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The latest transient-involved stabbing, and more


By Max R. Weller

See the brief story in the Daily Camera: Boulder police: Man stabbed near Eben G. Fine campsite. My online comment is copied below:

Bear this in mind, the transient-involved violent crimes which get reported in the Daily Camera are only the tip of the iceberg.

I was talking with a couple of homeless victims yesterday of violence along Boulder Creek Path in recent months — the perps were transients, of course, and are still on the loose. One victim has fractures of both cervical and lumbar vertebrae, the other has about twenty (20) staples in his scalp.

Remember, a few years ago, it was Jim Budd who suggested that Eben G. Fine Park should be designated for homeless campers. I guess Mr. Budd never gave any thought to how to keep transients from attacking each other. 

Enter at your own risk.

Maybe I should be worried about hantavirus, because rodents (both mice and voles) are all around my campsite. It might even be the illness I suffered back at the beginning of October, 2014. Another source on the Internet states that hantavirus infection has a 38% mortality rate, but In my case it never progressed to affecting my lungs, if that’s what it was. The other symptoms are pretty general, and it was probably just a bout with intestinal flu, albeit a very serious one. I called it my near-death experience on this blog.

Another advantage of a Tiny House would be the ease of keeping rodents OUT, but it doesn’t seem to be in the cards for me. Still, camping outdoors is better than being in any homeless shelter, where diseases of all kinds are also being spread — by two-legged vermin.

Tonight at my campsite: A 1.75L jug of rotgut vodka and a case of cheap beer. Or maybe NOT.


Boulder, CO Civic Area improvements, and more


By Max R. Weller

Miles Clawson, 8, fishes with his father, Chris Clawson, in Boulder Creek just off Central Park on Tuesday.

Miles Clawson, 8, fishes with his father, Chris Clawson, in Boulder Creek just off Central Park on Tuesday. (Mark Leffingwell / Staff Photographer)

See Boulder presents new hybrid plan to remake downtown Civic Area from the Daily Camera. My online comment is copied below:

If you don’t change this, you can’t hope to change the so-called Civic Area: https://homelessphilosopher.wordpress.com/april-2…

A big step to positive change would be to condemn the transients’ day center nearby as a Public Nuisance: https://homelessphilosopher.wordpress.com/2015/02…

BTW, I wonder, how do the fish enjoy all of the human waste deposited in Boulder Creek from Eben G. Fine Park and elsewhere downstream? It was Jim Budd who proposed officially turning over this park to the bums a few years ago, when he was the darling of Boulder’s homeless shelter/services industry and the go-to source in re homelessness for the Daily Camera.


#164310, currently at Kit Carson Correctional Facility

> Interesting story from Lyons, CO also in the DCLyons voters reject proposal for flood replacement housing at Bohn Park.

> See also: A student’s reasoning for refusing the PARCC. My remarks on the DC website follow:

Counting only the word “I” and not any other personal pronouns, young Kate used it no fewer than seventeen (17) times in her commentary.

This focus on self will NOT help Ms. Richardson when she enters the Real World as it exists outside of Fairview High School in Boulder, CO.

> It’s snowing now in north Boulder (at 9:30AM), according to the National Weather Service, but I expect to be quite cozy in my burrow reading a book and snacking on unhealthy foods. I can afford to take a day off from playing the role of humble beggar at N. Broadway & U.S. 36, leaving that to the Housing First residents from 1175 Lee Hill who wish to panhandle there — despite all of the cash benefits and other social services they receive from taxpayers. I make do with no more than what my kindhearted supporters freely choose to donate, and I live better than the HF “clients” do, even without a brand new $200,000+ apartment in permanent supportive housing.

That’s all for now, folks . . .