Another BIG serving of Bridge House baloney, and more

By Max R. Weller

Bridge House eyes south Boulder building to help transition workers out of homelessness in the Daily Camera. Quoting from it below:

Ready-to-Work has a number of contracts with the city doing clean-up and repairs, as well as contracts with private business owners. Ready-to-Work also staffs Bridge House’s new commercial kitchen on east Arapahoe Avenue.

So far, 30 people have graduated and gone on to jobs and apartments in the private sector, McDevitt said — an 80 percent success rate.

McDevitt said the program would allow people to live at the facility for up to two years, though the typical stay would be closer to a year. Residents would pay rent and board, but at a very low rate so they could save money.

McDevitt said Bridge House is still doing all its due diligence, including talking to neighbors and securing financing. The purchase and renovation is estimated at $3.5 million. Bridge House is seeking a variety of city, county and state affordable housing grants and loans to fund the project.

My comments follow:

80% success rate? It’s funny math — if someone “graduates” from Ready-to-Work and holds a full-time job for a week before being fired or quitting, that’s defined as success; likewise, if someone gets into an apartment and lasts a month before being evicted or leaving on their own, that’s also defined as success.

I know many of these people. Isabel McDevitt’s claims do NOT ring true with me.

BTW, one of the current Ready-to-Work clients in the Transition Program at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless strolls over to my spot in the neighborhood to smoke dope before he enters the shelter around 5PM; almost no BSH client is ever tested for marijuana or other drugs, just alcohol.

Cue the haters . . . I’m just telling it like it is!

What’s next from the local homeless shelter/services industry? Maybe this — Amsterdam Has a Deal for Alcoholics: Work Paid in Beer from the New York Times


Some Boulder residents just say no to big, red ‘Yes!’ also in the DC. It’s well worth the time to read a few of the online comments which follow this story. Here’s my favorite from “How_Do_It_Do”:

What kind of self centered a$$ thinks this is art? F em. Once they install this the transients will be the second most offensive part of going to the library.

A nighttime view of the ’Yes!’

A nighttime view of the ‘Yes!’ (courtesy rendering)

Continued good weather is forecast until the weekend, and I’ll enjoy it by reading a Scott Turow novel at my spot in front of the Mexican restaurant in the 4900 block of N. Broadway. It’s an older one, “Presumed Innocent” published in 1987, but good stories are timeless.

I may take the day off as far as playing humble beggar on the corner of U.S. 36, because I’m having one of my infrequent bouts of swelling in the lower right leg. Anyway, passersby have been so generous and my needs are so modest that I now have $225 in my coffee jar savings, kept in my small locker at BSH.

On the political front:


Joe Isuzu declares the Affordable Care Act a success!

Tonight at my campsite: meatball sandwiches.

This is really DUMB, even for Boulder, and more

By Max R. Weller

"Yes!" has been approved as part of Main Boulder Public Library’s renovation. The installation, designed by two Miami artists, will consist

“Yes!” has been approved as part of Main Boulder Public Library’s renovation. The installation, designed by two Miami artists, will consist of four free-standing aluminum characters, illuminated from within. (Courtesy photo)

Read the story in the Daily Camera. Quoting from it below:

“The iconic image of Yes! will be a must-see for visitors to Boulder, and a legacy to our growing collection of public art,” City Manager Jane Brautigam said in a statement.

As Dan Aykroyd would put it, “Shut up, Jane, you ignorant slut!”

If you must put something up for everyone to see, let it be something that reflects reality and that all will understand:


Recognized nationwide as the living symbol of Boulder, CO

I say NO to this so-called art. But, most of us have also said NO to the worst-behaved transients at the Boulder Public Library, and our NO has fallen on deaf ears.

