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Cyberstalkers update, and more


By Max R. Weller

Read Longmont police: Man stabbed over Facebook post from the Daily Camera. My online comment is copied here:

Easy for me to believe, given that there are several cyberstalkers here on the Daily Camera website: mstdye/bndr, travispickle, haydukelives1, haydukelives2, haydukelives3, et al.

I hope they don’t try to hurt anybody with a knife, but you never know . . . 

(And if they try to hurt me, I expect I’ll be able to take care of myself.)

> Sometimes, the DC serves up a fastball right down the middle of the plate: Virtual Editorial Board: Earth Hour. My online remarks follow:

I don’t have any lights at my homeless campsite, nor do I light candles there.

Sorry, but I’ll have to pass on the St. Julien, too.

Earth Hour seems like an event for the well-heeled, who wish to feel good about themselves — which is the same reason they support the FAILED homeless shelter/services industry here in Boulder, CO. Just another wealthy elite affectation.

> In the Denver Post: 32 indicted in massive Colorado marijuana trafficking investigation. Quoting from the report:

The 32 people indicted in the case range in age from 25 to 71. They [face various] charges of racketeering, felony cultivation and distribution of marijuana, money laundering, tax evasion, attempt to influence a public servant and conspiracy.

Those charged are: Tri Trong Nguyen, 39; Thomas Claire Dispanet, 40; Cuyler Gerbich, 39; Kristine Claretta Root, 37; Michael Patrick Glick, 34; Aaron Matthew Ellering, 39; Aubrey Charles Keesling, 39; Ryan Joseph Farrow, 30; Josie Phuong Farrow, 43; Sheila Thi Kieu Lorenz, 45; Oanh Tran, 48; Veon Deloy Hatch, 42; Patrick Joseph Concannon, 37; Joseph Johnson, 43; Nicholas Alan Kuhl, 37; Douglas Dunlap, 47; Micah Peterson, 33; Antonio Domenico Orfei, 33; Lindsay Geinert, 37; Andrew James Wylie, 37; John Rodger Magee, 37; Jessica Peterson, 34; Alicia Rainey, 71; Anh Thi Nguyen, 37; Jason Joyner, 28; James Chad Averette, 28; Tiffany Gille, 34; Everett Grove, 25; Adam Tilley, 28; Anthony Smith, 27; Matthew Olson, 40; and Jordan Iovinella, 34.

> I’d love to live in an old barn, where the resident owls would keep the rodent population in check:

Somewhere in Colorado

> Here’s another interior view of the overpriced — $200,000 per unit —  Housing First apartments at 1175 Lee Hill:


Boulder Shelter for the Homeless Facebook photo

OM Build in Madison, WI can construct a Tiny House with the same amenities for $5,000 per unit. That means forty (40) homeless men and women could be housed for the same cost as one (1) HF apartment.

Somebody must be getting rich off of this Housing First scam here in Boulder, CO. Don’t hold your breath waiting for any criminal investigation, however . . .

> Tonight at my campsite, for all of the owls I hear around there at night: all-you-can-eat voles.