‘Boulder will stick with slimmer winter sheltering plan this season’

See the informative article from Boulder Beat by clicking here.

I highly recommend this source over any of the others available . . .

My comment to that site is copied below:

I’ve heard it for years from those in authority who should know better, but it still surprises me: They think most homeless people are anxious to become dependent on the social services system, and only need to be nudged in that direction to become good little citizens again.

Nothing is further from the truth! Obviously, the small minority of homeless who behave badly aren’t interested (or eligible), but the majority likewise only want a minimal level of emergency shelter / services in life-threatening weather conditions. 140 beds available? Are we supposed to laugh or scoff at that number? FACT remains that several times as many homeless campers will make do outside as best they can — rather than being crammed into a stinky, noisy, loud shelter that has been infested with bedbugs for a decade now.

Sadly, the local homeless industry is adamantly opposed to the cost-effective Tiny House Community model, in which residents are offered a chance to work at building it and running things, along with gaining self-respect and dignity.

I never wanted the do-gooders to do me any favors, despite the offers I received to bend the eligibility rules to put me into Housing First at 1175 Lee Hill. It’s a Wet House, where chronic alcoholics go to finish drinking themselves to death. (I’m SOBER for the past 20 years.) Last time I checked with my acquaintances who live there, 8-10 residents had died from alcohol-related causes (sobriety is NOT required, and barely hinted at) since its opening in 2014.

Because things are operated in a FUBAR manner, it’s better that big reductions occur; in that way, homeless people won’t waste their time with the clueless do-gooders instead of looking out for themselves.

Max R. Weller

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