Flood-related Boulder Creek closure could last 60 days or more also from the DC. Online comment following story by “boulderlocal101″ is copied below:

This is a complete outrage. Every summer I take my children down to the Boulder Creek at least once a week so we can sit in a cloud of marijuana smoke and watch transients drink, cuss, and fight with one another. If this restriction is put in place, where are the transients going to bathe and use the restroom? Some may just go to the library, but that’s a far walk when you’re eight beers in.

I want to see at least 15 Port-A-Johns for the transients put out in front of the library. They would have to work hours and hours to pay off a $100 fine if they were to be caught bathing or using the restroom in the creek. Even worse, they may just hit the road and head somewhere else. We can’t afford to lose these cultural icons to such cities as Portland, Seattle, or wherever they came from in the first place.

Some may disagree, but here in Boulder we have a longstanding tradition of bending over backwards for people that don’t even live and pay taxes here, and I demand that we continue in that tradition.

I saw the first robin of Spring a couple of weeks ago, but neglected to mention it here. Seeing a couple more yesterday afternoon reminded me of how important Nature is to preserving my sanity. I’ve never seen a black bear in my neighborhood around N. Broadway & U.S. 36, but I’ve heard a mountain lion as it took down a mule deer (dragging the carcass away somewhere during the night). No doubt, cougars have seen me — but humans aren’t on their menu.

Very pleasant sleeping weather overnight lately. I cover myself with blankets only, putting my tarp aside, so I can more easily view the night sky and the occasional meteors, which tend to be brighter than those I remember seeing back in Missouri. Nothing, however, as spectacular as this Russian meteor a year ago:

Meteor Explodes Over Russia . . .

And speaking of Russia, enjoy this piece from the BBC News. Someday, President Obama may be featured on FREE tokens good for use in condom dispensers in public restrooms all across America . . .

That’s all for now.

Max’s Journal 4/22/2014

By Max R. Weller

Please note the new page at the top of this website — “April, 2014: Transients in Boulder, CO” — and share it with as many folks as possible. It’s conveniently located for future reference.

When I returned to my north Boulder neighborhood yesterday morning, I found the drilling rig crew for soil testing already present on site; I’d been told to expect them on Friday. No matter, because my camping gear was undisturbed even though one soil sample was taken about 20′ from where I sleep. Very good guys, who treated the Homeless Philosopher with consideration and respect.

I’ve taken a leap of faith that milder Spring weather is here to stay, by coming out of my long underwear in favor of more comfortable boxer/briefs. I hope my optimism will not be crushed by another round of rain/snow and temps around the freezing mark.

Not much to report, and I find a lack of homeless drama refreshing . . .

“Criminal thinking” might get you killed, and more

By Max R. Weller

First, let’s define the term (also known as “thinking errors”) and I’ll give you an example I observed yesterday (Easter Sunday morning), as I was waiting for Boulder Shelter for the Homeless to open at 6AM:

Two homeless men, one of whom had recently been booted from the Transition Program, were prowling around the parking lot of the Bustop Gentleman’s Club right next door. I noticed that the manager’s vehicle was still parked there, and as these two clowns were loudly talking and banging the cigarette butt cans around — looking for “snipes” to smoke — I was fairly sure the manager could hear them as he worked inside.

A bit of background is in order here: Bustop Gentleman’s Club has suffered break-ins, at least one attempted robbery in my time living in the neighborhood, a few of the dancers have been sexually assaulted, plus the usual sorts of drunken misbehavior you find at any venue serving alcohol. To make things worse, homeless people use the area in the rear of the building as a toilet and they gather on the benches in front to smoke dope (making a beeline there as soon as they leave BSH in the morning). Typically, the last customers leave this club at 4AM. The manager stays to count the night’s receipts, before leaving to deposit the $$$ and then go home, usually between 5 and 6AM. No surprise that the club employs bouncers, and the manager carries a handgun. I’ve observed several confrontations between this man and bums who are trespassing on the Bustop property. The bums become very angry when told to leave, and I can certainly understand the manager’s mounting frustration.

