Watch for Falling [Drunks]



Stock photo of homeless camper passed out

The last two nights, a drunken transient has come staggering through my campsite; this is a new guy who has been trying to “fly a sign” at the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36 — with very little to show for it — and he couldn’t get into Boulder Shelter for the Homeless despite being picked in the lottery both nights because he was so intoxicated. He could easily have fallen out of his bunk and injured himself, so this is a sound policy.

Saturday night he wanted to sleep where I do, which I NEVER permit unless your name is Jessica Alba and you’re sober. Last night (Sunday), after I’d warned him to walk across the field to get to his spot and avoid the narrow and poorly-lit path along the barbed-wire fence, he stepped on top of me as I lay sleeping beneath my tarp, and then fell down onto my bad hip . . . I was NOT pleased, and I used a lot of foul language. It took this pickled idjit a good five minutes to get to his feet and move on the short distance to his own spot. As I’d pushed him off of me, he fell into the barbed-wire and started crying (I kid you not). I refused to assist him in any way.

Just that morning, the paramedics had taken him to the ER, after he told another homeless camper that his leg was broken. It wasn’t, so he was released and went back to drinking before showing up in this north Boulder neighborhood again last night.

What a stupid little wuss! This character needs to sober up, or go to a BOHO Warming Center at one of the local churches or a synagogue. (I understand they more readily accept drunkards than does BSH.)

We’ll see what happens tonight — but it’s turning bitterly cold and snow is forecast, so he might easily become a “bumsicle” if he doesn’t use more common sense.



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