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Hungry Asylum update 8/2/2020

He’s constantly choking this morning, and having obvious difficulty breathing. His CPAP mask is again broken and won’t stay in place because he violently shakes his head, works his jaws open and closed, and tosses his head like a horse refusing to take the bit. (All this activity seems strange to me, since he claims to have suffered a traumatic neck injury that left him paralyzed, except for his right foot and right hand.)

It’s pathetic, the mediocre level of care you can expect to receive in a place like this.


Hungry Asylum update

Worst of all, they allow my 350-pound roommate to lie in his bed 24/7, week after week, and his physical deterioration due to inactivity may now be irreversible. A more mismatched pair of roommates I can’t imagine, but once again the idjits running this dump simply don’t care . . .

A pox on the executive director, social workers, kitchen staff, nursing supervisor(s), and everyone else EXCEPT the CNAs and RNs.


Hungry Asylum update:

The nursing supervisors and executive director ought to conduct an immediate audit of all narcotics this strange man has had access to recently. After all, paranoid delusions are an indication of opiate abuse, and pain pills are handed out like M&Ms here. (Audits of all prescription drugs on each RN’s cart were a daily occurrence when I resided at Boulder Manor in 2016.)

I had to laugh out loud at anyone thinking I’m like the Unabomber, although living alone in a cabin in the woods does hold great appeal to me.


Hungry Asylum update 7/18/2020

I enjoyed V-8 juice over ice just a while ago, and I’m planning to eat beef summer sausage with crackers for lunch. Much more tasty than what is on the menu in this dump . . .

BTW, they finally dared to come inside the fence and mow the overgrown grass outside my window a couple of days ago, and that refreshing scent is very welcome (almost covers up the ever-present soiled diaper stench).


Elms Haven Center inspection report involving me

I’ve finally obtained this from an online source and an excerpt is copied below:


Honor the resident’s right to a dignified existence, self-determination, communication, and to exercise his or her rights.

Based on record review and interviews, the facility failed to treat one (#47) of 66 sample residents in a respectful and dignified manner. Specifically, interviews revealed and confirmed staff acted in a disrespectful manner towards resident that made him feel belittled and humiliated.

Findings include:

I. Resident #47 status

Resident #47, age 63, was initially admitted on [DATE] and re-admitted on [DATE].
According to the (MONTH) 2019 computerized physician orders [REDACTED].
The 6/25/19 minimum data set (MDS) assessment revealed the resident had intact cognition with a brief interview for mental status (BIMS) score of 15 out of 15. He required no assistance with mobility or activities of daily living (ADLs).

II. Resident interview

Resident #47 was interviewed on 9/12/19 at 10:33 a.m. He said he was reading in his room on 9/10/19 at 2:15 p.m. when the social services director (SSD) and unit manager (UM) #3 entered and brought him a paper to sign. The resident said he asked them what it was for and why he should sign the document. He said the SSD explained to him that the document was a behavior contract for rummaging through his roommate’s belongings and banging on the wall in the middle of the night. Resident #47 said he declined to sign the document because he did not do any of the acts leveled against him in the said allegation and besides, there had not been any investigation conducted on the matter so he wanted to know why he was being asked to sign for something he did not do. The resident said the SSD kept on talking without allowing him (resident) to defend himself so he asked them to leave his room so that he could be left alone. The resident said the interaction made him feel belittled and humiliated.

III. Record review

The comprehensive care plan, revised on 9/9/19, identified the resident was exhibiting anger expressed by banging on the wall and rummaging through other resident’s belongings. Interventions included monitoring conditions that may contribute to mood state including metabolic causes and psychiatric disorders.

The AIT submitted a copy of a Behavior Contract on 9/12/19 at 2:15 p.m. The Behavior Contract, prepared for Resident #47, read in part that due to repetitive or immediate behavior concerns, a behavior meeting occurred on 9/10/19 at 2:30 p.m. concerning inappropriate boundaries where Resident #47 rummaged through his roommate’s side of the bedroom and also expressed his physical aggression by banging on the walls. Further the Behavior Contract read, If I do not comply with the above plan, I risk being given a 30 day Notice to Vacate (per Administration). The document was signed by UM#3 and the SSD. There was no resident signature on the contract, and no documentation of who attended the behavior meeting on 9/10/19.

The resident’s chart, reviewed from 6/1/19 through 9/11/19, revealed no documentation of incidents about the resident rummaging through other residents’ belongings or hitting on the wall. There was no documentation any grievance was filed against resident #47 and how it was investigated. The resident had no behavioral issues documented.

IV. Staff interviews

UM #3 was interviewed on 9/12/19 at 1:49 p.m. She said he got the report from the resident’s roommate so she went to notify the SSD. She said she did not file any grievance for the complainant but went to inform the social service department instead. She said she did not initiate any investigation about the allegation because it was the responsibility of social services.

The SSD was interviewed on 9/12/19 at 1:49 p.m. she said she was only performing her duty as a social worker and would not comment if she knew what she did was a behavioral issue. She said she did not open a grievance report on the incident and did not investigate the issue and she had no explanation for not conducting an investigation. She said she had no reason to believe that the complainant was misleading her.


Fortunately, I’m able to stick up for myself, but this incident certainly illustrates how overbearing Elms Haven staff will accept the word of a roommate with mental health and personality problems (long since transferred to a private room) and jump to conclusions about me which are unfounded.

Q. What might have happened to me if I didn’t have my wits intact?

A. I’d probably have been put out on the streets, which could have resulted in my demise due to serious health issues including cardiomyopathy, diabetes, and others.

It was very fortunate for me, also, that the State Survey Team happened to be on premises when this incident occurred. I also have maintained regular contact with the State Ombudswoman for purposes of giving her my candid assessments of Elms Haven staff’s behavior / actions.


Addendum: I give full credit to the CNAs, RNs, and MDs I’ve encountered at this facility. It’s the worthless social workers and one unit manager who should be unemployed; ditto for the executive director, who seems to be clueless.

COVID-19 reality check for U.S. and worldwide:

Figures are approximate:

U.S. death rate (127K deaths from 2.56M confirmed cases): < 5%

Worldwide death rate (499K deaths from 10M confirmed cases): < 5%

Bear in mind that there may be at least twice as many unconfirmed cases, many of which are asymptomatic, which means that the actual death rate is only 1/2 or less of what is calculated above.

I’m an old geezer with underlying health problems, living in a long-term care facility, making me the most vulnerable to Wuhan Bat Virus . . . Even so, I’m NOT overly concerned about it.

This is nothing remotely like the Black Death during medieval times, in which 1/3 of the entire population succumbed.

Get a grip, people!


Hungry Asylum roommate update:

They just finished changing his soiled diaper, and he asked the CNA to close his window (so the stink would linger?). My window remains wide open!

The quality of life in this dump would greatly improve if paralyzed and/or incontinent residents were matched with each other, but that seems beyond the capabilities of social workers and supervisors responsible for it.


Hungry Asylum update 6/7/2020

The laundry is very slow to return clothes, and because I have so few I end up wearing dirty clothes again after my semi-weekly shower (I’ll buy more clothes with my Trump stimulus payment once the lockdown is lifted).

One good thing, more significant than the negatives, is that Link Appleyard remains under quarantine in another unit of this facility, far away from my room. I’ve slept soundly through the night without his self-centered calling for a CNA to come and scratch his ear or feed him a PB&J sandwich at 2:30AM (remember, he weighs 350+ pounds, and has gained almost 100 in the past year). Yes, they go out of their way at Hungry Asylum to match me with the most miserable roommates they can find, so every day alone is a precious gift to me.