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Let’s all feel sorry for Christopher Lawyer, shall we?

This is what the leader of Boulder Rights Watch wrote on the Daily Camera Facebook page:

So the challenge of integrating a man the courts deemed well enough to return to society will have to be solved elsewhere. Not that I have all the answers, and the issue of SVPs is a tangled one, but all we can celebrate is having no solution. I don’t think that’s anything to be proud of. We also still have several such identified people here, so this doesn’t much change things. We still have to decide what we wish to do about finding a way to address such people in our community. If any of them reoffend, will we really be happy it happened to someone’s kid in California? Are we that self-serving?

This is so f***ed up on so many levels, I’ll just hit the lowlights:

1) Colorado parole authorities released Mr. Lawyer early, perhaps due to some influence from his mother, and it was NOT any judge who did so.

2) Mr. Lawyer HIMSELF requested to transfer his parole to California, and he will be required to register as a sex offender there, too.

3) Many of Boulder’s sex offenders are from other states! I’m sure O’Connor is aware of this, but he glosses it over; who knows why he’s LYING by omission?

4) How twisted is it to label concerned citizens as “self-serving” because they want to protect those who might fall prey to these predators? VERY TWISTED, especially when you consider that several homeless women who belong to Boulder Rights Watch took O’Connor to task on the issue of SVPs not very long ago. He just doesn’t get it . . . Apparently, Darren O’Connor is okay with numerous sex offenders living under the same roof at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless with survivors of these vicious felonies.

I’m hoping this clown no longer has any credibility with Boulder City Council members or city staff on any issue.



How extreme is self-styled homeless advocate Darren O’Connor, anyway?


By Max R. Weller

Excerpt copied from the Daily Camera Facebook page:

Darren O’Connor: Council Member Andrew Shoemaker ran on an anti-homeless platform and has argued against expanding services because it will bring more homeless people to Boulder, but when he does, Human Services staff rebut this false assertion. They rebut it, because they’ve looked at the data and it doesn’t support this argument.

Robert Nelson: This Bridge House survey from 2013 is in line with what homeless people have been telling me for years: http://www.dailycamera.com/…/survey-more-than-half…

Darren O’Connor: 31% come from other parts of Colorado. About like the percentage of employees who come to Boulder every single day to fill our jobs.

Robert Nelson: Darren O’Connor, other parts of Colorado means (primarily) Denver, which we’ve known and opposed all along. Equating workers who commute to Boulder daily with transients coming to grab all the Free Stuff they can is just crazy.

Darren O’Connor: So you wish, Robert. You might be shocked to realize that people without money to spend in our town or work to do here have the same rights as anyone else. And your assertion that they come to grab free stuff is just that, an assertion. Have you talked with people and done a statistical sample to learn this, or just make it up because it fits your narrative?

Supreme Court Justice Stevens ruled in 1999 that the Constitution provides “the right to enter one state and leave another, the right to be treated as a welcome visitor rather than a hostile stranger.”

Robert Nelson: I’m homeless myself and have rubbed elbows with the good, the bad, and the ugly among both transients and Boulder County’s own homeless residents (who are being shortchanged on limited resources by so-called travelers) for many years now. Are you now or have you ever been homeless yourself? Are you now or have you ever been an employee of any homeless shelter / services provider? (I have extensive work experience doing so.) It seems to me that you engage in a lot of self-promotion and do NOTHING whatsoever for those of us who are homeless residents of Boulder. Things are changing now, and I hope that travelers will get all the consideration they deserve: Bus tickets back to wherever they came from, inside or outside of Colorado, and sack lunches to-go.

Darren O’Connor:  So you’re unable to get a meal, unable to stay in a shelter, and unable to get any mental health or other services because so-called travelers are eating up the resources? I doubt any of that is true.

Robert Nelson: Darren O’Connor, you’re just full of unwarranted assumptions! FYI, I buy my own food at King Soopers, live outdoors year-round with appropriate camping gear (NEVER gotten a ticket), and I don’t use any other services except for my morning shower at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless (where I also keep a small locker). I donate to various charities, including BSH, and NOT just nickels and dimes. Maybe you should expand your horizons, and begin to meet the 80% (my estimate) of the homeless in Boulder who are able to behave decently.


And that’s where I’ll leave the debate, which really is more of a glimpse into the mind of one priggish and condescending do-gooder, Darren O’Connor of Boulder Rights Watch:

Correcting the do-gooders is a full-time job


By Max R. Weller

More from the Daily Camera Facebook page (see yesterday’s post) featuring my friend, Robert:

James Hassan: Homeless people who live in Boulder ARE Boulder residents.

Robert Nelson: James Hassan transient noun 1. a person who is staying or working in a place for only a short time. synonyms: hobo, vagrant, vagabond, street person, homeless person, down-and-out; So if I moved to Denver today, just passing through while grabbing all of the Free Stuff I could, I would be LYING if I called myself a resident of Denver.

