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The Boulder establishment remains CLUELESS, and more


By Max R. Weller

Name any issue you read about in the Daily Camera and two things will most likely be true:

1) City bureaucrats will be “working” to find so-called solutions, which will make things worse in unintended ways; and

2) More money will be spent, lots more money, to little or no positive effect.

Homelessness is one example; municipalization of the local electric utility is another.

> I’m enjoying the warm weather these days, and I wish to invite anyone who wants to do so to stop by the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36 to say hello. If I’m not playing the role of humble beggar there in the afternoon, I’ll be sitting on the wall in front of the nearby Mexican restaurant reading a book. Don’t be afraid, if you’re one of the anonymous cowards from the Daily Camera website — I’m really a big teddy bear and wouldn’t hurt a fly.


Handsome devil, too!

> Not much going on in re homelessness, but I don’t hang around with the small minority who are scumbags, so if they don’t make it into the newspaper for some reason I’m blissfully unaware of their drama. I’m just counting down the nights until Boulder Shelter for the Homeless closes its overnight emergency dorms for men and women, after which it will be much more pleasant in the mornings for us hardy outdoor-types who come for a hot shower.

> Tonight at my campsite: Ecce Panis bread from King Soopers with marinara sauce for dipping. It tastes great, and is also soft enough for me to chew. Other artisan breads I’ve tried could be used to club down the bums who roam around my neighborhood, looking for stuff to steal, but even so a baseball bat is a better choice.