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Lexington, MO politics is still FUBAR

Back in 2017, the city administrator resigned and took a similar position in the neighboring city of Richmond, in the midst of a lot of controversy at Lexington City Hall.

After many moons, concerned citizens thought they had persuaded the new mayor and city council to hire Joe Aull as city administrator. Certainly a highly qualified person, with deep ties to the town. At the time, I suggested that Mr. Aull would likely run into difficulties as city administrator, in a form of municipal government in which the mayor has all of the power (subject to council approval).

I wasn’t entirely surprised to see this news yesterday, a couple of months late (I don’t follow news from the old hometown as closely now as I once did): Joe Aull out as Lexington City Administrator from KMZU. 

Residents in the small town of Lexington, MO (population less than 5,000) are apparently scratching their heads, and the explanation given on the city’s website is lacking in specifics. See below:

(Click on image to enlarge.)

It is frankly unbelievable to me, as one who knows how crooked Lexington City Hall has been at times, that anyone of Mr. Aull’s extensive political experience as a state representative for several terms could run afoul of ethics rules.

I smell a rat . . . And there is probably more than one rat between the current mayor and city council members, unfortunately.

If any Lexington, MO residents read this post, please leave a comment with details of what’s going on back there, and you can do so anonymously.


My White Privilege circa 1972

I’m so tired of reading dumb comments from Boulder snowflakes suffering terribly from White Guilt. Let me tell you what happened in my perfect world of White Privilege one summer night back in 1972, when I was a lad of 16:

There was a rock concert featuring local talent being held in the parking lot of one of the old hometown’s supermarkets. Hundreds of kids were there, from Lexington, MO and surrounding towns. A black kid my age from LHS decided to try and rob me.

He had a box cutter, which he held up to my neck as he demanded my money. Poor dumb bastard; I was just as poor as he was! When he realized he wasn’t going to get a penny from me, he just made a slashing motion down across my chest. It wasn’t until a few minutes later, after somebody pointed it out, that I noticed I was bleeding. Luckily, no stitches were required, and all I did was apply some rubbing alcohol (OUCH) when I got home. Of course, I reported it to police.

The black kid was on probation already, and when he was arrested the judge simply revoked his probation and he went to the state juvenile facility to serve his sentence on the previous crime. I didn’t pursue criminal charges in my case. The U.S. Marines recruited him right out of lockup, since they needed warm bodies at the tail end of Vietnam. Maybe that military service did him good; I don’t know.

In any case, this isolated incident in which a young black guy slashed me with a box cutter in a failed robbery didn’t cause me to hate black people, not a bit. In fact, a couple of black friends of mine offered to smack the s*** out of him, so it’s probably lucky the police got to him first.

This Naropa University black snowflake, who is reported to be a Yoga Studies major, and all of his white snowflake supporters in Boulder, CO need a reality check, which I hope my story has provided. He wasn’t even touched by the white police officers, so there is NO justification for hating them.

Y’all need to grow up . . .


Missouri’s new U.S. Senator

Some background on young Josh during his brief time in Lexington, MO: His daddy was president of one of the local banks, the family was active in the United Methodist Church there, and Josh NEVER attended Lexington High School — instead commuting all the way to private Rockhurst High School in Kansas City, MO (40 miles each way).

He has led a charmed life, so far . . .


Don’t know how I missed this story from the old hometown of Lexington, MO

I happened upon it today, and can’t honestly say I’m surprised that Lexington, MO — a small rural town that has always celebrated its Confederate heritage — attracts an extremist like this guy:

Anti-immigrant activist Craig Nelsen resurfaces in Missouri, attempting to start boxing club for opioid addicts.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a resource I don’t check as often as I should. As to why Mr. Nelsen came to Lexington, that’s because s*** draws flies. Lest you doubt what the upper crust in my old hometown is all about:

Civil War Ball in Lexington, MO

Okay, I admit adding the caption to a photo taken by someone else, but it points out the hypocrisy of cherry-picking only romantic aspects of antebellum life, which was BRUTAL AND DEGRADING for the African slaves who built the wealth of prominent families there. The descendants of those slaveholders continue to be high profile residents, more than 150 years after the Confederacy’s ignominious surrender to Gen. Grant, and many other white folks can hardly bear to acknowledge the fact that the state of Missouri NEVER seceded to join the traitors.

Now, some benighted residents act surprised at the chickens coming home to roost.

Come to think of it, this BS was taking place while I was recuperating from my heart attack in December of 2017, and also lacked access to the Internet. (Rather than edit the title of this post, I’ll put my creeping memory deficit on full display.)

I’ll presume that the City of Lexington rejected Nelsen’s crackpot scheme . . .


All sex offenders should meet these two hillbillies, for ‘aversion therapy’

I was in high school back in my small Missouri hometown when this film came out in the early 1970s. We immature guys thought this scene was hilarious, and I mean falling-on-the-floor FUNNY, and we tormented one poor kid for months by pinching his ear and making him squeal.

I never again went into the woods hunting mushrooms or camping overnight without a firearm, however.

Image result for colt officer's model .45 ACP images


Snow ice cream (don’t eat the yellow snow):


Image result for heavy snowfall images

Ingredients needed:

1) Raw pasteurized eggs

2) Granulated sugar

3) Whole milk

4) Real vanilla extract

5) Dash of salt (optional)

Enough fresh, clean snow to give desired consistency; heavy, wet snow works best!

Use blender to cream together eggs and sugar, then slowly add milk and vanilla with salt (I always omitted this last ingredient as a concession to healthy eating). You can chill this mixture in the freezer while going outside to gather snow.

Add snow to large bowl containing beaten ingredients and fold in just until blended. (I don’t recommend pouring your beaten ingredients over the snow.)

Eat right away, and store remainder in freezer at zero degrees.

I don’t give amounts of various ingredients, because that will very greatly according to how much Snow Ice Cream you can consume. Use commonsense proportions of each.

I first made this TREAT when I was a kid back in Missouri, about the same time I learned to make that artery-clogging staple of American cuisine, Meatloaf.


More about Weller family history:

Yes, I know a lot about W.L. Weller, and a little about his father Samuel Weller, but not that much about his grandfather Daniel Weller from Maryland. Interesting tidbits!

(Photo is, of course, a generic representation of what a farm distillery looked like before photography was invented.)