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Submitted letter-to-editor of Daily Camera 4/26/2017


By Max R. Weller

Assuming I didn’t inadvertently run over the 300-word limit for a letter-to-editor, this should appear on the DC’s website and in print this weekend:

Random stuff 4/25/2017

(Apologies to Stephen Foster)

The Shelter bums all sing this song

Doo-dah, doo-dah

The road to Denver’s mighty long

Oh, doo-dah day

Watch ’em board the bus

They’ll smoke and drink and cuss

The road to Denver’s mighty long

Oh, doo-dah day!

By Max R. Weller

1) Only 6 nights remaining for the worst-behaved transients in the emergency overnight dorms at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless — and with any luck law enforcement officers will make sure starting May 1st that they aren’t camping out in people’s yards without permission, in public parks where camping is banned, or anywhere else that is detrimental to good order and public health.

2) The further adventures of registered sex offender Leo Scott, as he posted on the Facebook page of Boulder Rights Watch:

I decided to come to california to check it out what he told me about in my earlier post and it is true.
I DECIDED TO GO TO SAN MATEO. I got here filed for benefits and this is what they gave me.
80 cash
179 food stamps
275 in Safeway Checks for any personal stuff or a total of 534. Much more then colorado. And they are looking at getting me a place and pay my rent. WE IS BOULDER SO RICH AND SNOBBY.


SOUNDS LIKE Boulder people are HEARTLESS and I agree as California believes all people are equal including the homeless. I will add more post from there sites later.

As far as I know, Leo is an able-bodied perv who apparently doesn’t want to apply at any temporary employment agency . . . I hope he doesn’t forget to register as a sex offender out there in California:

Leo Gerald Scott

3) There should be more definitive info about Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow crashing and burning very soon. If you’re a homeless BOHO client and want to blame someone for the churches becoming fed up with the drinking, drugging, fornicating, and vandalism that has occurred for years on their property, LOOK IN THE MIRROR. Once again, you pickled idjits have shot yourselves in the foot — with an assist from the apologists / enablers here in Boulder.

4) I had a couple of slices of still-warm pizza from King Soopers, along with my usual Brown Cow brand strawberry yogurt and a pint of orange juice, as I sat here at the computer in our lovely Main Library at 1001 Arapahoe. Surrounded by Froot Loops, of course.

5) After suffering the theft of $350 from my locker at BSH (no doubt in my mind the perp was a staff member), I’ve managed to again save $275 to this point, in addition to spending about $15 per day on necessities. The money will be kept by a friend in Longmont, CO. Thanks to all who have donated to the Homeless Philosopher:

Random stuff 4/20/2017


By Max R. Weller

1) Another wildfire last evening, which was very quickly contained. I watched it from my campsite: Fire burning west of Boulder holding at 2 acres. I smelled smoke about the same time I heard the sirens of many responding firefighting crews. Not a chance it was lightning, and no word that a downed power line due to high winds was the cause, so it looks like another BUM CAMPFIRE out of control:

Spot fires are visible from a wildfire fire west of Boulder just above Lee Hill Road on Wednesday.

Spot fires are visible from a wildfire fire west of Boulder just above Lee Hill Road on Wednesday. (Paul Aiken/Staff Photographer)

2) Speaking of the BUMS, all they could talk about in Boulder Shelter for the Homeless this morning was going to Denver for the big 4/20 celebration there — or as Mitt Romney might say, the big Marijuana Makes People Stupid party.

3) As I left the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36 yesterday afternoon, a woman met me at my spot in front of the Mexican restaurant. She introduced herself as an artist, and wanted to take my photo as a guide for painting my portrait. When she asked me for some info about my homeless experience, I referred her to this blog; she was surprised to learn that the Homeless Philosopher actually embraces the ascetic lifestyle. But, I don’t think I want to see a painting of my current Sasquatch-style hair and beard . . .

4) I understand from a Facebook message that the churches who have been supporting Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow are NOT planning to continue doing so next winter; no surprise there. The same source also indicates that Bridge House may be closing; they’re rolling in $$$, so I find this hard to believe . . . If both things happen, I’ll shout HALLELUJAH!!

