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Drama at Hungry Asylum this morning

Lying there shitting in a diaper, while he keeps the curtain on his side pulled all the way down so air doesn’t circulate as it otherwise could, when he could have rehabbed (with the help of physical and occupational therapists here) to the point he could get up to go the restroom, use a walker, and return to his apartment. F*** him, and although the staff doesn’t say so I’m sure several of them feel the same way as I do.

We’ll see if he requests a room change — but I’m NOT moving on this BUM’S account.


Hungry Asylum (sucks) report:

Seven roommates since I’ve been at this dump, and three or four are dead now.

I understand that the electric wheelchair guy mentioned above is running a scam that was popular in Missouri DOC: “Store Man.” In prison, of course, we only got to visit the commissary once a week, but the Store Man had connections so he could get ramen noodles, Little Debbie cakes, etc. any day you wanted them, for a price over and above the goods themselves. (Anybody caught running a store would go straight to the Hole.) The Hungry Asylum store man will actually travel out to nearby grocery stores and pick up what you want, for a $10 charge over and above the cost of the goods. The Activities Dept. will do this for free, but some people in this setting are non compos mentis and can be taken advantage of.

Yes, the powers-that-be at Hungry Asylum know this crooked game is being played, but they claim they are powerless to stop it. And yet, they’re determined to stop me from merely sitting out in the hall (with plenty of room for people to pass by).

It’s better to get angry, I think, than to start feeling sorry for myself. To that end, I’ll close with this final remark:

F*** SOCIAL WORKERS!! They’re all members of the most useless profession on the face of the earth!


Pickled beets for lunch at Hungry Asylum

First time I’d tasted beets since 2017; NOT a common item on the menu in hospitals or nursing homes.

While living at a halfway house (operated under state contract) in Kansas City, MO back in 2005, I discovered that plain beets and black olives are scrumptious together! Food was served buffet-style, and I’d filled one small side dish with the two veggies, and somehow wound up spooning them into my mouth as a mixture. I’ve never since had the opportunity to enjoy this combo, but haven’t forgotten how good it was.


Sunday at Hungry Asylum

I haven’t watched ladies’ golf since the heyday of Annika Sörenstam and Nancy Lopez, and I don’t recognize any of the names and faces.

Beats heck out of listening to Beto O’Jerk, Mayor Buttplug, and the other Dems exploiting tragedies for (perceived, but not actual) political gain.



Tweets for 8/3/2019

If your only source for news and commentary is the so-called mainstream media in the U.S. you’re bound to be ignorant . . .