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Submitted letter-to-editor of Daily Camera 4/26/2017


By Max R. Weller

Assuming I didn’t inadvertently run over the 300-word limit for a letter-to-editor, this should appear on the DC’s website and in print this weekend:

Random stuff 4/20/2017


By Max R. Weller

1) Another wildfire last evening, which was very quickly contained. I watched it from my campsite: Fire burning west of Boulder holding at 2 acres. I smelled smoke about the same time I heard the sirens of many responding firefighting crews. Not a chance it was lightning, and no word that a downed power line due to high winds was the cause, so it looks like another BUM CAMPFIRE out of control:

Spot fires are visible from a wildfire fire west of Boulder just above Lee Hill Road on Wednesday.

Spot fires are visible from a wildfire fire west of Boulder just above Lee Hill Road on Wednesday. (Paul Aiken/Staff Photographer)

2) Speaking of the BUMS, all they could talk about in Boulder Shelter for the Homeless this morning was going to Denver for the big 4/20 celebration there — or as Mitt Romney might say, the big Marijuana Makes People Stupid party.

3) As I left the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36 yesterday afternoon, a woman met me at my spot in front of the Mexican restaurant. She introduced herself as an artist, and wanted to take my photo as a guide for painting my portrait. When she asked me for some info about my homeless experience, I referred her to this blog; she was surprised to learn that the Homeless Philosopher actually embraces the ascetic lifestyle. But, I don’t think I want to see a painting of my current Sasquatch-style hair and beard . . .

4) I understand from a Facebook message that the churches who have been supporting Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow are NOT planning to continue doing so next winter; no surprise there. The same source also indicates that Bridge House may be closing; they’re rolling in $$$, so I find this hard to believe . . . If both things happen, I’ll shout HALLELUJAH!!

5) Counting tonight, only 11 more nights are left for the emergency overnight dorms at BSH to remain open. It’s a completely different world during the summer — quiet and relatively clean. I’m looking forward to it!

Update 4/21/2017: Ridge Fire in foothills west of Boulder under control. Excerpt copied below:

Boulder County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Carrie Haverfield said investigators have determined the fire was human caused but it is still under investigation.

The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office announced early Thursday morning that deputies made contact with a woman and a juvenile boy in the immediate area of the fire.

The woman had to be evacuated from the area by Rocky Mountain Rescue Group because of the steep terrain. She was taken to an area hospital because she appeared to have been suffering from a medical condition.

“It sounds like they were near where the fire started, so of course we want to talk to them,” Haverfield said. “But the boy is a juvenile and the woman has a medical condition. So the folks we want to talk to we are not able to talk to them right now.”

She added that the woman and boy are not transients. A transient campfire was blamed for the Sunshine Canyon Fire, which prompted hundreds of homes to be evacuated. 

RTD introduces pilot program for the ‘unhoused’ in Boulder, CO: Free EcoPass from Bridge House

The new EcoPass for Unhoused (EPU) in Boulder will make it much easier for transients to access various government social services and nonprofit venues throughout our city!

RTD plans to help finance this pilot program by increasing the one-way fare in Boulder from $2.60 ($1.30 with discount) to $5 ($2.50 with discount).

Contact Bridge House today for more info or to apply for EPU. This program should be in place and fully operational by May 1st, 2017 according to Bridge House spokesperson, Kerry Whitfield.


‘Require local ID for homeless services’

This letter-to-editor appeared in Sunday’s print edition of the Daily Camera and is also on their website:

Thanks for the most candid and informative report I’ve yet seen in the Daily Camera regarding any of the negative consequences of transients flocking to Boulder: “City struggles to manage human waste along Boulder Creek.”

Many of us who are homeless here try every day to exercise what I call positive peer pressure by holding the bad actors accountable, but it’s a losing proposition most of the time.

There is a way to eliminate 90 percent (my educated guess) of the problems — require a valid photo ID with a Boulder County address and proof of at least one year’s residency from anyone seeking shelter or services from any of the local nonprofits, such as Boulder Shelter for the Homeless or Bridge House. This is the policy of many homeless agencies around the country, including Haven for Hope in San Antonio, Texas.

