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Random stuff 4/25/2017

(Apologies to Stephen Foster)

The Shelter bums all sing this song

Doo-dah, doo-dah

The road to Denver’s mighty long

Oh, doo-dah day

Watch ’em board the bus

They’ll smoke and drink and cuss

The road to Denver’s mighty long

Oh, doo-dah day!

By Max R. Weller

1) Only 6 nights remaining for the worst-behaved transients in the emergency overnight dorms at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless — and with any luck law enforcement officers will make sure starting May 1st that they aren’t camping out in people’s yards without permission, in public parks where camping is banned, or anywhere else that is detrimental to good order and public health.

2) The further adventures of registered sex offender Leo Scott, as he posted on the Facebook page of Boulder Rights Watch:

I decided to come to california to check it out what he told me about in my earlier post and it is true.
I DECIDED TO GO TO SAN MATEO. I got here filed for benefits and this is what they gave me.
80 cash
179 food stamps
275 in Safeway Checks for any personal stuff or a total of 534. Much more then colorado. And they are looking at getting me a place and pay my rent. WE IS BOULDER SO RICH AND SNOBBY.


SOUNDS LIKE Boulder people are HEARTLESS and I agree as California believes all people are equal including the homeless. I will add more post from there sites later.

As far as I know, Leo is an able-bodied perv who apparently doesn’t want to apply at any temporary employment agency . . . I hope he doesn’t forget to register as a sex offender out there in California:

Leo Gerald Scott

3) There should be more definitive info about Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow crashing and burning very soon. If you’re a homeless BOHO client and want to blame someone for the churches becoming fed up with the drinking, drugging, fornicating, and vandalism that has occurred for years on their property, LOOK IN THE MIRROR. Once again, you pickled idjits have shot yourselves in the foot — with an assist from the apologists / enablers here in Boulder.

4) I had a couple of slices of still-warm pizza from King Soopers, along with my usual Brown Cow brand strawberry yogurt and a pint of orange juice, as I sat here at the computer in our lovely Main Library at 1001 Arapahoe. Surrounded by Froot Loops, of course.

5) After suffering the theft of $350 from my locker at BSH (no doubt in my mind the perp was a staff member), I’ve managed to again save $275 to this point, in addition to spending about $15 per day on necessities. The money will be kept by a friend in Longmont, CO. Thanks to all who have donated to the Homeless Philosopher:

Just in time for the flood of transient campers, when Boulder Shelter closes emergency overnight dorms on May 1st

Read the report in the Daily Camera here: Mountain lion seen hanging out in north Boulder. Copied below in its entirety:

A mountain lion on the deck of a home in the Wonderland Lake area of north Boulder

A mountain lion on the deck of a home in the Wonderland Lake area of north Boulder (Frank Barrett / Courtesy photo)

A mountain lion has been spotted hanging around the Wonderland Lake area in north Boulder, but wildlife officials said the animal is close enough to open space that they have not needed to relocate the animal.

The mountain lion was most recently spotted on Monday, hanging out on the deck of a home, where the resident was able to get a photo of the lion lounging around.

Boulder police spokeswoman Shannon Cordingly said the animal was not bothering the homeowner, so it was left to its own devices.

An officer who responded noted the mountain lion — which appeared to be a young adult — had been spotted several times by residents over the past month, according to police radio traffic.

Because the area is so close to Boulder open space, and the mountain lion’s visits to populated areas were likely brief, officials said the animal would not need to be relocated.

North Boulder is no stranger to mountain lion activity. In January, a resident on Orange Lane took a photo of three mountain lion cubs on his deck.

For tips on what to do if you encounter a mountain lion, visit the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website. 

A mountain lion lounges on a deck at a home in the Wonderland Lake area.

A mountain lion lounges on a deck at a home in the Wonderland Lake area. (Frank Barrett / Courtesy photo)


I would counsel my wild friend to BITE THE BUMS IN THEIR BUTTS, and chase ’em back to Denver . . .


Enablers to transients: Come to Boulder, die for dope . . .

Providing all of life’s necessities for FREE is NOT compassion; it only makes it easier for substance abusers to continue their self-destructive behavior.

By Max R. Weller

Read the story in the Daily Camera here: Body of transient woman found in Boulder on Saturday; foul play ruled out. Copied below in its entirety:

Boulder police are investigating the death of a female transient whose body was found Saturday morning as drug related after they were able to rule out foul play during an autopsy Monday.

Officers were called about 8 a.m. Saturday to the area of 19th Street and Upland Avenue about a possible death, Boulder police spokeswoman Shannon Cordingly said. When officers arrived, they discovered the body of a woman in an area where she and two other transients had been camping.