Returning to yesterday morning, the manager did come out at about 5:45AM, and he confronted the two bums mentioned above. Apparently, although I didn’t hear his exact words, he used some rather colorful language to inform the trespassers that they must get off the property immediately. Both of these derelicts started cursing at the manager, and walking toward him in what seemed to me to be an aggressive manner. The manager pulled his gun, at which point the bums turned around and left, still running their mouths. The manager got in his car and drove away, as the former BSH Transition Program resident marched down the sidewalk next to the shelter, waving his arms and cursing loudly.

I expected the Boulder PD to make an appearance on the scene quickly, and they did. One officer spoke to both suspects, who continued to be agitated, one complaining that the manager had called him a dirty so-and-so. WTF? A pair of trespassing bums, verbally aggressive and even physically threatening until a gun was brought out, want to paint themselves as innocent victims? This is a great example of criminal thinking. It was time to enter BSH for my shower then, but the bums weren’t arrested and taken to jail as they could have been — not to mention being shot by the manager, as would have been justifiable in the circumstances.

I made it a point to tell one BSH staff member what I’d witnessed, and I urged her to tell the homeless people in her charge to stay away from the property of Bustop Gentleman’s Club (unless, of course, they want to be paying customers of that fine establishment).


Well, in a way I’m happy that my old Daily Camera community blog has gone the way of the dodo. Click on the link to Max Weller on homelessness and see for yourself. File this under Only in Boulder. Honestly, I lost any desire to be associated with the DC long ago.

Last Friday, I spoke with an engineer who was staking out a few spots in the field where I sleep at night, adjacent to a business in my neighborhood. He told me that a drilling rig will be arriving this coming Friday to take soil samples, presumably for future construction. This business expansion could be weeks or months away; sooner or later, however, I’ll have to move to a different campsite. Not a problem . . .

Tonight at my campsite: Easter candy discounted at King Soopers, perhaps?

Max’s Journal 4/18/2014

By Max R. Weller

Isn’t Zach overdue for this week’s self-inflicted stabbing, and false report to law enforcement?

Zachary Meints (Boulder County Sheriff’s Office)

Meints himself is the one and only suspect, even if the authorities aren’t prepared to say so at this point. BTW, in the April 8th incident, registered sex offender Meints was apparently “walking” by Whittier International Elementary School around 3PM; why was he there?

Good weather for sitting along the wall in front of the Mexican restaurant in the 4900 block of N. Broadway, even though Shouting Joe and his new methhead girlfriend made it impossible for me to read yesterday. He repeats the same stuff over and over, typical of inebriates; she simply never stops jabbering about the drama she’s involved in with other homeless people I don’t know. Give it a rest!

News that Richard Grant a.k.a. Denver King is back in Boulder County Jail, this time on a charge of Felony Menacing, booked on 4/4/2014. I’m told this involved an incident on the property of Boulder Shelter for the Homeless from which Mr. Grant has been banned. What a heroic specimen of manhood:

“Homeless Vet Dying of Lung Cancer”

Fought in Operation Desert Storm (1991) at age 15

I don’t tell whoppers about myself when I’m playing the role of humble beggar on the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36, and it’s paying off: I now have $180 in my coffee jar savings kept in my small locker at BSH.

A couple of odd guys have slept near my campsite the past two nights. I noticed this morning that they were sharing a blanket . . . I don’t want knuckleheads anywhere near my area because they only bring trouble, if the past is indeed prologue. At least they’ve been quiet, so far.

Today should be another special on Alaskan fillet-of-fish sandwiches, 2 for $3, at King Soopers on Table Mesa. I love these things, so much better than the chicken breast sandwiches they offer for most of the year. I’ll buy a jar of tartar sauce, too.

Tomorrow may be the day I make my first visit to NoBo Corner Library. The transients from nearby Boulder Shelter for the Homeless have moved on now, because the emergency overnight dorms are closed until October 15th, so I’m hoping for a pleasant experience.