Cherie Sajet: Robert Nelson, I may be wrong to your way of thinking. And if you choose your lifestyle, you then must abide by the laws in place in any locality. Your quibble is with a quote that comes from both Mandela & Hubert Humphrey. It would be good if you recognized that a great number of homeless long for a bed & a hot meal & camaraderie & a shower. There is a large segment in the homeless population who desperately want both temporary shelter & a permanent home. These are the people who I know and am familiar with. I find your remarks equally condescending. And I seriously doubt that you are representative of the homeless population as a whole. A great many have suffered from very real hardships & abuse. An equal number are also disabled. I stand by my viewpoint. Your opinion has not changed mine.

Robert Nelson: If we could ever get an accurate “census” of the homeless people in Boulder County, I firmly believe it would show that those who reject the homeless shelter / services industry far outnumber those who are willing to become permanent dependents on it. Like me, they can see that so-called transitional living programs are just a revolving door between the streets and subsidized housing, with very few ever finding a permanent home by this route. You are correct to mention “abuse” — and surely you know that Boulder Shelter for the Homeless houses registered sex offenders along with the adult survivors of sexual crimes. BTW, I am disabled — and that doesn’t change one cottonpickin’ thing I’ve said. When you’ve actually walked the walk that I do every day, maybe I’ll consider your revised views . . .

Thanks for the assist, Robert. Amazing, isn’t it? Do-gooders like James and Cherie and about 200 more belonging to the Facebook group Boulder Rights Watch (its leader, Darren O’Connor, blocked me a year ago to shut off any reasonable debate about their views on homelessness) think they know what life for the homeless is all about . . . They haven’t a clue, but for a long time they received far more press attention than they deserved. It seems to me this is finally changing, and it’s about damn time!

We know better than the homeless do just what they need. 

Random stuff 5/16/2017


By Max R. Weller

1) I can never predict how things will be in my north Boulder neighborhood, around the corner of N. Broadway and U.S. 36. Yesterday, when I arrived there around 2PM, nobody was around; over the weekend, as many as 10 drunks and dope smokers at once had gathered on the wall in front of the Mexican restaurant. I picked up the overflowing trash bag (provided by ME), replaced it with a new one (also provided by ME), and carried away a bag of free clothes from last Thursday’s giveaway at Deacons’ Closet downtown which had been abandoned.

2) I’ve observed repeatedly over the years in Boulder, CO that Free Stuff has zero value to the BUMS who clamor for it the loudest. Of course, when all of life’s necessities are simply given to you, you then have money for tobacco, alcohol, and drugs . . . Never mind what [Drunken] O’Connor of Boulder Rights Watch and Mike [Humbugger] at Facing Homelessness Boulder tell you about “compassion” — both of ’em are on big ego trips, but in fact their efforts have backfired on the homeless population they claim to “advocate” for.

This is what we could have much more of year-round, if more homeless shelter / services are given to literally ANYBODY who shows up in our city! 

3) I’ve been having a problem with the thieving prairie dogs at my campsite coming over to my side of the fence and grabbing the bread I put out for the field mice. A couple of the filthy varmints got their comeuppance on Sunday, however: They sneaked over once again, passing close by a tiny rabbit that would have fit easily into the palm of my hand, and Mama Rabbit (scarcely any bigger than a prairie dog herself) came charging out of the vegetation (where she’d been watching, no doubt) with her ears laid back . . . The prairie dogs turned tail and ran back to their area, with Mama Rabbit in pursuit. When they disappeared underground, she was satisfied and came back to her spot near me. Her young one was in no danger from the fleabitten varmints, but it just tickled me no end to watch this encounter.

4) What is it that Dems expect to happen? Hillary will be declared the winner of last November’s election because a foreign power (in this case, Putin’s Russia) tried to influence the outcome? Happens in every election, you dolts!

5) Because it was on sale at King Soopers on Table Mesa, I enjoyed this sweet treat for breakfast:

It was either this now or a chocolate shake from McDonald’s this afternoon (to go along with the double cheeseburgers my friend will deliver to me). For $3, the 14 oz. Haagen-Dazs is about the same price! Wish it was on sale more often.


This predator came to Boulder, CO because the do-gooders welcome his kind


By Max R. Weller

Read the latest report in the Daily Camera about a rapist migrating to our city to find victims, Transient pleads guilty to sexual assault of Boulder jogger, faces more than 60 years in prison. Copied below in its entirety:

Jonathan Narucki, who pleaded guilty on Monday in connection with the sexual assault of a jogger along Boulder Creek last year, is seen in court in August.

Jonathan Narucki, who pleaded guilty on Monday in connection with the sexual assault of a jogger along Boulder Creek last year, is seen in court in August. (Cliff Grassmick / Staff Photographer)

A transient who grabbed a jogger and sexually assaulted her along the Boulder Creek Path last year pleaded guilty in Boulder District Court this morning in a deal with prosecutors that calls for at least six decades in prison.

