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Boulder PD Press Release: Sexually Violent Predator (from Boulder Shelter for the Homeless) Arrested

Copied below in its entirety:

Sexually Violent Predator Warrant Arrest

Boulder Police Department arrested David Bland, a Sexually Violent Predator, for Failure to Register as a Sexual Offender, C.R.S. 18-3-412.5(1)(g), a class 6 felony.

On 11/15/2019 officers from the Boulder Police Department arrested David Bland, date of birth (10/07/1973), for Failure to Register as a Sexual Offender. Bland was designated as a Sexually Violent Predator (SVP) upon release from the Department of Corrections. Detectives sought a warrant for Bland’s arrest after he was banned from the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless Reserved Bed Program at 4869 N. Broadway, for threatening another client. He was banned for 20 nights by the facility. Bland updated the Boulder Police Department of his employment status on 11/8/2019 but did not update his registration address within five business days of his address change, as required by law.

Bland was arrested in the 2400 block of Baseline Rd. on 11/15/2019. Bland resisted arrest and faces additional charges of Third Degree Assault, C.R.S. 18-3-204(1)(a), a class one misdemeanor and Resisting Arrest, C.R.S. 18-8-103(1)(a), a class two misdemeanor.

Per an agreement with the city, only one SVP may be housed at the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless Reserved Bed Program at a time. The facility is currently housing one SVP so Mr. Bland will not be permitted to return to the facility upon release from the Boulder County Jail.

November 15, 2019
Media Contacts:
Dean Cunningham, Police and Fire PIO, 303-441-3370

Liberals have no clue about homeless shelters

At the coed Boulder (CO) Shelter for the Homeless, there are currently 8 registered sex offenders in residence (including child molesters), and this causes much distress to the homeless survivors of sexual abuse who live under the same roof.

Why does this happen? The homeless shelter / services industry operates by the creed More Homeless People = More Money, and the state of Colorado pays the shelter to provide bunks to perverts on parole.


Boulder Shelter for the Homeless scams the public, again

My late homeless friend, Donny, had a Section 8 housing voucher and was evicted from more than five apartments in a few short years for partying all night with his drunken homeless acquaintances. In between times of being housed, he’d stay at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless or camp outdoors like I did. In the end, he died in Boulder’s Central Park from a combination of rotgut vodka and heroin. I could tell he was tired of it all, so his demise came as no surprise to me. I still miss him, of course.

The very few homeless men and women I’ve known who got into stable housing for the long-term (five years-plus) did so on their own, even if they’d been in the emergency dorms at BSH at times. Example: My friend Christina, who had two jobs, no expensive vices, was saving money to improve her circumstances, and had to leave the worthless program because they wouldn’t accommodate her work schedule. They expected her to report to the shelter by 8PM every night, which wasn’t possible because she was at her second job.

Because BSH is closed during the day, nobody can work overnight and sleep there during the hours of 8AM to 5PM. WTF? It’s a travesty of compassion, and yet some homeless people recycle through the “9-month” program for years.

BTW, the facility has been infested with bedbugs since 2010, and nobody’s assigned locker is truly secure because thieves on staff have access to a logbook with everyone’s combination. In the Spring of 2017, I was robbed of $350!

Did I mention the registered sex offenders, including child molesters, in residence? They live under the same roof with adult survivors of sexual abuse, which causes much distress to the latter group.

The benighted powers-that-be at BSH also eliminated morning services such as showers, locker access, and hot breakfast for walk-up clients some time ago. I can attest to the fact that almost nobody who came to the facility at 6AM was a troublemaker, and in any case I frequently observed program residents being put out (often with the assistance of Boulder PD).

This nonprofit is FUBAR now and always has been, so don’t be fooled by the latest puff piece published in the Denver Post.


Tweets for 10/15/2019

The CBI sex offender registry map search is a great resource: https://apps.colorado.gov/apps/dps/sor/search/search-map.jsf

My old neighborhood, where I lived for a decade, was the area around Boulder Shelter for the Homeless at 4869 N. Broadway in north Boulder, CO. The CBI map search above currently shows nine (9) registered sex offenders, including convicted child molesters, at that address. BSH has also housed Sexually Violent Predators, who carry that designation after extensive evaluation which shows that they have a high likelihood to re-offend.

I’ve known many adult survivors of sexual abuse (men and women) who are homeless and residing at this facility, and they tell me in great distress that they continue to be preyed upon by the offenders living alongside them at Boulder Shelter.

These predators leave during the day, roaming all over the city, and don’t return until curfew at 7PM. There have been numerous arrests of offenders from BSH acting inappropriately outside of the facility over the years, despite what the apologists / enablers claim.

This is an ongoing issue year-round, not just at Halloween.


New plans for former National Guard Armory site on N. Broadway in Boulder, CO


‘Poll shows tepid support for library tax, but consultants insist victory at the ballot is possible’

See the article from the online Boulder Beat by clicking here.

My comment is copied below:

Another reason to support creation of a Boulder Public Library District, besides the steady revenue stream spread among all users inside and outside the city limits, is removing the politicians and apparatchiks in municipal government from any involvement in setting library policy.

In the past, city officials have been far too lenient on the worst-behaved transients, and that has caused many patrons to go elsewhere. I chose to visit CU’s Norlin Library on a regular basis instead, where they provide only nine public access computers, but also where CU Police show zero tolerance for the bad behavior commonly seen at BPL. Example: Drunk transient passes out face down on keyboard of computer at BPL, he’s told to go outside and get some fresh air; drunk transient passes out face-down on keyboard of computer at Norlin, CU Police escort him out the door and tell him not to return for a year. I’m homeless myself, but I fully agree with response #2.