Cordingly said a preliminary investigation shows there is a “strong possibility” that the death was drug related.

Cordingly said there were signs of trauma on the body that caused investigators to initially not rule out foul play. But by Monday afternoon, Cordingly said the initial results of an autopsy provided enough information for investigators to rule out foul play.

Police did not say what the signs of trauma were.

Investigators have asked for toxicology tests.

Boulder District Attorney Stan Garnett said his office was notified of the case, though they will wait for the results of the autopsy and the police investigation before they determine if they need to get involved.

“My office is always on call to consult with police as they investigate any sort of death,” Garnett said.

The Boulder County Coroner’s Office will conduct an autopsy to determine the cause and manner of death. The name of the woman will be released once she has been identified and her next of kin have been notified.

Mitchell Byars: 303-473-1329, byarsm@dailycamera.com or twitter.com/mitchellbyars


I won’t publish her name, but I knew her from Boulder Shelter for the Homeless this season. Like almost all of the out-of-state transients who come to Boulder, the availability of “legal” marijuana was the primary motivation in her case. Although she didn’t seem to me to be someone into hard drugs like heroin, this is where the homeless drug culture can lead you, and in that sense marijuana most certainly can be a so-called gateway drug.

This is also why I consider the concept of a “homeless community” absolutely harmful to homeless people themselves; isolation from the rest of society is NEVER a good thing for anybody, and the Homeless Philosopher has always made a point of seeking out friends and acquaintances in what I call the Real World.

Ultimately, of course, the individual who dies from a drug overdose (not yet confirmed in this case) is responsible for their self-destruction . . . However, when Boulder, CO has an entire homeless shelter / services industry which operates by the creed of More Homeless People = More Money, and provides life’s necessities — FOOD, CLOTHING, EMERGENCY SHELTER, MEDICAL CARE, CAMPING GEAR, ETC. AT NO COST — the homeless person is able to spend their own meager resources on worthless stuff like cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana, and hard drugs. It’s an unintended consequence of inappropriate compassion which has contributed to the deaths of many transients, and those who support it belong in a Hall of Shame:

Addendum: Boulder, CO’s do-gooders enable misery and death of the homeless originally published in the summer of 2014.

(This post e-mailed to Boulder City Council.)

‘Boulder has an obligation to enforce camping ban’

Read the Guest Opinion by Josh Shoenfeld in the Daily Camera. Copied below in its entirety:

Fire burns while crews battle the Sunshine Fire in the Sunshine canyon area of Boulder, on Sunday, March 19.

Fire burns while crews battle the Sunshine Fire in the Sunshine canyon area of Boulder, on Sunday, March 19. (Jeremy Papasso / Staff Photographer)

“You can’t have enforcement without the alternative,” said Mayor Pro Tem Andrew Shoemaker (“Sunshine fire reignites debate about homeless camping in Boulder,” Daily Camera, March 26).

The mayor pro tem is referring to the fact that you cannot enforce the camping ban if we do not have an alternative to house the homeless. I would say that enforcing the law to no[t] allow camping is of prime importance regardless of an alternative for the homeless. I have lived on Four Mile Canyon for 20 years. Why is my health, safety, and welfare, secondary to allowing homeless people to camp in the woods bordering the city of Boulder? Why is it that the rights of homeless people who came here a few months ago, or even yesterday, are above my rights? The city should be required to properly manage their park lands so that they do not become a ticking time bomb to those of us who live in the foothills, and now, even the city itself? I have spoken to many police and rangers about this and their response is that they do not have the budget.

If I purchase a home too large for my income and cannot afford to maintain and it becomes a hazard to myself and the neighborhood, the city will condemn it and it will be taken away from me. The city has clearly purchased more land than it can competently afford to manage. It is time that they be required to hire subcontractors to properly manage it. The recent fire cost close to $1 million to suppress. This is the second fire in this immediate vicinity in less than 10 years started by the homeless. It will certainly not be the last.

The costs to the city and county are enormous beyond the million dollars to suppress the fire. Recreation areas are damaged and destroyed, erosion and flooding become a far more serious issue, insurance rates go up, stress for both residents and safety personnel, direct risk for the safety personnel and volunteers fighting the fires, and reforestation, are a few of the many costs associated with these fires.

Regardless of whether we have an alternative for the homeless, it is well known by City Council, the mayor, and many others that they camp and make fires in the bordering park lands of Boulder. When a more significant fire burns down thousands of acres and hundreds of homes and possibly kills residents and safety personnel, the fault will clearly be on those in authority who chose to put the desires of homeless people to move to Boulder and camp illegally, and light fires, even during a fire ban, over the residents of Boulder and Boulder County. If the city cannot afford to properly manage the lands they purchase for our recreation, then they should be required to hire someone who can. If they cannot afford to hire someone, then they need to realign their budget to do so. And if they cannot do that then they should no longer be allowed to own the land.

