Boulder Shelter Summer Bed program residents napping in the neighborhood, and more


By Max R. Weller

This is what I anticipated would happen, when I first heard about Boulder Shelter for the Homeless’s Summer Bed program, intended to increase the number of beds available to homeless men and women after the emergency overnight dorms closed on May 1st.

Because nothing at all goes on in any of the programs at BSH during the daytime hours from 8AM until 5PM — no GED classes, no on-site access to social services agencies, no 12-step groups for substance abusers seeking to get clean and sober (nor is any of this available in the nighttime hours) — these Summer Bed clients just hang around the neighborhood all day. Yesterday, there were several of ’em gathered on the wall in front of the Mexican restaurant in the 4900 block of N. Broadway. Fortunately, they were sober, but lying down and taking a nap in full view of passersby is not exactly contributing to positive vibes for anyone who lives or works there. Me? I’ve been there for years and everyone accepts me; after all, I’m the guy who tries to keep the area reasonably free from litter and rowdy drunks, too.

I understand these Summer Bed program residents are unable to get a good night’s sleep inside the facility, but in the absence of that what in blazes is the point of increasing the number of people staying overnight? I know: Boulder do-gooders will be favorably impressed and then increase their financial support for BSH.

What a crock!

Photo taken at the Boulder Bandshell in Central Park.

I’ve never wanted to sleep on any hard surface in full view of the public; better to find a grassy spot out of sight, where you might actually relax. However, there is an element among the homeless population who likes to give the finger to society by doing silly crap like this — and that worthless bunch is supported by local do-gooders led by Joy Eckstine Redstone and Isabel McDevitt.

More misleading Housing First propaganda:


From Boulder Shelter for the Homeless on Facebook

I’ve been in Salt Lake City. The “chronically homeless” have always been a small percentage of the overall homeless population there, just as in any other city. Tell us, what are the OVERALL homeless numbers in SLC these days? Hmmm? My educated guess, based on what I can find online from various shelter/services providers there, is that there are as many or more homeless folks on the streets now. It’s like you want to brag about your baseball team’s pitcher striking out a dozen opposing batters — but ignoring the fact that he gave up twenty hits and eight earned runs and your team LOST.

BTW, BSH will do anything to distract you from their own Housing First circus at 1175 Lee Hill, where things are not going well at all . . .

As I was leaving the shelter at 4869 N. Broadway this morning after my daily hot shower, the only reason I go there at all, the paramedics were talking to some scurvy bum in the atrium, as a couple of staff members looked on. I could tell from everyone’s body language that they weren’t pleased by this homeless individual. Sure enough, after I boarded the SKIP bus outside, a few minutes before scheduled departure southbound on Broadway, Boulder PD arrived and took the bum into custody. How much did these emergency services cost Boulder taxpayers? Guess what, the Housing First clients right next door are continuing to use them, too, and there are no “savings” once you get down to the nitty-gritty of it.


Public Service Announcement

I did take along a breakfast burrito, courtesy of the Thursday morning breakfast volunteers at the shelter, and I’ll eat it for lunch when I get back to my neighborhood. Unless, of course, my appetite is ruined by “Doris” and her extensive outbreak of ringworm. Without her inebriated shenanigans on the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36 yesterday, generous passersby donated $21 to me between 3:30 and 4:30PM. Everybody’s happy, when the bums go elsewhere!

That’s all for now; be back tomorrow.

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