That’s all for now, folks.

Inbred hillbilly firebugs arrested in Longmont, and more

By Max R. Weller

Read Longmont police arrest two in Wednesday night fire from the Times-Call. I saw the thick, black smoke from this fire last night at my campsite in north Boulder, and wondered what it could be. The accused miscreants:

Robert Fitzpatrick

Robert Fitzpatrick (Longmont Police Department)

August Adams

August Adams (Longmont Police Department)

Cue “Dueling Banjos” from the movie Ned Beatty will never live down . . .

What a wonderful change has come over Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, in the absence of the transients from Denver and elsewhere. To be sure, they’re still hanging out in Central Park and along Boulder Creek Path, on Pearl Street Mall, and on University Hill — but I don’t go to any of those places. I’m just grateful that emergency overnight sheltering at BSH has ended until October 15th. I’d almost forgotten how it felt to be relaxed and happy in the morning!

Yesterday’s post had over 300 views, making it one of the most popular ever by the Homeless Philosopher, and Boulder City Council has acknowledged receipt of my e-mail with the link to it. It’s hard to deny what one can see in photos. Thanks again to This is Boulder Colorado. More photos, this time of trash left behind by the bums, below:








I think most reasonable people here can agree with Grumpy Cat:


So, what are those in authority going to do about it? If they really wanted to get serious, they’d close down the transient magnet in downtown Boulder known as Bridge House. With images like those published here both yesterday and today, the whole world is getting a very different picture of Boulder, CO from that which the upper crust wants to project.

Tonight at my campsite: cheese sandwiches and chips.

Militant Denver bums tell ME to leave Boulder, and more

By Max R. Weller

This morning at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, the last one during which transients in large numbers were present until the emergency overnight dorms reopen on October 15th, I found that the bums had trashed a couple more of the toilets in the men’s restroom — probably as a token of their anger at the sheltering season ending. I verbally denounced the unknown vandals, who have behaved badly for the past six months at BSH, and apparently I hurt their feelings . . . A couple of them, hiding in locked bathroom stalls, told me that I “bitched” too much and that I should leave if I “don’t like how it is” at the shelter.

Of course, I pointed out that I’ll remain in Boulder all summer, visiting BSH every morning just as I have in years past — while the Denver bums will be crawling back to Jesus Saves in that city.

You know, I’ve been in jails and prisons and lived on the mean streets of the inner city in KC, so I know how to distinguish bullshit from a real threat when I hear such bluster. These transients are cowards, as well as self-entitled idjits, and they’d be well-advised to take their butts on down the road voluntarily, ASAP. Folks in Boulder, except for the small cadre of apologists/enablers, are sick of ‘em. Let Isabel McDevitt at Bridge House pat their hands and make nice with ‘em, and tell ‘em that their “rights” to trash our fair city will be upheld:


Passed out in front of the Chief Niwot statue.


Clothes and gear drying out on the Chief Niwot statue.


Who wouldn’t want to come to Boulder? New camping gear courtesy of donors. Of course none of the donors are inviting these people to hang out near their homes and camp.


The Boulder Public library.

10010214_304792516342254_3536541499293270704_o (1)

Scenes at the Peace Garden. Would you feel welcome sitting in this cloud of dope smoke with your kids?


The park in front of the Boulder Museum and Dushanbe.

1957668_304792723008900_5741302698310888939_o (1)

The scene just behind Boulder High School. The guy in the black sweat shirt was running drugs back and forth between this area and the park in front of Dushanbe. Watched him make a couple of deals.

All photos and captions above are from the Facebook page of This is Boulder Colorado.

Boulder police investigate body found near drainage ditch behind Target from the Daily Camera. Not certain yet that this is another transient death, but it seems most likely.


I’ll copy this blog post and e-mail it to Boulder City Council and the City Manager, but I’m not sanguine that they have the gumption to clean up our city once and for all.