Josh Shoenfeld lives in Four Mile Canyon.


I agree 100%, but the fact is that Boulder Bubble government — both city and county — continually bites off more than it can chew . . .

BTW, I’ve NEVER had anything other than a “cold camp” in the 9+ years I’ve lived outdoors here, including every single night since last October 7th (those below-zero degree nights did get my attention, I must admit). I don’t need lying apologists / enablers for the worst-behaved transients to tell me that homeless camping can’t be done without the risk of burning down the countryside; I do it all the time!

I’m looking forward to a supper of cold pork and beans tonight, straight from the can. If your name is Mariska Hargitay, you’re invited to join me at my not-so-secret campsite in north Boulder.

— MRW 

‘Homeless haters, your job and home could be next!’ says local weirdo Evan Ravitz


By Max R. Weller

Is this guy crazy or what? Most of the Froot Loops sticking up for BUMS from everywhere outside of Boulder County, CO are members of a Facebook group called Boulder Rights Watch. BTW, don’t join their group if you’re hoping to engage in a constructive debate with any of them; they resent anyone challenging their pro-BUM stance.

Evan Ravitz, in his court appearance a few years ago demanding that the CU campus be turned over to stoners on 4/20 every year; the judge was NOT persuaded.

Read his letter-to-the-editor of the Daily Camera here: Boulder should establish legal campground. Copied below in its entirety:

The Sunshine fire is another reason why City Council must finally do what the late great Dr. Bob McFarland asked over 50 years ago: establish a legal campground for our hordes of summer visitors, homeless and others. If it’s legal, the fire ban can be enforced. Now people hide their camps and fires in the trees!

I think a campground should be right on the saddle area due west of the red rocks in Settlers Park, which is now burned. Legal campers will report illegal camps and especially fires!

The DU Law School report shows we’re spending millions extra on jailing the homeless and sending them to the emergency room instead of accepting them. A campground will cost mere thousands. I propose it charge $5-10 a night or 1/2-1 hour of work.

The saddle area is perfect because it has both purified Betasso water and ditch water available and a Parks Department road connecting to Sunshine Canyon. People have been camping in the areas between Boulder and Sunshine Canyon for decades, and this is not the first fire they’ve caused.

At a City Council study session, said they would support a legal campground. Please tell council what you think: council@bouldercolorado.gov

Remember, you only see the in-your-face homeless. Most are hiding. Many are children or whole families. Boulder causes homelessness in at least three ways: 1. Ever-increasing rents. 2. Zoning that prohibits tiny homes, etc. 3. Boulder is a center for automation, which since 2000 has caused 88 percent of U.S. job losses, with far more to come. That’s why the world’s foremost and most conscientious entrepreneur, Elon Musk, favors a guaranteed minimum income like Ontario and Finland are now trying.

Homeless haters, your job and home could be next! (Emphasis is mine — MRW)

Evan Ravitz 



I hope that Mr. Ravitz was simply careless in his choice of words for the final sentence of this published letter. I thought, at first, that he was making some vague threat of arson directed at Boulder businesses and residents’ homes . . . Who knows? I understand that he fell and landed on his head several times during his days as a circus performer on Pearl Street Mall here in Boulder. At least the DC did NOT use him as a source in their report Sunshine Fire reignites debate about homeless camping in Boulder.

His argument is totally lacking in merit, and I’ll tell you why:

1) The worst-behaved transients will NOT be interested in any legal campground with even minimal rules, the opportunity for authorities to keep an eye on them, and a charge for its use.

2) For that matter, the Homeless Philosopher — who isn’t burning down the countryside or causing any trouble whatsoever — would NEVER be interested in a “legal” campground shared by homeless alcoholics, Marijuana Travelers, and other assorted riffraff.


(This post e-mailed to Boulder City Council.)

Transients in Boulder, CO are pansies

Of course, REAL BUMS are neither pretty nor do they smell good; but they certainly are weak in the face of any adversity . . .

You should have heard all the whining and crying outside of Boulder Shelter for the Homeless this morning. As I stood there waiting to board the SKIP bus about 7:20AM, the little flowers were in a panic about whether or not Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow would be open tonight. One pothead predicted there would be 10″ of snow and an overnight low temp in the teens. Here’s the actual forecast.

BTW, some clown calling himself Timothy Jones (no doubt an alias, probably one of many) keeps leaving negative comments here on my blog — NONE of which will ever be published. But, I guess the impotent twit feels like a REAL MAN if he can rage in anonymity. ROTFL!

I’m happy to be of service to any transient pansy.