Jonathan Narucki, 28, pleaded guilty to one count of second-degree kidnapping and one count of sexual assault.

Prosecutors and Narucki’s attorney reached a deal that calls for a 20-year sentence on the kidnapping charge and a 40-year sentence on the sexual assault charge. The two sentences are to run consecutively.

However, the sexual assault conviction falls under Colorado’s indeterminate sentencing law, which means Narucki could spend the rest of his life in prison.

Narucki — a transient from Georgia who had been in Boulder for less than a month at the time of the crime — did not speak at the hearing except to answer questions from Chief District Judge Maria Berkenkotter.

As part of the plea agreement, prosecutors dropped multiple other charges, including sexual assault, unlawful sexual contact, assault and felony menacing.

Boulder police arrested Narucki in June, a few weeks after they say he snatched a woman off of a trail near the 4700 block of Walnut Street, threatened her with a knife and then sexually assaulted her.

The woman told police that she screamed at first, but eventually complied with Narucki’s demands, because she was afraid he would hurt her. She was not able to identify Narucki, because she did not get a good look at him.

Police suspected Narucki had committed the assault — they stopped and spoke with him four times before his arrest, including on the night of the attack — but they were not able to arrest him until obtaining a DNA sample via a warrant, and linking him to the crime scene.

Narucki remains in custody at the Boulder County Jail and is due in court for sentencing on April 19.


This is the sort of sociopathic scumbag being welcomed with lots of Free Stuff and kind words by self-styled homeless advocates and the clowns running Boulder’s shelter / services industry. Remember who the do-gooders are:


Darren O’Connor of “Boulder Rights Watch”


Isabel McDevitt of Bridge House


Mike Homner of “Facing Homelessness Boulder”


Joy Eckstine Redstone, involved in many different ways with the issue of homelessness and always as an apologist / enabler for the worst-behaved transients


Joy with her protégé, Jim Budd — now serving time in Colorado DOC for raping a Carriage House volunteer

Of course, there are scores of other do-gooders who make it possible for the Jonathan Narucki-types of this world to commit crimes here . . . How about we ship all of ’em out along with the worst-behaved transients? Or better yet, require a valid photo ID with a Boulder County address and proof of at least one year’s residency for anyone seeking shelter / services from any Boulder, CO nonprofit.

Darren O’Connor of Boulder Rights Watch is full of crap


By Max R. Weller

Read the non-story in the Daily Camera, Black man to Boulder police: ‘That’s like racial profiling’, and feel free to scratch your head like I did. Excerpt copied below:

Boulder police say a black man videotaped by a bystander during an interaction with a sergeant at a bar on Sept. 11 was satisfied with an explanation provided to him, but the man doesn’t like the way the situation was handled.

Nalimaakono Lomujalamoi said he was playing darts with friends at the Outback Saloon when he was asked to step outside by Sgt. Brannon Winn, who was looking for a suspect who reportedly groped an employee at the bar the day before.

In the video, which has been posted on Youtube, Winn walks outside with Lomujalamoi and asks someone off camera, “yes or no,” then tells Lomujalamoi, “You are good to go. Go back inside. We’ve got the wrong guy. Thank you. That’s it.”

Lomujalamoi and Winn have a brief verbal exchange, during which Winn tells Lomujalamoi that police had been “looking for a black guy in a gray shirt” and tells him that he is free to go. Lomujalamoi eventually says, “that’s like racial profiling.”

Winn hands Lomujalamoi a business card upon request after he says that he wants to file a complaint.

Boulder police spokeswoman Shannon Cordingly said that Lomujalamoi came and spoke with the department’s internal affairs sergeant and was happy with the explanation given to him.

“He was happy with the resolution after he came in and spoke to us,” Cordingly said. “I’m not sure what has changed. But that was our last contact with him.”

She said police had received a report of a sexual assault along with a description of a suspect that “completely matched” that of Lomujalamoi . . .

Darren O’Connor, of Boulder Rights Watch, shot the video and said that Lomujalamoi’s experience is why Boulder needs an independent citizen’s review panel, because only officers accused of more serious infractions will be subject to the professional standards review panel.

What would have been the point of questioning a white guy wearing an orange shirt? I think Mr. O’Connor — who is a White Guy — must have been three sheets to the wind to find anything whatsoever inappropriate here. Not only that, but it’s obvious that Mr. Lomujalamoi, the black man who was briefly inconvenienced because he unfortunately matched a suspect description, is well able to address his own concerns without the condescending VIDEO DRAMA added by O’Connor.

I had occasion a few years ago to make a formal complaint to the Professional Standards Unit of Boulder PD, in regard to what I considered wrongdoing by Officer Sam Carter — who later left the department because of the Mapleton Elk Scandal. In my case, I received an apology and an explanation of how things would be changed from the Sergeant in charge, and I was completely satisfied.

Sober up, Darren! You’re perpetuating the negative stereotype of drunken Irishmen: