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Special election for Mayor of Lexington, MO

If it’s true that no news is good news, I hope to hear nothing about the old hometown for many years to come.

(I’m also gratified that Joe Aull took my advice and ran for mayor, the position with the real power in that small Missouri town.)


Special election for mayor in Lexington, MO

After all of the drama in the old hometown’s politics last Spring, when very capable hometown guy Joe Aull was fired as city administrator (and the mayor who engineered that disgraceful act was driven out of office, and also out of town altogether), I’m delighted that Mr. Aull decided to accept many citizens’ counsel and run for mayor (the office with the real power in that small Missouri town).

His opponent in this special election, whose name will appear on the ballot, is a complete idiot whose follies are well-known to me from the ’80s and ’90s when I took great interest in Lexington, MO municipal government (as well as Lafayette County, MO government). I wouldn’t vote for D____ G______ for Dogcatcher, even if that were an elective office.

Good luck, Joe!


Lauren Hutton, now and then

I couldn’t find an age attached to the bottom photo, but it’s a perfect match for the ageless image in my mind. Let’s call it about thirty for Lauren, around the time I graduated from high school in 1974. (I also had a crush on actress Lee Meriwether at the same time, and she would have been forty or so.)


The last word on former mayor of Lexington, MO Fred Wiedner

I have little or no sympathy for this character, who bamboozled enough voters in my old hometown to get elected in April, 2018 — and whose subsequent missteps in office have only worsened the distrust people feel for their municipal government.

Over a quarter-century ago, I briefly served as an elected official in my old hometown of Lexington, MO. There were a lot of shady dealings at City Hall back then, much worse than the ill-advised firing of the very capable and popular Joe Aull from the city administrator position.

Now that Fred Wiedner’s claims of being harassed on Facebook by Lexington, MO residents have been picked up and repeated by news media outlets all over America, I have two questions: 1) What evidence is there that this actually occurred? and 2) Why didn’t the former mayor simply block those “mean” posters and reportĀ them to Facebook, too? As a blogger on social media here in Colorado, mainly focused on the controversial issue of homelessness, I’ve made frequent use of the blocking feature on both Facebook and Twitter (all new comments to my WordPress blog require moderation, and those I find objectionable never see the light of day).

As to former councilman Bill Miller, who was critical of Lexington residents in the Kansas City Star’s op/ed, he’s the guy who wanted to dissolve the Lexington Police Dept. and contract with the Lafayette County Sheriff for law enforcement inside the city limits. That went over with citizens like a lead balloon, and Mr. Miller is no longer on city council, either.

Fred Wiedner reminds me of Prof. Harold Hill, the “Music Man,” who came to a small town to hoodwink the residents. In this case, however, there was no magical happy ending with a big parade featuring 76 Trombones and Marian the Librarian on his arm.

One final point about Wiedner’s background: Nobody cares about a bankruptcy in hard times nor do they mind a few traffic tickets. (I say that as an ex-convict who served time in Missouri DOC.) What people hate is to have a public official attempt to cover things up!

Fred Wiedner chose to resign. I did so, myself, from an elective position in Lexington, MO way back in 1993. The difference is that I didn’t use my brief written resignation to bash anybody, nor did I whine, but I did make it a point to thank the city employees I’d gotten to know for their good work.


Here’s something Lexington, MO needs to fix right now:

In the recent past, the city had a very useful website with city ordinances, city council agendas & minutes of meetings, reports from the mayor (whoever it may be) and city administrator (whoever it may be), news and info from various city departments, etc.

Then, for reasons unknown to the general public, it disappeared . . . What you see now is this:

Click on image to enlarge.

Maybe folks back in the old hometown will become more motivated to attend city council meetings, study the issues for themselves, and most of all VOTE. It’s only a small fraction of those eligible to vote who are giving us the elected officials we’ve had since the ’80s.

(Btw, I was a terrible city council member, completely shocked by what I found going on at City Hall in April, 1992 and at a loss as to how it might be corrected.)

Perhaps the younger generation will finally be able to put aside the delusional thinking that life in the 1850s is something to be celebrated (after you sanitize it to remove the stink of slavery, of course).

What Lexington, MO needs in the 21st Century is economic growth andĀ  good-paying jobs employing local workers; accomplish this, and all sorts of benefits will flow from it!

Joe Aull could still be a part of moving the town forward, but after the way he was mistreated by other city officials nobody has any right to demand this of him.

Food for thought . . .