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Link Appleyard news from my room at Hungry Asylum

The most annoying trait he displays is his nonstop advice to those trying to tend to his every need, as if they hadn’t been doing it for many years for umpteen other patients before he came to this facility.


STOP allowing transients to be the ‘tail wagging the dog’ in Boulder

STEP ONE: Stop making Boulder the destination city for marijuana travelers from all across the country, who consume resources that might otherwise serve Boulder County’s own homeless people — and there are hundreds, perhaps as many as half not being counted by the annual Point-in-Time survey. Give transients bus tickets back to their home states, where they can apply for and receive social services and freebies from nonprofits. It’s much cheaper than putting them into the criminal justice system here!

Boulder can NOT solve homelessness for the rest of the country, and must strictly prioritize available resources for homeless residents who can document their presence here for at least 9 months,. Other cities do this! Example from San Antonio, TX here.

It seems to me that Boulder County’s Coordinated Entry process strives to keep as many homeless people here as possible; although it’s true that Bridge House has been paying the transportation costs for some to return to their home states, more are arriving every day to replace them.

One good option would be for law enforcement to offer bus tickets in lieu of citations into court for illegal camping or any of the many other petty offenses transients tend to commit on a regular basis. Why wait for a transient to go through Coordinated Entry? Many never do, and their first contact with authority in Boulder County is the city police or county deputies, who are responding to complaints by the public.

During the decade I’ve been blogging about homelessness in Boulder, since 2009, I’ve observed all of the changes the homeless shelter / services industry has gone through. The BOTTOM LINE is that there are more homeless people on the streets now than ever, with a higher percentage being from out-of-state.

It’s clear to me that elected officials have to take the lead in resolving this crisis, never mind what the faux compassion industry leaders say . . .


(E-mailed to Boulder City Council.)

Boulder Rights Watch member advocates violent response to law enforcement

Comment by “Repo Love” copied from Facebook page of Boulder Rights Watch:

We should arm more homeless that are capable and competent with firearms and have more citizens defend them with such from the tyranny of law enforcement. people are now armed to the teeth in Parks feeding the homeless so that the police don’t even want to come around…

He’s not even the most unhinged person belonging to the group, but they are the ones constantly in contact with Boulder City Council and claiming to represent homeless people in the city. Fortunately, only one Council member seems to pay any attention to BRW’s ignorant rants, but that’s one too many.


(E-mailed to Boulder City Council.)

Hungry Asylum’s Link Appleyard on downward spiral

The benighted powers-that-be mismanaging this dump ought to be able to match up roommates according to their degree of physical disability. There are many others in bad shape, too, and likewise many others with greater mobility.

Appleyard just sucks all the life out of my room. and shows no indication of ever wanting to do more to help himself overcome his paralysis (to whatever extent it’s possible). He could at least let the staff get him out of bed and into his electric wheelchair for a couple of hours each day! (And ask for a shower twice a week.)



This pastor shows righteous anger — BRAVO!!

Denver “progressives” want to follow the example of San Francisco . . .


Hungry Asylum update:

I also added on my slow return down the hall to my room that she’s being PAID to be here (and the salary of any RN is pretty generous, everywhere). Unfortunately, she’s just one of many staff members at Hungry Asylum who fail to appreciate their good fortune.

Addendum: My breakfast tray finally arrived at 9:25AM. No hard-fried eggs which I much prefer over scrambled, no plain toast, no oatmeal, but I did get bacon and orange juice. I don’t feel like eating any of it . . .

Mouthy effing people! F*** em.

This facility is one of the worst in Colorado.


Denver can’t solve homelessness for the rest of the country!