5) Counting tonight, only 11 more nights are left for the emergency overnight dorms at BSH to remain open. It’s a completely different world during the summer — quiet and relatively clean. I’m looking forward to it!

Update 4/21/2017: Ridge Fire in foothills west of Boulder under control. Excerpt copied below:

Boulder County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Carrie Haverfield said investigators have determined the fire was human caused but it is still under investigation.

The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office announced early Thursday morning that deputies made contact with a woman and a juvenile boy in the immediate area of the fire.

The woman had to be evacuated from the area by Rocky Mountain Rescue Group because of the steep terrain. She was taken to an area hospital because she appeared to have been suffering from a medical condition.

“It sounds like they were near where the fire started, so of course we want to talk to them,” Haverfield said. “But the boy is a juvenile and the woman has a medical condition. So the folks we want to talk to we are not able to talk to them right now.”

She added that the woman and boy are not transients. A transient campfire was blamed for the Sunshine Canyon Fire, which prompted hundreds of homes to be evacuated. 

Transients in Boulder, CO are pansies

Of course, REAL BUMS are neither pretty nor do they smell good; but they certainly are weak in the face of any adversity . . .

You should have heard all the whining and crying outside of Boulder Shelter for the Homeless this morning. As I stood there waiting to board the SKIP bus about 7:20AM, the little flowers were in a panic about whether or not Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow would be open tonight. One pothead predicted there would be 10″ of snow and an overnight low temp in the teens. Here’s the actual forecast.

BTW, some clown calling himself Timothy Jones (no doubt an alias, probably one of many) keeps leaving negative comments here on my blog — NONE of which will ever be published. But, I guess the impotent twit feels like a REAL MAN if he can rage in anonymity. ROTFL!

I’m happy to be of service to any transient pansy.


Was Sunshine Fire a terrorist act in retaliation for BOHO ending its nightly homeless overflow shelter?


By Max R. Weller

The timing seems very suspicious to me; Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow ends nightly sheltering for over 100 transients (3/15/2017 was the last night this season, before BOHO switched to weather-dependent criteria for opening), and just 3 nights later the Sunshine Fire erupts in an area well-known for bum campsites. I think the FBI should be called into the case for two reasons: 1) We have a lot of mentally ill transients coming here from all over America, and 2) Self-styled homeless advocates are constantly reinforcing the paranoia of homeless people in Boulder, CO and preaching that society is picking on them. This could possibly have been a deliberate act of domestic terrorism intended to extort more millions of $$$ for transient shelters / services run by local nonprofits who operate by the creed More Homeless People = More Money. The FBI might start by interviewing BOHO’s board of directors, and see where it leads . . .


Read the Daily Camera report: Sunshine Fire west of Boulder likely human-caused; 50% contained. Copied below in its entirety:

The Sunshine Fire that erupted early Sunday morning west of Boulder, scorching 62 acres and prompting more than 400 homes to be evacuated in the pre-dawn hours, appears to be human-caused.

“The general area where the fire was reported — Sunshine Canyon and Timber Trail — is a very social trail network,” Boulder County sheriff’s Cmdr. Mike Wagner said during a press briefing, adding that other causes such as downed power lines and lightning had been ruled out.

“There are a lot of people in and out of there,” he said. “We know there are a lot of transient camps in that area.”

Boulder County’s last major wildfire, 2016’s Cold Springs Fire near Nederland, was started by campers who hadn’t properly extinguished their campfire.

Emergency officials announced Sunday evening that the Sunshine Fire was 50 percent contained.

About 45 firefighters and 15 trucks were expected to monitor the fire containment overnight, with additional crews due in the morning to “hit it hard,” officials said.

There were some fears expressed Sunday evening that overnight firefighting efforts might be hampered by high winds expected around midnight.

Wagner said that 426 homes in the area would remain under a mandatory evacuation order, and officials would reevaluate the evacuations on Monday morning. He said the evacuations were necessary because fire crews would be limited as to what they can do overnight.

Another 836 homes in the city of Boulder, mostly around the mouth of Boulder Canyon, remain on pre-evacuation alert as well.

