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Hungry Asylum update:

It’s like they can’t stand to see a resident like me, one who still retains almost all of his faculties and has little patience for corporate / bureaucratic BS.

To avoid painting an entirely negative picture with too broad a brush, I’ll again state that I appreciate the good work being done by CNAs, RNs, Housekeepers, and the Activities Dept. (which has allowed me to keep the laptop, except for the rare times when another resident wants to use it). These folks all keep me sane!

It’s the roommates and their social worker enablers I can’t stand . . .


Tweets for 10/15/2019

The CBI sex offender registry map search is a great resource:

My old neighborhood, where I lived for a decade, was the area around Boulder Shelter for the Homeless at 4869 N. Broadway in north Boulder, CO. The CBI map search above currently shows nine (9) registered sex offenders, including convicted child molesters, at that address. BSH has also housed Sexually Violent Predators, who carry that designation after extensive evaluation which shows that they have a high likelihood to re-offend.

I’ve known many adult survivors of sexual abuse (men and women) who are homeless and residing at this facility, and they tell me in great distress that they continue to be preyed upon by the offenders living alongside them at Boulder Shelter.

These predators leave during the day, roaming all over the city, and don’t return until curfew at 7PM. There have been numerous arrests of offenders from BSH acting inappropriately outside of the facility over the years, despite what the apologists / enablers claim.

This is an ongoing issue year-round, not just at Halloween.


Hungry Asylum update:

Addendum: Well, things have taken a strange turn!

The RN who is unit manager and a couple of social workers came to my room just now to plead with me to move to a different room, where they assured me I would be by myself for some time. (I’m NOT buying it.) I made it clear that they MUST move my roommate, and stop trying to put all the problems on me. I added that I like routine, I like my room, and I insist on being left alone here. They asked me to come look at the room; I refused, and told them I have no interest in helping them to take the easy path. Finally, they agreed to move WLOAR.

I don’t believe one darn thing these people tell me, and they need to face up to dealing with the critters they’ve been giving me for roommates. (I know this is a difficult task, but it’s time they start doing something for me!) Four roommates now dead, one moved to assisted living elsewhere, and one Froot Loop moved to a more secure part of Hungry Asylum where he can’t escape.

All things considered, WLOAR belongs in a room by himself for the sake of anyone else who might be exposed to his self-centered stupidity. I’m not selfish, and I figure the odds of getting a HUMAN roommate must have swung in my favor by now.

In any case, I’m satisfied about putting these silly staff members straight about me. I’ll sleep well tonight . . .


Good Lord, he stinks!

He’s a hoarder, too, and has so much junk strewn all over his side of our room that it’s a hazard if evacuation in a hurry becomes necessary. (On the other hand, I wouldn’t be too surprised if he could move faster than me if the fire alarms went off.)


Hungry Asylum update:

More than two weeks since I was assured that Worthless Lump of a Roommate would be moved to another room, but he’s still here. WTF? It’s getting worse, too . . . Now, when a CNA comes in to take my meal order, WLOAR wants to talk to her from his side of the curtain before she’s even done with me, requesting more assistance for tasks that he could be doing on his own, if he wasn’t so lazy about doing the necessary rehab so he can walk again. And his endless repeated explanations of irrelevant stuff everyone has already heard numerous times made me lose patience this morning; I said, “Get to the point!” He told me to shut up, and I said he could bite me. Not the sort of thing I enjoy getting into with anybody, but at least I haven’t slapped the s*** out of him. (Yet.)

Enjoy red meat without guilt

Since my heart attack in December, 2017 I’ve had three different cardiologists tell me that the greatest risk factor for heart disease of all kinds is heredity. I found this sobering information because my father died at age 40, and we can’t change this risk factor.

I’m delighted to continue eating double cheeseburgers fearlessly (as the protein part of a balanced diet including fruits, veggies, grains, and dairy products).