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Another homeless ‘Sexually Violent Predator’ moves to Boulder

Read the story in the Daily Camera here. Copied below in its entirety:

David Nicolai Bland

David Nicolai Bland (Courtesy photo)

Boulder police announced on Thursday that a man deemed to be a “sexually violent predator” has moved into the city.

David Nicolai Bland, 43, was released from the Colorado Department of Corrections in late July and was convicted of a sexually-related crime that requires police to notify the public that he is living in the city, according to a news release.

Bland has told police that he is homeless and will be staying in a grove of trees along the bike path to the north of Arapahoe Avenue and east of Old Tale Road from Sunday to Thursday. The release did not say where he will be staying on Friday and Saturday.

Sex offenders can be designated “sexually violent predators” if authorities believe they possess certain personality traits that make them likely to commit further offenses.

Boulder police spokeswoman Shannon Cordingly referred questions as to where Bland will be staying on Friday and Saturday to the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office. A sheriff’s office SVP bulletin stated that Bland will be staying west of Broadway and Lee Hill Road, although it didn’t give specific days.

The bulletin stated that Bland has a conviction in Colorado for attempted sexual assault on a child and a rape by force or fear conviction in California. He also has convictions for assault and felony menacing.


Because of lenient sentencing (anything less than Life Without Parole for violent rapists and child molesters is lenient in my view), and the fact that Boulder, CO has a reputation for welcoming (or at least tolerating) these scumbags, more and more of them are choosing to reside here.

You know, an ordinary homeless camper is NOT allowed to stay where this guy has arrogantly informed law enforcement he’ll be camping out. WTF?

The truth, of course, is that registered sex offenders can come and go as they please. Ankle monitors? LOL! If a pervert wants to cut it off, that’s just what he’ll do before finding a new victim.

I understand the desire for summary justice Old West-style:

Tombstone, Arizona Territory, circa 1884

Disclaimer: I don’t advocate for this solution, because the risk of killing an innocent man is too great without due process in a court of law.

— MRW 


When it rains Sexually Violent Predators in Boulder, it pours

Read the latest outrage reported in the Daily Camera here. Copied below in its entirety:

Michael David Smith

Michael David Smith (Boulder Police Department / Courtesy photo)

Boulder police on Wednesday announced that a man deemed to be a “sexually violent predator” has changed his address and will be staying along Broadway near the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless.

Michael David Smith, 48, originally registered with Boulder police in August and said he would be staying in an abandoned building east of 55th Street and Arapahoe Avenue and north of the golf course, according to a news release.

Smith also told police he would be couch surfing at 2995 Eagle Way No. 24, but on Wednesday police said Smith will also be staying along Broadway between Violet Avenue and Lee Hill Drive.

Boulder police spokeswoman Shannon Cordingly said that Smith is not actually staying at the homeless shelter, and he is not currently on probation or parole, so he is not eligible for a parole bed and would have to make his own arrangements if he wants to stay at the shelter.

She added that police will be conducting extra patrols in the area, as they do whenever a person with a “sexually violent predator” designation is known to be living in the area.

“That is something we have always done,” she said. “It’s just an extra layer of safety.”

Court records indicate that Smith has a conviction for second-degree child molestation out of Rhode Island in 2004 and a 2015 conviction for sexual contact without consent. The “sexually violent predator” designation is given to people convicted of certain sexual offenses who are believed to be likely to commit more offenses (Emphasis is mine — MRW).

The announcement comes on the heels of another “sexually violent predator,” Christopher Lawyer, 42, who has been living in a parole bed at the homeless shelter since early May after attempts to move to Jamestown and Longmont were met with resistance.

Believed to be the first person from Boulder County to receive the “sexually violent predator” designation, Lawyer was released from prison last year after serving about 15 years in connection to the violent rape of a Boulder newspaper carrier in 2000.

He was sent back to prison for about six months in December after he was found in possession of pornography, which was a violation of his parole.

North Boulder resident Jacky Jones circulated an online petition to keep Lawyer out of Boulder. The petition has gathered more than 1,000 signatures, and Jones said she spoke to the Boulder City Council on Tuesday night.

She said she hadn’t heard about Smith moving into the area, but she was dismayed upon finding out, saying, “That’s obviously very scary for all of us.”

“That makes all of us not want to walk to north Boulder businesses or the library or use the trails,” she said. “It’s more important now than ever that we keep this petition going, and the community rallies and lets the city know that we don’t accept this.”


