Boulder Shelter Summer Bed program residents napping in the neighborhood, and more

From a year ago, and I understand that Boulder Shelter is again offering a Summer [Bum] Program right now in 2016.



By Max R. Weller

This is what I anticipated would happen, when I first heard about Boulder Shelter for the Homeless’s Summer Bed program, intended to increase the number of beds available to homeless men and women after the emergency overnight dorms closed on May 1st.

Because nothing at all goes on in any of the programs at BSH during the daytime hours from 8AM until 5PM — no GED classes, no on-site access to social services agencies, no 12-step groups for substance abusers seeking to get clean and sober (nor is any of this available in the nighttime hours) — these Summer Bed clients just hang around the neighborhood all day. Yesterday, there were several of ’em gathered on the wall in front of the Mexican restaurant in the 4900 block of N. Broadway. Fortunately, they were sober, but lying down and…

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