Inbred hillbilly firebugs arrested in Longmont, and more

By Max R. Weller

Read Longmont police arrest two in Wednesday night fire from the Times-Call. I saw the thick, black smoke from this fire last night at my campsite in north Boulder, and wondered what it could be. The accused miscreants:

Robert Fitzpatrick

Robert Fitzpatrick (Longmont Police Department)

August Adams

August Adams (Longmont Police Department)

Cue “Dueling Banjos” from the movie Ned Beatty will never live down . . .

What a wonderful change has come over Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, in the absence of the transients from Denver and elsewhere. To be sure, they’re still hanging out in Central Park and along Boulder Creek Path, on Pearl Street Mall, and on University Hill — but I don’t go to any of those places. I’m just grateful that emergency overnight sheltering at BSH has ended until October 15th. I’d almost forgotten how it felt to be relaxed and happy in the morning!

Yesterday’s post had over 300 views, making it one of the most popular ever by the Homeless Philosopher, and Boulder City Council has acknowledged receipt of my e-mail with the link to it. It’s hard to deny what one can see in photos. Thanks again to This is Boulder Colorado. More photos, this time of trash left behind by the bums, below:








I think most reasonable people here can agree with Grumpy Cat:


So, what are those in authority going to do about it? If they really wanted to get serious, they’d close down the transient magnet in downtown Boulder known as Bridge House. With images like those published here both yesterday and today, the whole world is getting a very different picture of Boulder, CO from that which the upper crust wants to project.

Tonight at my campsite: cheese sandwiches and chips.

Militant Denver bums tell ME to leave Boulder, and more

By Max R. Weller

This morning at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, the last one during which transients in large numbers were present until the emergency overnight dorms reopen on October 15th, I found that the bums had trashed a couple more of the toilets in the men’s restroom — probably as a token of their anger at the sheltering season ending. I verbally denounced the unknown vandals, who have behaved badly for the past six months at BSH, and apparently I hurt their feelings . . . A couple of them, hiding in locked bathroom stalls, told me that I “bitched” too much and that I should leave if I “don’t like how it is” at the shelter.

Of course, I pointed out that I’ll remain in Boulder all summer, visiting BSH every morning just as I have in years past — while the Denver bums will be crawling back to Jesus Saves in that city.

You know, I’ve been in jails and prisons and lived on the mean streets of the inner city in KC, so I know how to distinguish bullshit from a real threat when I hear such bluster. These transients are cowards, as well as self-entitled idjits, and they’d be well-advised to take their butts on down the road voluntarily, ASAP. Folks in Boulder, except for the small cadre of apologists/enablers, are sick of ‘em. Let Isabel McDevitt at Bridge House pat their hands and make nice with ‘em, and tell ‘em that their “rights” to trash our fair city will be upheld:


Passed out in front of the Chief Niwot statue.


Clothes and gear drying out on the Chief Niwot statue.


Who wouldn’t want to come to Boulder? New camping gear courtesy of donors. Of course none of the donors are inviting these people to hang out near their homes and camp.


The Boulder Public library.

10010214_304792516342254_3536541499293270704_o (1)

Scenes at the Peace Garden. Would you feel welcome sitting in this cloud of dope smoke with your kids?


The park in front of the Boulder Museum and Dushanbe.

1957668_304792723008900_5741302698310888939_o (1)

The scene just behind Boulder High School. The guy in the black sweat shirt was running drugs back and forth between this area and the park in front of Dushanbe. Watched him make a couple of deals.

All photos and captions above are from the Facebook page of This is Boulder Colorado.

Boulder police investigate body found near drainage ditch behind Target from the Daily Camera. Not certain yet that this is another transient death, but it seems most likely.


I’ll copy this blog post and e-mail it to Boulder City Council and the City Manager, but I’m not sanguine that they have the gumption to clean up our city once and for all.

‘Thought police on patrol’ by Charles Krauthammer, and more

By Max R. Weller

The Kraut nails it, in this column from the Washington Post. Copied below in its entirety:

Two months ago, a petition bearing more than 110,000 signatures was delivered to The Post, demanding a ban on any article questioning global warming. The petition arrived the day before publication of my column, which consisted of precisely that heresy.

The column ran as usual. But I was gratified by the show of intolerance because it perfectly illustrated my argument that the left is entering a new phase of ideological agitation — no longer trying to win the debate but stopping debate altogether, banishing from public discourse any and all opposition.

The proper word for that attitude is totalitarian. It declares certain controversies over and visits serious consequences — from social ostracism to vocational defenestration — upon those who refuse to be silenced.

Sometimes the word comes from on high, as when the president of the United States declares the science of global warming to be “settled.” Anyone who disagrees is then branded “anti-science.” And better still, a “denier” — a brilliantly chosen calumny meant to impute to the climate skeptic the opprobrium normally reserved for the hatemongers and crackpots who deny the Holocaust.

Then last week, another outbreak. The newest closing of the leftist mind is on gay marriage. Just as the science of global warming is settled, so, it seems, are the moral and philosophical merits of gay marriage.

To oppose it is nothing but bigotry, akin to racism. Opponents are to be similarly marginalized and shunned, destroyed personally and professionally.

Like the CEO of Mozilla who resigned under pressure just 10 days into his job when it was disclosed that six years earlier he had donated to California’s Proposition 8, which defined marriage as between a man and a woman.

But why stop with Brendan Eich, the victim of this high-tech lynching? Prop 8 passed by half a million votes. Six million Californians joined Eich in the crime of “privileging” traditional marriage. So did Barack Obama. In that same year, he declared that his Christian beliefs made him oppose gay marriage.

Yet under the new dispensation, this is outright bigotry. By that logic, the man whom the left so ecstatically carried to the White House in 2008 was equally a bigot.

The whole thing is so stupid as to be unworthy of exegesis. There is no logic. What’s at play is sheer ideological prejudice — and the enforcement of the new totalitarian norm that declares, unilaterally, certain issues to be closed.

Closed to debate. Open only to intimidated acquiescence.

To this magic circle of forced conformity, the left would like to add certain other policies, resistance to which is deemed a “war on women.” It’s a colorful synonym for sexism. Leveling the charge is a crude way to cut off debate.

Thus, to oppose late-term abortion is to make war on women’s “reproductive health.” Similarly, to question Obamacare’s mandate of free contraception for all.

Some oppose the regulation because of its impingement on the free exercise of religion. Others on the simpler (nontheological) grounds of a skewed hierarchy of values. Under the new law, everything is covered, but a few choice things are given away free. To what does contraception owe its exalted status? Why should it rank above, say, antibiotics for a sick child, for which that same mother must co-pay?

Say that, however, and you are accused of denying women “access to contraception.”

Or try objecting to the new so-called Paycheck Fairness Act for women, which is little more than a full-employment act for trial lawyers. Sex discrimination is already illegal. What these new laws do is relieve the plaintiffs of proving intentional discrimination. To bring suit, they need only to show that women make less in that workplace.

Like the White House, where women make 88 cents to the men’s dollar?

That’s called “disparate impact.” Does anyone really think Obama consciously discriminates against female employees, rather than the disparity being a reflection of experience, work history, etc.? But just to raise such questions is to betray heretical tendencies.

The good news is that the “war on women” charge is mostly cynicism, fodder for campaign-year demagoguery. But the trend is growing. Oppose the current consensus and you’re a denier, a bigot, a homophobe, a sexist, an enemy of the people.

Long a staple of academia, the totalitarian impulse is spreading. What to do? Defend the dissenters, even if — perhaps, especially if — you disagree with their policy. It is — it was? — the American way.


BUMS OUT!! Tonight is scheduled to be the last night for the emergency dorms at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless to be open, but there is snow in the forecast for tomorrow night so who knows at this point? RTD will continue running buses back to Denver, regardless of the weather in Boulder, so I see no good reason to offer a reprieve to the worst-behaved bunch of transients I’ve seen at BSH in the years I’ve lived here. I’m looking forward to the next six months of peace and quiet in the mornings, without the stench and silly drama of the bums, until their return on October 15th.

I wish the apologists/enablers would leave our fair city with their precious little transient darlings, who give nothing of value back to the society which offers them so much Free Stuff:


Self-entitled transient on vacation in Boulder

I’m still waiting for the 2014 Metro Denver Homeless Initiative Point-in-Time Reports to be released; the homeless “census” data was gathered back in January, but it’s always slow to make it to the public. In the meantime, let’s compare City of Boulder data for the years of 2007 and 2013:



Interestingly, this shows the total number of homeless people here as 461.

2013 Point-In-Time

City of Boulder Colorado

This report, the most recent available, shows the total number of homeless people here as 748.

What has changed public policy-wise between 2007 and 2013, which might account for a substantial increase in the homeless population? I submit that it’s the do-gooders gaining control of the homeless shelter/services industry in Boulder, CO (comprised of both government agencies and private nonprofits) who have rolled out a “red carpet” for transients from Denver and elsewhere, folks mistakenly believing that they’re coming to a Hippie Paradise.

About a year ago, Bridge House conducted its own survey, as reported in the Daily Camera. Read it here: Survey: More than half of Boulder homeless who sought help at center were new to city.

We can’t solve the issue of homelessness for the entire nation! It’s long overdue for Boulder to adopt one of the best practices used in other cities — require valid photo ID (with a short grace period to obtain it) showing a Boulder County address for anyone seeking shelter or other services here.

Failing to do so would be crazy . . .

Max’s Journal 4/14/2014

By Max R. Weller

It’s supposed to be sunny today with a high of 41, according to the National Weather Service forecast for Boulder, CO. As soon as I return to my campsite later this morning, I’ll spread my gear out to dry and it should be fine by this evening. Not much snow piled up, despite it falling continuously for hours, but it was miserable crawling out of my burrow at midnight to pee.

“Don’t Fence Me In” by Cole Porter (music) and Robert Fletcher (lyrics), performed by Roy Rogers with the Sons of the Pioneers ca. 1944. Sentiments I heartily endorse, given the godawful alternatives like this:


Infested with bedbugs since 2010

BSH closes its emergency dorms after two more nights, and the transients had better figure on leaving town April 16th. They aren’t welcome in my area of north Boulder overnight, nor is there any good reason for ‘em to be in my neighborhood during the day. Most residents in other parts of Boulder, CO feel as I do. Go ask Isabel McDevitt at Bridge House to give you a $5 bus ticket on RTD back to Denver, if you just can’t spare any of your own funds for cigarettes, booze, and dope. Scumbags! We don’t need another summer at Central Park like those in the past few years:

Napping after a hard day at various Free Giveaway venues

Today, April 14th of 2014, would have been my older brother’s 65th birthday. I don’t understand why things happen as they do, and I try to get over my regrets, but it never does get resolved entirely in my heart . . . Requiescant in pace.

Spring is here! And more

By Max R. Weller

See the National Weather Service forecast for Boulder, CO. Usually, when a rain/snow mix falls for several hours overnight my camping gear gets wet. This time, however, I woke up at 5AM to find everything underneath my tarp dry. I hope it’s still that way when I crawl into my burrow this evening; in any case, things will warm up tomorrow so I can tolerate one miserable night.

As Tom Lehrer put it decades ago, “It just takes a smidgen . . .”

Only three more nights at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless for the helpless, needy transients who are unwilling or unable to do anything for themselves. Good riddance! Yesterday morning, as I was walking from my nearby campsite over to BSH, a voice spoke to me from the total darkness in the roadside ditch along the 4900 block of N. Broadway; it was some half-witted bum who apparently had drawn a high number in the lottery for a bunk, and was turned away. I thought about warning him that the particular ditch he was sleeping in drains the entire commercial district there, but I didn’t. If he returned to that spot last night, he found out the hard way by around midnight, when a stream of ice cold water would have awakened his silly butt. Not deep enough to drown in, but it would certainly get your attention as well as sobering you up.

Do-gooders like Margeret Jane Kephart can’t understand why most people — including 80% of others who are homeless — can’t stand to be around the bums. Margaret, maybe you should invite Ditch Man into your own home; I’m sure it would prove to be most enlightening for you. BTW, the online comments following her letter-to-the-editor in the Daily Camera tell the tale: citizens here are fed up with coddling the worst-behaved transients.

I’d love to have an emergency shelter like this one:

Screenshot from 2013-12-21 09:03:47

Screenshot from video of Tiny Coroplast House.

If only there were someplace I could put it! I have the $$$ to buy the materials and could build it myself.

Miss Kansas shoots into new career from the Kansas City Star. Load her 12-gauge shotgun with bean bag rounds and let her chase the bums away from Boulder, CO’s Central Park. It would make for a highly-rated TV program, too.

Thought for the day:


That’s all for now . . .

What has “legal” marijuana brought us? And more

By Max R. Weller

Apparently, it’s brought us more of the same ol’, same ol’ illegal black market for marijuana and associated violent crime, as set forth in this piece from the Daily Camera — Court records: Nathaniel Tallman tied to pot grows, trafficking. A couple of comments I find interesting follow the online article, and are copied below:

AsokAsus: Interesting. So instead of Tallman being the All American boy as friends and family painted him in earlier articles, turns out he’s nothing but a common garden variety drug dealer. 

AKS05: I’ve got to agree. While I’m deeply sorry for his family and friends, the reality here certainly presents something much different than the Boy Scout we all worried about for two months. Hopefully there is a message here for young people, bad things can happen when you get mixed up with the illegal drug trade. 

It seems painfully obvious to me that the “legal” marijuana industry is rotten to the core, and most enterprises probably used “illegal” drug profits as start-up capital. Of course, the criminals are still involved with marijuana! What would any sober person have expected?


Boulder district judge still mulling request to declare Longmont house a “nuisance” from the Times-Call. This could set a very useful precedent, giving authorities in the City of Boulder a tool to close down the transient magnet at 1120 1/2 Pine known as Bridge House.

A notice of Condemnation is seen taped to the front windows of a house at 330 Collyer Street, March 27 in Longmont. A search warrant was served to the

A notice of Condemnation is seen taped to the front windows of a house at 330 Collyer Street, March 27 in Longmont. A search warrant was served to the house on March 20 resulting in the arrest of six people including the owner, Silverio Nuanez, 74. (Matthew Jonas / Longmont Times-Call)

Downtown Boulder nuisance: There are far more drug sales and other incidents of misbehavior on Monday through Friday at Bridge House, involving many more people (mostly transients), than police have discovered over at 330 Collyer Street in Longmont.

From the Anchorage Daily News — great commentary by Julia O’Malley, which those of us living here in Boulder, CO can understand.

It seems that CU’s 2014 Conference on World Affairs hasn’t drawn as many visitors to Boulder, CO as it has in past years; either that, or they aren’t riding the SKIP bus in the same numbers as before. Well, when the featured speaker is Kathleen Sebelius, who has just resigned as HHS Secretary . . . She was an okay Kansas Governor, but obviously reached her “level of incompetence” in President Obama’s cabinet as overseer of [WhodunitCare], the unholy alliance between government bureaucrats lusting for more power and private insurers lusting for more profits. (Physicians and patients be damned).

Tonight at my campsite: biscuits and sausage gravy, perhaps?

Max’s Journal 4/10/2014

By Max R. Weller

Read the latest update from the Daily Camera in re this bizarre character. Quoting from it below:

Boulder police and sheriff’s investigators met Wednesday to discuss the two reported stabbings of sex offender Zachary Meints, with Sheriff Joe Pelle acknowledging that detectives are looking into “all possibilities” — including whether the wounds were self-inflicted or Meints is being targeted over his past sex offense.

Boulder police spokeswoman Laurie Ogden confirmed Wednesday that Meints has been released from the hospital after he reported being stabbed Tuesday night for the second time in as many weeks.

According to a police news release issued Tuesday night, Meints told investigators that he was walking in the 2100 block of Pine Street just before 3 p.m. Tuesday when he was attacked and stabbed by an unknown man carrying a folding knife.

Meints suffered a non-serious wound to his abdomen and drove himself to an emergency room for treatment, police said.

Worthy of note: Whittier International Elementary School is located at 2008 Pine Street. Why was Meints walking by there around 3PM?

Watch this clip from “The Zachary Meints Story” starring Ned Beatty in the title role. WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT! It’s a different sort of stabbing . . .

Want to know how stupid some bums can be? One of ‘em told me a great story yesterday, after he got back from going to municipal court with his girlfriend (also homeless): He didn’t realize that his backpack was subject to being searched in the Boulder County Justice Center building, but he was quickly set straight on that point. First, deputies found his big jug of rotgut vodka and confiscated it. Next, they found his jar of marijuana and confiscated that, too, He protested that weed is now legal, just like booze — but you can’t bring contraband into any courtroom in America. LOL! He’ll have to panhandle for many hours to make up for the loss of both vodka and marijuana . . .

I’ve never encountered such rude and ignorant teenagers as the Fairview High School students who ride the SKIP bus. They seem to be out of class most of the day, traveling to King Soopers on Table Mesa or other destinations farther north on Broadway. The problem is that they want to charge onto the bus with their heads down when I’m getting off (believe me, it’s no contest — I back ‘em up every time), or they’ll refuse to vacate the front seats meant for disabled old geezers like me (it’s posted that they must do so) when I’m boarding. RTD drivers are not always helpful in enforcing rules, so I resort to a loud and profane tirade. The precious little darlings just sit there, slack-jawed, as if nobody has ever challenged their self-centered attitudes. I’m more than happy to be the first. Rotten brats, and parents who are also snots; the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Here’s a bumper sticker I’d love to put on my humongous gas-guzzling SUV, if I owned one:


That’s all for now, folks.