Meddling by city officials even led to BPL’s private security guards being disarmed, necessitating Boulder Police to increase patrols inside and outside the 1001 Arapahoe facility, no doubt costing more taxpayer dollars just for some vague Feel Good policy shift to unarmed security guards. (City police, of course, might be clear across town when called to BPL.) Makes no sense at all, and yet another reason I preferred Norlin Library, where CU Police are johnny-on-the-spot when summoned by library staff.

Years ago, around early 2010, I observed registered sex offenders riding the SKIP bus from Boulder Shelter for the Homeless to the Main Library, and they were trolling for new child victims both during the morning trip and outside the entrance at their destination. I reported this to BPL staff and Boulder Police, and it was promptly dealt with. I understand that parole officers were notified, who then put the fear of God (and returning to prison) into the perverts. I would hope that an independent library district would see fit to BAN registered sex offenders from the premises altogether.

I favor the proposed new full-size BPL branch in north Boulder, but given its proximity to the homeless shelter and wet house at the corner of Lee Hill and N. Broadway, sterner measures need to put in place to deal with bad behavior. Sure, there may occasionally be a Sunday School teacher or other solid citizen getting drunk and disorderly on library premises, but most of the time it’s the transients who have turned libraries into day shelters.

Max R. Weller


Imagine my surprise to find a comment from the blogger (not a journalist as I understand the word) who writes the Boulder Beat. It’s one thing to dislike the fact that I challenge the worst-behaved transients and their enablers, but it’s something far more serious to falsely accuse me of lying about a particular incident. Her strange take is copied below, followed by my response:


Hi, Max. I’m going to let this comment stand, as you used your full name. However, I am taking *great* issue with your claim that you witnessed sex offenders trolling for new victims. I am challenging this claim. I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. 90% of victims know their perpetrator. Stranger abuse may happen, but it is exceedingly rare. It’s not homeless people looking to kidnap children that are the problem: It’s soccer coaches and dance instructors and teachers and “friendly” neighbors and priests and, most often, family members. Spreading fear and disinformation in this way is extremely unhelpful and dangerous, because it perpetuates the myth of dangerous strangers, and keeps people blind to the real dangers. I will tolerate your opinions, however loathsome I find them at times, but I won’t tolerate disinformation that endangers more children.


Neither offender is still in Boulder, CO. I don’t mind giving their names here, but you could just as easily confirm my story by asking Officer Paddock of Boulder PD, who was working as a detective in 2010 and investigated one of the individuals. I’m fairly certain she’ll remember me. She’s now 1/2 of the Homeless Outreach Team, as you probably know.

As to registered sex offenders (mostly child molesters) living at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless — alongside the adult survivors of abuse — that’s undeniable. See my blog post including the CBI map: Registered sex offenders currently living at Boulder Shelter, 4869 N. Broadway.

I’ve also seen them hanging around the sidewalk leading to the Dakota Ridge neighborhood, where I still have many friends with kids. Thank goodness everyone with direct knowledge, like me, has taken it seriously.

Lots of people are survivors, and many survivors were assaulted by strangers or by adults they scarcely knew. Perhaps you should look up the criteria for an offender in Colorado to be designated a Sexually Violent Predator:

An SVP is a sexually violent predator. Outlined below are the statutory criteria to classify an offender as an SVP:

Offender must be 18 years old when the offense was committed, or less than 18 years old but tried as an adult;

The conviction is for sexual assault, unlawful sexual contact, sexual assault on a child, sexual assault on a child by someone in a position of trust (convictions also include attempts, solicitations and conspiracies to any of the offenses previously outlined);

The victim must have been a stranger to the offender or a person with whom the offender established or promoted a relationship primarily for the purpose of sexual victimization;

Meet scoring criteria on the risk assessment instrument, or demonstrate significant psychopathy per testing.

So, the state of Colorado recognizes that so-called stranger danger is real. Whether you believe it or not, most of the SVPs I’ve known at BSH have assaulted children or adults they didn’t know.



For obvious reasons, I can’t do anything to alert the public about sexual predators lurking within their families or in positions of trust. BUT, I can and I will continue to use this blog to warn people about the registered sex offenders who are, thanks to apologists and enablers, hiding in plain sight at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless and other homeless hangouts in the city.

And I don’t give a flying fig if boulderbeat finds some of my commentary “loathsome.”

Oh, btw, the two perverts’ names are Russell Avery (currently homeless in Pueblo, CO according to the CBI database) and Charles Wadsager (currently living at an address in Denver).


Registered sex offenders currently living at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless:

See the Colorado Bureau of Investigation website by clicking here. Enter the address of 4869 N. Broadway in Boulder.

Screenshot showing names of 7 offenders at BSH. (Click on image to enlarge.)

Remember, these perverts live under the same roof with many women (and a few men, too) who are the adult survivors of sex crimes. Is this what Ardith Sehulster meant in her recent letter-to-the-editor, ‘I have seen positive leadership at homeless shelter,’ published in the Daily Camera about a week ago?

I submit that the stubborn do-gooders of Boulder, CO see only what they want to see.

Time to send everyone in authority at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless packing, along with the pervs. The paid staff in leadership positions, the unpaid board members, every rapist and child molester, all of ’em!


(E-mailed to Boulder City Council.)