Boulder has it all backwards . . . It’s the rapists and pedophiles who should be SCARED, not decent citizens! And in other cities where I’ve lived, the pervs keep a very low profile rather than flaunting their degenerate natures to everyone.

— MRW 

This Boulder nonprofit is a haven for sex offenders from all across America


By Max R. Weller

See for yourself by scrolling through the Boulder Police Sex Offender List With Pictures; note Boulder Shelter’s address of 4869 N. Broadway, Boulder Community Treatment Center’s (B.C.T.C.)* address of 1770 21st St., and those who have no address with a roof and four walls: “Lacks a fixed residence” — “Lives in car” — “Stays along creek” — “Stays at abandoned building” —  “Sleeps at work” — “Central Park.”

Most despicable of all, in my opinion, is the fact that Boulder Shelter for the Homeless receives money from Colorado DOC for providing so-called Parole Beds for these perverts. (This is one reason the Homeless Philosopher prefers to live outdoors year-round, regardless of weather conditions.)

Frankly, I’m still appalled by the arrogant demeanor of the sex offenders here in Boulder, CO. In other cities where I’ve lived, perverts keep a very low profile to avoid having the snot beaten out of them on a regular basis. This guy, who is in the Transition Program at BSH, is an example of what I mean, strutting around that facility every morning like he’s really somebody special:


George Neiser / Sex Assault on a Child 

Of course, I would NEVER advocate vigilantism. However, if I witnessed it, I’d probably forget to report it . . .

*B.C.T.C. works closely with BSH and it almost seems as if there’s a revolving door between the two agencies. There is NO effective treatment for pedophilia, so “treatment” is just another money-making SCAM.

(This blog post is being e-mailed to Boulder City Council.)

‘As Boulder County temperatures plummet, don’t forget your pets’


By Max R. Weller

Read the story in the Daily Camera here. Excerpt follows:

From left: Kase, Zoe and Lily share a stick Wednesday afternoon at the dog park along St. Vrain Road in Longmont. Lily wears a sweater to fend off chilly

From left: Kase, Zoe and Lily share a stick Wednesday afternoon at the dog park along St. Vrain Road in Longmont. Lily wears a sweater to fend off chilly temperatures. (Lewis Geyer / Staff Photographer)

As you zip up your puffy coat and put on your thickest pair of socks this weekend, don’t forget to pay as much attention to your animal’s cold-weather needs as you do your own.

The forecast calls for frigid temperatures in Boulder County starting Friday and continuing through Sunday night.

In Boulder, the high for Saturday is expected to be 6 with an overnight low around -2, according to the National Weather Service.

The forecast doesn’t look much different in Longmont, with a high Saturday near 6 and an overnight low around -7.

Though we all know intuitively that we should bring our pets indoors when the temperatures drop, Longmont police Sgt. Jesse Buchholtz, who supervises the department’s animal control division, said it’s easy to get distracted and accidentally leave a dog or a cat outside for long periods of time.

So, what about these poor animals whose owners are bums living outdoors? Many will never have shelter overnight, because their owners believe — correctly — that untrained, FAKE service animals will not be permitted in emergency shelters, with a few exceptions. This guy, a registered sex offender (see page 32 / 40 here) with an untrained and poorly-mannered pit bull he claims is a service dog, has been staying at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, and he posted this appeal for $$$ on the Facebook page of Boulder Rights Watch:



4373 Vineyard Ln
Boulder Co 80304


Your help is appreciated

Here’s his pic:


Leo Gerald Scott

What a clown! But this is the sort of lowlife character our local homeless shelter / services industry seeks to support; apparently, “Coloradohomeless” is an organization started by Mr. Scott himself. It’s my sincere wish that Boulder Animal Control take this pervert’s poor dog into custody immediately, so that the local Humane Society can find a good home for it!

BTW, I have no doubt whatsoever that living conditions at local animal shelters are far better than can be found at either BSH or Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow’s various sites — so the Homeless Philosopher will remain at his campsite for the duration. Your donations of kibble to me will be greatly appreciated, as it’s both nutritious and filling.

My recommendation:


Seriously, folks, if either you or a loved one need short- or long-term care LOOK ELSEWHERE. This place has been overrun by the worst-behaved transients, a couple of whom committed sexual assaults of vulnerable residents recently, and the new management would prefer NOT to screen out the bad actors NOR enforce any rules for decent behavior.