“Things get exponentially more complex in the dark,” he said. “They’re hoping they can keep control of it overnight and really start mopping up tomorrow.”

The East Boulder Community Center opened up as a shelter for any residents who didn’t have somewhere else to stay because of the evacuations.

Among those forced to leave their homes was Anne Spalding, who came to the Boulder County Justice Center for an update on the status of the evacuations Sunday afternoon.

Spalding said she was staying at her sister’s house, but there was a possibility that her sister also would be evacuated. She said she has received offers from friends with places to stay should that happen.

“It’s really close to my house,” Spalding said. “We didn’t even get a call. We had firefighters knocking on the door. They are doing a fabulous job. It’s a little scary. We put our hearts into our homes.”

Spalding said she has been evacuated before and was “a little more tempermental about it” the first time around, but she grabbed her stuff and left with no argument Sunday morning.

“It’s a bummer,” she said. “I’d rather be at my house in bed, but I have a lot of faith in the firefighters. I think it’s going to be OK. I’m being cautiously optimistic.”

The fire was first reported at about 1:40 a.m. Sunday by a man who said he saw flames near Sunshine Canyon and Timber Lane.

Throughout the day Sunday, about 250 firefighters and 50 firefighting vehicles were deployed to the area, and used the Boulder County Justice Center parking lot in west Boulder as a base of operations.

Seven aircraft took to the skies above the fire, including two Black Hawk helicopters and two Chinook helicopters. Monday, Wagner said, they’re expecting a reduction in air support and a smaller helicopter that can drop water in tighter spaces.

Wagner said firefighters will focus on digging lines around the fire.

“The main strategy is to keep it within the perimeter,” he said.

Fire officials had been expecting a rough day because of high temperatures and windy weather. Because March is outside the typical fire season, Wagner said, there also were fewer wildfire hand crews available to help, so firefighters were being taken off trucks to form hand crews.

After a relatively calm morning, winds began to pick up around 10 a.m., with gusts in the 40 mph range reported in the afternoon.

Sunday’s high in Boulder reached 78 degrees, breaking the old record of 77 from 2004, according to local meteorologist Matt Kelsch.

The National Weather Service was forecasting more warm, windy and dry weather that will keep the fire danger high today.

Mappers reported the fire to be 106 acres at one point on Sunday, but Gabi Boerkircher, a spokeswoman for the Boulder Office of Emergency Management, said crews on the ground determined the fire was closer to 60 acres.

Mid-afternoon, emergency officials also revised the number of homes evacuated in the Sunshine Canyon area to 426, down from the 1,031 that sheriff’s officials had announced before dawn.

Denise White, another spokeswoman with the Boulder Office of Emergency Management, said more than 1,000 people were contacted by phone in the early morning hours, but many lived in the same house.

Boulder Canyon was closed to the public most of the day Sunday but had been reopened to traffic in the evening.

Some residents in the pre-evacuation zone in the Highland neighborhood were watching the fire from Eben G. Fine Park on Sunday morning and waiting to see whether the wind picked up before packing.

Ben Egner said that while he hadn’t packed anything yet, he had a list in his head that included musical instruments, books, his hard drive and his dog, Petunia.

He said he found out about the fire after getting a text from a neighbor early Sunday morning.

For another neighbor, Beth Prehn, it was a phone call from a friend at 5:30 a.m. that alerted her. At about 7 a.m., she took a picture of flames lighting up Sunshine Canyon.

“That was scary,” she said.

Later, looking at smoke instead of flames, “I feel a lot better,” she said.

Photo from thedenverchannel.com 

Comments from Daily Camera Facebook page:

Would some small scale control burns in the middle of winter help this situation on the front range? I am sure there has been a lot of discussion around this. It seems like it would control the spread of fire during the summer?

(Reply) What would help more is to control the bums wandering around drunk and stoned in the mountains.


What would help most of all is for Boulder City Council to require that local nonprofits render aid only to homeless people with valid photo ID showing a Boulder County address, and proof of at least one year’s residency. Transients from elsewhere could be given bus tickets on RTD bound for Denver (where many of them lived previously) and sack lunches to-go.

(This post e-mailed to Boulder City Council.)