I’m now looking forward to more truth in our newspaper, and less baloney from the apologists/enablers.

Max R. Weller


Why does the Homeless Philosopher oppose transients from outside of Boulder County, CO?


By Max R. Weller

Over three years ago, Bridge House — which bills itself as a homeless people’s day center in downtown Boulder, and serves ANYBODY regardless of where they come from — did a survey of its clients. Read the report from the Daily Camera: Survey: More than half of Boulder homeless who sought help at center were new to city. Excerpt follows:

More than half the people who sought help at Bridge House’s new resource center for the homeless had lived in Boulder less than six months, according to data released Wednesday by the day shelter and social service agency.

The information came from intake forms filled out by 417 people who sought help at the off-site resource center between October and April and was collected by Bridge House in an effort to better understand who Boulder’s homeless population is and what services it needs.

Asked where they lived prior to becoming homeless, 31 percent said they lived in other parts of Colorado and 32 percent said they came from another state. The other 37 percent are from Boulder or Boulder County.

Asked how long they had lived in Boulder, 52 percent said less than six months. Another 38 percent had lived here more than a year.

Now we’re seeing the negative consequences all over Boulder County.

Here’s the last thing I said on the Boulder Rights Watch Facebook page, before I was blocked by one the chief apologists / enablers for the worst-behaved transients, Darren O’Connor:

I “advocate” for nonprofits here to give priority to Boulder County’s own homeless residents AND to spend their dollars wisely on projects to benefit the greatest number of those homeless men, women, and children. The FAILURE to do this should weigh on everyone’s conscience . . .

Please support me in taking care of our own FIRST, transients from elsewhere to the end of the line for available shelter / services, if any.


Alabama arsonists speak from Boulder County Jail


“We love Boulder! We’ve got so much support from nice folks at Bridge House and other groups. We’re gonna tell all our travelin’ friends in the Deep South to come here, where the livin’ is easy . . . Sheriff Pelle has even promised us a Friday night movie with FREE popcorn and soda pop! Ain’t like no jail we’ve ever seen.”


Do-gooders welcome another violent transient to Boulder, CO


By Max R. Weller

See Police arrest suspect in May sexual assault at Boulder Creek in the Daily Camera. Copied below in its entirety:

Boulder police announced on Friday afternoon that they have arrested a man they allege sexually assaulted a woman who was jogging on the Boulder Creek Path last month.

Jonathan Narucki, 26, is being held at Boulder County Jail on a suspicion of sexual assault, kidnapping, unlawful sexual contact by force, assault and menacing, according to a news release.

Police said they linked Narucki to the May 20 attack using DNA evidence.

A woman reported being sexually assaulted as she took a run near the 4700 block of Walnut Street between 10 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. She told police she was on the Boulder Creek Path when a man grabbed her from behind, threatened her with a knife and sexually assaulted her.

Police said Narucki told them that he had moved to Boulder from Georgia about a month ago and had been living as a transient. The woman told police that her attacker was dirty, unkempt and emitted a foul odor, which led her to believe he was a transient.

Boulder police increased patrols in the area following the attack.

Narucki does not appear to have any prior arrests in Colorado, according to online court records.

Anyone with additional information on the case is asked to call Detective Sarah Cantu at 303-441-4328.


Of course, it’s the entire homeless shelter/services industry in our city, not only Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, which attracts scumbags from all across America . . . These violent transients consume resources that could otherwise go to helping Boulder County’s own homeless people, including families with kids.

What is wrong with the do-gooders? Feeding, clothing, housing, counseling, and in general coddling a rapist from Georgia? I’ll call them out by name once more: Mike Homner (recently featured in a Daily Camera puff piece on the homeless), Darren O’Connor, Joy Eckstine Redstone (who is now a DC columnist), Isabel McDevitt (executive director of Bridge House), et al. They all have a hand in aiding those who prey on the innocent.


You know, I’m very happy about having the opportunity to move away from Boulder for good in the near future. This city, where I’ve lived since early 2008, is FUBAR in so many ways it will be a great relief for me to become a part of the Real World again!