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‘Victim of assault at 27th and Baseline has died, Boulder police say’

Read the report in the Daily Camera here. Copied below in its entirety:

Roland Dequina

Roland Dequina (Boulder County Sheriff’s Office / Courtesy photo)

The homeless man who police say was stabbed and beaten with a stick on the corner of 27th Way and Baseline Road in Boulder last week has died from his injuries.

Roland Dequina, 43, died over the weekend, Boulder police spokeswoman Shannon Cordingly confirmed this morning.

James Craig Dobson, the 56-year-old suspect in the attack on both Dequina and another man, Jeffrey Cross, 50, was arrested last week on suspicion of attempted murder and assault, but is now expected to face more serious charges when he returns to court Wednesday for a formal filing of charges.

He is currently being held on $100,000 bond.

According to an arrest affidavit, Dobson, Dequina, and Jeffrey Cross, 50 — all three of whom are homeless — had been hanging out and drinking overnight July 24, and had been arguing throughout the night.

At 10 p.m. July 24, an officer responded to the area and reported finding Dobson sitting near an intoxicated Cross, who was lying on the ground in the fetal position and bleeding. When taken to the hospital, Cross said he got the injuries when he “took a digger,” and Dobson also denied that anything happened.

Four hours later, three people bicycling through the same area found Dequina lying in a pool of blood and called 911. First responders were unable to find a pulse and began performing CPR. Doctors later said Dequina had a skull fracture, brain bleed, lacerations on his face and bruising and abrasions on his chest and arms.

According to the affidavit, police located Dobson at 9:20 a.m. July 25 and took him in for questioning. He admitted he was with Dequina and told police that Dequina threatened him with a stick, so he punched him in the face and then picked up his own stick to defend himself.

Investigators said Dobson’s clothes had blood stains on them and he also had what appeared to be a splinter in his left hand.

Police at the scene recovered a branch that was 12 to 18 inches long and appeared to have been broken off a tree. Investigators said the sharp end of the branch had blood on it and was consistent with Dequina’s injuries.

Dobson’s criminal history includes arrests for obstructing a police officer, criminal mischief, trespassing, theft and burglary.

Should Dequina’s death be ruled a homicide by the Boulder County Coroner’s Office, it would mark the eighth in Boulder County this year.

A man who identified himself as Lex Luther — a friend of Roland Dequina, also know as Donnie — sits in the background wearing a Grateful Dead

A man who identified himself as Lex Luther — a friend of Roland Dequina, also known as Donnie — sits in the background wearing a Grateful Dead shirt to honor his late friend, who was a huge Dead fan. Dequina’s friends have created a memorial at the spot where he was beaten near Baseline Road and 27th Way in Boulder on July 24. Dequina died from his injuries over the weekend. (Cliff Grassmick / Staff Photographer)


Not surprising that Boulder, CO’s do-gooders — who continue to enable the violent environment that threatens the lives of so many homeless people — are maintaining silence on this case.

— MRW