Random stuff 3/17/2017


By Max R. Weller

1) My Viking ancestors founded the City of Dublin, during a pause from pillaging the bog-dwelling inhabitants of Ireland. As the old Danish saying goes, “Irerne kan ikke gøre god spiritus, og de kan ikke holde deres spiritus.”

2) What a hideously ugly design for the New Civic Area bridge installed over Boulder Creek! It looks like a giant cabbage shredder:

3) I’m happy to report that NOT a single refugee from Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow — which is now opening on a weather-dependent basis rather than nightly — showed up in the area of my campsite in north Boulder. The smart thing would have been for this nonprofit and/or the city to hand out tickets on RTD bound for Denver on BOHO’s last night of partying, March 15th. It’s just asking for more trouble to allow a hundred or more of the worst-behaved transients to wander the streets during the overnight hours . . .

4) I bought enough hot fish sandwiches at King Soopers this morning for both breakfast and lunch, along with Kraft brand tartar sauce. I love these things!

5) There are always a FEW normal human beings to be seen here at Boulder’s Main Library, 1001 Arapahoe. True, you have to search for ’em, but they can be found.

Is this the guy BOHO hired to supervise homeless clients at Emergency Warming Centers (before firing him recently)?


By Max R. Weller

See the story in the Daily Camera published on 12/20/2010, Boulder police: Man said he was HIV-positive before spitting on officer. WTF? Copied below in its entirety:

Lee Davis

Lee Davis (Boulder County Jail)

A 34-year-old Boulder transient was arrested early Monday after Boulder police said he told an officer he was HIV-positive and spit on the officer’s face.

Lee Whitehorse Davis was arrested at about 1 a.m. and booked into the Boulder County Jail on a possible charge of second-degree assault.

The incident began when police were called to the 1400 block of Canyon Boulevard on a report of a man who was unresponsive.

According to a police report, officers found Davis sitting on a brick ledge and slumped over. After several unsuccessful attempts to speak with him, police said Davis “bolted up” and made an aggressive advance toward one officer.

The officer was able to restrain Davis — who appeared to be under the influence of drugs, according to the report — and waited for an ambulance to take him to the hospital. When paramedics were strapping Davis into a gurney, he said, “I have full-blown HIV. How’d you like it?” and spit on an officer’s cheek, the report said.

Police later learned that Davis does not have HIV, according to the report.

Boulder police Cmdr. Kim Stewart said spitting is an “extremely serious” matter for police, and that officers who are spit on are often checked out at the hospital as a precaution.

Davis has an extensive criminal history in Colorado, according to a check of records with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

His criminal record includes multiple arrests in Boulder and Boulder County on alcohol-related charges, as well as for driving under the influence of alcohol, failing to appear in court, assault, menacing, obstructing police and resisting arrest.

Davis remained in custody Monday afternoon at the Boulder County Jail on a $5,000 bond. His first court appearance is scheduled for Wednesday.


Again, WTF? If this is the same “Whitehorse” formerly in a position of authority at Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow for several years, it boggles the mind! How in blazes could the board of directors ever have seen fit to hire this character? Are they all NUTS? This info took me no longer than a minute to uncover in an online search yesterday morning — there is NO possible excuse for BOHO to have been caught unawares in reviewing Mr. Lee Whitehorse Davis’ application to become an employee of that nonprofit.

To me, this makes the rumors about Mr. Davis’ misbehavior during his tenure at BOHO entirely believable: The recently fired “formerly” homeless staff member who directed nightly operations has a history of stealing illegal drugs from BOHO’s clients (during “searches” of backpacks and other property) and sexually harassing homeless females who seek shelter there.

Ironic that “Whitehorse” spits on a police officer in late 2010, then later on in his job at BOHO wanted to play amateur cop with homeless clients by looking for their stashes of dope, as well as groping vulnerable females.

This raises another question: Why did it take years for BOHO to realize their mistake and correct it by firing this guy? Again, are the board members all NUTS?

Please, people, stop supporting this corrupt organization! I’ve NEVER stayed at BOHO a single night, and I’m glad for it . . .

(This post e-mailed to Boulder City Council.)