend on that income from generous passersby to buy all of life’s necessities; I’ve never applied for any of the social services benefits I’m eligible for here in Colorado because I wish to avoid becoming a slave to the system, nor do I patronize any of the private nonprofits other than Boulder Shelter for the Homeless (for my morning shower and to maintain a small locker with a change of clothes and sundry items).

True, my spot at the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36 is outside the city limits, but I still see a pressing need to regulate the conduct of anyone who “flies a sign” in the City of Boulder itself. Too many of these characters are obviously…

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‘Jeff Schulz: Boulder should stop importing criminals’

Read the letter-to-editor in the Daily Camera here. Copied below in its entirety:

As a longtime Boulder resident, I would like to request that both the City Council and the county commissioners explain why they insist on inviting homeless transients from all over the country to stay here. These two governing bodies are directly responsible for the havoc that out-of-town criminals inflict in our community, including the uptick in rapes and recently a huge wildfire.

I recognize citizens are also complicit because we’ve allowed special interests to essentially bring Boulder to its knees in the name of “compassion.” The non-profits that make money off of the homeless situation should also outline how their services are in the citizen’s best interest and why they can’t at least filter out the sex offenders.

As far as I can tell, these groups are not serving “a local need,” they are merely creating huge problems that the rest of the citizens have to contend with every day. We seem to be long on “activists” and “advocates,” but short on accountability. And since the D.A. is spending his time avoiding investigating what appears to be huge conflict of interests at the council level, the citizens simply have to demand better governance directly.

For example, I would like the well-paid city manager to personally visit the woman that was recently raped on the Boulder Creek path and apologize on behalf of the citizens, and explain that, while it’s unfortunate she had such a horrific experience at the hands of another criminal transient, the city’s policies are quite sound.

I would also like to request that the mayor quit worrying about ice cream sandwiches and that she and her sister on the county commission apologize to the citizens of Nederland and start reducing funding for the agencies that are importing criminals in from all over the country.

Jeff Schulz



Accused Alabama arsonists


Melania speaks from the heart: Michelle Obama’s heart, that is


By Max R. Weller

Read the story from CNN: Campaign denies Melania Trump’s speech plagiarizes part of Michelle Obama’s.

If the would-be First Lady had done the same thing on a college class assignment to write a speech, she’d have received an “F” and possibly been referred to the Dean’s Office for disciplinary action.

What an embarrassment to our country! Wasn’t it bad enough that she came to America on a phony visa — as did many other female foreigners “working” for Trump’s modeling agency?


As to Donald Trump himself, he remains so confident of victory in November that he has begun working on his Inaugural Address to be delivered in January. It so happens that the Homeless Philosopher has obtained a copy of the first draft, and I must admit I’m very impressed by its closing paragraph:

With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation’s wounds, to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan, to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations.

Words for the ages, to be sure . . .


“Don’t worry, Bill, I’ll help Hillary get elected.” 

‘Sheriff David Clarke: It’s time to stand up to Black Lives Matter’


By David Clarke

Here’s a sobering thought for Americans to contemplate as we now deal with the aftermath of the horrific murders of law enforcement officers in the name of Black Lives Matter in Dallas, Texas: this was mission accomplished for Black Lives Matter, not an aberration.

The violence and hate-filled messages pouring out of Black Lives Matter seek exactly this kind of bloody resolution, or revolution, though they cannot admit it in polite society. Even as celebrities clamor over themselves to demonstrate their fealty to the hate group, they align themselves with one of the most destructive groups to the well-being and justice for black Americans that exist today.

We are as afraid to point out the obvious, that the sniper attack by Micah Johnson in Dallas, who according to Dallas Police Chief David Brown was “upset about Black Lives Matter,” is just as tied to this domestic hate group as the Orlando terrorist was to radical Islam.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, a far-left organization that congratulates itself for its profligate naming of Christian groups and other conservative organizations to its ‘Hate List’ will prove itself absolutely irrelevant and morally bankrupt if it fails to now name Black Lives Matter and its equally anti-black cohort Black Youth Project to its hate list. I call on them to do so immediately or tear up the list and admit it is the farce that we have known all along.

You see, Black Lives Matter is proving itself to seek only one end — and that is discord, alienation among Americans, rise in hate, and destruction of community bonds. The relative increase in justice afforded black Americans is of little concern, save as a convenient veneer for their anti-democratic mission.

Black Lives Matter has no more to do with black issues than Students for a Democratic Society had to do with Democracy. They are means to an end, and they use the black population as sacrifices for their goals. When black celebrities like Beyoncé jump on board I can only wonder what their goals are — more ticket sales? An easy pass from the liberals who control their contracts? It certainly is not to help their community.

White America has a responsibility in all this, and it is not the liberal, Hillary-Clinton style enabling of this horrific heist over black Americans or public displays of self-flagellation about privilege.

White America needs to be brave, they need to stand up against this latest attack on the Black community by the likes of Black Lives Matter — to be unafraid to face the condemnation of the powerful but morally reprehensible liberal elites and mainstream media pushing these lies. Stand by the side of law enforcement, the men and women who are often the only semblance of hope and justice in the crime-ridden inner cities.

If you want to help Black America, this is the strongest and most necessary course of action you can take. No more walking on eggshells as we stand up for what’s right and recall that America is a land where we are all equal under the law. The facts show that even the most basic premise of Black Lives Matter is an utter fabrication: the leading cause of death among black males ages 15 to 25 in America is homicide.

We have made strides to help black Americans in recent years, too. Because of Rudy Guiliani’s policies of reducing crime in New York City, tens of thousands of black men, women, and children are alive today that wouldn’t have been otherwise.

Stand up to Black Lives Matter. Show you don’t kowtow to the liberal pressure exacted to achieve their political goals on the backs of the suffering of black Americans due to crime and the dissolution of their communities. It is the hard road to sow in our culture where the right thing is shamed and the wrong thing is held up, but as a law enforcement officer I can tell you this is the time for choosing: law and order, justice, the American way or anarchy, division, hate, and authoritarianism. Black Lives Matter has shown their hand in Dallas: they choose the latter.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. is a law enforcement executive with 37-plus years of experience. His public service career began in 1978, at the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD), where he served 24 distinguished years.